flash and install clockworkmod recovery on android

Flash / Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Android Phone

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In this tutorial we’ll teach you to how to download then install and flash ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery tool on Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, Htc, Lenovo, sony xperia kind of android smartphones.

ClockworkMod Recovery also called as CWM is the nothing but the custom recovery for android tablet, phones and other devices. Main feature of Clockworkmod is comprehensive backup and restore to handle technical disaster. It can also be used for data recovery, installation, restoration and for custom official or unofficial OS. It should be noted that before proceeding to install CWM your device need to be rooted.

flash and install clockworkmod recovery on android

This is the primary requirement to download CWM, So we’re assuming that you’ve rooted android smartphone or tablet.

How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery ?

In order to install ClockWorkmod you first need to Flash that using Odin or though Rom manager. Odin method is quite complicated, so we will refer second one which works on almost every android smartphone. if in any case your device don’t support the Rom manager then you can report us by commenting here, We’ll try solve your errors as soon as possible.

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We’ve selected 2nd method because it don’t requires PC and you even don’t need to download Clockworkmod as Rom manager will auto detect the specific version as per your Android device.

Flash ClockWorkMod using Rom Manager :-

As told earlier, First install Rom manager from Marker or Google Play store. Please bear with the advertisement if you installed free version. You can also install premium version to avoid unwanted ads.

Step 1 :-   Now launch the ROM Manager and click Recovery Setup under main menu.

Step 2 :-   Go and tap on Flash ClockworkMod Recovery option. It’ll also show you current and latest recovery.

Step 3 :-   It’ll take few seconds to detect your android phone model and other details. Different phone model requires different version of CWM, So please select your model accordingly.

Step 4 :-   Once again select “Flash ClockworkMod Touch” option and it will begin downloading CWM. You’ll see the downloading process bar, wait until entire download process completes.

Step 5 :-   Now its time to verify the recently installed ClockworkMod Recovery app on your phone, So first open ROM Manager and click on Reboot into Recovery it will cause phone to enter into ClockworkMod recovery.

It that don’t work for you then you should try to manually reboot phone into CWM. For that first shut down your phone. Now at the time of booting keep pressing Volume Down or Volume Up + Power Key button to get into CWM mode.

This is how you can successfully flashed your Android device with Clockworkmod recovery. Please feel free to share your experience with other readers by commenting here.

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172 thoughts on “Flash / Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Android Phone”

    1. unfortunately I can’t do anything if device isn’t supported. Let me check any work around or alternative for you.
      thanks for your comment.

  1. “An error occurred while flashing your recovery” I can’t get past this error message. Any suggestions?
    VZW s4 I545VRUEMK2

  2. My device is micromax a89.this device is not listed in rom manager then how to install cwm recovery in my device…..please reply

  3. hi i m using spice coolpad 2 mi 496 it has a chinese recovery mode which i can’t understand so i want to use wcm recovery but i cant install it 🙁

      1. when i m try to install cmw recovery mode on my device it say dowload complete and after that when i go to in recovery mode it still in Chinese language i don’t why 🙁

  4. do you have an available version of cwm for sharp sh530u, this device is not listed… pls….

  5. Same issue as mine…
    My recovery is also in chinese
    My device is a samsung galaxy grand duos

  6. I have a rooted sony Xperia m and i downloaded the rom manager, and when i was trying to download the CWM it says my device is not supported. please help

  7. I have a rooted sony Xperia m and i downloaded the Rom manager. but i couldn’t download the CWM, it says my device is not supported. without it, i can’t partition my sd card. i need to increase my internal storage to download more apps. and i dont have acces to any computers. please help….

    1. I sugggest you to use folder mount, tenzin.. It will install your app to sd without partition or swap. I using stock rom from Xperia M. you can serch how to use it on google.

  8. I have a samsung galaxy exhibit can you please tell me step by step how to correctly install it..which app do I get it off of that’s compatible with my phone. . I’ve been trying to do this for about three weeks now. .. please help me please. ..

  9. i have a sph-d710vmub, which is a virgin mobile s2. i have been researching alot to see how i can flash either 4.3 or 4.4 to this phone. Rom Manager says this phone is not supported and the first step it seems for this phone is to install the Agat Recovery which will include the clockwork needed to flash the OS. i dont want to brick my cell.

    can someone verify my research?

    first the agat file i downloaded was:

    this is the file to flash 4.4 i do believe:

    and this is the gapps file that goes with the 10.2

    i am a mainframe and pc programmer, etc, and these little “computers” fascinate me, but i never knew much about Lynix which is what cells are based on and this is a bit confusing for me. can anyone comment and also can anyone tell me if i am going to destroy my s2 doing this or if its even worth going to 4.4 or 4.3? the os just has to get better all the time, but with billions of dollar that google has, it is very sad at all the bugs they make.

    oh well, ANYONE? THANK YOU, SAM

  10. HEy, i have a galaxy mini/pop ..
    i installed a CWMR dany547 v6.0.2.7 on my phone.. but i am unable to wipe dalvik cache..
    i wanna install a new CWMR .. my phone android is not working..
    so i cannot use android..
    please help

  11. My galaxy young s5360 is not compatible (madonna pinguina) what can i do? please help me

  12. You reccommend the second method because it makes you money. Head over to XDA Foruns guys and you’ll get the help to flash via Odin , very easy, and it’s free, totally.

