8 features a theme should have to meet the challenges of WordPress 5.0

The WordPress themes market is like the modeling world. What? Did you think the life of a model is easy and pleasurable? That models live like in heavens, visit the luxurious parties, wear fancy clothes and do almost nothing? You are very wrong then because the modeling world is more like a box with snakes or a pool with sharks – harsh competition, strict limitations, and constant hard work. WordPress templates market is also something like that. It is very good for users because they get the best products possible, but the fighting behind the scenes is cruel. There will be only one survivor! (In fact, there will be much more than one, but you got the point).

With the launch of WordPress 5.0, some of the requirements changed. The WP team announced they are going to include the new default page builder into the next update about a year ago. The news about Gutenberg shake the society and most of the template creators start to prepare for it. That’s why a lot of WordPress 5.0 compatible themes were already on the market when the update has been released. Marketplaces start to put “Gutenberg compatible” banners on their products (look at this responsive website templates from TemplateMonster – the red banner is right there). So, technically, there are dozens of templates, compatible with WordPress 5.0. But as it is the latest update it is worth the best themes, created according to the latest trends. I will list you the features you have to check out when choosing a template so that you could be sure you get the best item possible. In fact, it’s enough if the template has at least one of them. Let’s take a look!

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1.Fast loading

Nobody likes to wait, the time is money and users don’t want to waste it. The longer your website loads – the smaller is the possibility users will patiently wait for it. It is more likely that a person who had to wait longer than 10 seconds will leave the slow website and go looking for a faster one. When looking for a template for your shop or blog make sure it will be the fastest possible one, so you will have some spare space for your content.

Monstroid2 - Multipurpose Modular Elementor WordPress Theme WordPress Theme

For example, take a look at the Monstroid2 template. This thing is light as a feather and as fast as lightning. The Google Speed rates of this theme are magnificent – Performance Grade is A93 and loading time is 1.2 seconds. The homepage of your website will appear on the user’s screen in a blink of an eye! If you want some additional details – check out this video about Monstroid2:

2. Mobile-first

Modern society addiction to smartphones and constant internet connection is such obvious that a bunch of jocks, memes, and quotations have already appeared about it. It could be funny indeed, but at the same time if you want your website to be sufficient you need to make it responsive. People surf the internet while going to work or go home and you can’t afford to ignore them, otherwise you will be the one ignored. The template compatible with WordPress 5.0 has to be built on mobile-first philosophy.

Hayford - Investment Consulting Services Responsive WordPress Theme

Hayford theme creators were thinking about responsiveness while building it, so choosing it you can be sure that the pictures will look perfect either on PC big screens, tablets, and mobile phones. This template is a real modern business company website solution, stylish and reachable from every device.

3. SEO-friendly

Search engines are capricious – they can find a website only if it is properly organized. The biggest part of search engine optimization lays on a special person, SEO professional, but if the template you choose is clear and accurately coded it does a part of a job. The themes created with SEO in mind are easier to customize and get the higher search ranks. If you want the clients to find your website on the first Google search results page – you need to get yourself an SEO-ready template.

Your Business WordPress Theme

You can take Globy theme, by the way. It has valid and clear coding, understandable documentation and is definitely SEO-ready. Either you do it for yourself or hire a specialist, it won’t take too much efforts to make your website fall to the top of search rates if you use this template.

4. Flexibility

Every template has to be customized to fit the unique requirements of a concrete business. The more versatile the template is, the more pre-made pages it has – the lesser will the user have to change. Multipurpose WordPress 5.0 compatible templates will be the top trend of 2019, so keep that in mind. When you download a template with a bunch of pre-made pages – it gives you an opportunity to construct any type of website you like without writing a single row of code.

Ferim - Food Delivery Multipurpose Minimal Elementor WordPress Theme

Pay attention to Ferim – a perfect multipurpose template for a food delivery company and a farm. It has a handful of ready-made pages, so you can combine them any way you like. If your business is connected with food or plants – you just can’t miss this WordPress 5.0 compatible template.

