iBoysoft NTFS for Mac: the Best NTFS Driver for Mac in 2020

Do you need to use an NTFS formatted external hard drive, USB flash drive, or SD card on both Mac and PC? Are you looking for the best NTFS for Mac software in 2020? If you do, then this post is the exact material that you would be interested in. Before we discuss the best NTFS for Mac software thoroughly, we’d like to introduce a little bit of the background for users who don’t know the issues between NTFS and macOS.

At this point, a useful NTFS for Mac app is really important because there is no native NTFS write support from Mac OS X 10.3 on, and NTFS formatted drive is read-only in macOS. Lately, the newest macOS Catalina 10.15 was published but there is no NTFS write support still. So, for users who frequently transfer files between a Mac and PC with an NTFS drive, a reliable NTFS driver for Mac like iBoysoft NTFS for Mac would really make their life easier. Now, let’s check out some key features of iBoysoft NTFS for Mac which is one of the best NTFS drivers for Mac in 2020, and how we can take advantage of these features to manage our NTFS drives on Mac.

Key feature 1: Mounting NTFS drives on Mac in read-write mode

As we know, many manufacturers of external hard drives and USB flash drives would initially format the storage devices to NTFS file system. However, users are not aware of that and save their important files directly to such drives. Everything is fine until the NTFS drive is connected to a Mac: documents on this drive become read-only and write-protected, files are unmovable, and photos and videos are locked even we have the ownership. Why? That’s because NTFS is a proprietary file system of Windows and is read-only for macOS. Under this circumstance, we can’t directly reformat this drive to a compatible file system as it will cause data loss if we don’t have any backup.

To get write access to NTFS on Mac, we can download and install iBoysoft NTFS for Mac on our computers. After plugging in an NTFS formatted drive to a Mac, the NTFS drive will be automatically mounted in read-write mode once this software is launched. Then, we will be able to write to the photos, videos, documents, videos, and other files on this drive seamlessly, including edit, deletion, copy, paste, rename, etc.

Key feature 2: Erasing hard drives to Windows NTFS on Mac

For some users who have always been using Mac but swift Windows recently, NTFS file system may be a better choice for Windows computer because it is the default file system of the Windows OS disk. Or for some geeks, some advanced features of NTFS like encryption and large file support would be more attractive to use. However, they open Disk Utility on the Mac and try to reformat this drive to NTFS, only to find that there is no NTFS option available at all.

Now, with the assistance of iBoysoft NTFS for Mac, we can reformat our external hard drives or USB flash drives to NTFS file system if we want to. Whether the original file system of this drive is exFAT, FAT32, or HFS+, we can easily erase this drive to NTFS after making a copy of a data backup. To do this, we need to open the menu tab of iBoysoft NTFS for Mac at the upper right corner of our desktop, click on the Disk Management option, then select the drive we want to erase, and then click on Erase to NTFS.

Other features of iBoysoft NTFS for Mac

Except for mounting NTFS drive in read-write mode and erasing other file systems to NTFS on Mac, iBoysoft also has some other useful functions deserved to mention.

iBoysoft NTFS driver for Mac


For example, we can use this software to check and repair disk errors when an NTFS drive is corrupted, unmountable, or not readable on a Mac computer. To use this feature, we can simply click on the Disk Management option in the menu, select the drive we want to repair, and finally choose Check disk to restore this disk to working condition.

What’s more, it’s possible that we need to clear up a volume for free space, or we have backed up the important files on this disk but now need to erase the disk for privacy. However, deleting all the files on this partition one by one is either too cumbersome or not safe enough for us. Under these conditions, we can make the best use of the Erase disk feature of iBoysoft NTFS for Mac to wipe off the whole NTFS volume with ease.


 With so many useful functions, iBoysoft NTFS for Mac could be the best NTFS for App in 2020 because it makes it so easy to manage and use our NTFS drives on Mac with full access.

Tip: This software offers a free trial for three times, so grab the opportunity and try it now.

