Download Best Android Emulator for PC – Windows 7, 8 and Mac

You might be aware that you can run application in your PC too. For that you have to download and install Android emulator in your PC whether it’s a windows device or a MAC device? We have created this page to help to you get that on your computer without any problem.

It provides all the facilities which everybody desire to have in their android phone. Emulator allows searching, downloading and installing various applications and games and it will certainly give new face to your device.

Click Here to Download the one of the best Android Emulator that fulfill all your requirements. It has so many big features and please make sure to complete human verification process to start your downloading automatically.


download best android emulator for windows and mac pc

Top most Android Emulator to Download for Mac and Windows 8, 7 PC :-

We’ve manually picked and collected some awesome emulators that you can’t live without. It’s possible to download the best Android Emulator for PC available for Windows 7, 8 as well as Mac PC.

1.)  Virtual Box:-

We already discussed about Virtual Box in our previous tutorial for download XCODE in Windows OS. It has simple yet powerful features like searching, user friendly UI and ability to download and install anything.

And the amazing fact is that it is totally free of cost. You can download VirtualBox from here. Once you’ve that on your computer you can install type of operating system, such as Linux, MAC, Solaris, and other licensed versions of Windows. It can be easily setup and works tightly with your native environment.

2.)  BlueStacks Emulator:-

BlueStacks like Virtual Box is also popular and very easy to download. But due to complexity of its features you must installed that properly otherwise everything will be out of control. You can download it here

Once you hit the link above, download exe file allow it to install on your pc, follow all the easy instructions and you will be able to play android games/apps or sources on your PC.

3.)  YouWave:-

Here is another best Android Emulator for Windows device. This premium available is best known for its easy work. Almost anyone can find and install any type of games, themes and applications with little or no knowledge. YouWave is a the kind of program that available for Windows 8, Windows 7 and MAC OS and it simply emulates the Android operating system on your mobile phone.

All the given Emulators simulate each and everything on Android interface and give you totally new look and feel that you can enjoy within your PC. One of the greatest thing is that some of these emulator can also works on SC card and other extended memory devices.

You can download YouWave here: It is important to note that you can’t have You Wave on your PC already having Virtual Box. If this is the case then you first need to uninstall VirtualBox and then install YouWave to avoid any run time errors.

4.)  Jar of Beans Emulator:-
Name says everything. If you’re thinking to play Jelly Bean games on your Windows and MAC PC then Jar of Beans is the perfect emulator for you. It allows you to play any complex and easy jelly bean games on your computer. You can download that from:

If you’re android developer and sadly don’t have updated Jelly Bean then you should think to install Jar or Beans. It helps you to develop any apps that you can test on latest version of Jelly bean and ultimate release that on Android marketplace.

4 tips to calculate Amazon FBA profit accurately (and how to increase it)

It is always great to sell more, right? Maybe not always. Your sales numbers might be going up and up, but, in terms of profit, you could still be losing money. That means the more you sell – the more you lose. This is why it is crucial to know the difference between raw sales and actual profits.

There are numerous costs associated with selling online that should be taken into consideration. Otherwise, sellers risk miscaluting their profits.

Here are 4 tips from sellerboard to help you understand your actual profit numbers.

  1. Track Your Profitability

This can be done with a simple spreadsheet or, even better, a special tool like sellerboard that calculates profit and loss in real time.

When sellers simply deduct their expenses for the month from their total sales, they can be in for a nasty surprise when they finally dig into the actual results.

  1. Consider ALL Costs of Selling

Cost of inventory is not the only expense associated with selling on Amazon.

Consider these:

  • FBA Fees
  • Storage Fees
  • And Over 70 Other Potential Amazon Fees
  1. Don’t Underestimate Amazon Returns

Returns are more than just a loss of a previously-made sale. There are still fees associated with the original sale & the refund, plus the fact that the item may not be resellable.

One of the reasons that sellerboard shines is that it helps you analyze WHY customers are actually returning products. If you sell duplicates of the same products, this can really help you spot problems with that listing or product.

Finding a repeating reason for returns can help you adjust the listing so you can minimize future returns.

  1. Watch Out For Amazon FBA Errors

Amazon fees are not always 100% accurate. Sometimes errors occur in the warehouses, and that can cost you money.

When an error is detected in real-time, you can ask seller support to double-check the issue and fix the error so you can get your money back.

Some common errors that can cost you money:

  • Lost & damaged inventory
  • Returns that Amazon never received back
  • Check-in errors for inbound shipments
  • Fee errors for wrong weight/size

As you can see, it’s important to always keep track of your numbers and watch out for fees that might escape your attention.