5. Transformable

Imagine the situation when you create a blog and that, after a few months, realize that you will get a sufficient income if start selling something. To add an online store to your shop you will need it to be ready for such an action. Or maybe you created a corporate site and then want to add a blog. You will need the template to have a blog option. A lot of themes are made compatible not only with WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg but with different eCommerce software too and lots of themes have blog module you can use or deactivate.

Frutti - Organic Food Multipurpose Classic Elementor WordPress Theme

Frutti template is Ecwid-ready, which makes it an ideal candidate to become an online store. With it, you can start as a lifestyle or healthy life blogger and after some time, when your audience will be big enough – open a little store of fruit juices or healthy nutrition.

Glowlex - Consulting Services Multipurpose Clean Elementor WordPress Theme

On the other hand, Growlex is a template perfect for a business company (it could be a digital agency, marketing company or law firm). If you would like to add a blog either the latest company news or a gallery with photos of employees – it won’t be a problem, because the theme includes that blocks. It will take just a few clicks to activate it.

6. Animated

Animation effects, if they are chosen and added with taste, could sufficiently spice up the website and make it more attractive. Smooth parallax effect and accurate hover animation (like animated boxes and tiles) decorate the pages and add some dynamic feeling to it. If your website has to be connected with motion – choose the template that will not only be compatible with WordPress 5.0 but also has some animation.

Tourizto - Travel Company Elementor WordPress Theme

Tourizto template is a perfect example, it was created for a tourist agency or travel blog, and what could be more connected with motion than traveling? Template creators added animation effects as a rare spice – it makes the theme more attractive, but there’s not too much of it, so the taste is not ruined. If you liked the theme and would like to know more about it – here’s a video:

7. Navigation simplicity

Nothing could make the visitor leave the website faster, then inconvenient navigation (except, maybe, slow loading). Nobody will desperately seek some information or product on your website – the client will just go away and try to find it somewhere else. That’s why modern, WordPress 5.0 compatible website should have simple and understandable navigation (mega menus, sorting options, AJAX search tab will do the job).

Constico - Construction Elementor WordPress Theme

Take a look at this nice construction company website. The visitors of a construction-based website expect it to be easy in use – in the end, its owners build houses that have to be convenient. Constico template will help you to match the clients’ expectations and makes it pleasurable to go through the site.

Consor - Business Consulting Elementor WordPress Theme

The same situation is with Consor template – the visitor meets no issues when he wants to find some kind of information. The theme was built for a business consulting firm, so it would be strange if a user won’t be able to find a piece of advice he needs on such a website.

8. Tech support

If there’s a problem and you don’t know how to solve it is very important to know where to go for advice and support. Before getting yourself a template check carefully if the marketplace offers enough tech support. It will be definitely useful to know how much time you will have to wait for the response and what kind of help you will be able to get.

Massage Salon WordPress Theme

Soothery template, just as all TemplateMonster themes are supported 24/7 by a friendly tech support team. If you have any problems you can not only leave a ticket but also have a chat with the support specialist or even get some help via phone call. TemplateMonster is rightfully honored with the level of support it gives to clients, so you won’t be disappointed.


Look at your chosen template, then back to the list. Then back at your template and again to the list. If your theme has at least two of listed features – you did everything right and have chosen a good solution for your website. Popularity is a very capricious thing, trends appear and vanish very quickly, but if you choose a WordPress 5.0 compatible, professionally designed and filled with useful features template it will serve you much longer than some low-quality samples. Don’t hesitate to spend some time choosing and I guarantee that results will be worth it.

Same Service, Different Foundations – the Key Differences Between .ipa and .apk Files


IMAGE SOURCE: Pixabay.com

Apps have undoubtedly transformed the way many of us interact with both software and a range of devices from smartphones to laptops. They give us quick and easy access to a range of tools and games at the simple touch of a button. It is incredible to think that Steve Jobs predicted the concept all of the way back in 1983, but perhaps even more surprising to consider that Apple’s first App Store launched a decade ago with a grand total of just 500 apps.

We all now have access to millions of them and have reached a point where it has become the norm for businesses to have an app which operates in conjunction with a well-structured website. It is not just larger companies who have them either, as research from Clutch in 2016 suggested that almost a third of small firms planned to build a mobile app in the near future.