Top 10 Mouth-Watering Restaurant WordPress themes 2020

Find a review of the best Mouth-Watering Restaurant WordPress themes in 2020. “Food is not just eating energy. It’s an experience”. That was said by the famous American restaurateur Guy Fieri. And indeed, food has become not just the mean of life but the real art and hard business. No matter if you already have a restaurant or a café, or you are just going to launch it, it makes sense to think about bringing it online. First, it will help to make a good promotion on the Internet and force it to rank in search engines for relevant search requests. Second, it allows showcasing your food masterpieces to people and catching customers with attractive food pictures. Third, it allows offering a delivery option for clients’ comfort.

When it goes about choosing a platform for building a website, the choice mostly falls on WordPress. And no wonder, since WordPress is one of the safest and easiest content management systems. However not every person knows how to handle WordPress and how to develop websites in general. Luckily you can find on the Internet lots of marketplaces, offering to get ready-made WordPress themes for any business niches. Obviously, for the food industry, it is most recommended to look through the category of Restaurant WordPress Templates.

Restaurant – Responsive WordPress Theme

Restaurant - Responsive WordPress Theme

This responsive product for WordPress is equipped with visual composer and user-friendly admin panel. It is accommodated with the multilingual plug-in and supports left-to-right language display. Also, the theme can be installed just in one click, what makes the website look exactly like the demo version.

Details | Demo

Bettaso – Barbecue Restaurant WordPress Theme

Barbecue Restaurant WordPress Theme

Bettaso is a perfectly styled theme for a restaurant with a grill menu. Flexible Power builder allows adding pages easily with no need to learn code. The product offers multiple layout options for simple customization of website pages.

Details | Demo

Trattorio – Restaurant Elementor WordPress Theme

Trattorio - Restaurant Elementor WordPress Theme

Build your own top-notch website with this elegant theme. The product is equipped with Elementor page builder that makes customization as easy as a pie. The theme is WPML-ready that is why your website could be performed in different languages to gain an extra audience.

Details | Demo

Cuisinette – European Restaurant Cross-browser WordPress Theme

Cuisinette - European Restaurant Cross-browser WordPress Theme

Cuisinette is a well-suitable solution for European-menu restaurant. It includes JET-Elements plug-in and Jet Menu to empower your web-site. Bonus images are included in the package for your custom sophisticated design.

Details | Demo

Gusto – Cafe & Restaurant WordPress Theme

Bistro WP Theme

The theme is accomplished with a sleek and eye-catching design that you can easily edit with the help of multiple layout options and Drag-and-Drop Page builder. The product contains Content modules that allow adding different content types to the pages. In Addition, Gusto is bundled with 7 header layouts to make customization personal and unique.

Details | Demo

Plantables – Vegetarian Restaurant WordPress Theme

Vegetarian Restaurant WordPress Theme

If you are searching for a cool-designed template for a vegetarian restaurant then look at Plantables. It’s simple but fresh mouth-watering outfit is performed by Live customizer as well as Power Page builder. The theme is easy to install and supported by TemplateMonster’s professional team 24/7.

Details | Demo

La Food – Italian Restaurant Responsive WordPress Theme

Italian Cuisine WordPress Theme

La food is bundled with an ultimate pack of Cherry plugins to increase the functionality of your website. This theme is packed with the installation wizard, so the full set-up process takes no longer than 5 minutes. The item is Ecwid-ready as well, what allows you to add a store to your website fast and for free.

Details | Demo

Delicia – Restaurant Responsive WordPress Theme

Cafeteria WP Theme

Delicia is a powerful restaurant WordPress theme designed by TemplateMonster for the needs of busy people. It contains appointment manager for the customers, allowing to arrange booking online to save your time. Custom widgets will help you to make the website option-rich and add more functionality.

Details | Demo

Hidalgo – Mexican Food Restaurant WordPress Theme

Mexican food restaurant WordPress theme

The theme is a great solution for real admirers of hot Mexican cuisine temper. Restaurant Menu plugin will help you create the menu for your restaurant or a cafe with no difficulties. Hidalgo is adjusted with the live customizer, Power page builder, and multiple custom widgets to make your website look unique and eye-catching.

