Spool Private Beta is live!

During our launch at TechCrunch Disrupt last week, we made an announcement that was welcomed by many users. We announced that spool will be available in private beta. This announcement came as a relief to many users who got many of their problems solved by spool. After the announcement, we got many new users who were interested in signing up for our private beta. We have already sent formal invitations to them so that they can become part of the spool community. And while they are yet to start enjoying the services by spool, what are you waiting for out there?

It is important that everybody signs up for the Spool Private Betas so that we can offer these services far and wide.

Some new users are still having trouble to understand what spool is. This is the most asked question that our technical team has received after our last week launch. We will therefore explain in detail what spool is.

What is Spool?

Spool is an easy way of saving your stuff for later use. This is to mean that you can actually save work and retrieve it later for your continued use. The kind of stuff saved by spool includes; articles, images, galleries and videos. On a normal circumstance, these stuff will be lost if you lose internet connection while editing or trying to upload them. It is usually a big mess for people since they have to start again and waste much time on a thing that would have been avoided so easily. It also cost people more money to upload the images and videos again. So when you have spool with you, your work will be saved for you and you can retrieve later.

Spool saves media and makes it available for later on your iPhone, Android, iPad, and computer.

The good thing is that you will not have to pay again for internet since the work saved is cached on your phone. This also means that you can view them in offline mode. It is very suitable for those long videos that you cannot watch and finish within a short time.

The bottom line is that Spool Private Beta has brought better services to people around the world. Make an effort to sign up for the Spool Private Betas to enjoy the stated benefits.

Key Things E-Commerce Businesses Should Look For When Partnering With A Marketing Firm

Before approaching a marketing company, you need to form a marketing strategy. To do this, use the following tips:

Form a system. Start with the general creation of the business model of the company, gradually moving down the levels (business development strategy, general marketing strategy) until you get directly to Internet marketing. The latter should seamlessly enter into the overall structure and complement your existing sales and product promotion levers.

Proceed smoothly. Do not try to embrace the vast and at the same time grab a lot of complex tasks, especially if you do not have the appropriate staff, divided into teams, each of which clearly understands the tasks assigned to them. Instead, it’s best to focus on the tasks that have the greatest impact.

Plan for activity. Based on your marketing plan, distribute the upcoming tasks over time so that everyone achieves the right goal by the right date.

Analyze the dynamics. Evaluate the work performed at each stage, analyze changes and market trends (like using product bundles in shopify) and adjust the intermediate tasks of the marketing strategy in time, if necessary, to achieve maximum efficiency.

Choose your tools. Start with the tools and methods of marketing promotion that can bring you the fastest results.

Analyze efficiency. Use web analytics to assess the effectiveness of each of the tools.

Invest wisely. Based on the analysis of marketing channels, choose the most effective of them for future investments.

Which specialists can work with Internet marketing tools?

As your business grows and you learn how to work with new marketing tools on the Web, you may need more than one competent employee who can accommodate all the functions of an Internet marketing specialist, but a whole team of specialists who can be hired by a third-party firm or recruited.

A marketing team may include the following employees

A marketer. In fact, the main person in the company’s internet promotion team is responsible for developing the plan and for achieving the goals. He sets the necessary tasks for the narrow specialists. Can perform the functions of the narrow specialists himself.

SMM-manager. Promotes your brand, products and services on social networks (Facebook, Instagram), improves the company’s image and seeks to increase the loyalty of potential and real customers, “revives” the face of the firm, making it more “human” for the target audience. Attracts target traffic to your website or branding. It generates sales of goods and services among social network users.

SEO-specialist. Engages in search engine optimization of your website pages in search engines (Google, Bing) to attract organic traffic to search queries related to the company’s goods and / or services, edits pages and keywords, composes or optimizes the semantic core of the site, works in conjunction with a copywriter to fill the pages with new quality content.

Targetologist. Analyzes the target audience of the site, creates, customizes and manages advertising aimed at specific categories of users (audience) in social networks.

Copywriter. Creates text content for your project, be it news, blog articles, articles for the media, description of goods and services, text for electronic mailings.

Designer. Develops visual content for your brand on the Internet, including website design, advertising banners, illustrations for social media posts, etc…

The programmer. Provides functioning and development of your site.

Content administrator. Edits the content of the site, fills it with text, visual, audio and other information (for example, filling out product cards, posting articles and videos in the blog).

