The biggest stars of TikTok in 2024

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Social media stars hold a lot of weight in today’s society. Social media is a powerful tool in itself, therefore making it entirely understandable as to why people with the biggest following have their community of followers hanging on their every word, much like the YouTubers of this world do too. The rise of the internet celebrity is clear to see, that’s for sure.

There’s an array of social media platforms to choose from although at this moment in time TikTok is the fastest growing one of them all. In fact, after its initial success in China, TikTok has made the transition over to this side of the pond with similar glory and won over a young audience which can’t seem to get enough of the popular video-based platform. Whether it’s through hashtag challenges, joining a viral craze or even sharing an educational clip, TikTok is absolutely massive in 2021.

There’s an array of TikTokers who are not only garnering massive interest, but they’re making a living from the platform also. Many of them have side ventures alongside their TikTok account, while others are already celebrities like The Rock, then you have gamers sharing tips around enjoying free spins at or taking out your enemy in Fortnite, alongside comical clips, hair and beauty advice, and a look at some interesting food from abroad. The options are quite literally endless as TikTok continues to win people over everywhere.

With a large number of accounts already having a humongous following on the platform, we thought we’d go through some of the biggest stars of TikTok in 2023.

List of Biggest TikTok Stars in 2024 With Their Followers

Gilmer Croes

If you’re after some funny and light-hearted content on TikTok, then Gilmer Croes is well worth following. The US star is known for his funny pranks and comical clips. Around 31 million followers seem to like it, anyway.

Kimberly Loaiza

With 34 million followers at the time of writing, Mexican social media star Kimberly Loaiza is one of the biggest names on TikTok. Her stunning looks, excellent singing voice and regular installment of comical videos have bagged her a dedicated and loyal following from all over the globe—definitely one to follow.

Beauty Khan

 A huge presence on the platform from India, Beauty Khan has every one of her 21.5 million followers waiting for her next instalment of dance and lip-sync content. The popular platform has been banned in India, although personalities like Beauty Khan are expected to find success elsewhere. She’s certainly done well for herself.

Charli DAmelio

Charli D’Amelio - a tiktok star

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With just over 100 million followers right now, Charli D’Amelio is a huge name on TikTok. Her videos feature dancing and are known to go viral on the platform. Considering she’s only 16 years old, Charli D’Amelio is a talented TikToker.

Josh Richards

A popular name with young people on the platform, Josh Richards lives in a rented LA home with some fellow TikTok stars as they aim to make further waves on the platform and essentially be creating under the same roof. As a result, he has won over 23.7 million followers and continues to go from strength to strength.

Spencer Knight

 Close in terms of follower count to the 50 million mark, Spencer Knight has clearly been impressing people with his beat-boxing skills, with his short musical clips winning people round on a daily basis.

Zach King

Famous on Vine and YouTube well before TikTok was on the scene, Zach King’s videos of his magic and family life appeal to a wide range of people. In fact, there’s 52.8 million of them who can’t seem to get enough of the American’s content.

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