  13. Hi i have note 3 rose gold its problem with 3g phone is working properly but only e no 3g or h+

  14. Also i have s4 blue its problem with wifi
    Both are out off plz help me my no is +918484867979 whatsapp me plz

  15. Flashing clockworkmod isn’t working on Samsing Galaxy axe duos GT S6802.
    It says “Device not found on the list”.

  16. the second method installation by rom manager is not working on my Micromax A50 android device and asking me to install it manually so please sort out this query or mention the first one method

  17. I installed cwm touch on my samsung discover using odin. When trying to boot to cwm (both using rom manager and manually) it goes to the stock recovery. I chose install update from ext storage browse to the cwm file and it says e-signature could not be verified. Installation aborted. Help!

  18. Micromax Canvas 3D ( A115)
    Error :- Sorry!untill clockworkmod is available….rom manager will not work with ur device A115

  19. hi
    I followed the above procedure but
    when I taped on cmw recovery it is saying
    your model don’t support it……..
    my mobile model is
    celkon a107
    please help me……

    1. AS of now, clockworkmod is supported for limited phones only. Let me find solution for you.


  20. my device is called phicomm i800 running andriod 4.0.4
    and my device is not supported why?

  21. My Rom manager does everything but when I try to download it stay at 0 percent and never moves I have a US cellular galaxy S3 model sch-r530

  22. Can you guide details how to Tipo dual rom is not. accompanies the link to download the ROM you there on. Thank you.

  23. I’ve Celkon C820 tab.my cwm recovery is in Chinese language .I think I might have flashed a Chinese mobile’s recovery from mobile uncle tools.pls reply me giving a solution or tell me how to uninstall that cwm recovery or flash a new recovery. Pls reply me

    1. Hey man my phone has the same problem but i have an GT-i9500 and i don’t know how to change mine ,have you figured out how to to do it and if you did could you please help me to ,would greatly appreciate it?

  24. I have done flashing, but when i start phone in recovery mode, it shows progress bar for loading, and then after around 30% progress the phone gets switched off and nothing happens. when i manually try using volum UP + main + power then it start default recovery mode where their is no option to backup etc…

  25. Hello,

    Sadly, my Wolfgang AT-AS50Q is not supported… Is there a way to install CWM manually? So yes, how?

  26. My Phone Micromax A 113 is not listed in ClockwoekMod Rom manager. Unable to download Clockworkmod recovery 🙁

  27. am using huawei u8850 ,i have rooted it but i cant get any cwm recovery for it …i tried using rom manager but my device appears not supported

  28. Hi i have a cherrymobile thunder2.0 and my device isnt supported on cwm….. My phone is mtk based device mtk6589

  29. My mmx a54 doesnot boot into recovery mode by key combination please help me.
    my device is rooted

  30. My phone is not there in the list.
    It is Gionee Ctrl V1.
    Please see to it and mail the supported apk to me.

  31. I need help frends…. I was rooted my intex aqua i5 using supersu nd titenium app …after rooted i uninstall all app of the company also uninstall dowload manager thats why i can not able to install any app…. Now how can i recover my phone…. Plz help me …..

  32. I hve dne all the steps bt my tablet doesn’t show the phone icon,what could be wrong

  33. my phone is not rooted so it possible to install a cwm?I hv samsung s4 clone gt i9500 mt6575.Again is there a way to remove whatsapp which is a system app without root?

  34. Hello sir or madam, I tried to install cmw recovery from rom manager, firstly cwm not showing my device in the list. i tried manually install into 3.x . but when i tried to create rom backup, Backup and recovery option not showing in cmw recovery mode. Plz help me.

  35. @ Avichal

    Hi I am new to rooting and using Galaxy grand duos i9082. (JB 4.2.2) I would like to know Should the phone be first rooted using super SU V1.25 (zip copied to SD card) and using recovery mode prior to cwm recovery instalation.Kindly help me.

  36. I’m confused…! Please help.

    I want to install kitkat4.4 on my samsung GT i9000

    Do I need ClockworkMod or CyanogenMod, or both ?

