How to fix Msvcr80.dll is missing Error

Msvcr80.dll file is one that is associated with a program known as Microsoft visual studio 2005 and iTunes. I might possible that if this file is missing then the MS Visual Basic and iTunes related program will not work so also for any other application that is authorized by this program.

The error is one that can appear in several ways on your system such as: “msvcr80.dll not found”; “This application failed to start because msvcr80.dll was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem; “”APSDaemon.exe – System Error – msvcr80.dll is missing from your computer”; it could even be “Cannot start [APPLICATION]. A required component of Bootmgr is missing: msvcr80.dll. Please install [APPLICATION] again”; “The file msvcr80.dll is missing”; “cannot find [PATH]/msvcr80.dll”

msvcr80 dll is missing problem

Possible situation when you face dll error

The error message could appear while windows is starting up or shutting down, during installation of certain programs or even during windows installation which is why it is necessary to have an in-depth understanding of the way this error works so that it will be easy to fix it. Before examining how to fix this error, there is a need to understand what causes this error and the reason why they appear on systems. Some of these reasons could be: removal of the msvcr80.dll files as a result of corruption of the file; sometimes this error might mean there is a registry problem on the computer system or maybe a malware issue like virus or even a hardware failure.

How to resolve Msvcr80 dll is missing from your computer error?

In fixing the error, take note not to download the file from the .dll download site as these sites are only out to be able to generate traffic for their sites and as such they usually do not have updated versions of the file. The file you download only serves as a “quick fix” while it actually masks the real problem. It is recommended to go to the source and download the original file from the developer of the program itself as this will guarantee adequate solution to the problem.

So in fixing this dns error, do the following: ensure that windows is started in safe mode if it happens that windows is inaccessible in normal mode; restart the computer system itself, then download the Microsoft visual C++ service pack with security update on it and then run it on the system, what this does is to replace the earlier present msvcr80.dll file with the latest version from Microsoft and be sure to check the option you are downloading because it varies with system either 32-bit or 64-bit and installing this update usually tends to be the solution but for exceptional cases, the following steps can be further taken:

  1. Restore the file from the recycle bin of your system or if the recycle bin has been emptied, then you can use a free file recovery program to get it back.
  2. Run a malware scan of the system to determine if there is damage to the file by a hostile file or it could even be that hostile file posing as the error file.
  3. Install any available windows updates as a lot of service packs tend to contain updates of Microsoft developed files and some might contain the updated file of the msvcr80.dll file.

All these should provide solution to the problem of msvcr80 dll file missing. In case of any question or query, you can contact us by commenting here. Please be specific with your problem, so that we can help you easily.

Download Whatsapp for Bada and Java OS for FREE

Earlier we posted FREE tips for downloading Whatsapp on blackberry and now it’s time to install messenger application for Java and Bada OS.

Whatsapp is a widely used messaging application in the world today having over six hundred million users and available on quite a large number of mobile platforms and of all the mobile messaging apps. It is the most rated app that allows people to send texts, videos and files through the internet without paying any additional cost to your network provider.

Furthermore, WhatsApp can even be used on a personal computer. You can download it for your PC. it has voice messaging whereby you can just record short length audio messages and send it to your friends; also there are no ads on the messenger app and the privacy option is taken very seriously, so you are well protected.

whatsapp messenger for bada os

The whatsapp user base seems to be growing with each passing day as a result of the operating systems like Android, windows, blackberry and iOS. But then there are other operating systems such as Bada OS which was developed by Samsung Company while there is also the Java OS present in quite a number of low end smartphones on which whatsapp cannot work directly and as such needs a circumvented process of installation in order to run as an app on these kinds of phones. Some Java or Bada OS whatsapp supported phones include Samsung mobile devices running on Bada OS like chat, chat duos, wave, wave 2; Nokia mobile devices running on Java OS like C2-03, C2-00 as well as Java supported LG phones. If you are blackberry messenger app and want it’s apk for android os or want bbm for pc then you should check our previous post.

