How to Boost Your E-commerce Business With Magento 2?

What are the features of the Magento 2 content management system and what innovations have been implemented in the improved version of the CMS?

The second version is designed to fix some bugs of the previous version of Magento. But even with them, the online store management system was named one of the most popular in the world. In order to get to know the world of Magento 2, you need to dive into the details. How did the management system achieve such results, and how did the great story of one of the best CMS begin?

Magento is a powerful content management system in online stores. As you know, the company Magento Inc. has changed more than one owner, but it did not prevent it to reach a decent world level. In 2011 it was purchased by the American company eBay Inc. and 4 years later it was successfully sold to Permira. Swinging with a change of power did not prevent Alexa Magento from becoming the most popular system of online store management, one of the most popular open E-commerce systems, and help to create on the basis of its platform more than a hundred thousand online stores!

Magento deserves to be called the “leading platform” for e-commerce because it holds approximately 30% of the market. At the moment, the project community has a huge number of participants – about 375,000. A word that is immediately recognized when you think about Magento is “power”. Definitely, this is the most important quality that distinguishes it from other CMS. Power, strength, well-coordinated strong construction – all this has attracted a really big fish in the world of e-commerce. Enterprises with breathtaking incomes such as Nordstrom, Adidas, North Face, use Magento. Just think about it, the system is so strong that it can work quietly if the catalogue is viewed by 350 million people, and orders – almost 500 thousand (per day).


Magento has always been the most flexible online shopping platform. You can set up many unique options and plugins for your business. For example, you can use your search line, catalogue design and other marketing tools. Multi Fees extension is one of the many extensions.

Wide range of marketing opportunities

Keep in mind that Magento can react quickly and systematically to any new input information. Adjust prices and make promotions with promo companies by changing the design of the page in real time.Install Multi Fees extension for Magento 2, organize a variety of sales, e-mail-sales with the latest information about new products, sales hits and other news of the store.


With Magento, it is easier to achieve high positions in search results. The system creates an XML-map of the site itself, which allows you to speed up the detection of a web resource by search engines, respectively, has a positive impact on attendance and sales.

Easy administration panel and catalog management

From an administrative point of view, Magento also has many useful options. These are import and export of goods database, the addition of categories and subcategories, sorting of goods by specific characteristics, monitoring of stock balance. It is convenient that you can easily add several images to each position, attach related and similar products. Also, the function of saving the cart is implemented (remembers customers and saves the order for a certain period of time), tracking the order at delivery.

Easy navigation, product selection system, filtering, and comparison function help users to find the right product and get the most information about it. Customers can rate the product on several scales, write reviews, and maintain a wishlist. For the convenience of ordering, comparing products, the user is shown the pages of the catalog, which he viewed earlier.


You’ll get full statistics on your business. You will have information about the best customers, product rating, number of orders and much more. What’s more, you’ll even know about goods that are often added to your cart, but removed just before you buy them.


Magento – CMS with a high degree of safety. Highly professional developers are constantly working on the improvement of the system. In addition, the use of SSL certificates serves as a reliable guarantee of resistance to viruses.

Trust of global brands

On this platform, there are many online stores of world-famous brands: Tiffani & Co, Lenovo, Nestle, Gucci, and others. The number of online stores on Magento already exceeds 90 000.

Can Apple Overtake Google in the Education Market?

In writing an essay, it is important to get it right with the content of the article as well as correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. An essay checker is an essential plagiarism checker tool that helps students, as well as teachers, get things right with their write-ups, and one can quickly get these tools with these devices. Also, with an essay plagiarism checker, you can ensure that your essay is 100 percent free of plagiarism, which will help you score more with your write up.

Technology has influenced the education sector enormously, and some of the big giants in the technology market that have played a considerable role in this sector include Google, Apple, Microsoft, and recently, Amazon.

Google has, however, become most popular among teachers and students, over pioneers like Apple, and Microsoft. Apple had initiated its educational hardware and software program for teaching and learning before Google came into the sector.

Fast forward to recent days, teachers and students have become obsessed with its Products, according to Rachel Premack. The educational technology sector is a vast market, which is expected to hit over $43 billion in 2019, so these giants are keen on taking their chunk in the market.

apple in education

How Google Overtook Apple in Education?