    One tutorial said first install CWM, then flash the ROM with the cyanogenMod..? Then install the cm-11 ROM….?

    I’ve downloaded all the zip files that are mentioned, but I need to Root my phone, but I thought cyanogenmod did that for me ?

    Sorry if I sound vague, for me this is deep water.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

  37. I have a HTC one (m7) I tried using the cyanogen mod installer but it stopped after installing the recovery, now if I boot into the recovery (using my phone, not PC) of asks do you want to root your device. I do not have root access at the moment.

  38. Before thus i can open.recover mode… but after i update it to lastest version… when i done update unforttunely i cant open revovery mode anymore.. pls help me.. (i using samsung galaxy gio) tq.. ^^

  39. I have a sprint HTC one currently on twrp with goo manager and I am wondering If I can install cwm using the Rom manager app will it automatically switch from twrp to cwm? Goo manager hasn’t updated in forever and I am having issues with the current Rom , plus no computer right now . Thanks

  40. I have an intriguing situation. I have a stock tmobile note 2 running 4.3. Root checker ssays I’m rooted. However, I don’t have supersu binaries installed. Some of the root apps work (I guess), but the big name apps do not (wasted a lot of $). Rom manager did install cwm. But when I press reboot to recovery I think it is. It doesn’t do it. I used 3 different one click apps (vRoot, framaroot, and towelroot). I installed supersu myself. However it can’t seem to be able to disable knox. If you can’t tell by now, I am fairly new at this rooting thing. Any insight would be greatly appreciate. Thanks in advance if you choose to respond…. Hopefully you will. By email if it’s not too much. Thanks again.

    1. Latest one about Samsung, In that you will find name of software and common steps to root your android phone.

  41. i have lenovo a516. i installed rom managr bt my ph is not listed for cwm recovery.what should i do.

  42. My devise is micromax a58 and it is not listed how can I download cwm recovery
    Plz help

  43. clockworkmod recovery is not compitable with my celkon a118 device…plz can u resolve it…

  44. please help….. it has not detected my teno p5 what should I do? …please I really need cwm on my Tecno p5

  45. My phone is Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 and it is not on the list of devices that is supported what should do?

  46. it is not installing on my micromax funbook p362. i really want to install cwm please help me fast

  47. I got two warnings after flashing, one said that the phone might boot into the backup I just made, and the other said that I might have lost root. I didn’t take the “fix” options and the phone is still rooted and after 2 restarts, everything seems OK. Should I worry about those warnings?
    Thanks in advance.

  48. sir my phone is lg E425 this is not supported by the rom manager. what will i do to work with cwm mode?

  49. Hi ive suceesfully root my device using odin. But when i tried to use flash recovery using cwm i was just stock on recovery booting. I need help. Please

  50. By the way i use samsung galaxy note 3 sm9005. Im now stock at recovery booting. Just keeps on doin it even if i press volume up+powerbutton+menu bar. Help. Thanks

  51. hello sir i have a rooted Samsung galaxy music duos …..i already installed rom manger on my phone but my phone is not your list so i nedd to do now.,.?????

  52. I want to install a custom ROM for my xolo a500s IPS but can’t find it and I think I found one i.
    e. tictactoe but can’t install it and also can u help to upgrade my Android to kitkat thanks in advance

  53. i have a techno smart phone which behaves funny as when i try to factorize the setting it gives it in a language that simply don’t understand .please help

  54. Installed Rom manager in my SGS i9000 and installed CWM recovery too as it said installation completed. but when i tried to boot into recovery it said:
    E:failed to verify whole-file signature
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation Aborted.

    What can i do now . Thnaks

  55. I have an LG exceed 2 VS450PP
    I got my phone rooted an that I just need a custom recovery… Any help?

    1. I have an Exceed 2 as well that I bricked trying to flash a custom recovery. Towelroot works, but the phone doesn’t have OTG support, you can’t modify system files, and it will bootloop unless it has the factory recovery on it. Take my advice and stop trying to flash a custom recovery for it. If you’ll notice, neither CWM or TWRP has compatibility for it yet, and LG’s security is tight enoigh that they probably never will. Now I need a new phone.

  56. Hi,
    I have a HTC wildfire buzz. I have rooted it and it is on S-off. I followed these instructions and many others trying to put a new rom on it. But I can’t get clockworkmod recovery to work. The screen shows htc then a phone with a red triangle and an expresionmark (!). After I try to restart it a couple of times with or without sd card (goldcard) it works again on the old system that was already there. What is going wrong?