How to Download and Install Whatsapp for Bada OS and Java?

We have tested and compiled the steps that you can easily follow to have famous messaging application on your  Java enabled Smartphone.

  • First process is to get a PC and download the Whatsapp.jar or Whatsapp.jad file for java phones while for Bada OS phones, download whatsappBada.jar or Whatsapp APK on the PC.
  • After this is done, the next process is to connect your Java or Bada OS running mobile phone to the PC on which the files have been downloaded either through the use of a USB cable or Bluetooth.
  • Next is to send the .jar or .jad file to your mobile phone using windows explorer depending on the configuration of the phone. Then disconnect the phone from the PC.
  • After unplugging the mobile phone from the PC, you go through the file manager to discover where the Java or Bada file was stored after which you then click on it to start installation.

PS Note: Installation might take few minutes so just wait for it to finish the installation and then you can start using it, start enjoying free conversations with friends and family and keep in touch with them constantly at little or no cost while also sharing videos of memorable moments with them.

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However, it might happen during installation to experience some glitch such that the app fails to install and should you be faced with this kind of problem, ensure to do the following:

  • Ensure that there is good network connection in the area you are located.
  • Ensure that there is enough memory for installation of the app.
  • If after installation it does not work, then switch off the phone and switch it back on. It should definitely work after all of these.

Congratulation! You have successfully get Whatsapp messenger for FREE on Bada and Java os phone. Now you will see your friends list and you can chat with them without any problem. In case of any question or queries you can contact us by commenting here.

How To Get Minecraft Premium Account for Free [List]

Minecraft is a video game that was created by Swedish programmer Markus Perssor, and later developed by Swedish company Mojang from 2009.

You can build constructions out of textured cubes, in a 3D world.  Other activities include exploration, gathering resources, crafting and combat. There are a number of gameplay modes available, which include survival mode, creative mode, and adventure mode.

minecraft free premium account

In survival mode, you need to acquire resources to build the world, and maintain health. In creative mode, you have unlimited resources to build, and the ability to fly. In adventure mode, you play custom maps that other players have created.

Minecraft has sold nearly 60 million copies, making it one of the best selling video games of all time.  And they have received multiple awards (5 in 2011 alone).  So they are one of the most popular video games.

Best way to get Free Premium Account of Minecraft for PC and Android

So, you want to play, and you want to trial it, before you purchase?  I assume that, because you’re reading this, you are interested.

These days, playing with a Pro account is very important for a Minecraft gamer in android, windows/mac PC and iOS, as this can really maximize your gaming experience.  And don’t be put off by the old school graphics either.  The game is very addictive, fun to play, and you can build unique and customized maps.

Well, there are a number of ways that you can get a membership for FREE, and have a play around, before making any decisions on whether you like it or not.

The best way, that I can suggest, is to go to their official website website. They offer Free Trial and coupon codes to all new members.  Please be noted that you must be new member in order be beneficial for that offer. You will get it for few weeks and then again you can follow the steps to get it again.

On this website, it is easy to get a minecraft account.  You will get your account instantly through the website, in txt format.  All you need to do is simply copy and paste the account that has been generated, in to the login.  They even show you how to do it in a video on the page.

The biggest question that gets asked of this is, is it safe?

It is definitely safe.  They run proxy servers, which means that you stay completely anonymous when generating your free account.

Can I use Generator?

Another method that I found is this one: Head up and use our generator tool. You don’t need to download any account generator, as all the Minecraft lists are stored on their website database.

This website can add up to 100 (or even more) premium Minecraft accounts for FREE every single day.

So, how do they do this?

Well, for them, it is quite simple. Because Minecraft is so popular, it means that they are able to generate a lot of traffic through their site.  And because they generate a lot of traffic, people are willing to advertise on their site.

The money that they make from the advertisements is put in to purchasing more premium membership, which they then give away to their followers.

They will send the account details in a txt file as well, which means that you can simply use the details that they send to you, and login in, as per normal.