Following earlier days of technology advancement, apple products for teachers were common in classrooms, enhancing learning. Products of Microsoft and Apple for education decreases drastically between 2013 and 2017 as Chromebook becomes popular in classes. Shares of Apple for educators mobile reduces by 33 percent, while Microsoft devices for educational purposes reduce by 21 percent, which has coincided with the rise in the use of Chromebook in classrooms.

The main reason for Google taking over from Apple in the education sector is that they have made their products more accessible to everyone. On the other hand, Chromebook is very popular among researchers to search for queries, check up materials when writing essays, searching for free plagiarism checker tools to use for your article, etc.

With the popular search engine of Google, it has become more useful for an educational purpose which Google had leverage on its products. Google introduced Chromebook with useful features that make it easy to navigate from devices. You can easily connect these devices with other devices, and share your essay or articles, use search engine easily. The ability to share your works on any device when you connect with your Google account is another preference that proves useful in academic works. You do not need to carry your devices to be able to access your works with your devices, and as well as sharing your works easily with colleagues or in the classroom.

Google has overtaken Apple in education with its cost-friendly product such as Chromebook. Google had focused on providing cost-effective hardware and software products for educational purpose. Earlier, Apple was the pioneer of offering classrooms affordable computers but had slow down and focused more on high-end consumer products.

We can summarize the reasons Google have overtaken Apple in the educational sector in the following ways:

  • Google products have become more affordable than Apple products.
  • Google has improved hardware and software than Apple.
  • Researchers find it easier to work with Google devices with useful tools.
  • Google devices have become trendier.
  • Google features are compatible with other devices.
google vs apple in education

Apple Education Plans for the Future

Apple has taken steps to overturn the trend in the education technology market with the introduction of low-end iPads for classrooms. The action taken by providing these affordable iPads is to rival the cost of getting the Chromebook, which Apple sees as a turning point in losing the market to Google.

In March 2018, iPad which sells for educational use was introduced in the market, a bid to increase sales of Apple products. The iPad goes for above $300 for regular customers, which is a strategy to target the educational sector with high potential.

However, producing low-end iPad is the foremost strategy to overturn the tides of Google overtaking Apple, which may not be enough presently.

So, the lead set by Google in the education sector is a huge one as they have not only become popular, but simple to use and affordable. Apple needs to put in more effort, especially in the area of software for Apple for education to improve usability.

Apple had taken steps in reducing the price of their product to try to balance the market in the educational sector, which is a good step in the right direction. However, they have to take other factors into consideration if they intend to take back their position in the educational technology market.

Can a VPN Slow Down Your Internet or Is It a Popular Myth?

A Virtual Private Network, or a VPN, is a connection method that allows the secure traffic of data between the connected devices. A VPN protects the data by encrypting it and thus granting its secure transfer. People use a VPN service to safeguard their privacy and ensure the secure sharing of sensitive information.

vpn and slow internet speed
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At the same time, there’s a question of speed, namely, how all that encryption process affects the speed of your Internet connection. In this article, we will explore this topic in detail.

So, can a VPN slow down your Internet?

The short answer is yes, it can. However, everything is not that simple, as it all depends on the circumstances.

If you are using a high-quality, reliable VPN service, you will not notice the difference. Most VPN providers offer a decent speed with a minor decrease, as compared to the usual Internet speed. This reduction is caused by the encryption process, which protects your network.

With that said, certain factors make the connection through a VPN slower.

1. Slow Internet

If your Internet speed is slow to begin with, a VPN will not solve the problem. Some users may purchase a VPN service only to make their Internet perform faster, but in most cases it is ineffective and they end up with even a slower connection than previously. So, if you believe that a VPN affects your Internet, first ensure that you have an adequate speed by running a speed test, as described in this guide.

2. The physical location of the server

When it comes to the speed, the distance to the VPN server you are connected to is important. The farther the server is, the longer it takes for the packets of data to be transmitted. That is why, for faster performance, make sure to connect to the server that is located nearest to you. Good VPN providers have a range of servers all over the world, so you can easily choose the most suitable one.

3. Server overload

It is possible for a server to get overcrowded when there are too many users and not enough bandwidth. This situation happens rather frequently with free VPNs. In this case, the solution is to try connecting to a different server, where there may be fewer visitors. Ultimately, you should choose a provider with no bandwidth limitations on their servers.