Details | Demo

Italica – Multipurpose Restaurant WordPress Theme Bundle

WordPress Restaurant Theme Bundle

This is the most multifarious and design-rich product for the restaurant business niche since the theme is bundled with 6 different website skins for multiple purposes. It is fully-responsive, SEO-friendly and written with the clean code. The Product includes full step-by-step installation and customization guide in the documentation for easy usage.

Details | Demo

Restaurant business deserves splendid and eye-catching look since it influences directly the popularity of the public place. But it is really time-consuming to build a website from scratch. If you are searching for a rational solution that will help you to save time but get an excellent result we recommend to use ready-made templates for restaurant business listed above because they contain all features and functionality the modern website should have for prosperous and effective activity.

10 Best Real Estate WordPress Themes 2020

If you are already running a real-estate business or if you are just going to start it – it’s the right time to think about bringing it online. Of course, you may be a prosperous realtor even not having a website, still, you are losing a lot of money and new clients without a web page. With the development of progress, people become lazier and no one even wants to use phones to make a call. Everyone first goes to search engines to check up the services available on the Internet, to compare prices, to look through the testimonials etc. And obviously, the realtor services introduces on the Internet win the contest.

But how to start a website if you don’t have any developer skills? Easy! There are a lot of website builders that offer to make a website yourself but as the rule, they require at least some initial knowledge of website building. There is even an easier way – you can choose a template from the list of ready-made Real Estate WordPress Themes what will help to save your time greatly.

Why WordPress? The answer is as simple as a pie: this is the most popular and most easy-to-manage platform for website creating purposes. Moreover, there is a great plenty of WordPress themes sold on big marketplaces so you have a wide range of choice. We have collected the freshest and function-rich themes and present it in the list below. But in the first instance, it is important to mention that all listed products are fully responsive, SEO-friendly and are served by professional 24/7 support.

HomePro Real Estate Portal WordPress Theme

HomePro Real Estate Portal WordPress Theme

HomePro is a powerful theme for real-estate agencies website on WordPress. It contains a Cherry Plugin that allows clients to use advanced search and find exactly what they need. Integrated Google Maps gives an opportunity to look for the property located as it is highlighted with the preview markers.

Details | Demo

CozyHouse – Real Estate Premium WordPress Theme

Real Estate Agent WP Theme

CozyHouse is a minimalistic WordPress theme written with the clean code and enhanced with premium design. The main page contains the Google Map widget to showcase, for instance, the location of the agency’s offices. The product supports the IDX plugin installation that may allow users to submit properties right from the front-end.

Details | Demo

Bellaina – Real Estate Responsive WordPress theme

Bellaina - Real Estate Responsive WordPress theme

Bellaina is one of the top themes for realtors with a simple but trendy design. It is equipped with Content Module and Custom Widgets to add your website the exact functionality and filling that you need. The theme is licensed under GPL as well so be aware that it contains stock images.

Details | Demo

Villagio – Property Booking WordPress Theme

Villagio - Property Booking WordPress Theme

Villagio is a perfectly suitable theme for property booking services. It includes the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin that allows adding accommodations with photos and detail descriptions and provides the live reservation option. Real-time Search Availability Form allows to immediately hide unavailable properties as well as to show up the free dwellings.

Details | Demo

Trowel – Construction WordPress Theme

Trowel - Construction WordPress Theme

Trowel is a theme for creating a real estate construction company. It allows showcasing your latest projects to your clients as well as to reach the special propositions section to boost the effectivity of your business. It is easy to install and customize due to the extra pages layouts.

Details | Demo

At Home – Real Estate Elementor WordPress Theme

At Home - Real Estate Elementor WordPress Theme

Another solution for building a real estate agency is At Home. This that contains all features that are needed for the full-fledged work of the agency as it is well-documented, integrates with JetElements and MegaMenu. The theme is retina-ready, moreover, customization is performed by Live WordPress customizer, 4 different blog layouts, and Elementor Page builder.

