How to hire offshore software developers for short-term commitments?

A considerable number of companies have turned to outsourcing for their IT projects, including both software development and other technical requirements. In fact, a significant percentage of businesses have already improved their knowledge on hiring offshore software developers from offshore outsourcing companies that offer cheap rates for top-quality software. More and more people know how to hire offshore software developers for their needs. In this article, you will learn how to hire an offshore development team for short-term term commitments.

The rise of offshore companies

According to Quartz, the second most cited reason for startup failures is running out of cash. Working with an outsourcing partner for development works is a no-brainer decision for startups. With experienced developers at their disposal, startups can increase their output while reducing their costs. Shared resources, smaller expenses, higher output — it’s the perfect equation for success.

How to hire offshore development team

If you want to hire offshore team, you should be aware of several factors:

  • your budget;
  • your scaling potential;
  • your deadline.

When taking your project to a vendor, be sure to evaluate their budget, scaling potential, and deadline. A company with a solid reputation for hiring the best talent and maintaining a driven working environment will likely yield a more successful outsourcing experience that can stand the test of time. Make sure you know how your outsourcing partner plans to handle contingencies if something goes awry or deadlines are delayed.

Offshore agencies – the key to success

Before you hire offshore developers, you need to know what makes remote workers employed by companies better than freelancers.

The latter are not always the cheapest alternative. Offshore outsourcing, for example, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get an unqualified workforce, but it does give you access to specific skill sets and competencies which you cannot find in your local freelancers. Plus, the diversity of experience guarantees better quality.

How to hire offshore software developers for short-term commitments

You may want to learn how to hire offshore developers for a startup that doesn’t require much work. You might think it makes no sense but let’s see several of the benefits of working with remote teams for short-term assignments.

  1. Flexibility – Flexibility is among the main reasons why software development gets outsourced. Whether you need a single developer or a team of specialists to help with a specific task, you can get the right professional for each job. Companies can also save time and money by outsourcing software development — instead of keeping employees on their payrolls, they only need to pay for work as it’s completed.
  2. Gap filling – If your company needs an individual to fill a niche role, such as a mobile developer, you can often find capable candidates in offshoring locations that can start right away. For instance, if your business needs to expand into the mobile market and you’re missing a specialist to build this capability, you might find that it’s cheaper and easier to hire someone from another country on a contracting basis.
  3. Lower project costs – Hiring from offshore companies puts businesses at a competitive advantage, particularly when it comes to cost-efficiency. When organizations hire from abroad, they eliminate the previous costs of hiring and onboarding new team members by moving these positions overseas. They can also save on infrastructure costs.

Is offshoring any good for short-term commitments

When it comes to offshore development, many still think of long-term projects. But what you lose sight of is the fact that teams of mobile developers and teams of business analysts in some emerging markets are already qualified and experienced. When you need to start a project immediately, using an offshore team can save you months of preparation time and tens of thousands of dollars. They will be quick to adapt their efforts to your project’s needs and will soon start bringing value to your startup company.

In conclusion

Hire dedicated offshore developers to complete short-term projects. By doing so, you can save time and money, but perhaps more importantly, you can save yourself a headache by outsourcing all of your programming needs to experts. And if you know how to hire offshore software developers, you can be well ahead of your competition.

Use Magento If You’re Serious About eCommerce

Modern eCommerce platform market is quite saturated;figuring out which system really meets your business needs can be a difficult and overwhelming process. With dozens of options available, how to know which one is right for your enterprise? The most common advice is to pick one of the popular platforms. Well, Magento is the leader in today’s eCommerce world. Let’s take a closer look on the reasons why online retailers trust Magento so much.

Made for eCommerce

Magento was specifically created to handle eCommerce; it can maintain all the requirements of online retailing business. Take a look at the backend: it’s all about managing products and prices, shipping, tracking and much more.The fundamental functions and features that are necessary to run a webstore come right out of the box. You can start selling immediately after downloading and configuring the platform.