4. Interference

Some firewalls or anti-malware programs may interfere with your VPN and slow down your connection. Although it is not that common, some of the security programs may be configured to affect the traffic and the CPU usage of your computer. Make sure to use one of the best antivirus options to avoid interference.

5. Encryption

The level of encryption has its effect on the speed as well. The stronger it is, the more CPU it takes up. Mostly, it concerns older devices though. In this case, you may switch to a lighter protocol.

In conclusion

So, as you can see, it is not a myth that a VPN can make your Internet slower. That is why you should stay away from a free VPN and choose a legitimate provider that offers reliable service.

One More Successful Year, or Mission Completed: Happy 17th Birthday to TemplateMonster

The corporate world is full of competition, problems, and tasks that should be solved. Sometimes one longs for a pause that allows leaving all these things behind. We are happy to say that there is a day where you can forget about everything and visit a cheerful party. TemplateMonster wants to see everyone on the celebration of its 17th birthday. Can you even believe? In total, there are 17 years that TemplateMonster provides its audience with a huge number of ready-made solutions. It was a long path. Now, it is possible to throw a spectacular party that no one will never forget. In addition to this, it is not an ordinary party that you visit over and over again. For this reason, it does not matter who you are. A boss, workman, secretary, designer or photographer… Postpone all your matters and make certain to become a guest of TemplateMonster on its birthday party on June, 17.

Pre-Party: TemplateMonster Starts Getting Greetings

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Join the celebration!

Dance All Night on the TemplateMonster’ Birthday Party

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After-Party and Even More Gifts

Every day is miraculous when it is filled with presents. For this reason, TemplateMonster wants to continue loading you with presents:

  • 1-year premium hosting;
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  • template installation service;
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On this special day, we want to congratulate TemplateMonster on its 17 birthday. May all its wishes become one step closer to reality!

Essential Consulting Templates For Marketing, Planning, and Branding

marketing consultant

The modern theory of managing the processes of creating new products underestimates the relationship between the processes of developing and selling new products and the development of brands. The easiest way to avoid mistakes is to use the services of a consultant. Let’s analyze what signs call into question the reality of the provision of marketing services and how to compose the primary so that there are no problems during verification. How to arrange marketing services without tax risks? Use consulting templates.

Why are marketing services a tax risk?

Any company is engaged in research of sales markets and clarifies consumer preferences in one form or another. Indeed, thanks to industry development and advanced technologies, people now have access to any goods at almost any time and in any place. The “era of the buyer” has already arrived. It is he who ultimately decides what to choose from a variety of similar offers on the market for goods and services.

Regular stores, online stores, direct sales – the methods are different for all sellers, but the goal is to attract a buyer to your trading platform, sell your product to them and keep them for making further purchases. And to achieve this goal, as they say, all means are acceptable. To successfully display goods, various loyalty programs, global and local research of consumer behavior, segment the market according to various criteria, and position goods by segment are helpful.

We all know these things intuitively. But we must understand that serious research is behind the manifestations of the sellers’ activity. These activities are either ordered by marketing specialists or used free of charge (media, Internet). Often, an enterprise’s staff has its marketer, and besides them, advertisers, designers, and IT specialists.

best consultation templates for branding

From the accountant’s point of view, payment for marketing activities is usually payment for ordinary services. But from the regulatory authorities’ point of view, not everything is so simple. Why? Because the intangibility of such services and the obvious influence of the results of applying the recommendations of marketers on the growth of sales and improving the financial condition of the enterprise gave rise to the phenomenon of aggressive optimization of taxation by numerous enterprises by issuing acts for allegedly rendered marketing services. It doesn’t matter if you make a profit or a loss: everyone needs marketing.

For example, information about the conjuncture and development prospects of a particular market for goods (services) can be obtained from open sources – it will look like market research. Further, it is technically easy to draw up an act for the amount required by the enterprise: after all, it is not easy to find analogs of prices (to confirm their “usualness”) for specific marketing services, since in each case, everything is very, very individual.

So it turns out that the primary documents seem to be executed impeccably: contract, act, tax invoice. And the company – the customer of services receives expenses in accounting and a tax credit, reducing the tax base for income tax and VAT (as an end in itself). But upon examination, it may turn out that no marketing services were provided. And hence the unpleasant and often “financially overwhelming” consequences for the company – the customer of fictitious services: expenses and the tax credit will be “removed” with the simultaneous charging of taxes and penalties. If the transaction amount is large, this can lead to the company that bought the fictitious services to bankruptcy.