Details | Demo

Emilia Warren – Real Estate WordPress Theme

Emilia Warren - Real Estate WordPress Theme

Emilia Warren is a theme that suits both for personal realtor page and real estate agency. It is performed in clean and minimal outlook that allows direct the client’s attention right on the services offered on the website. Its features comprise advanced filter search, Live customizer, IDX support and integrated Google fonts for creating an attractive design and functionality of your website.

Details | Demo

Oceanica – Hotel Booking WordPress Theme

Oceanica - Hotel Booking WordPress Theme

Oceanica is a great solution if you are going to launch a hotel-booking website. It allows to accept payments for reservations through most used payments systems, like PayPal,2Checkout, Stripe, Braintree etc. It is also possible to adjust different rates for suits to let clients know about the available and included services.

Details | Demo

Villa Elisa – Real Estate Responsive WordPress Theme

Property WordPress Theme

Choose Villa Elisa for presenting your property online. The theme is designed in minimalistic style and performs up-to-date website appearance trends. It is easily installed with the help of integrated setup wizard, contains 7 header layouts and Live customizer for creating an appealing design.

Details | Demo

Estadoz – Real Estate Agency WordPress Theme

Property WP Theme

Combining all necessary for real estate website features, Estadoz provides plenty of tools for customization, like widgets, drag-and-drop module, and a number of presets. Moreover, it includes a lot of Cherry plugins to enrich the functionality. It retains testimonials option as well as contact forms, prices tables etc.

Details | Demo

It is important to mention that Real estate business that is built online gains more success than the agencies that do not offer an access to their website. As the matter of fact, using ready-made website templates for WordPress-based websites greatly simplifies the process. Hopefully, the list of products showcased above will serve its purpose and help you to develop your business more.

5 Techniques Your Local SEO Company Uses for The Best ROI

Before going into the details of the uses of local SEO, it is important to assess if local SEO has any relevance and relationship with ROI. Here are few statistics that will drive home the point better:

  • Local searches have higher potential of conversions. In fact, research points that almost 80% of local searches convert.
  • The world’s most used search engine Google reports that almost 46% of all searches on Google are for a local business. An important indicator which says that if your business is not optimized for a local search, you are losing out on potential opportunities for sale and conversions. This fact gets further highlighted with the stats that claims that ‘near me’ searches have not simply doubled or tripled in the last few years – they have grown by more 500%! An astronomically empirical figure!

If this was not enough, further research states that almost half the users visit a physical store within 24 hours of a local search. And, from those users who use their smartphones to search for a local business, about 76% visit the store or office in a days’ time. There are many more such facts but the quintessence of local SEO services and its directly proportionate relationship with ROI is proved beyond doubt!

Local SEO techniques for enhanced ROI

  1. Focus on the NAP – Name, Address and Phone Number details to begin with. Enter accurate and precise information. The details should prominently be featured on the home page. Replicate the NAP details on all reliable B2B sites. Use schema mark-up for easy interpretation by the search crawler.
  2. Leave aside everything and use the Google My Business Listing to penetrate better into the local market. Doing this will allow you to post feeds, photos and updates on your profile. You can communicate your USP and open doors for your customers to reach out to you via phone, SMS or WhatsApp and also review your product and services for more mileage and reach. It is estimated that almost 56% of companies are not using this feature till date, a free tool from Google that was launched to drive increased local traffic.
  3. Ensure that your business address is secured well on the Google maps. This helps users know your location instantly. This in turn helps prospective customers find you out faster and seamlessly.
  4. Focus on search engine optimization for your online store or website. Working with a professional team ensures that all aspects of your digital presence will be monitored, evaluated and tweaked from time to time, as per changes made to the Google algorithm. SEO is nothing but a concerted effort by businesses to get to the topmost rank on a search engine result page that is focused on specific keywords.
  5. Get meaningful links that have relevance in the local context. Research data suggests that links help in making your local business gain more visibility. However, it is essential to get worthy links – for example from sites that have lots of organic traffic; from credible and noted websites like the regional Chamber of commerce office.

Educating Your Team on CyberSecurity

Cybersecurity is crucial for any business. These days, both businesses and individuals have a lot of sensitive information online, and not protecting it can lead to much loss. If you own a business, then it is your responsibility to ensure you and your employees aren’t vulnerable to attacks. Thankfully, there are different types of software you can use, but protection first starts with education.