Open Source

Magento is available for everybody who wants it!Community Edition is absolutely free.All you need to do is download the platform and install it following detailed instructions. No strings attached – you wouldn’t need any specific knowledge or extra help. On the other hand, if you are a techie and substantial knowledge, it’s possible to alter the core code and make modifications.

Fully Adaptable

Magento is a malleable platform that could perfectly suit both a small start-up and a world-wide enterprise. It means you can start off with a basic set of functions – just enough to manage the daily routine – and upgrade the webstore to a new level when the business grows.

Entirely Flexible

With the help of different extensions you can change and enrich the platform; just turn Magento into whatever you want it to be. The options are endless! It’s possible to implement powerful marketing tools, simplify inventory management, create price and shipping rules or just change the look of your store by adding attractive banners or zoomable product images. The list can go on and on, so it’s better to put it this way: everything is possible; you only need the right plugin to make it work!

Multiple stores and languages

The platform allows to manage several webstores from the same admin panel. Moreover, each store can have its own catalogue and a unique set of rules and features. It’s also possible to use multiple languages within all websites or for any particular store.


About 60% of consumers browse webshops and make purchases using their smartphones or tablets. So you definitely should optimize your store for mobile users. The good news is that Magento comes with mobile-friendly features, and you can easily meet the customers’ needs and successfully sell on all kinds of devices.

Clear and concise reporting

Magento helps to administrate an eCommerce portal without a hustle. The platform provides detailed reports with a clear picture of the key metrics of your webstore. Whether you need a list of bestsellers, notifications on inventory shortages or reminders to engage social media, Magento reporting tool can provide all this information and much more.

Developer Community

Probably the biggest advantage of choosing Magento over many other eCommerce platforms is the great developer community it has. If you have a question, someone has already asked it and found a solution. If you need additional functions, chances are that somebody has already created a plug-in to make it happen. Search the web for tips, guides and how to’s; sure enough you’ll find what you need.

These are some of the most important reasons that make Magento world’s leading eCommerce platform. If you have anything to add to the listed benefits or would like to advocate another eCommerce platform, please share your thoughts in comments.

Enhance Your Site with Trendy Style with 15 Best HTML5 Templates of Fall

Please welcome a collection of the 15 most popular HTML5 templates featuring amazing features and stunning visual effects intended to make your website outstanding. All of them include responsive layouts, which were designed and developed in fall 2016.

HTML5 is a modern markup language that is being widely used by web developers. A trendy, contemporary language is supported by all web browsers, which makes a website built with its help cross-browser compatible. If you are thinking about launching your website on the basis of HTML5, then in our today’s blog post you will find suggestions on the 15 most trending HTML5 themes for fall 2016. All of them offer a host of fresh ideas to enhance your site, make its visual presentation more remarkable, and provide the web users with seamless online browsing experience.

Ready-made website templates have long become a preferred solution for both freelancers and web design companies. These are known as more cost-effective and time-saving solutions for everyone who wants to get started with an effective web project in the shortest period of time. The number of providers of ready-made web design stuff is growing. The competition is getting tougher, so the quality of ready-made solutions is constantly improving. In order to be in demand among the picky contemporary customers, ready-made themes providers are uploading their products with new versatile options that will make your work with their products far more productive.

All themes that we have selected for this chart were released by TemplateMonster in fall 2016. Including custom modules, customization options, stunning visual effects, and even child themes, all of them are crafted with care and the latest web tendencies in mind. Whenever you need help, you can ask free 24/7 support team for assistance. A detailed documentation folder is included in the pack of every below-listed HTML5 template.

Are you launching a startup? Then you can make use of a selection of free online guides, interviews and eBooks provided by Startup Hub. For those webmasters who give preference to step-by-step video tutorials, TemplateMonster has prepared a series of free video guides. Make use of it all, customize the chosen template in any way you wish, and feel the ease of launching a versatile project on the web.