The dominance of iOS and Android

So, if you were looking to build an app, what operating system would you want it to run on? Of course, the biggest mobile operating systems in the world are undoubtedly Google’s Android system and Apple’s iOS, with the former having an incredible market share of around 88 percent and the latter having in the region of 11 percent.

The dominance of the two brands in this area means that a host of companies have taken steps to ensure their services function on both iOS and Android. For example, Netflix allows its users to access their accounts via the platforms as well as smart TVs and set top boxes. In addition, Betway has made sure that its online games and sports apps available on iOS and Android offer as many of the games and sports markets as its desktop site, as well as the same sign-up deals. This cross-platform compatibility is also important for retailers like Amazon, which offers its shopping, Prime Video and Music services across iOS and Android. But while this kind of availability has become expected, just how easy is it for businesses and their developers to ensure that their services are available via apps on several different platforms? Is it simply the case that you can create a single file type which will work across each?

ipa files

IMAGE SOURCE: Pixabay.com

Introducing .ipa and .apk

The key to answering this question lies in understanding the very foundations which underpin the creation of apps for both iOS and Android. While iOS apps tend to operate using a file type known as an .ipa, apps for Google’s Android system make use of a format known as .apk. The term .ipa stands for iOS App Store Package, which is a format that stores an app and features a binary for ARM architecture. Perhaps most importantly however, it can only be installed on a device which uses the iOS system. In contrast, an .apk is an Android Package and is used for both the distribution and installation of apps on the Android system.

This information raises a fundamental distinction between iOS and Android apps and conclusively answers the question as to whether a single file type is all a business would need. The foundations of apps for the two operating systems are completely different, so businesses need to take steps to build separate versions of the same program.

Can you quickly port apps from iOS to Android?

However, is there scope for a business to use software that can quickly convert an app built for iOS into one which is compatible with Android? According to Upwork, the answer is fairly straightforward – no. The freelance website outlines that the only approach available is to get developers to build a new version of the app from scratch, but it does also provide some tips regarding specific steps which could make the process easier.

For example, it outlines how using modern programming languages may make an app’s conversion easier, as the likes of Swift and Kotlin are quite similar. As such, it may be useful to build the original app with one of those and then only small changes may be needed to the code when you look to convert it.

A fascinating area

Apps have become such a common part of our life that we take for granted that services are available across different platforms. However, as we’ve outlined, the process of switching from iOS to Android is a lot more complicated than many think.

It is clear that any business looking to develop an app will need carefully consider such issues before they get started.

How Can Tech Companies Sponsor Foreign Workers?

One of the biggest challenges facing a lot of tech companies right now, small and large, is a shortage of skilled workers. Unemployment in the U.S. is very low, and the demand for top talent is high. However, there are plenty of skilled foreign workers in specialty fields who would love the opportunity to work in the U.S., at least temporarily.

When employers are facing a skills shortage or are having difficulty hiring, particularly in the tech sector, they often do look to employees outside of the U.S. The employees have the benefit of coming to the U.S., getting experience in their area of specialty, and having the opportunity to send money to their families using services like Remitly.

Most programs that allow employees to come to the U.S. and work do require that the employer sponsor the worker. The following are some things to know if your tech company is considering sponsoring a foreign worker.


There are quite a few programs available from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services that provide for foreign workers to come to the U.S. temporarily. One of the most common programs that most tech companies use is the H-1B visa. This visa program is geared toward highly skilled workers in certain areas, which is why it’s so popular with tech employers.

Starting the Process

The process to begin sponsoring a foreign worker usually starts by completing the Form I-129. This is the Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, and it’s filed with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services on behalf of the possible foreign worker.

An employer has to start the petitioning process, and the prospective employee can’t start this process.

Along with filing a petition, the employer is responsible for filing what’s called a Labor Condition Application with the U.S. Department of Labor. The purpose of this is to show that by hiring a foreign worker, it’s not going to cause harm or negatively affect U.S. workers.

The employer in this has to show that they will be paying the prevailing wage for the position and they’ll be providing the employee with the same benefits as other employees in similar positions. It also has to be demonstrated that there aren’t any labor disputes happening when the foreign employee is being hired.