Don’t Assume They Already Know

If you have a team, don’t assume they already know about cybersecurity. Even if they are talented and tech-savvy, that doesn’t mean they fully understand what to look out for and what to do if a hack occurs.

Learn the Common Hacks

Before you can educate your employees, you must first know what to be aware of. Research common hacks, especially the ones that attack businesses. These include:

. Phishing emails

. Malware attacks

. Ransomware

Once you know about often-used hacks, let your team know what to look out for. With phishing emails, senders can be skilled at disguising themselves, but there are ways of identifying a scam. Click here to learn more about identifying phishing. By knowing what you’re up against, you’ll have a better idea of how to protect yourself, your team, and your business overall.


Many services offer cyber-security training, and, unless you are already an expert, this can be very handy for your business. New attacks happen all the time so it’s wise to keep up with regular training so you know of any developments by hackers.

Strong Passwords and 2-Step Authentications

A simple way of protecting from cyber-attacks is to make sure all your passwords are strong and to use 2-step authentications. This way, when hackers run potential passwords through a system, yours will be far less likely to come up. Tell your staff to choose long, hard to guess passwords that include a mixture of numbers and letters. Remember, your dog’s name isn’t a strong password!

Start Education at Onboarding

It’s best to get all the technical stuff out of the way early on, and this includes cybersecurity awareness. Rather than having new employees only learn what they should look out for after it’s too late, push training as soon as they start working for you. By doing this, they will be more likely to understand its importance, and it won’t just be a tagged-on lesson down the road.

Let Them Know They Can Come to You

Cyber-attacks can happen to anyone. Of course, preventative measures can be taken but sometimes someone falls for something without thinking. If a member of your team is a victim of this, don’t be too harsh on them. By allowing your team to make mistakes, they are more likely to be comfortable coming to you with any technical and hacking issues they stumble across. Be open about how you want them to come to you if they experience anything unusual.

Cyber hacking is unfortunately common for businesses, but with an educated team, the chances of having your sensitive information fall into the wrong hands will dramatically decrease.

How to Stop your Phone from Lagging when Watching Videos

Are you sick and tired of your phone lagging every single time you watch a video? If so then you will know how frustrating this can be. You may feel as though there’s nothing you can do and that you are doomed to watch videos load for the rest of your days. Luckily, this is not the case at all, and in reality, there are plenty of things that you can do to help yourself.

how to fix phone lagging issue

Remove Applications

If you have a ton of applications that you don’t need then why not delete them? Sure, you may think that you might need it eventually, but you have to remember that applications are generally very easy to install anyway. This may speed up your phone and it will also make it much smoother in terms of its overall operation.

Close Unused Applications

If you want to avoid various applications running in the background, then you need to click on the menu and then close down all of the apps you have open in a single click. You can also close them down one by one if you want. When you do, you will soon find that it is way easier for you to make the most out of your memory and your phone in general. If you are a fan of live football, then this will probably make a huge difference to your viewing quality. Of course, any football fan should also visit Sportez, as they have all of the latest football news and they also post events right when they happen too, so you can always stay in the loop.

Clear Caches

You have to make sure that you clear your cache as much as possible. If you have an Android it’s also worth securing your phone. This will stop any malicious software from infiltrating your phone and it will also free up tons of memory. If you have music, videos, messages or even photos that you don’t need anymore, then getting rid of them now will certainly be a great help.

Reduce Widgets

Sure, those dynamic widgets or even wallpapers might look great but they can really slow you down. You should never install apps that are not genuine or even those that contain malicious plug-ins. The main reason for this is because they could be slowing your phone right down and you may even find that you are not able to get the most out of it.


If you want to do this then go to Settings and then System Updates. You can then update your phone to the latest software. When you do this, you can then enhance the system quality. This will work in your favour because it will optimise your system and it will also fix any known bugs that might be affecting your phone.

Of course, there are so many things that you can do to try and speed up your phone. If you follow the above tips then you’ll soon find that you can get way more out of your device.