Important! Internet marketer should have basic knowledge about the work of all narrow specialists, but do not require him to have deep skills in working with Adobe Photoshop, HTML, SEO, content and other specialized disciplines.

If your project is at the initial stage of development, and the plan to promote it on the Internet is small, you can hire a marketer as a “universal specialist”, which by prior arrangement can and will perform highly specialized tasks.

Is The iPhone’s Email App Compromised? Find Truth Here

As iPhone users, we like to tell ourselves that we’re using the safest possible platform for handling our personal information. We’ve been told many times that the encryption and security properties of an iPhone are so secure that even the FBI can’t break into them when they’re trying to investigate a crime. The overwhelming majority of us would never have any reason to worry about the security services attempting to gain access to our devices anyway, but it’s nice to know that our data is in safe hands – or is it?

Is The iPhone’s Email App Compromised?

During the past few days, there have been allegations all over the press that the iPhone’s standard email app is wide open to hackers, and may even have been exploited already. Apple has been quick to go on the defensive, and have issued a statement saying that there’s no evidence that the newly-identified flaw has been exploited, but that hasn’t assuaged everyone’s concerns. Could it be that there’s been a gaping hole in the security protocols of the email app for a long time? If so, how likely is it that someone has been able to gain access to your phone and intercept your emails?

Before we go any further, we should note that it’s impossible to create a system that’s totally safe against hackers. Hackers will always exist, and they’ll always be in a constant process of trying to gain access to secure systems. To hackers, it’s like playing a highbrow version of online games. Just as a player has to spin the reels multiple times if they want to win money, a hacker will repeatedly attempt to crack a system until they eventually gain entry. The only real difference is that for a roseslots player, the jackpot is an instant cash payout. For a hacker, the jackpot is access to information that could eventually turn out to be far more valuable. Both games are risky, but only one of them is malicious. Apple users will be hoping that on this occasion, the house has won, and their information is safe.

While the amount of danger posed to users by the flaw is debated, the existence of the flaw isn’t. A mobile security firm called ZecOps published their own research on the matter last week, and say that the bug may potentially affect millions of people. In a rejection of Apple’s official stance on the matter, ZecOps say that they’re very confident that the issue has been used by hackers to gain access to the personal information of at least six high profile individuals. The average iPhone user won’t be of interest to hackers, but if it’s possible to gain access to the emails of one person, it’s possible to gain access to the emails of anybody. Perhaps more worryingly, at the time of writing, Apple has not yet patched the flaw. They’re working on a fix, and they hope to push the fix out to phones in the very near future, but right now, the vulnerability still exists and can, therefore, still be exploited.

ZecOps and Apple – Everything You Need to Know

News of the vulnerability has only recently reached the press, but Apple has known of it for at least a month. ZecOps approached Apple directly to report their findings, and only went to the press a month later when they felt that their concerns weren’t being listened to or addressed. Unlike some high-profile iPhone vulnerabilities of the past, this flaw doesn’t only apply to older versions of iOS. Even if your devices have updated to the latest version, the research company says that the potential for your device to be compromised still exists.

The hacking attack starts with sending you a seemingly blank email. Upon opening the email, the iPad or iPhone would crash, and hackers would then gain access to your device while it was rebooting to recover from the crash. Unlike the majority of the hacking methods, there is no action required on the user’s behalf to become vulnerable. They don’t have to download a specific file or visit a specific website. As soon as the email is opened – which can be done with just a single push of a button – the attack begins, and at that point, nothing can be done to prevent it.

According to ZecOps, the attack has so far been used successfully against the owner of one of America’s fortune 500 companies, a high-ranking employee of one of Japan’s largest mobile networks, several senior tech executives across the Middle East, and two European journalists. Apple has rejected this aspect of the claim, insisting that the company has performed its own investigation and analysis and hasn’t been able to identify any evidence that any attacks have happened. They also insist that although there is a vulnerability, it doesn’t put any of their customers at risk.

They acknowledge three specific flaws in the Mail app, but say that other security provisions on iPhones and iPads prevent the flaws from being used to gain access to data.At the moment, there’s no way of knowing who’s right and who’s wrong. ZecOps say that they have further evidence to prove that attacks happened, but they won’t release the information until Apple has released a patch, because releasing the information may make it easier for attacks to be carried out. Apple certainly won’t want to worry its higher-value customers by admitting that their personal information might be at risk, but it would be a public relations disaster to deny that any attacks have happened and then be forced to concede that they have indeed happened at a later date. Someone in this situation is right, and someone is wrong – and ZecOps have far less to lose if they’re proven to be wrong.

