Spool has shut down – stay tuned for more

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It has been more than a year we launched our first offline application and now it’s time to move a one step ahead. We are now part of Facebook, leading social media company. Facebook bought GetSpool and we no longer offering our service, but we will work for Facebook as team to give you wonderful features for your FB pages and account.

Thank you for using Spool and providing feedback during our beta period. It’s been a pleasure to build Spool for you and we’ve been flattered with the overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve received. However, after careful consideration, we’ve decided to pursue our vision in a new way. If you were a Spool user, we’ve provided instructions on how to use your bookmarks in another service.

If you want to know more about our current features then you should check homepage. We are currently working as team of expert who love to share our knowledge about latest technology, i.e Windows, Android, iOS and gadget reviews. If you want to buy latest handsets or want to first see the detailed reviews based on customers then you should first checkout our blog.

If you have any kind of queries for your Windows PC for backup, restore, registry or any kind of internet queries then you can post that here. I will try to help you to resolve that. Please allow us few days to get back to you with most satisfactory answer. You can checkout our competitors website to use offline bookmarking for your future work. For import or export of the data, you can check our dedicated page named “instruction”. Please follow the steps given over there.

We’ll let you know of our post-Spool plans as soon as we have something to announce. Stay tuned!

If you still want to use Spool kind of features then I would suggest you to check our competitors website or any other alternative online tool which will help you to cache web version of any website within a fraction of minutes for FREE.

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