Specialty Occupation Requirements

If you want to hire a foreign worker under the H-1B visa program, the job you’re filling must qualify as a specialty occupation. This means that the minimum entry-level requirement for the job is at least a bachelor’s level degree. The job should be so specialized or skilled that someone without a degree couldn’t reasonably fulfill the demands.

If the worker is from a country that has different types of degrees, their degree should be at least the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree.

If a worker doesn’t have a degree, they should have work experience that’s equivalent, and for that to be the case, the employee would typically need to have at least 12 years’ experience in most cases.

Finally, while the minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree, most people who ultimately are granted an H-1B visa have a master’s degree or above.

How to Promote Your Business Online: 7 Free Ways on Instagram

Here are 7 easy ways to make your business popular on Instagram for free.

Add the Right Hashtags

Hashtags are a simple and working way to promote on Instagram, the main thing is to choose the right phrases. Keywords planners will help with this. Enter a general query into the search bar on your topic and choose medium- and low-frequency phrases for hashtags. With high-frequency queries, it is difficult to reach the top and attract an audience. It is also essential not to put a dozen hashtags to one post, 2-3 are enough.

Use Geotags

Geotags should be placed where there is your potential target audience, not you. For example, you are a travel company that organizes trips to Hawaii. Then put the geotag “Hawaii” in the post.

Answer Questions in Your Stories

Instagram users often ask questions in the Stories, and even more often they share something. Work with the most active users who might be interested in your product.

To do this, monitor what they’re posting and respond to stickers with questions. This way your profile will be more visible than with mass promotion techniques.

Ask Questions in Your Stories

Ask questions in Stories more often, place a “test” sticker with two choices of answers. You can ask your followers anything: “Skip a workout today for a trade show?”, “Would I look good with a short haircut?”, “Where should I spend the weekend?”

Publish Provocative Posts

Try diluting your profile with a few provocative posts. Sure, some members will follow your profile just to have fun with the posts, not because they’re really interested in you. But you also have an interested audience waiting to use your products.

Start a Challenge

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Well, when everyone was pouring ice water and making donations. Famous people, bloggers, and company employees took part in it and challenged others.

This could be adapted for Instagram as follows: a team of employees does something extraordinary, like helping a local shelter as part of some kind of relief week, talk about it in stories and posts, encourage other companies with a close audience to support the action, and tag them.

Why is your challenge more likely to be answered? That’s how you can get an audience quickly and without cost, increase engagement, get media coverage, and possibly make money.

Any business must be on the Internet, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a grocery store near your house or a modern live casino online. But not all the companies have enough money for promotion.

Start Live Streaming

Live broadcasts always attract users. Do not be afraid to share your thoughts or seem funny, be sincere, it will attract subscribers to you. Audiences willingly subscribe to accounts where they find interesting and useful content. Experiment, communicate with experts in related niches, and act as experts in other accounts. Live shows are an effective way to increase your visibility and attract new audiences.

Easiest Way to Run a Classy Business Website: Top 15 Education WordPress Themes

‘Education is the foundation upon which we build our future.’ This short quote by Christine Gregoire clearly depicts the importance of education. Without a doubt, knowledge means power. With it, being well-educated, one has a chance to get everything they have ever wanted to get from life. For these reasons, people have always made their best to be educated. As you may know, in the 21st Century, education has many forms. Obviously, there are schools and universities. Still, new age brought us other ways of studying. As all the fresh things, they are pretty comfortable. Thus, these days you can see tones of online schools and web courses. Basically, education became a smart and powerful business type many years ago. Now it continues refining. Being a regular online user, you can meet a breathtaking variety of quality websites related to education. Would you like to launch your own project? It is as easy as pie thanks to the magnificent WordPress Education Themes.

Do You Need a Website?

At the outset, in 2018 anyone needs a properly designed website. There is no business, no shop and no art that can exist without it. With the help of a top-grade online project, a user showcases their work to the whole world. Thus, online is the only place where you can find so many prospects without running out of your budget. Luckily,
there is no need to build your site from scratch because WordPress offers you to feel all the benefits of these ready-made education templates.