All you need to do is to become a member of the site.  Simple and sweet really.  On their website you can enter your username wait for their online tool to process for you. At the end you will get your account So, having read this, I trust that you have found a way that you will enjoy, and you will start playing it with me soon.

Best Crypto Trading Bots Platform

crypto selling

If you realize that your trading lacks an attentive assistant or want to delegate some of the routine work, pay attention to crypto software, which, if properly configured, does an excellent job with their work. Cryptocurrency exchanges like OKX  are characterized by increased volatility. Cryptocurrency rates for them change quickly and quite unpredictably. Therefore, such technical tools as trading bots are very popular among traders. Bots help monitor quotes 24/7, avoid “surprises” in the form of margin calls, and close deals faster and more efficiently.

What are trading bots?

 A crypto trading bot is a software with special algorithms that analyzes data from cryptocurrency exchanges and provides additional tools for more efficient selling. Bots were created to automate and facilitate the work of traders: you do not need to constantly sit in front of the monitor, tracking changes in quotes – you can simply set parameters for the bot, which will buy or sell currency for you. It is another tool you need to know if you want to have a passive income like with crypto saving accounts. With the help of bots, you can trade on several exchanges and not limit yourself to one currency. What can we say about the superiority of the bot in the reaction speed – the program quickly and with high accuracy finds signals and places orders.

Best Crypto Trading Bots Platforms


bitsgap website

It is an automated crypto robot based on the GRID system – a grid that allows you to build many levels of purchases and sales. Thanks to high-frequency trading, the bot not only allows you to make good money at a distance but also to diversify risks in case of high volatility. Bitsgap also has a demo version of the platform so that users can practise trading first. This is a great way to understand how the platform works without risking real funds. Bitsgap supports over 30 exchanges and is officially listed on Binance and OKEX. All transactions take place through the exchange API, so the platform does not have any access to your money. New users can try the platform for free for 14 days (no credit card required). Then either uses the free version with restrictions or buy a paid subscription, which starts at $ 19 per month.



Haasbot is a Bitcoin bot that was developed by HaasOnline in January 2014. It is supported by many of the trusted exchanges like Kraken, Huobi, Bitfinex, BTCC, GDAX, Gemini and Poloniex. The bot automatically trades bitcoin and many other altcoins on these services. The software analyzes market information on behalf of the user but requires your participation in the process. It is customizable and equipped with technical indicators. Haasbot displays trending templates that users can use to trade bitcoin. For optimal results, Haasbot owners must seriously engage in bitcoin selling in order to generate reasonable returns.


Trality features

The Trality platform was founded in 2019. Since then, it has been actively developing the best tools for creating trading software for private crypto investors. Unlike other platforms that offer ready-made and identical programs to all users, with the help of Trality, you can easily create your own one for both beginners and advanced crypto traders. However, a set of templates is also available.

What is interesting about Trality for users:

  • Rule Builder is a graphical Drag’n’Drop editor for creating bots based on a sequence of logical rules;
  • Code Editor is the first browser-based code editor for writing bots based on Python;
  • Backtester is a tool for testing on a large volume of historical data;
  • Virtual trading – the ability to trade virtual tools for testing in real-time;
  • API Connection to Exchanges – created bots can be securely connected via official APIs to exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase Pro, Kraken and Bitpanda;
  • Cloud infrastructure – no additional software is required, all operations take place on cloud servers to ensure uninterrupted trading 24/7
  • Affordable Pricing – Free and unlimited time subscription with access to all tools, paid subscriptions from 9.99 to 59.99 euros per month.