Using a service like sellerboard can really help you stay on top of all of your actual profit numbers and can easily detect areas of your business that need your immediate attention.

There is also more. sellerboard offers these additional tools for Amazon sellers:

  • Follow-up email campaigns
  • Inventory management
  • PPC optimization and bid automation
  • Listing change alerts

You can get all of these features starting at just $15 per month.

There is even a 2-month free trial available so you can fully test sellerboard and how it helps you calculate your Amazon profit more accurately! to start your free (no credit card needed) 2-month trial today.

Got an app idea? Cheat the system with premade 3d models

If you look at the top apps on the Android and Apple market, you will note that they all have something in common, 3D. Whether the background or the main component of the app has 3d integration, most apps these days has a 3d element. Why is this? According to Forbes “most of us need real-life (or close to real life) experiences to judge if we like something or now…Today, brands are using high-end visualization to provide a true immersive reality to power a customer experience.” In other words, we can easier bond to a 3D experience than we can to a 2D experience. And since the app industry is based upon addiction and UX, 3D models and components just make sense.

3D models add reality

When you look at some of the 2D applications on the market such as in Marvel Puzzle Quest  or 3D based applications such as Real Racing 3, you will note that there are 3d components. Granted, the level of 3D varies from the applications. In puzzle games, the 3d is typically limited to the main focal area. Gyms, tokens, power ups, and such are 3d models which have had a 2d texture added to them. By adding these 3D elements within the game, the application obtains a bit of depth. Even in non-gaming applications such as Learn Chinese in 3D understand that by adding a 3d model to the application, they increase the reality and the user experience. 3D adds three main components which contribute to our reality, even though technically the information we are seeing is 2D (as you cannot pick the object off of the pixelated screen). These three main components are:

  • Recognizable depth and form – The images on the app transform from being recognized as an illustration to being registered in our mind as a physical form.
  • Shadow – Objects which have shadows and highlights are more stimulating to us because we can then perceive them as having weight. We then give them more creditability as they are not seen as being fake but real things.
  • Perspective – 2D can mimic perspectives and our sense of relationships between objects to a degree. However, the 3d object gives a far larger scope to the user. In fact, you could say that 2D is the baseline for 3D compositions for what are you trying to achieve with 2 point or 3 point perspective but the illusion of a 3d environment.

How you can use 3D to cheat the system?

3D modeling, rigging, and texturing takes quite a considerable amount of time, especially if you are making a gaming application which is dependent upon the coding and the relationship between the objects and that code. And while you could make all of the models yourself, it does not make sense to do so. Financially, the time that is spent to make a 3d model is more expensive than buying a model from a 3D model platform such as CGTrader. Timewise, production of your app is slowed down a great bit. Consider. Your programmer needs to have the model in most cases in order to perform the linkage between that component and the programing (php, Java, C++, or unity in most cases). Until the model is completed, your production team may be sitting on their hands.

Purchased 3D models do not mean “stock” 3d images

There is a perception that 3d models purchased from the internet are similar to packing your visuals with clip art. This is not the case. In many instances you will customize the 3D model to meet your requirements. For example: If you purchase a 3d Desk in .Obj format you may want to change out the chair, the textures of the top, the computer, add supporting 3d elements (such as a cup of pens), or re-sculpt or add to the model. The point is that the model that you purchase can be manipulated to make it your own.  In instances where you are using the 3d object for background and support imaging on the application, the focus is not based upon that object, and so there is not a need to worry about it looking “stock” as the focus will be on your primary object.

Getting prepared to cheat the system

Before you jump into your app production, ensure that you have the application planned out. Storyboard your app to see what elements are needed. Which elements are 3D, what is interactive, what is supportive, and most of all what is the purpose of the app? By addressing these questions first, you will know where to put your focus, finances, and what the driving force for creating the user reality is.

Windows 7 loader 2.2.2 by daz – Download and Install

Windows 7 loader 2.2.2 is the tool kit developed by the professor Daz crew to activate your almost any Microsoft products like as Windows 8, Office 2010, Outlook Express, Windows 7, Office 365 for NO cost.

Get Windows Activator from MediaFire Server

Click below “Download” button to get Windows Daz loader. We have generated dedicated, 100% safe and secure link for you. Simply follow the instruction to get loader now.