When it comes to education, you can’t avoid managing a classy website. Actually, you are not supposed to set up a big online project. It could be a landing page, a blog or just a neat, informative site. However, the online presence by itself is your must-have. During last years, we felt all the kinds of comfort. With it, your potential audience became lazy. They will not read magazines and look for a booklet to hear about your establishment. They want you to hand everything on a plate. Seeing that, do not disappoint your prospects!
All in all website creation is not a luxury anymore. What is more, it has so many advantages!

Would you like to try them all? In this case, we offer you to view out this new list of top 15 education WordPress themes.
Don’t hesitate! We have prepared for you the small descriptions. Reading them, one will know what the modern helpful features and design elements are.

P.S. Also, soon there will be another nice thing to work with – hi-res Moodle themes. Check the link to subscribe for the launch notification and became the first to know about Moodle themes release!

Rainbow Colleges – Colorful, Clean, and Fast E-Course Education WordPress Theme

Without a doubt, organization matters when it comes to the prosperity of any business type and it is especially important for education related website. That is why Rainbow Colleges provides a user with a handy LearnPress plugin that allows managing the online project easily. With its help, you will get an intuitive interface to control the site and multiple settings for online learning.

Rainbow Colleges - E-Course WordPress Theme


Kiddlez – Top-notch and Cute Primary School Education WordPress Theme

Being an online user, you should know that mobiles traffic matter but you will be shocked by the fact that it takes more than 60% of today’s traffic! Seeing that, you may want to view out Kiddlez because this top-notch education WordPress theme provides a trendy mobile-first design. To make a long story short, the feature runs you mobile site while its full version is still building.

Kiddlez - Primary School Responsive WordPress Theme


Longriver University – Calm, Neat, and Responsive Education WordPress Theme

Build with Bootstrap, Longriver University is a calm educational WordPress theme that builds a professionally working and beautiful online project. Needless to say, a responsive design is what you need this year to break up with the limits of time and place. They do
influence the popularity of your business website, so it would be a wise step to let a prospect visit the site anytime they want.

Longriver University Responsive WordPress Theme


Scholary – Charming and Invigoration Primary School Education WordPress Theme

As you can see from live demo, Scholary consists of the charming pages for any occasion you can use effortlessly. Therefore, using this invigoration primary school WordPress theme, you can introduce your teachers and classes, and show school news. Actually, Scholary is an easy-to-manage template, which means that you can change the look of your online pages with ease.

Scholary - Primary School WordPress Theme


Cedar High – Attention-grabbing and Modern University WordPress Theme

As we have promised, there is nothing complicated and you are able to run an attention-grabbing education website without coding. Choosing Cedar High for your online project, you can feel all the pluses of drag-and-drop technique thanks to Elementor. In a word, this is a brand-new editor that transforms the process of online pages designing into a quick deal.

Cedar High - University WordPress Theme


Unisco – Stylish, Soft, and Smart Education, School, College & University WordPress Theme

First things first, Unisco is a soft education WordPress theme that provides its owner with unlimited color schemes. Thanks to this rich palette, the owner of this stylish template can change the appearance of their education website immediately. To say more, Unisco comes with a package of eye-friendly web fonts to make your textual content readable and visually-pleasing.

Unisco - Education, School, College & University WordPress Theme


ECoursify – Hi-res and Ace LMS for Online Courses WordPress Theme

To begin with, today online studying is a quite popular model of education, so ECoursify is what the doctor ordered. This ace online courses WordPress theme has WooCommerce integration, which allows you to sell different learning materials on the website. Obviously, there are such pre-designed and easy-to-customize pages like Services, Teachers, and Courses inside this hi-res education WordPress template.

ECoursify - LMS for Online Courses WordPress Theme


Singerella – Elegant, Gorgeous, and Intuitive Music School Education WordPress Theme

Another thing that matters is convenient website navigation since your main task is to let people easily find everything. For these reasons, Singerella provides a user with a great number of header and footer layouts to design the pages. With it, choosing this elegant education WordPress theme, you will get upgraded Services, noticeable contact pages and much more.