  57. I install different device cwm for my wynncom g32 , it will install but it dosn’t start on clockworkmod ,,,, How to recover my old android system recovery 3e

  58. I am using Celkon a59 and I have root access, and I want to install cwm in my phone when I searched in rom manager my device is not listed in that list , I have tries manually but I didn’t got it plz help me

  59. I have a Samsung Galaxy Grand GT-I9082. I have installed ROM manager and it shows that CWM as “Recovery Already Installed”. But every time i try to boot in Recovery mode, it fails and boots normally. I have tried it through ROM manager and manually too. What should i do?

  60. I am using samsung galaxy star pro gt-S7262.
    I want to root my mobile but I don’t want to install cwm recovery. Do I face any problem if I don’t flash cwm.I haven’t rooted my mobile and no access to pc.
    tell me the way to root.and if I do any mistake in flashing cwm is there any possibility of bricking.if bricked any chances for unbrick.

  61. Hi,

    The system doesnt detect my device as a HTC Desire S. It only shows Desire S saga. But i tried to choose the only option that i have, i’m unable to download the flash clockworkmod touch (error make sure you have a stable internet connection and that your SD card is inserted and has a free space). I have a stable internet connection and i make sure my SD card is properly inserted and has a lot of free space. then i tried flash clockworkmod recovery the error is ” An error occured while flashing your recovery.” Help Please…..

  62. I sugggest you to use folder mount, tenzin.. It will install your app to sd without partition or swap. I using stock rom from Xperia M. you can serch how to use it on google.

  63. Rom manager uses my older version of cwm recovery 3e available in my device celkon a27, ics 4.0.4 which does not has the option of rom backup, I have also downloded the latest cwm recovery zip file. But I don’t know how to install it or whether it is supported by my device or not. Also tell me can I upgrade to cosmic rom 5.6 kitkat from my ics 4.0.4 on celkon a27 dual core 6577mtk

  64. why does my samsung galaxy s duos 2 cant flash to cwm recovery i try the odin method but it didnt work , also in rom manager it says there’s no update for gt-7582 please help me with this thing i’m eagerly waiting for your help thankyou..!

  65. I m using Micromax A59
    In ROM manager it shows your mobile is not currently supported
    So please help me That how I can use cwm recovery in my Micromax A59
    Thanks in Advanve

  66. My grand neo I9030 is rooted but not supported by ROM MANAGER
    how can I download CWM rocevery?
    please help

  67. My Phone is Micromax Bolt A69, and i saw only High Quality phones like Nexus, LG,Samsung,etc bt not our phone….please help me?

  68. I have a lgvs450pp lg exceed 2 … i had it rooted and was clicked make a back up and my phone just went off. cant even get it to turn back on.. ive tried hard reset still not working.. plz help.. i really need my phone workin asap… please and thank u

  69. Step one complete but I cannot find The word flash mentioned on the screen. Is there an email I can Send a screenshot to? Or does the latest version of rom manager not use the word flash?

  70. i cant get my mobile in the list displayed by the rom manager
    its samsung galaxy core i8262
    what to do now..

  71. It says that the device is unsupported.
    So what can I do friend? 🙁

    Please help me:
    Model: Micromax A63 Canvas Fun
    Version: 4.2.2 Jellybean

  72. rom manager failed to install CWM on micromax a47 bolt…it does not show the phone model…
    is there any mannual option to install CWM on micromax a47 bolt????

  73. I successfully flashed CMW on my HTC holiday but was unable to boot into recovery. my phone got stuck on white screen with HTC logo

  74. My device is samsung galaxy star pro gt s7262 .this device is rooted.this device is not listed in rom manager then how to install cwm recovery in my device…..please reply

  75. after downloading the recovery it says that :an error occured while flashing your recovery . i am using htc wildfire s A510b

  76. I have a Huawei Ascend Y210-0010.It was once rooted but thereafter it couldn’t access Playstore. At some point again I unrooted it to try and regain its Stock Rom status to try and access Playstore Apps. It proved futile and so I just continued using the Cyanogenmod Y210-0151 Rom.But now I noticed I could not receive incoming calls from any subscriber anywhere.Meaning that people co uld not call me back.But surprisingly, I can send and receive messages, call other numbers and access Internet service using the same phone and sim card.How do I go about this situation? Secondly,despite Playstore not working properly, I have since figured how to download applications, therefore it is not a priority as such. My priority is on how we can resolve and restore the basic functions of the phone running like normal. Any feedback can also be sent to me via my email address which is : kanga.emmanuel@gmail.com or kangaemmanuel@ymail.com. Kindly assist me because am desperate to get the phone up running as usual. Many thanks!

  77. does not do all he say he do.
    1for installation of a rom he needs cwm allready to be installed you can not install a cwm with this.
    2can not install another version of cwm or img file
    3he only send you to your cwm if installed and cwm does all the work.why do i need this coz im to lezy to press volumeup+menu+power?
    its preaty usless.

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