I highly recommend you to use origin MS products only. This type of loader should be used for testing or educational purpose only. Once you fill that particular MS product is for you, Go and buy that from their official or partner sites like Amazon.

download windows 7 loader of daz 2.2.0

If you don’t want to bother using Daz from your side to activate your OS then you should checkout It is leading online micro job platform. I can see, lot of seller helping you for your all kind of Windows related problems.

Simply launch the Fiverr and in Top search bar type “Windows activation” and hit Enter key. You will see lots of seller with good previous ratting. I would suggest you to go with seller having at least one positive ratting.

Many of us struggle to find the original version of Windows 7 iso. Many time we just need to test few functionality of Windows 7 or 8 before buying that but we don’t find any free trial version. So, at the time instead of spending money to buy the original version we can use the tool programmed by Daz. If your Windows 7 is not genuine, the OS will block many features. These features are only available if the OS is paid. But, you can activate your operating system with just using particular software. The name of the software is Windows 7 loader 2.2.2 by daz. This software is easily available in the internet and you can download it for free. Below are best of best features of that tool.

  • It can work for 32bit or 64 bit.
  • Open source with 100% clean source code.
  • It allow you to enter your own product key.
  • Various languages are supported.
  • keep your system file secured from virus attacks.
  • Good news is that it can also work with Virtual machine.

How to Download and Install Windows 7 loader 2.2.2 by Daz?

  1. Go ahead and Get the Software version 2.2.2 OR get version 2.3.0. As soon as you find the software set it download. Sometime due to heavy load on server you need to first complete human verification offer to start downloading process.
  2. After the downloading process is complete, you will see a wrar file. Extract the file to a desired location.
  3. After you extract the file to the desired location, few files will automatically open. These files will have information about the software.
  4. One of these file will have the installation file. You need to double click the icon or choose ‘run as administrator’.
  5. Make sure that you deactivate the anti-virus. It is very important to deactivate the anti-virus. The anti-virus will catch some .dll files, which will cause trouble while installing.
  6. As soon as you choose the option of ‘run as administrator’, a window will appear. This window will have two options; install and uninstall. Choose the install option.
  7. After choosing the install option, the setup will automatically start to run.

While the setup is running it won’t show you any window, this doesn’t mean that the setup is not running. It will take few minutes to run the setup. Don’t shut down the computer or run any other program during the installation. You should also remember that you cannot turn on the anti-virus as well. If you turn on the anti-virus, the installation will not be completed properly. After the installation is over, another window will appear in front of you. In this window you will find two options; restart now and restart later. If you want to restart later, then choose ‘restart later’; if not then choose the other option. After you restart your computer, you will find that your Windows 7 is activated.

How to Check if Windows loader by Daz is installed properly or not?

Many people often ask this question that how they can see if the Windows is activated or not. You just need to visit “my computer” and right click on the white area. Here you will find the ‘properties’ option, click it. Down below you will find ‘ Windows is activated’.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Performance Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) encompasses a branch of computing that attempts to replicate a human being’s capacity for performing specific tasks, like analyzing data and answering questions that require research. The technology is undoubtedly improving, but AI isn’t new; it’s been around and in regular use for over a decade now.

In comparison, though, today’s artificial intelligence tools can deftly sort data to find patterns and make recommendations — something of much use to digital marketers who aim to understand consumer behavior.

As such, AI has begun taking the world by storm, with tools like ChatGPT and AI-integrated search engines like Bing poised to change the landscape of the internet as we know it over the years to come. When intertwined with performance marketing, AI can benefit organizations seeking to maximize conversions.

Performance Marketing: A Definition

First and foremost, performance marketing is a results-oriented form of digital marketing through which companies encourage their customers to take a specific kind of action, such as clicking on a link or making a purchase.

Many forms of performance marketing exist, and while older performance marketing methods, such as cost-per-click (CPC) banner ads and display advertisements, are still around, more modern types incorporate artificial intelligence to learn more about a customer’s behavior.

Those behavior analytics, along with an in-depth understanding of a customer’s purchasing habits, help advertisers deliver ads to the people that are most likely to take action on them. Most companies will only pay for their advertisements when people interact with them; they won’t pay for ads that don’t result in action.

Combining Performance Marketing and Artificial Intelligence

Older digital marketing practices rely on large-scale enterprise software to reach their target audiences. They also require plenty of manual intervention, with cohesion among different platforms being an ongoing problem. Marketing professionals struggle with ensuring that their ads reflect a personalized message and reach people when they’re most likely to respond to an advertisement.

