Spool is partnering with Facebook

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Spool is no longer there as an independent company. This came as a shocker to many of its users. The blog page was blank except for an update that stated the reasons why spool was not there. Here below is the complete update.

Update : We are currently working as new tech team for Facebook and try our best to implement unique features like Save for a Later. Yes! Using that you will able to save any kind of facebook content like post, video, images for your later use. It would be helpful when you are busy and get some FB message from your friend, but due to limited internet connectivity you can’t check that. And when you get full connection will able to save that message on your local system and then you can read that without having internet access. It will save your time, money and will give you more power to handle your Facebook account.

The Spool team will no longer be functioning alone. We have joined hands with the biggest social media company- Facebook- to bring you new and exciting features. We will be working as a tech team for Facebook from now henceforth. There are new features that we want to introduce in Facebook. One of the most amazing features is Save for a Later. This is a unique feature that will allow you to save posts, images, videos for your later use. This has been driven by the desire of people to save their Facebook posts, videos, images for their later use. Not only will you be able to save your posts, but also save incoming FB messages that you cannot view due to lack of internet connectivity. This feature will save for you that message in that even when the connection is available, you will just read the message without having to use internet connection. This is because the message would have been stored in your local system. This will save you money, time and power.

We started Spool to make content easy to consume on a mobile device. To accomplish this, we built some very sophisticated technology and developed a deep expertise in mobile software development. We firmly believe that solving these problems will be increasingly important as the world accesses the Internet primarily through mobile devices.

We are proud to announce that today we will be pursuing our vision as a part of Facebook. If you were a Spool user, please read the instructions on retaining your bookmarks.

Our main objective for starting spool was to make access to mobile content very easy. We build sophisticated technologies that enabled us to achieve this without experiencing any problems. We considered that solving these problems will help the world in accessing internet since a majority of internet users primarily use mobile. Therefore, many people benefited from our unending efforts.

As we start on a partnership with Facebook, we would like that spool users read on the instructions available in our blog on how to retain their bookmarks so that they continue enjoying the services.

For those who still want to use spool, we have our stack that can be used. It uses the same application that will give you more of the same features as spool.

We are excited about this new partnership with Facebook and we hope that we will help millions of Facebook user to easily connect with people around the world. We pass our sincere gratitude to the entire Spool Community for their continued support.

This was the update by the Spool team after joining Facebook.

The Spool team

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