Business Website Template

wordpress templates

Details |  Demo

Garden Design Responsive Website Template

html5 templates

Details |  Demo

Intense – Multipurpose Website Template

responsive html5 templates

Details |  Demo

SEO Website Responsive Website Template

html seo site templates

Details |  Demo

Doctors Office Website Template

doctor templates

Details |  Demo

Business Bootstrap Template

boostrap templates

Details |  Demo

Photographer Site Template

photographer html5 templates

Details |  Demo

Gym Equipment Website Template

Intense Gym Website Template

Details |  Demo

Apartment Rent Web Template

Sweet House Website Template

Details |  Demo

Cafe And Restaurant Site Template


Details |  Demo

Law Firm Responsive Website Template

website templates

Details |  Demo

Car Company Website Template

Car Responsive Website Template

Details |  Demo


The Top List of 20 Useful Educational Templates, Powered by WordPress

They say, it’s never too late to learn. Can’t deny it, so today we are going to teach you how to create an amazing and powerful eCommerce website with no effort, as from now you are able to do it and even more with the help of our multifunctional WordPress themes.

Are you intrigued?

Have you ever wanted to be your own boss? Have you ever dreamed about owning of an ideal eCommerce website without losing a mint of money in order to hire a professional web designer or developer? I’m sure you have! For these simple reasons, we made the selection in question.

From the beginning, templates are thematic, ready-made and ready-to-use selection of pages that was professionally designed in order to provide you with the possibility to build an incredible online shop, blog, forum, gallery advertisement website or any other type of eCommerce website with high quality. What is more, you may get all of the mentioned points in one package! As you may see such strong and flexible thing can be used for matching any personal needs as well as the corporate ones.

In a word, these easy in use themes were created in order to let you become a happy owner of a desired and long-awaited website for any kind of business. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Would you like your future website to be a real pleasure for its’ visitors? Well, we are going to assist you with the transforming them into the regular customers of your service. Thus, you totally need to learn more about using the WordPress templates!

To begin with, let’s learn some points about WordPress products. Without a doubt, we did our best to present you these remarkable and exclusive templates. So, why choosing our themes would be a wise and an advantageous decision for the future of your online business?

Originally, WordPress in a wide, flexible and well documented platform for website building, which literally has more than a thousand of modern templates that were created to help you in the realization of your brave ideas into life. As it has already been mentioned, all of the presented themes are multifunctional. They usually include gallery, layout builder, blog, MegaMenu, product slider, advanced search, promo banner, social media integration, client categories, etc. Anyway, the full list of all available features is too long to paste here, so let’s take a closer look at the newest WordPress functions, added for the convenience of our customers.

Custom-Made Post Types and Formats

Express yourself! Show the world all your endless creativity with the help of inimitable post types for testimonials, team introduction posts with startling fonts! Undeniably, every single part of your eCommerce site should have its’ inimitable and good-looking appearance to make your online project really popular, so don’t hesitate as we WordPress products bring you an extraordinary list of posts you may choose from. Needless to say, all the post types and formats were thoroughly designed in order to meet the requirements of any type.

Intelligent Cherry Framework

As you can see, this clear and skillfully built framework allows to get an easy installation, plenty of widgets and shortcodes, integration of Bootstrap functionality with no effort. Moreover, it provides you with the safest way to modify the suitable and reliable design of your website with the parent-and-child theme capabilities.

Responsive Shop Designs

Would you like your website to look brilliant in all the browsers and on all the devices? Still believe that such things take much time or money? Well, that’s why we are going to provide you with the responsive shop designs. With its’ help the visitors of your site are able to access it from everywhere! Just imagine it!

Custom Block

Here is one of the most valid and useful feature, made for your website! Naturally, custom block is a place where you may keep different kinds of information about your site. Shortly, you may put here sale terms, contacts or any payment details. Be sure, data will mechanically remain in place every time a recent feature is added. As you may see, all is made for the safety of your project.

Unique Appearance of Your Website

Don’t you think that all these old themes are too much boring for today? For these reasons, our templates give you an opportunity to change the appearance of your website theme, replace its’ logo, improve typography, update slider, modify navigation, portfolio and blog pages or page footer till you are satisfied with all the modifications. Stay unique in the beauty of your online project!