The Guide on How to Use Software Development Services

When it comes to the ERBIS software development services, you might be wondering how to use these to give the benefits to your company overly.

By using the software development services, you can have access to great technology that can help you to improve your business practices and premises. These services enable your business to get the tasks done, and achieve goals in no time, promoting a seamless workforce that will bring you closer to your main goals without damaging your bank.

The software development services from ERBIS can meet your specific needs and requirements.

ERBIS software development services come with high standard solutions to address the common problems in any industry niche. But that’s just for the start. Depending on your niche, ERBIS software development services can meet the unique demands by proposing specific solutions that can work for your business. The custom software is cost effective because you will only use what you need rather than purchase expensive ready-t0-use software which comes with abundant features that you don’t need to use.

Here are how you are going to use software development services for your company’s benefits:

Increase the savings for your company

Small to mid-sized enterprises have always had the challenges in maintaining the budgets. If this describes your company a lot, you will surely want to find out the best solution to manage your tight budgets with the maximum results. ERBIS software development services can cover all your needs regardless of the amount of investments that you have in the initial project.

If you are starting up, you know that it is challenging to make the capital for your project. You will need to maximize the results with minimum spending as possible. Outstaffing with ERBIS software development services will be a great solution for you. Hire ERBIS staff remotely with ample amount of flexibility in funding. The good thing here is that you can have a great relationship with ERBIS software engineers for a long time. It can be a great solution for long-term work relationships. Imagine how much you can save as you run your business independently with the full controls. The savings that you attain from the software development services can be allocated for other cores like marketing campaigns, research, innovation, or other segments in your company.

Incredible talents will work for you

By using ERBIS software development services, you will have direct access to the experienced software engineers. The ERBIS team consists of senior engineers and the next generation of software engineers. Such incredible talents are ready to work with you regardless of the distances of your location.

The distances and time differences are no longer the barrier that you need to worry about. With the seamless means of communication, you can reach the company and conduct the workflow and monitoring with the ample collaboration tools. Many of ERBiS’ developers have degrees in engineering, science, math, and IT. It is such a great perk that you can use to improve your productivity and quality of the product and services.

Not to mention that you can cut the costs because the rates offered by ERBIS are relatively more affordable than the conventional software engineering companies. ERBIS company pricing details are more friendly than the developers in the US and other big countries.

Quick hiring

Time is money. It is the mindset that many startups and entrepreneurs have. If you agree with this, then you would want to eliminate the long and tedious process of hiring the team of developers.

In common practices, it can take months to hire the talented people to join with your team. Not to mention the times you waste to train the new employees in your company. When hiring the team of developers, your chance will be much greater if you rely on ERBIS software development services to handle these things. You don’t need to waste your time for training and the signification of your internal team. Why not outsourcing the professional developers who have years of experience and ample set of skills from ERBIS?

When you use software development services, you will save much time and effort. Your company will move forward without braking.

Partnering with ERBIS has been much easier nowadays. You just need to reach them on their official page and talk to their representatives. Share your ideas and objectives with them and they will propose the solutions for you. ERBIS has years of experience in the field. So, don’t get surprised if they can understand what you want in seconds. Your software development services are ready to help you to solve your company’s issues from the day of your consultation.

Use services based on the amounts of your work

In every project you have been working for, the amounts of work can be different. Therefore, you will need to scale up or scale down depending on your needs. On-board teams might waste your money because you need to pay them although there is no workload that they need to handle.

Instead, you could use ERBIS software development services to help you handle the project until it is getting done. You won’t need to waste your money for the salary of vacant workers. The good thing with ERBIS software development services is that you can scale up and scale down with flexibility, without contract. For instance, if you need to add more people in your team, all you need to do is to reach ERBIS and tell them that you need more. ERBIS will then dispatch their professionals to be your temporary liaison until they finish certain tasks you appoint to them.


Are there any risks of using software development services? Of course, just like many other things in the world, there’s always risk. When you hire someone online, some bad things could happen. But it won’t harm you at all if you are working with ERBIS software engineering company. They can deliver the best software development services with discretion and courtesy.

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