Summing up, we can say that Trality really deserves attention, in view of how actively the platform and its functionality are developing, while maintaining affordable subscription prices. In addition, the developers plan to launch a marketplace for bots, where the creators can safely rent them out to everyone.


cryptohopper website

This crypto bot supports most of the popular exchanges and offers a wide selection of cryptocurrencies, up to 75 pairs can be traded at the same time. For professionals, manual bot setup is provided, while beginners will be interested in trading using strategic models based on the recommendations of experienced traders. Cryptohopper has a fairly simple and pleasant interface, it doesn’t take long to figure it out. In the free mode, the bot can be used for 7 days, after that the starting tariff with the minimum capabilities will cost $19 per month, the most charged one – $99.


gunbot dashboard

Gunbot is a cryptocurrency bot that supports a fairly large number of exchanges, while you can trade on several at the same time. Registration on the platform is fast, you can start working in 5 minutes. To use the platform, you will need to download the software to your computer. There are ready-made strategies as well as a wide range of settings to create a strategy for yourself. Unfortunately, Gunbot doesn’t have a free trial, and prices for bot payments start at 0.02 BTC. But there is a plus – you buy a license once and for all. You don’t have to pay it every month.

The bottom line

Cryptocurrency trading is not suitable for everyone and software can be confusing, especially for novice traders. There are many exchange bot providers on the market. Choose them carefully! Users must ensure that the developers they choose are reliable. If you don’t do your research, you risk losing your capital or losing your account on the exchange. However, if the bot is selected and configured correctly, the potential profit from it is endless.

How to remove adware from Windows and MAC PC

Have you ever seen different types of ads and adware popped up when you are surfing specific sites from your Windows and Mac PC? Maybe it happens that you visit one site because you see an ad that piques your interest.  Then, it seems like that ad shows up dozens of times each day, after you have visited the site. You should completely clean out such malware.

Or, maybe it looks like there are links within a webpage, but actually, every time you click on one of these links, it takes you to some random page, where it tells you, you have won this, that or the other thing.  Well, the chances are then, that you have adware on your computer.

What is adware or malware?

Adware is the shortened name of ‘Advertising Supported Software’.  It is essentially any software package which automatically places advertisements in order to generate income for its author.

removing adware from windows and mac computer

These are often inadvertently downloaded, when one downloads free software.  This is the whole reason that the initial software is free.  It takes time to develop a program, so if someone can give it away for free, then there must be another catch somewhere.  And often, it is in the form of adware.

Fastest way to remove adware from Mac and Windows PC

Adware can often slow your computer down. The severity of adware can vary though.  Some people see it as an ‘irritant’, while other people go as far as to class it as a virus.  It can also be classed as ‘spyware’, where the software will observe the computer users activities (without their permission), and sends this information to the author.

There are many programs that have been developed to detect quarantine and remove adware.  One such program is

Having had a lot of adware myself in the past, I decided to do some research. And all the research that I have completed, has pointed me to bitdefender as the BEST in the business. It is available for Mac, Windows 7 and 8 PC.

Bitdefender has been rated as the best protection for 3 years running by PC MAG, so you know that it must be very good (this market is fairly saturated now, with all sorts of companies offering virus protection).  Yet, bitdefender has been at the top of the list for the last 3 years (ahead of the likes of Symantec and McAfee).

BitDefender Total Security Features:

  • It has the fastest system speed (confirmed by AV-TEST).  Therefore, it has the lowest effect on the performance of your computer.
  • It is one click easy, making it simple to understand.
  • You can use it to store and protect your personal photos and videos, with secure online backup.
  • Device Anti Theft.  You can recover your device in case of loss or theft.

And if you have children that use your computer, there is also parental control that you can put in place, to prevent them from viewing sites that you don’t want them on.

I know that I used to get lots of adware on my computer in the past.  But now, with bitdefender, I never worry about any of it.

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It is so easy to use, and they stay up to date on a regular basis.  So if anything new comes out, their programmers will be on to it in an instant, meaning you have the latest and greatest protection.

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I have not come across anything better to use, and highly recommend trying it out. It is one of the best way to get rid of unwanted popups, ads and system adware. You are requested to post your queries and question by commenting here.

This is how to improve your business’s website

As a business, it is imperative that your website is as good as it can possibly be. The reason for this is simple – the internet takes up an increasingly large share of global consumerism, and eCommerce is only set to become more widespread going forward.