Responsive Layouts

Finally, meet Responsive layouts – another grand advantage of using the provide themes. With its’ help you may be the owner of a website that is able to change dimensions according to the gadget’s screen it’s viewed on. Also, this valuable option automatically improves user experience and boots your Search Engine Optimization. Shortly, it guides a visitor to one and only website.

Background Video

Would you like to interest your potential clients with your service? Entertain them! Now you are able to easily do it with the help of adding background video. Don’t miss a chance to present the subject of your site in an interactive way!

As you may see, our reliable templates not only help you with the website creation but also provide your site with limitless possibilities.

To summarize, there are 5 main reasons listed below and explaining why building a website with the help of our thematic themes will surely be a practical and successful decision for the start of your online business and its’ further prosperity.

1 First of all, our ready-to-use themes include all the needed functions for the creation of a strong and worthy web store and even more, so you don’t need to waste your time on a boring process of looking for each feature individually. All in all, all the strong, stylish and helpful options are already found and mixed in ou themes for your comfort.

2 In addition, every package includes simple and detailed instructions for your work with the theme. Also, we provide you with free 24/7 Technical Support team. Don’t hesitate, they will always be happy to assist you with any issues that you may get during creating of your website or its’ further updating and modification.

3 Remember that aside from mentioned options there is a big list of newest and brightest functions that you can use for the building of your future eCommerce website.

4 Undoubtedly, saving extra money can never be redundant. As it was written, nowadays you don’t need to be a coding guru or spend big money on the services of a professional web designer, if you want to get a website that would be worthy of your potential customers’ attention. Everything is already made for you! Believe us, from today choosing an appropriate theme will positively be your hardest task. Talking about website building, let WordPress take a care about you!

5 Finally, all the templates were made and professionally designed for your convenience by the well known shark of website building – TemplateMonster. It means that build with a valid, semantic code the themes have a list of the pre-build patterns that will certainly help you to get the desired results and even more!

Additionally, check out our YouTube channel, as you may find here a lot of useful things for your project, Such as, different templates reviews, installation guides, the opinion of our experts, etc.


Still have any questions? Stop wasting your time and visit our Service Center and get more information for creating the website of your dream. We will be happy to assist you! Do don’t hesitate! Be free to visit TemplateMonster website and view a full list of our thematic multifunctional templates to find the one, which will be perfect exactly for your service. Do your best on the way to the dream!

Are you still reading? Let yourself experiment and develop your ideas! Just check the list of the freshest examples below and take the best one! Don’t forget that every template has a ‘Details’ button, which you may use for getting more info and viewing the full catalog of features for the theme you are interested at. Besides, there is a possibility to check a demo version of a desired template.

Science Lab – Outstanding Responsive WordPress Theme


Details |

Education Hub – Modern Template, Powered by WordPress


Details |

Happy Learning – Primary School WordPress Theme


Details |

School District – WordPress Theme for a Primary School


Details |

Schoolmaster – Incredible WordPress Theme, Related to High


Details |

Phoenix – Education WordPress Theme


Details |

Elementary School – Colorful WordPress Template


Details |

North West – University WordPress Theme


Details |

Language Course – Popular WordPress Theme for a Language


Details |

Language School – Awesome Responsive WordPress Theme

Language School Responsive WordPress Theme

Details |

Science – Powerful Space Template


Details |

Cooking – Tasty Template for a Culinary School


Details |

SafeDrive – Multifunctional Driving School Theme


Details |

Education Help – Stylist and Strong WordPress Template


Details |

EBook – Flexible WordPress Theme for Your Online Library


Details |

Unbelievable, Fully Complicated WordPress Theme


Details |

Language Course – Your Perfect WordPress Template

Language Courses WordPress Theme

Details |

Editorso – Bright WordPress Theme your Fashionable
Journalist Blog


Details |

Book Reviews – Clear and Unique Theme, powered by WordPress


Details |

Outstanding University WordPress Theme

University WordPress Theme

Details |



Top 20 Templates for Gamers

Gamers are an absolutely special caste. No matter what reality they are living in: wandering the Martian wastelands of DOOM; climbing unassailable rocks as Nathan Drake in Uncharted series or defeating the enemy with mind-blowing strategy in World of Tanks. Being so different they have one thing in common: they are looking forward for the new game release and are extremely knowledgeable in everything connected to this area. That’s why launching a gaming website you should be very careful. Just one hint at your incompetence in the topic can be enough reason to choose another resource. You can find lots of templates for gaming websites , but you should examine them carefully to choose a professional one. If the gamers understand that you belong to their world they are all yours!