Music School WordPress Theme


Guiding Voice – Eye-catching and All-encompassing Life Coach Online Education WordPress Theme

Before all else, this all-encompassing WordPress theme for life coach contains a wide JetElements package to improve site’s visual look. Opening the pack, you will see multiple trendy elements that are here to introduce brands, posts, and other content beautifully. For example, Guiding Voice provides its owner with the eye-catching sliders and various trendy counters to keep the audience engaged.

Life Coach Online WP Theme


RoadLaw – Dreamlike, Incredible, and Lightning-fast Driving School WordPress Theme

Initially, RoadLaw is an incredible education WordPress theme that has many plugins to provide you with a perfect online project. Therefore, using RoadLaw, you can enhance site’s functionality with the help of Services, Team Members, Testimonials, and other premium plugins. In addition, there is TM Style Switcher inside this dreamlike education template that changes website’s look in a single click.

Driving School WP Theme


Spello – Full-blown and Texture-rich Language School Education WordPress Theme

Talking about this full-blown education WordPress theme, Spello provides a user with multiple layout options to transform your pages creatively. Thus, you can choose from a rich set of options to create new layouts and even speed up website building. Shortly, you can do it with the help of a pre-packed library that is inside Spello and save your time.

Language School WP Theme


Manuella – Fantastic, Unconventional, and Mesmerizing Dance Academy Education WordPress Theme

What else do you need to set up an unconventional and mesmerizing education website for your dance academy? Undeniably, it is time to take the advantage of fantastic content modules and add multiple content types to your website. Fortunately, Manuella contains a lot of pricing tables, counters, sliders, buttons, and other modules to help you introduce information.

Dance Academy WordPress Theme


Smart School – New-gen and Groundbreaking Department of Education WordPress Theme

As you may know, Appointment Manager is a must-have feature for any groundbreaking business website, so you need to get it ASAP! Surely, Smart School already has a new-gen plugin to create a fast online appointment manager and further the working process. Thus, the visitors of your education project will be able to book an appointment online and view out your schedule.

Department Of Education WordPress Theme


Cooking – Yummy, Consistent, and Ready-made Culinary School Education WordPress Theme

First of all, Cooking allows you to use multiple customization options to design the online project professionally. Finally, you can do it without reloading the page because there is a Live Customizer inside this consistent WordPress theme. As a result, you can view out all the changes live and create your ideal kind of cooking website.

Cooking - Culinary School Responsive WordPress Theme


Small Steps – Creative, Strikingly-colored, and Intricate Children Education WordPress Theme

Finally, now it is time to meet Small Steps – a creative and intricate education WordPress theme for children online project. Gently speaking, using Small Steps, you will get all the needed components from Cherry plugins to a truly responsive design. Also, there are custom widgets inside Small Steps to help you to display visual content in all its glory.

Children Education WordPress Theme


These were all top 15 education WordPress theme we have for you. Although there are many features we told you about, there are much more things to be mentioned! Therefore, we recommend you to check the details of these classy education WordPress themes. Still, there are several must-haves you should know about! Firstly, the introduced products are crossbrowser compatible. With it, the website you run will look awesome in any browser. Secondly, these invigoration products are SEO-friendly. It means that they come with valid, semantic code that meets all the today’s requirements.

That is why now it is easy to get higher search results from Google and attract the audience. To end with, all these hip education WordPress themes are extremely responsive. In the end, your business site will always look stylish, modern and charming. It will also work properly on any device.

Guide On How To Start Trading With CS: GO Skins

In recent years online gaming has seen a significant rise in the popularity of virtual item trading. One game that has captured the attention of many traders is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). With its vibrant marketplace and a plethora of in-game skins, CS: GO provides a unique opportunity for players to engage in virtual item trading. You can withdraw the amount instantly with https://cashyea.com/free-google-play-codes for CS: GO skins trading.

Understand the Basics:

Before diving into the trading scene, it’s crucial to understand the basics of CS: GO skin trading. Weapons in the game can have skins applied to them to change how they look but not how they function. These skins come in various rarities, designs, and conditions, some highly sought after and valuable. Yourself with the different skin qualities and their corresponding values to make informed trading decisions.