With artificial intelligence, on the other hand, optimizing a campaign for the best results becomes much easier. There’s less manual work to be done, and AI-driven tools can make real-time adjustments that better drive results.

Benefits of AI in Performance Marketing

Performance marketing with the help of AI offers multiple benefits, such as:

Greater Personalization

Personalizing a campaign becomes nearly automatic with AI. When companies adopt an omnichannel marketing strategy, AI tools can collect data across multiple platforms. For instance, you can track a customer’s browsing history on your site if they log into their account.

Later, you can display advertisements for the products they looked at through search engines or social media channels, and if they subscribe to your email list, you can automate emails that further encourage them to make a purchase.

Reach Customers Across Channels

New forms of performance marketing are becoming more popular each day, such as connected TV ads, which appear on devices with an internet connection as customers watch shows or movies through popular streaming platforms, such as Hulu or Roku.

These ads outperform traditional commercials due to their personalization, driven by AI. According to CTV statistics, over 80% of retailers use connected TV ads to reach their audience.

Marketers can target their ads depending on a viewer’s demographics, prior search history, and browsing habits. Connected TV ads are unskippable, which makes for an added benefit that forces the viewer to see the ad through to its completion.

Ad Optimization

With artificial intelligence, carefully crafting pay-per-click ads through A/B testing is a thing of the past. There’s no need to regularly compare one ad’s performance over another’s or regularly tweak your calls to action (CTAs). Instead, AI can intuitively update the language of your ads and display them to individuals that are most likely to take action on them.

Predictive Analytics

With the right AI tools, understanding your customer’s behavior patterns is much simpler as well. AI can examine your first-party data, capturing strategic insights and identifying patterns you may not otherwise notice.

With more robust data analysis, you can optimize your campaigns to better predict the outcome of a customer taking a particular action, allowing your campaigns to become more effective and efficient over time.

Higher ROIs

In lean times, you want to ensure your marketing expenditures lead to results. Otherwise, you’re wasting money on efforts that don’t increase your revenue or bring in more customers.

Since artificial intelligence greatly empowers the personalization and optimization of your ads, you’re more likely to see a higher ROI from your marketing campaigns, and you won’t blow your marketing budget on ineffective strategies.

Power Your Performance Marketing Campaign with AI

Companies that capitalize on the many opportunities offered by AI technologies will see more substantial results from their performance marketing campaigns. You don’t want your competitors to leave you in the dust, so find out how to boost your advertising efforts by combining performance marketing and artificial intelligence today.

The Dos and Don’ts of Zoom Meetings to Assist you and your colleagues

Enhance your webcam image and space

This pandemic has driven most people crazy. Some people have been lucky though. Especially those who have been able to retain their jobs and remotely work from home, such as writers from WriteZillas. But this adjustment is still hard to master for most people. In her piece, There is No Place Like Working From Home, Quinn says that most people are not familiar with onscreen presence. They lack awareness of what is behind them when videoconferencing.

To prevent being awkward while video conferencing, there are a few steps to take. Run a test on your computer camera, get an external microphone for a quality sound, and ensure you have at least 20mbps of internet speed. You can achieve this by running a speed test. Lastly, check your background to ensure nothing embarrassing is there.

zoom meeting settings


If you are the host in a zoom meeting, it is always advisable to mute other guests on the call since many forget to do it on their own. It may seem obvious, but there have been numerous complaints on platforms like Twitter on this issue, where teachers, students, bosses, and co-workers beseech people to press the mute button. Since there are a lot of people using the internet at home, it is advisable to exit the conference call while you are silent because it takes up bandwidth.

Be efficient and focused with calls

If you switch away from the zoom app for more than half a minute, your colleagues might notice. This feature is relatable since video meetings are not far from in-person meetings. While using the app, try not to have numerous meetings as this will be against the remote working ethos. Respect other people’s time and personal spaces. Taking too much time on calls may interfere with people’s schedules or may raise uncomfortable moments during the call, especially when people are bored or in a hurry or are tired. Before hosting a video meeting, ensure you have a plan. Having a line-up will help in not drifting off while the meeting is in session.


Close the door

Set boundaries within your home to avoid distractors while hosting a zoom meeting or being a guest. Close the door, for example, to draw a border between yourself and other people in the house. You can also inform them of signals to watch out for, say, putting on headphones may be a sign that you are on a video call. It will automatically communicate your intention, and this will help you in managing your space while you attend a conference.