Final Thoughts

This article isn’t a suggestion that everybody should abandon their Apple devices and turn to Android. Android devices have been shown to have multiple vulnerabilities of their own in the past, and it’s thought that Android systems are targeted more frequently than Apple systems. It is, however, a reminder that nothing online is ever one hundred percent safe no matter how much we like to tell ourselves it is.

How to Protect Your Home PC from Hacking?

Hacking into a home computer is the easiest task for cybercriminals because Windows is full of vulnerabilities. In this article, you will learn how to limit the threat by properly configuring the operating system.

According to experts in information security, only every tenth user has antivirus installed. But even such software does not provide absolute protection. We will tell, how reliably to reduce threats from the Network.

Safety of an operating system

To see if your computer is infected, install a fresh version of the antivirus. You should also check your system with the Spybot utility. This combination should detect all uninvited guests. The next step is prevention. Here the first place is occupied by installing Windows updates. Take advantage of the automatic installation that the system offers by default.

In addition to this, you should enable individual updates to other Microsoft products. To do this, go to the Control Panel and select “Update and Security” here. Click on “Advanced settings” and activate the “Provide updates for other Microsoft products when you update Windows” option.

5 tips: quick protection for your desktop PC

> Installing System Updates: Activate the Windows Update Auto Installation so you don’t miss important fixes.

> Installing antivirus: we recommend using domestic products from Kaspersky Lab and Doctor Web, which also have free products.

> Program Updates: Close security gaps in third-party applications, such as Adobe Reader and Java.

> Check for browser extensions: browse the list of installed plug-ins and get rid of unknown ones.

> Checking the OS with security tools: Spybot will rid your system of spyware.

Security on the Web

The technology and quality of the Internet are improving every day and cyber-attacks are unfortunately not slower. To protect against online attacks, it is recommended to access the Internet via VPN if possible. This is especially true when you are going to browse sites from your laptop on open wireless networks. The Opera browser already has a built-in VPN tool that interacts even with messaging services such as WhatsApp. In this case, all traffic is encrypted over the network when entering sites and correspondence.

Optimal protection against hackers at a high level offers a browser running in a virtual machine, such as BitBox. Malware will not be able to infect a Windows system from such a web browser. Attention: BitBox should only be used on a powerful computer, otherwise the program will be severely slowed down.

Alternatively, you can contact the Quad9 DNS service. It is managed jointly by IBM and Global Cyber Alliance. When using Quad9 as a DNS server, it will automatically filter out infected pages. The service receives information from F-Secure, an IT security specialist.

To use such a server under Windows, go to “Control Panel | Network and Internet | Network and Sharing Center | Change adapter settings”. Right-click on the name of your network adapter and select “| IP version 4 (TCP/IPv4) properties” in the menu. Here, for the DNS server, enter the address “” and confirm the changes by clicking on “OK”.

Checklist for Typography and Fonts in Web Design

It is no secret that any site is primarily text information. For this information and comes the target audience of the resource. To make the texts comfortable to read, and the information is best perceived by visitors to the site should work carefully with typography.

Typography – is the skills of design of printed texts, for their best perception. The printing process consists of the selection of headsets, selection of font pin, determining the length of the line, line and letter spacing, as well as the mutual location of texts, photos and illustrations on the web page. That is, the selection of all the parameters that can improve the readability of the text.

How to understand whether the work on the texts on the site is well done?  In fact, it is simple, it should be comfortable to read and perceive the information, eyes should not strain, the structure of the text on the page should be clear. In most cases, when there are some problems with the texts, we involuntarily go to another resource, even if the information on the site is relevant, would be useful and interesting to us. In addition, it is useful to check fonts with the help of mockups. This iphone mockup is a good sample. All this is about discomfort.

Let’s look at some principles and features of typography in web design, which affect the perception of information.


Let us consider a number of recommendations on the number of fonts, selection, size. For the layout to be neat, serious and easy to read, it is not necessary to fill it with all the fonts that can be stuck in the layout.

In the past, mainly used the so-called safe fonts, but with the development of css it became possible to connect any font to the site using the rule @font-face.