Your site is no longer somewhere to stick contact information and a few words about your company – it is the fulcrum from which your sales, marketing, and customer service function.

To ensure your business’s website is as good as it can be, you need to focus on a few key areas.

The first is performance. If your website takes an age to load, crashes constantly, or lacks proper functionality, it will be shunned by customers and punished by search engine algorithms.

Secondly, you need to make sure that your site is simple and easy to navigate. If your visitors are confused about which pages to visit, or can’t easily find what they are looking for, then they will click off and visit a competitor’s web page.

You should also endeavor to have the overall design reflect your brand identity. This will make it easier for potential customers to understand what to expect from your products, as well as the wider philosophy behind your company.

This is how to improve your business’s website:

Make sure your Web Vitals score is high

Arguably the most important aspect of a website that you need to get right is its performance.

You can have the best-looking site in the world, but if it can’t load a page quickly, crashes frequently, or has glaring SEO blind spots, then it will repel visitors like the plague.

Therefore, you need to check your core Google web vitals to ensure that you aren’t lacking in certain areas. These web vitals measure key performance metrics – such as website interactivity, web page loading speed, and more.

If you are unsure about how to raise your Google web vital score, then consider using a core web vitals optimization service, which can guide you through the process of improving your site.

Simplify the layout

Another great way to improve your business’s website is to make it simpler to use.

This problem can crop up if the web development team spends so long trying to be clever by cramming a huge amount of content and products onto a site without considering the end-user experience.

Unfortunately, if you don’t make it easy for visitors to navigate your site and find what they are looking for quickly, then they are likely to exit your website and click on a rival site instead.

Therefore, you need to simplify your web layout as much as possible. Put yourself in the shoes of your target market when designing the site. Is it obvious where each page or product is situated? Is it intuitive?

Once this has been improved, you will likely find it far easier to retain visitors for longer.

Build an aesthetic that suits your brand identity

The aesthetics of a site are often overlooked as a ‘nice to have’ detail, but they are crucial to the overall user experience.

You should make sure that the design of your website reflects your brand and the industry you are in.

An industrial tooling company is unlikely to have a chic, minimalist website better suited to an interior design brand, for example.

5 Steps To A Higher-Ranking Optometry SEO Strategy

People turn to the web to find expert eye care. You must be present when your target patients are online. With search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, your optometry website will show up at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) and attract more customers.

Optometry SEO is a collection of strategies that improve your site rankings. Let us talk about the five steps you need to create a winning SEO strategy.

1. Research the Most Relevant Optometry Keywords

Digital Authority Partners says that keyword research is essential for making an optimized website that ranks well in the SERP. Your customers use specific keywords to find businesses or practices like yours. So your first step is to identify these keywords.

Research keywords relevant to your industry or practice. For example, “pediatric optometry” if you serve young patients and “optometry services in San Diego” if you want to emphasize your location.

Industry-relevant keywords help you create compelling content. Find them using research tools like Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush. These tools provide keyword suggestions and ideas to improve your marketing strategies. Here are some tips to help you with keyword research.

  • List down broad topics. Use your services or products as topics. You can also use specializations like vision checkups, refraction services, contact lenses, or medical eye exams. From these topics, list keywords that your target customers potential use.
  • Look for related search terms. Your customers may be using other keywords to find your business, like “eye care,” “vision care,” or “eye doctor.” Include them in your list.
  • Find negative keywords. At first glance, negative keywords may seem related to your practice, but they hardly help your business. You want to avoid ranking for these keywords. For instance, if you do not want to rank for “optometry jobs,” list it as a negative keyword.
  • Utilize local keywords. People looking for eye care services your are will find you better if you use local keywords. Say you are in San Diego; add “San Diego optometry clinic” or “optometrist in San Diego” to your list.

2. Create Quality, Helpful Content

Create content that ranks your optometry website higher in the SERP. This should be high-quality, helpful, and updated content that your audience looks forward to. And we are not just talking about blogs.