Set Up a Steam Account:

Trade CS: GO skins, you’ll need a Steam account. Steam is the digital distribution platform that hosts CS: GO and its trading marketplace. Create an account if you don’t already have the mobile authenticator enabled, as it is a requirement for trading.

Research the Market:

The CS: GO skin market is dynamic and constantly changing. Before making any trades, take the time to research and analyze the market trends. Look for popular skins, monitor their prices over time, and understand the factors that influence their value. Websites like Steam Community Market, CS: GO Lounge, and various trading forums can provide valuable insights and help you stay updated with the latest trends.

Start with Small Trades:

When starting, it’s wise to begin with smaller trades to gain experience and build a reputation within the trading community. Look for low-value skins that are in demand and trade them for other items of similar value. It will help you understand the trading process, learn negotiation skills, and establish trust with potential trading partners.

Utilise Trading Websites and Forums:

There are numerous online platforms dedicated to CS: GO skin trading. These platforms act as intermediaries, connecting buyers and sellers for seamless transactions. Websites provide a secure environment for trading, offering features such as price tracking, instant trades, and cash services like https://cashyea.com/free-google-play-codes with free skins. Participating in CS: GO trading forums can help you find potential trading partners and engage in discussions to expand your knowledge.

Expand Your Trading Network:

Building a robust trading network is essential for long-term success in CS: GO skin trading. Engage with other traders, join trading communities, and attend events or tournaments where you can meet like-minded individuals. Networking opens doors to new trading opportunities, allows you to learn from experienced traders, and enhances your overall trading experience.

Consider Investments:

While trading skins for personal use can be enjoyable, some individuals engage skin trading as an investment opportunity. Certain skins have demonstrated a history of increasing value over time, making them attractive investment options. Conduct thorough research, study market trends, and consult experienced traders before making investment decisions.

Stay Informed:

The CS: GO skin market is influenced by a multitude of factors, including game updates, community events, and tournament results. Stay informed about these developments can impact the value of certain skins. Follow CS: GO news outlets, watch professional tournaments, and engage with the CS: GO community to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings.

Enjoy the Process:

CS: GO skin trading is not solely about making profits. It’s also about the enjoyment and satisfaction that come with finding rare and desirable skins. Don’t forget to have fun along the way, appreciate the aesthetics of different skins, and embrace the trading community’s camaraderie.

Top 10 Hotels & Resorts WordPress Themes

The first thing people think about after long and exhausting working hours is good relaxation. And one of the most popular ways to chill out is making a journey. Especially when bringing up children or working your fingers to the bone, you dream of perfect holidays or weekend. So, drawing up a travel plan should be as convenient and simple as possible. Nobody but hotel business owners know that apartment booking should be a pleasure, not a duty.

The question is: how to help your clients with vacation planning and raise your income if you provide accommodation services? And the answer is plain to see: it is necessary for the resorts to have a convenient website to attract viewers. When the client visits your site and has difficulties with the navigation, he or she simply won’t get to your offers and services. It is vitally important to catch attention from the first sight. Want to know how it works? Look through the top-rated WordPress hotel themes collections to see the examples of fresh and appealing website designs.

It’s an open secret that WordPress themes are known for their design quality, ease of use, and a wide variety of customization options, that is why they are considered to be the best solution for any business branch. Also, the templates for WordPress are notable for their user-centric navigation. For this collection, we have chosen only professionally built templates with a highly adjustable user interface which you can use for hotels and resorts official websites, landing pages, project advertisement, and creating your brand appeal.

By choosing the suitable design, you will quickly lay emphasis on the most important site parts with the help of pre-made layouts and perfectly combined color patterns. Moreover, all templates from this catalog are easy to use, as they go together with the clear and comprehensible documentation that will be useful for both novice developers and WordPress experts. Choose the best basis for your resort page and be ready to welcome new clients to your luxurious hotel suits!