We have chosen 20 templates that, in our opinion, will fit a professional gaming website. Not only design matters. User-friendly and intuitive navigation is also important. All of the templates presented are created by time proven template provider TemplateMonster. Thus you can be sure in high quality and valid coding. The templates are flexible and easy to customize. You don’t really need any profound coding skills to adjust the theme up to your needs and to modify its look. Responsive design guarantees your clients smooth navigation through any device they choose.

If you need a skilled advice you don’t need to look for a professional for a long time. Here is an information rich resource that will answer all your questions. Startup Hub provides absolutely free online tutorials along with interesting and informative articles. Even if you are a professional webmaster, you will find something for yourself. Tones of articles, webinars, and ebooks are waiting for you.

Pokemania – Game Portal WordPress Theme

gamers themes

Details |  Demo

Game Portal Website Template

game wordpress themes

Details |  Demo

Games Store Magento Theme

Games Responsive Magento Theme

Details |  Demo

Look & Listen – Games PSD Template

psd templates

Details |  Demo

Game Portal Joomla Template

joomla templates

Details |  Demo

Latest Games WordPress Theme

Game Portal Responsive WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Finest Games Website Template

gaming website templates

Details |  Demo

GameDixi PrestaShop Template

Gamedixi - Computer Games PrestaShop Theme

Details |  Demo

Play Zone Joomla Template

wordpress gaming templates

Details |  Demo

Online Games WordPress Theme


Details |  Demo

Play Games WordPress Template


Details |  Demo

Playstation Consoles Website Template


Details |  Demo

Games Store VirtueMart Template

Gamez VirtueMart Template

Details |  Demo

Game Portal Moto CMS HTML Template


Details |  Demo

Save Zone Joomla Template


Details |  Demo

Gamez WooCommerce Template

Gamez VirtueMart Template

Details |  Demo

Video Games OpenCart Template

Games and Consoles Store OpenCart Template

Details |  Demo

Game World WordPress Theme


Details |  Demo

World of Games Joomla Theme


Details |  Demo

Using game templates and 3d elements for your Apps

If you have ever thought of creating your own game but lack the time and the skill set to sit down and develop out all of the pieces required, then you are not alone. There are literally a hundred considerations which need to be taken into consideration when making a complex game. True, games like Flappy Birds require a bit less consideration, but the fact remains that if you are not a 3D modeler or a programmer, you will probably hit a snag in your development. Why not bypass the majority of the headache and use a template? Check the app store for the requirements on size and presentation and then go and look for a template. There are tons for use personally as well as professionally.

Gaming Templates

To clarify, a gaming template should be used as the starting point and not as the final say in the game development process. In other words, your game will probably not be a success if you do not put at least a little effort into making it unique. That being stated, you can purchase a premade gaming package for both Unity and Unreal Engine based games. The benefit of such is that the main configurations and glitches have been worked out and so all you really need to do is adjust the environment, add in your 3D elements, and create your storyline, but then again depending on the template that may be set up and ready to go as well.

For example, if you want to create a first person shooter game (FPS), then Unreal has a template already created for such. Now, the realm in which the shooting takes place will need to be changed which will require you to either make a landscape or bring in buildings and other elements. But who has time for that?

Premade 3D elements

Gaming elements must be made to the standards of the software which is being used to make the game. You cannot simply create a character and hope that it fits. If you do you are very prone to have to reformat and in some cases remodel the character. However, if you use a premade 3D model from the start, you are ensured that the minimum requirements are met for integration into your game. Let us go back to the FPS example. If you have a character (humanoid) with animation, it has to be rigged, have textures and have a polygon count which is to the standards of Unreal. Too many polys and you get glitches, poor rigging and the character will not move properly or will have lingering geometry in the game, textures which are not baked properly or associated with the model correctly can lead to the character and game being unable to load.