Match good pairs

Take the fonts very seriously (choose 2 fonts that will harmonize with each other). One for the title and the other for the main text. The title should contrast with the main text, but should not be huge or too small. To create a harmonious font pair, use fonts (Antique in combination with Grotto), select the font size, use italic, bold, regular, and use color.

Limit the number of fonts

Use no more than 3 fonts on the site (1 for titles, 2 for quotations and 3 for main text).

Do not use decorative fonts

Your arsenal has decorative fonts, and your hands itch to use them in the layout? Forget about it, unless it’s absolutely necessary. They can be used, as a last resort, for a thematic site and then for headlines. Do not use handwritten or decorative fonts for content, they have very poor readability.

Do not decorate fonts.

Don’t get carried away with decorating texts in Photoshop. I mean, there’s no need to use gradients, shadows everywhere in texts, various layer effects in Photoshop. They will only interfere with reading and make the look of the site cheaper.

Do not abuse the capital

Do not capitalize texts. Text typed in capital letters, first of all, we do not read well, secondly, it seems as if you are shouting at the user. You can write the title in capital letters and then if it takes no more than one line.

Full and Honest Review: Ingramer Growth Service for Instagram

Full and Honest Review: Ingramer Growth Service for Instagram: Instant popularity on Instagram is what millions of people dream of. And many take advantage of these aspirations and offer a ‘solution’ — bots and service for fast growth, fast success, fast popularity.

However, it won’t be an exaggeration to claim that some of them do not work properly or at all. That’s why, with this article, we aim at providing the most precise and honest information about one of such growth services — Ingramer.

What is Ingramer and its functionality?

logo for Ingramer

Ingramer is a multipurpose service for work and promotion on Instagram. One of its advantages is constant development — new tools and features are released with amazing regularity.



  • Auto-promotion: likes and follows for your target audience;
  • Direct Messages: auto-messenger and Instagram Chat with CRM functionality.
  • Scheduled Posting: scheduling in advance and automatic posting of Posts (photos, videos, carousels) and Stories.


  • Hashtag Generator and Analyzer: search for relevant hashtags and their analysis;
  • Instagram Downloader: download of photos, videos, stories and IGTV (separately and in bulk);
  • Profile Analyzer: precise analytics of any Instagram account;
  • Instagram Search: convenient search for IG accounts by names, bios, phone numbers, and emails.

What services and tools will benefit your Instagram most?

Though it is a huge service, as you see, we would like to lay emphasis on Instagram Direct Messages and Hashtag Generator as they are the most beneficial ones.

Direct Module will be helpful for business:

Ingramer account dashboard review

  • Web Direct Messenger. Ingramer offers a convenient Instagram Chat which you can use from any gadget and OS (including PC and Mac). You can connect as many accounts as you wish and communicate within one working window.
  • Labels, Notes, and Details. You can save important information (phone, email, address, city, state, zip code) about users in the Details section and leave important notes. Plus, you can label chats to sort them by categories you need.
  • Fast Replies. The amazing feature which any e-store or IG brand should use is quick replies. You can save as many ready-to-use messages and send them with one click just entering the shortcut.
  • Auto-Messaging. This useful feature is for those who want to establish contact with followers and increase audience engagement. You can send automated messages to all new followers, all existing followers, or to a custom list. Thus, all your greetings and special offers can be automated.

Hashtag Generator is your only ‘legal’ way of fast promotion:

instagram hashtag bot

  • Generating hashtags by photo, URL, and keywords. It is both convenient to do from PC and from phone and saves time on searching for relevant hashtags for posts, especially if you are a frequent poster.

Hashtags analysis. You can click on any tag and get its analytics: #difficulty, popularity, posts activity, related, similar, and commonly posted together hashtags and recent posts and most popular posts with the tag.

Instagram hashtag difficulty tool

The final recommendations

In general, Ingramer deserves to be called growth service. But before making a final decision, try Demo version of IG Chat, make 1-3 hashtag inquiries (it’s free) — make sure you understand how to use them.

By the way, Ingramer runs an interesting blog where specialists share their tips on promotion (with hashtags in particular) and all services and tools usage, that will help you! Hope my Ingramer review helps you; please share your suggestion here.

The Best Ways to Cleaning Your Smartphone

We know that you come to our website looking for all the latest news, reviews, and opinions iPhones, Android phones, iOS, and Android software. That’s what we specialize in, and that’s what we’re proud to bring to you every day of the year. You might even have a fierce preference between the two competing types of phones. Everyone knows that iPhone users think they’re superior to Android users and vice versa, and most of the time, that debate makes for entertaining arguments on the internet!