Websites for optometrists that do well use different kinds of content, such as short-form videos, which are the most popular content type among digital marketers right now, according to the latest survey.

Create high-quality and valuable content with the following tips:

  • Create content for your audience. Find out what optometry services your audience is looking for. What are their issues and their pain points? You can find these through surveys, social media comments, and reviews.
  • Keep content up to date. The healthcare industry in general is constantly evolving, so you stay updated with the latest in optometry care. Update statistics, findings, studies, and approaches to eye care so your audience can make the most out of your content.
  • Structure your content well. Ensure your text content, like your blog posts and landing pages, is well-structured with headings and subheadings. Use your keywords in headings to help search engines and site visitors better understand your content.

3. Develop an Effective Backlink Strategy

Develop an effective backlink strategy. Backlinks are links that lead to your optometry site’s pages. Your SERP ranking goes up when you have high-quality backlinks because they show that people trust and respect the optometry services you offer.

The following are ways to improve your backlink strategy:

  • Be a source of reliable optometry information. Write ultimate guides, how-to videos, and helpful infographics your audience gladly links to.
  • Improve link building by writing guest posts. Ask permission to write on blog sites and link back to your optometry site. Write about eye care, optometry services, and other helpful information and link to your service pages.
  • Utilize Google Search Console Reports. This is a free tool for looking for backlink opportunities. Check websites that linked back to you in the past and reach out to these sites to build backlinks.

4. Take Advantage of Online Citations

Getting your optometry business listed in local citations or directories helps your ranking because citations show credibility. Citations are mentions of your business along with your name, address, and phone number (NAP).

Make sure your business is listed in local directories for optometrists like the American Board of Optometry, Optometrist Network, and American Optometric Association sites.

Also, update and claim your Google Business Profile (GBP), because this links to your Google Map page. Your well-optimized website appears in search results because people use your keywords to search for optometry services in their area. Here are strategies to optimize your citations and GBP.

  • Ensure all information is consistent. Aside from your NAP, your business hours, website, logos, and description should be the same in all directory sites.
  • Prioritize your citations. A lot of citation and directory sites exist but make sure you are in the most popular industry, local, and general directories. You may use software like Moz Local, SEMrush, and Bright Local to manage your citations simultaneously and avoid outdated information.
  • Complete your business description. Ensure that your GBP description is updated and complete. Use your primary keywords to create an optimized description of your business.
  • Describe your services and products. Introduce your optometry products and services briefly in your business description. This helps Google index and understand your website and show your pages during a search.

5. Establish a Search Engine-Friendly Website

Make an optometry website that is easy for search engine bots to index and crawl so it will rank high in SERPs. One of the many ways to optimize your website for search is by adapting a responsive format.

Mobile friendliness is one of the most important ranking factors for Google, so you need to make sure your website works well on all devices. Your content and site elements must be visible to and clickable by your users. Below are important SEO tips to help you rank your site better:

  • Create unique meta titles and descriptions for all your pages. These appear in search results and are the first information your audience sees about your business. Use engaging and descriptive titles and descriptions.
  • Follow best indexing practices. Clean your URL for easy search engine indexing. All permanent links should be descriptive, all in lowercase letters, and separated by dashes. Include keywords for easy visibility.
  • Improve website loading speeds. This promotes user experience (UX). Use a better hosting service, optimize image sizes, reduce CSS and JavaScript, and avoid plugins to improve site speeds.
  • Optimize videos, images, and infographics. Use your keywords to describe these assets. Doing so helps search engines understand what these assets are about and how they are related to your website.
  • Promote internal linking. These are links in your content that lead to other website pages. Internal links establish the relationship of your web pages and improve search engine crawlability and indexing.

Summing Up

When you use the right keywords, make good content, and have a good backlink strategy, your optometry website will rank higher in the SERP. You can also guarantee a higher rank when your business is on trusted directory sites and when you follow the best SEO practices.

All these strategies help your business or practice stay visible and attract more patients. You also build authority and promote your optometry brand better with SEO.

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