It is not a must to use video

The founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, is remembered for his love of walking meetings. Studies have proved that walking meetings help in connecting with others a great deal. Since the pandemic is here with us and will probably not go away so, social distancing will not allow walking meetings to happen, but you might take walks in your house, in your yard, or streets with less noise or distractors to loose-packed energy within you. Walking also helps you perform your best act while you are on a critical call.

It is advisable to use the audio feature if you want to hold a meeting while walking. You can do this by downloading the Zoom app on your gadget and select an audio-only option.

WhatsApp messenger for BlackBerry – Free Download

Want to chat with WhatsApp users from your Blackberry Smartphone? Then you should download and install official WhatsApp messenger for your ease of usage. You can get that from Torrent and other website. Please follow below tips for more details.

Whatsapp is an extremely popular cross platform instant messaging application available on all the major operating systems like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian. It is free for one year, then you have to pay $0.99/year in order to continue using its services. It uses internet connectivity to send your messages to another Whatsapp user. Either you can use your mobile network plan or Wi-Fi any of them would be sufficient to send your messages. The process to add contacts is also very simple. It uses your contact address book in your phone and who all are registered on Whatsapp will be shown to you as your Whatsapp contacts on the Whatsapp screen. It is a very feature rich application. You can share images, music, audio, videos, contacts, location (thanks to the google maps integration). You even get a real time confirmation about your messages being delivered and read.  No wonder it has crossed the billion users mark around the world.

download free whatsapp messenger for blackberry

As there are many operating systems, in the market, application developers have to make sure that their application is supported by all the major operating system. As Android gained its popularity all around the world, the popularity of Whatsapp also grew. More and more people started using it. For example, if an Android user wants to chat with his friend on Whatsapp who have Blackberry OS, then they can do so only if Whatsapp is supported by both the OS.

download now

It is important to note that WhatsApp App for BlackBerry is FREE to use and available for BlackBerry torch 9800, q10, storm, bold 9000, bold 9900, z10, curve and playbook.

How to Install Whatsapp app on Blackberry for FREE:

Step 1: Go to the Blackberry World from any computer or laptop having an internet connection. In Blackberry world, go to the Whatsapp Messenger home page. You can use this link: 

Alternatively, you can download it via Whatsapp ota website.Just use your Blackberry browser when visiting the website.You should set your ‘Browser Identification’ to ‘Blackberry’ under Browser > Options > Browser configuration > Browser: Internet Browser, save the settings and refresh the page. The minimum requirements are that you should have Blackberry OS version 4.6 or higher and Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) or Blackberry Enterprise Service (BES)

Step 2: Just above the description of Whatsapp you will see a blue ‘Download’ button, click on it.

Step 3: You will get a prompt message to log in. Sign in into the Blackberry website by entering your Blackberry Id and password.

Step 4: After logging in you have to confirm that you have to download Whatsapp Messenger to your device. Then it will be sent to your device for downloading.

Step 5: After downloading and installing is finished, you can find it on your device within ‘My World’.

Step 6: Launch the application by clicking on it. Enter your name and phone number. Whatsapp will confirm it by sending you a verification code. Enter that in the verification code section. Set your profile picture and status message if you want to. That’s it you are set to start chatting with your family, friends, colleagues and relatives.

Congratulation! Now you have successfully installed WhatsApp for your Blackberry Phone and Tablet. Simply open that and start messaging with your friends.

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Also Check : Download Kik messenger for Windows & Mac PCs

Errors while using Whatsapp on Blackberry mobile :

1) If you get some error while installing or using then the majority of these problems can be solved by performing a clean install. To do a clean install you delete Whatsapp from your Blackberry device and then reboot it when asked. Then download the latest version of Whatsapp following the same steps as above mentioned. After this your problem should be solved

2) If you get an error like “Error loading module ‘Whatsapp’: too many applications loaded” then this means that the problem is not with the Whatsapp Messenger but with your Blackberry OS. You should security wipe your phone. If security wipe also fails then you have to re-install your Blackberry OS.

3) If you receive IT policy or permission errors or if you receive either of the messages below:

  • “The Application WhatsApp has attempted to open a connection inside the firewall and outside the firewall which is not allowed by your IT policy”
  • “Uncaught exception: net.rim.device.api.system.ControlledAccessException”

Then it might be because you did not grant proper permissions to Whatsapp. To fix this Go into Options > Device > Select Application Management > Select Whatsapp and edit permissions > Set it to Allow and Save and then reboot your device by removing your battery.

4) If you cannot send and receive messages then check your network connection or Wi-Fi network.

if you have any question or queries, please post them by commenting here. I will try to reply you as soon as possible.

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