Right now, though, there’s a single issue that unites users of both types of phones, and it’s the same issue that most of the world is facing at the moment. You should know all the basic ways of staying clear – wash your hands thoroughly before and after eating, meeting people, touching anything in public, or doing just about anything else. Don’t touch your face. Advise your elderly or vulnerable relatives and friends to stay indoors as much as possible, and think twice about going to large public gatherings. That’s all common sense – but far too few of us are thinking about our phones.

cleaning smartphone easily

You probably won’t like to think about this, but the chances are that the surface of your phone is dirtier than your toilet seat. Think of all the things it gets exposed to during an average day, carried around in your pocket, and put down on dirty tables. Think about how many times you touch it with your fingers. This is probably especially worrying if you use your phone to play online sports game. Even when you’re on a good winning streak in a game like Enchanted prince, you’re still tense, and that means you’re likely to sweat. That sweat is full of bacteria and germs. You might pick up a big online win, but you might also unfortunately pick up something unpleasant from your phone in the process. That’s why it’s vital you keep it as clean as possible.

The good news here is that no matter what type of smartphone you have, they can all be cleaned the same way – and the only thing you need to exercise is good judgment and a little soap and water in most cases. Here’s how.

Keep Away From Alcohol

This isn’t drinking advice – it’s about staying away from any wet wipes that contain alcohol. Many cleaning wipes that you might use on your kitchen worktops – or even on your hands – contain rubbing alcohol. It’s great for cleaning, but it’s not so great for your phone. It can damage the display, and it can erode the hydrophobic coating of your device. As if that weren’t enough, it can also permanently disable the functionality of your ports, and we all know the pain of owning a phone with a headphone jack that no longer works.

Historically, mobile phone manufacturers have been wary of giving approval to use disinfectant wipes of any type of their phones, but in recent years Apple has said you’re fine to use Clorox Wipes. As the composition of handsets is so similar across the spectrum, that means you’re also fine to use Clorox Wipes (or something very similar) on whatever phone you own.

Stay Away From Paper Towels

This is a short, simple point. Paper towels are far too abrasive to be used to wipe your phone down. You’ll scratch the screen, and you might even scratch the cover. Even if they don’t scratch your phone, they’re infuriatingly prone to tearing or breaking up when they’re being rubbed on a screen’s surface, and those tiny pieces can go everywhere. They might clog up your ports, or they might get stuck to your screen and prove impossible to get rid of.

Power Your Phone Down

We shouldn’t need to say this at all, but you never know who might be reading. In case you were tempted to try to clean your phone while it’s switched on, don’t. Turn it off and leave it for thirty seconds before you even consider trying to wash it. Even if the waterproof seals are still intact, it’s a live electronic device, and you don’t want to take even the slightest chance of introducing that device to water while it’s up and running. Stay safe.

Stay Damp, Not Wet

There’s a fine point between washing your phone and giving it a bath. Washing is fine. Baths are not. Your cloth should be damp, but it should never be wet. After you’ve applied water and soap or whatever cleaning solution you’ve decided to use to your cloth, wring it out and make sure it’s not dripping at all. If it’s dripping, those droplets can go anywhere – and by ‘anywhere’ we mean ‘inside your phone.’ That’s a one-way ticket to disabling a microphone or getting the inner workings of your phone wet. At that point, you better hope that you have valid phone insurance.

Scotch Tape Works Wonders

A gentle rub with a damp cloth and some gentle soap works wonders for your phone and its cover, but what about those annoying bits of lint, dust, and other tiny particles that get nestled into the corners of your phone, or trapped between the screen and the casing? They’re as likely to be carrying bacteria as anything else, and they’re hard to get out. That’s where Scotch tape becomes your friend. Put tape down across every groove and crease in your phone, and then slowly and gently pull it back off after it’s had a few seconds to stick to everything. All the unwanted debris should come right out with it. You could even carefully roll up a piece of tape and poke it into your ports to extract anything that may have become trapped in there. It’s like having a brand new phone again! If your ports are too small for this, gently poke around in them with a toothpick to see if you can ease the debris loose that way. Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to use a vacuum cleaner.

In the meantime, take every precaution you can – and that includes making the device you use more than anything else is cleaned every day!

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