Again, if you use a premade 3D character the settings are already present. You have only to tweak the geometry ( I would not recommend adding to the geometry) to get the look that you want, update the texture file, and you are good to go. If you have already created your character and need to have it optimized for the game engine, explore a bit and you are sure to find a plugin for your 3D software which is catered to the game development platform you are using. I would also recommend that you browse Amazon for books on Character Design for Gaming and Applications.

Don’t forget to test it

Using templates and 3d Models to make your game greatly accelerates the process from getting the game from the conceptual stage to the development stage. The game developer should, however, take some precautions when developing and purchasing templates. First, ensure that the template can be used on a mobile device. It does no good to purchase an Unreal or Unity template which is only intended for desktop use. Secondly, check to see if the template has been tested on Android and IOS devices. You want to have a template that works. Third, when choosing pre-made 3D models, ensure that you have the right to use the models for commercial purposes. For the most part, if you are paying for the model then you should be ok. Where you may run into a bit of trouble is if you go looking for free models as these tend to be for personal use only. Finally, once you have all the elements in your game and you are ready to offer it to the public, do not forget to do your own tests. Modifications can lead to glitches which need to be debugged. It is a process. Do your testing, identify any areas which need to be fixed, fix them, and retest.

Windows 8 Pro 32 Bit / 64 Bit ISO Download FREE – Torrent Method

Windows 8 Pro also called as Windows 8.1 is the version from NT family of operating system. It was available for public on August 2013.

Please click the button below to get the 100% working, clean and safe ISO file for your Windows operating system. You will find Zip file containing 32 bit and 64 bit ISO.

download now

It should be noted that Windows 8.1 can’t be installed or download via Windows update but you can only get that by product keys. If you want to get ISO for Windows 7, you should checkout my older post.

Windows 8 Pro Features

  • Multitasking with Apps
  • Improved with more security
  • You can resize apps icon in Windows
  • Automatic lock down option
  • personal lock screen and picture password
  • Use Bing smart search for results from you PC

download windows 8.1 pro 32/64 bit iso

As each day pass by, Microsoft is launching a new version of their operating system. The latest stable version is windows 8. This is the most upgraded and the fastest operating system till now. This latest OS provides you with all the features of windows 7 and there are many facilities that were not present in the older version. Many people have doubts on how to download windows 8 for their PC. You can do so by buying that from official store or from Amazon and other third party site.

How to Download Windows 8.1 PRO ISO for FREE?

Please follow the link given below to get ISO image.

Alternatively, you can follow the steps and method given below. But I would suggest you to go for trusted and official source only.

Method 2 : Get Windows 8 ISO from Torrent

At first you need to have a torrent client. This type of downloader will help you to download torrents file. Now search for windows 8.1 pro 32 bit/64 bit ISO related torrents. There are many sites available in the internet where you can find torrents. Make sure that the site you choose is genuine. After the torrent file of Windows 8 pro is available on your system, double click that file. It will automatically start the process of downloading actual ISO file.

How to use ISO file to install Windows 8 Pro?

After the download is complete you will find an ISO file.  This file will contain both 32 bit and 64 bit windows 8 pro. Choose one and burn it into a DVD. The ISO file is must in order to burn the contents into a bootable disk. Such kind of files contain all the data in a compressed mode. This will help you to download a large contain within few memory space. As soon as you click on the ISO file icon it will automatically ask for a blank disk. You need to insert one black disk to continue the process. It will take some time to burn. After the burning process is complete you have to restart your computer and have to boot from the disk. It will automatically get booted and will make your PC into a new OS.

Congratulation! Now, You successfully installed Windows 8/8.1 on your PC using ISO image. Once the installation process is completed you will need installation key. You can download the key from official site of Microsoft. There are many people search for “Windows 7 loaders and activator” but I would suggest you to please use official installation and activation key from Microsoft to avoid any future problem.

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