What are Marketing Services?

We are considering the issue of what relates to marketing services in terms of reducing tax risks. To this end, we recommend focusing on those definitions that are in various regulatory documents, and not in marketing textbooks. First, let’s take a look at the general definition of service delivery. The supply of services means any transaction that is not the supply of goods, particularly the provision of services consumed in the course of performing a specific action or carrying out a particular activity. This definition has something in common with the Civil Code definition regarding consulting templates on the provision of services.

Then we consider the definition of various marketing services:

  • On the placement of products of the taxpayer at the points of sale;

  • The study, research, and analysis of consumer demand;

  • Entering data on the products of the taxpayer into the information bases of sales;

  • Collection and distribution of information about products (works, services).

Let’s dwell on marketing research separately. They mean a systematic process of determining, collecting, accumulating, processing, and analyzing information about the current state and forecast of the goods market. And services, supply, and demand, consumer behavior, market conditions, price dynamics. This whole complex of actions aims to improve the promotion of goods on the market, increasing their sales.

And finally, let’s take a look at merchandising. This type of marketing promotes the intensive promotion of goods in retail without the active participation of specialized personnel. This includes the successful placement of goods on the trading floor, the original design of counters and shop windows, the organization of presentations with souvenirs’ distribution, and discounts and benefits. In other words, this is a set of measures aimed at attracting the attention of the buyer to a particular product (or group of products). A product posted using certain technologies sells itself.

How to prove the reality of marketing services?

consulting templates planning

Arm yourself with consulting templates. How to fill the consulting templates to provide marketing services to convince controllers that these services are substantial? This issue has become especially relevant in the past few years, at the next stage of regulatory authorities’ struggle with a fictitious tax credit. Let’s list the key signs that prove that the business transaction for providing services is unrealistic:

  • The “seller” of services is not an economic entity producing the corresponding service.

  • The service provider is not able to provide it, judging by the available labor and material resources;

  • The documented service is artificial. For example, a report on the provision of marketing, information, or consulting services may contain predominantly declarative and sometimes even meaningless information.

How can you prove that the company received services? It is necessary to go from the opposite of those signs listed above: none of them should be applicable in your case. Or, simply use a consulting template. Also, current jurisprudence should be taken into account. The courts defend taxpayers in disputes about the reality of transactions in cases where the primary documents confirm the purpose, objective necessity, the economic feasibility of obtaining the relevant services, as well as the possibility of carrying out such operations, taking into account the required time, place, material resources required to provide such services.

Approved by Employers: Top Resume Templates to Distinguish Yourself from Others

Imagine that you found a position that you have always been dreaming of. Imagine that you are one of the dozens of candidates who want to land a job in a certain company. In this case, you should totally understand that it is crucial to come up with an engaging resume and cover letter. Your potential boss should believe that you can be called the best candidate.

Actually, if you are reading this article, this probably means that you need some help in terms of getting your resume and cover letter ready. We have something that allows standing out from the crowd. Before speaking about these little assistants in the shape of resume templates, let us draw your attention to a few pieces of advice. They make sure you will not make any mistakes in terms of your resume and cover letter.

  1. First of all, you should include your contact information to make it possible for a recruiter to get in touch with you.
  2. Present the most valuable skills. Your potential boss should understand that you are ready to perform multiple tasks at your best.
  3. Speak about your experience that you have already gotten in the relevant field. By the way, you can also list your accomplishments.
  4. Do not create a long resume that consists of dozens of pages. It is better to include all the information in one or two pages.