Fresh Suit Booking WordPress Template

Hotel Booking WordPress Theme

The template is notable for its beautiful design that perfectly matches with the site purpose, a powerful visual composer with 9 additional elements and clear comprehensible documentation. It features 100% responsive design, retina-ready layouts, 3 extra bonus widgets and 2 universal header styles that go together with the template. Beyond that, this hotel WordPress theme is easy to adjust to the foreign market, as it has a fully-fledged translation ready PO file inside.

Details | Demo

Smart Apartment Rent WordPress Theme

Villagio - Property Booking WordPress Theme

This theme is a perfect choice for accommodation & hotel services because it has an advanced accommodation reservation engine that will help your clients to rent out various properties in any locations possible. It includes the real-time search availability form, online and offline payment types, manual or automatic booking confirmation, and useful calendar of bookings at the administrator panel. What is more, your site will have built-in booking rules, e-mail notifications, guest reviews, and even German localization.

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Hotel Suits Rent WordPress Template

Oceanica - Hotel Booking WordPress Theme

This theme will allow your customers to make online or offline payments, apply for room reservation in advance and find out which property is available in the real-time mode. Using the template, you will have an opportunity to create discount coupons, provide your clients with the taxes and fees info, offer flexible seasonal prices, set up a special rate system and block some dates. Furthermore, it has a stylish mobile-friendly design with easy-to-customize UI & UX elements.

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Accommodation Booking Responsive WordPress Template

Resort Hotel Responsive WordPress Theme

As you could see, this theme has an elegant design that will definitely hit any tastes and attract viewers to your website. It is complemented with the user-friendly calendar, flexible commenting system, dropdown elements and Google products integration. In addition, this WordPress theme is fully responsive, cross-browser-compatible, easy to install and well-documented, so you will be able to build the web-pages without any programming skills.

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User-Friendly Room Rent WordPress Template

Hotel Booking WP Theme

This is an easy-to-use theme with the first-class admin panel coupled with the powerful visual editor that will turn the customization into pleasure. It is built on the Cherry framework 5 and has a long-term professional support by the competent provider’s team. Besides, the template is easy to optimize, absolutely responsive, retina ready and Ecwid-compatible, so you will get access to all the necessary add-ons without extra spending.

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Resort & Hotel Room Reservation WordPress Theme

Sanohimi Exotic Hotel WordPress Template

The theme features jaw-dropping animation built on the HTML plus SWiSH, Parallax scrolling and background video player that will positively impress your clients. Your customers will have an opportunity to experience the advanced search, user-centric booking and contact forms, confirm the newsletter subscription and complete the user registration without any great effort.

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Up-to-Date Hotel Services WordPress Template

Modern Hotel WordPress Theme

This WordPress-based theme can be used as a separate blog or corporate website, so you will have an opportunity to use it as a base for any type of project. It is crafted especially for hotel booking and other lodging industry services, and it has the best apartment booking options, together with restaurant menu pattern and excellent administrator panel. Also, the template is search engine friendly, so its optimization will take just a little time.

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Awe-Inspiring Resort WordPress Template

Hotel WP Theme

This responsive WordPress theme is built using the 4.7.x platform version, so it will be compatible with the newest and freshest WordPress products. Its calendar and apartment booking plugin will allow choosing the room and reservation in the online-mode, and the built-in commenting system will increase your trust level and attract customers’ attention. Also, this template goes together with the Google web fonts, sample content, social options, media library, live customizer, sidebar manager and first-rate performance optimization.

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Seaward-Side Suits Booking WordPress Template

Booking WordPress Theme

As can be seen, this template excels at its animation with the Parallax and Background video effects which catch viewers’ attention. It has the built-in visual editor, hotel booking plugin, and sample data installer that will help you to easily develop a fully-fledged profitable website from scratch. In addition, the theme is SEO-friendly, WPML ready and Ecwid-compatible, retina ready and mobile-adjustable.

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Top-Line Hostel WordPress Template

Hostel WP Theme

Along with the previous themes from this collection, the hostel template for WordPress platform is fully responsive and mobile-friendly, so your site will quickly adjust to any screen size. It has a built-in drop-down menu that will provide convenient navigation on any page of your site. The power page builder, background options, live customizer, sidebar manager and user-friendly admin panel will allow building a top-notch online project without any programming education or web-experience.

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