SpoolBot is Slow (right now)

Hi Spoolers,

SpoolBot is experiencing tremendous load right now. We apologize but it may take a bit longer than normal to get your recordings as SpoolBot makes its way through the backlog. We’ve increased the number of SpoolBots by 5x to handle the increase in traffic and are adding more by the minute.

Thanks for your patience! We’ll working very hard right now to find ways to get you your recordings as quickly as possible.

- The Spool Team

Push to a friend’s Spool!

We’ve made lots of great updates to our mobile and tablet apps. In addition to being much faster and having a cleaner user interface, we’ve added the ability to share with other Spool users. This means the content will just show up on their phone or iPad and be ready to enjoy! This is more reliable than email, especially on mobile, because Spool will guarantee that the content works — no worrying about Flash, multipage articles, PDF issues, etc.

Even More SpoolBot Updates

Another batch of SpoolBot updates are live! Some highlights:

  • numerous improvements to our algorithms that detect multipage articles
  • better handling of javascript click handlers on content pages
  • SpoolBot preserves on-page anchor tags (useful for table of contents, footnotes, etc.)
  • support for file links (a link to a .jpg file or a .mp3 file)
  • audio file support — SpoolBot can now send down audio files to clients. SpoolBot don’t extract audio from webpages yet, but SpoolBot knows how to deal with the data.
  • lots of performance updates.

We’re pushing SpoolBot updates every few days so keep hammering on Spool and we’ll keep teaching SpoolBot to be smarter.