Now, let us look through various resume templates in order to choose the best one…

Christian Resume Template

Christian Resume Template


John Watson Resume Template with Business Card Resume Template

John Watson Resume Template with Business Card Resume Template


Neil Roberts Resume Template

Neil Roberts Resume Template


Minimal White Brenner Resume Template

Minimal White Brenner Resume Template


Resume/CV-Paul Hoffman Resume Template

Resume/CV-Paul Hoffman Resume Template


Shuvo Designer Resume Template

Shuvo Designer Resume Template


Bazin Resume Template

Bazin Resume Template


Willa Bergstrom Resume Template

Willa Bergstrom Resume Template


Modern-Infographic Resume Template

Modern-Infographic Resume Template


Willa Resume Template

Willa Resume Template


Clean & Creative Jane Smith Resume Template

Clean & Creative Jane Smith Resume Template


Kate Shafer – Interior Designer Resume Template

Kate Shafer - Interior Designer Resume Template


Charles Brown Resume Template

Charles Brown Resume Template


Word Resume-Bill Clarke Resume Template

Word Resume-Bill Clarke Resume Template


Marketer Resume Template

Marketer Resume Template


Actually, these resume templates mentioned on the top allow impressing your recruiter. Do not worry if you think that you will not be able to include all the necessary points in one single resume. By means of these variants, it is possible to make sure your boss is not going to be indifferent to your resume. Remember that you will be provided with the following features:

  • print-ready templates;
  • different formats to make use of (as a result, you can edit them in various software);
  • well-structured and professional designs;
  • lots of editing opportunities (including a chance to change colors, fonts, and other elements);
  • business cards as a pleasant addition.

In general, we can continue speaking on the most characteristics of these resume templates. Anyway, it is better to take a closer look at them. Do not forget that every single person will find something suitable for their needs. Designers, lawyers, photographers, consultants, and other professionals… All of them will have the greatest opportunity to describe their education, skills, experience, and personality. Make certain to grab the most impressive resume template and get the job of your dreams. It will be your first step to getting the cherished success. Thanks for reading!

How To Prevent Big Data From Breachers

Big data security breaches are no longer the fictitious thoughts of the ester years. Hackers whether solitary or organized continue to wreak havoc with complex spear phishing or drive-by attacks on institutions with big sets of data to secure. That artificial intelligence and machine learning can now be used to further complicate attacks. This makes it inevitable for enterprises with big data to take systems security even more seriously.

To avoid the enormous cost rising out of a data breach and the reputation loss that an institution has to deal with, it becomes paramount to look for ways of preventing big data from honed breaches. Compounding the scenario is the fact that many firms offering security solutions are relying on the same algorithms that hackers use to perpetrate an attack. But what to do?

Establish a security-focused attitude

Companies with big data sets under their care need to know that breachers are always looking for better ways to gain access. As such, it’s important that you have the right people onboard. The superb data security policies you want to invest in will be in vain, if the personnel is unwilling to stick to them. Before you invest mysql backup protocols and practices, make sure that your staffs are dedicated to data and information safety.

big data breaches solution

Limit access to critical data

The big data sets that a company is entrusted with are the most critical assets. When everyone on board acknowledges the cost of a data breach, it becomes unanimous that limits and restrictions need to be in place. Not every staffer has to have access to your most valuable data. By whittling down the number of employees who can accidentally open a harmful link, you consolidate your data the more.

Reduce data storage locations

Big data chunks spread across different locations open up the possibility of exposure. The more managed data centres you have, the higher the chances that information will slip into the wrong hands. A robust system will have less data storage locations and devices. If your data is stored in a centralized cloud based location with water tight restrictions, encryption and strict access control, you can breathe knowing breachers won’t be getting to your prised data soon. Remember, it’s important to keep monitoring since hackers keep inventing ways of getting through.

Verify third-party vendor compliance

If your enterprise deals with several third-party vendors, it’s crucial to question their allegiance to data security. A simple case of unlawful entry or unauthorized data access can lead to a big breach. If a vendor has access to your crucial data, you need to demand their compliance to privacy laws and privileges.

Employee security awareness training

In many firms, employees are the weakest links in the data security context. Unaware, an employee can click on a suspicious links or email. The results can be devastating. Don’t put your staff through one cyber security class and think it’s enough. It should be a continuous exercise, if you expect to counter the ever witty alternatives that hackers are using.

Involve white hat hackers

Ethical hackers can provide an enterprise with the immunity that a company needs. White hat hackers have the knowledge to test systems using penetration tests. This helps a firm to point out vulnerabilities that breachers can exploit. Additionally, you can resort to security tightening measures such as configuring the mainframes for optimum security and use.

Intrusion, detection and prevention applications

One combination that big data endowed firms can employ is the intrusion, detection and prevention strategy. Your organization will be able to monitor system activity, configuration and still assess the integrity of mission critical systems. Remember, it’s wise to perform proactive vulnerability assessments in real-time.

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