Can a VPN Slow Down Your Internet or Is It a Popular Myth?

A Virtual Private Network, or a VPN, is a connection method that allows the secure traffic of data between the connected devices. A VPN protects the data by encrypting it and thus granting its secure transfer. People use a VPN service to safeguard their privacy and ensure the secure sharing of sensitive information.

vpn and slow internet speed
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At the same time, there’s a question of speed, namely, how all that encryption process affects the speed of your Internet connection. In this article, we will explore this topic in detail.

So, can a VPN slow down your Internet?

The short answer is yes, it can. However, everything is not that simple, as it all depends on the circumstances.

If you are using a high-quality, reliable VPN service, you will not notice the difference. Most VPN providers offer a decent speed with a minor decrease, as compared to the usual Internet speed. This reduction is caused by the encryption process, which protects your network.

With that said, certain factors make the connection through a VPN slower.

1. Slow Internet

If your Internet speed is slow to begin with, a VPN will not solve the problem. Some users may purchase a VPN service only to make their Internet perform faster, but in most cases it is ineffective and they end up with even a slower connection than previously. So, if you believe that a VPN affects your Internet, first ensure that you have an adequate speed by running a speed test, as described in this guide.

2. The physical location of the server

When it comes to the speed, the distance to the VPN server you are connected to is important. The farther the server is, the longer it takes for the packets of data to be transmitted. That is why, for faster performance, make sure to connect to the server that is located nearest to you. Good VPN providers have a range of servers all over the world, so you can easily choose the most suitable one.

3. Server overload

It is possible for a server to get overcrowded when there are too many users and not enough bandwidth. This situation happens rather frequently with free VPNs. In this case, the solution is to try connecting to a different server, where there may be fewer visitors. Ultimately, you should choose a provider with no bandwidth limitations on their servers.

4. Interference

Some firewalls or anti-malware programs may interfere with your VPN and slow down your connection. Although it is not that common, some of the security programs may be configured to affect the traffic and the CPU usage of your computer. Make sure to use one of the best antivirus options to avoid interference.

5. Encryption

The level of encryption has its effect on the speed as well. The stronger it is, the more CPU it takes up. Mostly, it concerns older devices though. In this case, you may switch to a lighter protocol.

In conclusion

So, as you can see, it is not a myth that a VPN can make your Internet slower. That is why you should stay away from a free VPN and choose a legitimate provider that offers reliable service.

Soin Neuroscience Constructs Spinal Cord Stimulator for Chronic Pain Treatment

Soin Neuroscience Inc., based in Dayton, OH, has recently created a new spinal cord stimulation device (SNI) to treat chronic pain. SNI is an investigational device that has shown significant promise compared to current standard techniques.

Soin Neuroscience is using a new algorithm and working on a platform that will use machine learning and AI technology to bring precision. 

Because Soin Neuroscience is concerned with excessive opioid use in chronic pain patients, they have developed a different approach to pain by obstructing the nerves that cause pain, using a new algorithm that treats and blocks the nerve using stimulation. The company has recently started human proof of concept studies.

Spinal cord stimulation requires that the medical device be placed into the spine’s epidural space with leads or wires. Electrical stimulation is then administered to the spine to decrease a patient’s perception of pain.

Soin Neuroscience is also working on a platform that will use machine learning and AI technology with its medical devices to enhance patient care and bring precision medicine to spinal cord stimulation.

CEO and founder of Soin Neuroscience, Dr. Soin, says he is eager to start a program dedicated to treating patients who suffer from chronic pain. “As we embark on our journey of science, learning, and development, we believe there may be some significant advantages to our device over the current standard,” Dr. Soin states.

Patients in Dayton, OH, who have tested the device report a substantial reduction in pain. Patients who have tested the new system noted that pain scores went down to a 0 – 2 out of 10. The patients also reported that they were able to stand again for prolonged periods. Another patient stated that their pain score dropped to 0 out of 10 periodically during testing, stating that it felt like a much better option than the shots they were currently using for the pain.

Dr. Soin is encouraged by the results and believes they may have a breakthrough product for patients dealing with chronic pain. “Although further testing will be needed, the new approach is more in line with how the body’s nerves process information,” Dr. Soin states. “It’s too early to conclude just based on early testing, but our team is excited about the possibilities.”

Soin Neuroscience has already experienced great success in creating various types of pharmacological agents to treat pain. 

The goal for Soin Neuroscience is to continue developing spinal cord stimulation technology and expand into other types of neurostimulation devices. Soin Neuroscience has already experienced great success in creating various types of pharmacological agents to treat pain.

The spinal cord stimulation medical device indicates the company’s progress towards meeting the needs of those suffering from chronic pain by offering different modalities. The device is investigational and not FDA approved for use in humans, and patients who have trialed the system are part of an approved early pilot study.

The device is not available for commercial use. Given that only initial testing has been completed, Soin Neuroscience cannot claim the efficacy of the device as further testing is needed. As a result, there are no guarantees or claims of effectiveness, and further testing is required.

Email Amol Soin at

10 Best Real Estate WordPress Themes 2022

If you are already running a real-estate business or if you are just going to start it – it’s the right time to think about bringing it online. Of course, you may be a prosperous realtor even not having a website, still, you are losing a lot of money and new clients without a web page. With the development of progress, people become lazier and no one even wants to use phones to make a call. Everyone first goes to search engines to check up the services available on the Internet, to compare prices, to look through the testimonials etc. And obviously, the realtor services introduces on the Internet win the contest.

But how to start a website if you don’t have any developer skills? Easy! There are a lot of website builders that offer to make a website yourself but as the rule, they require at least some initial knowledge of website building. There is even an easier way – you can choose a template from the list of ready-made Real Estate WordPress Themes what will help to save your time greatly.

Why WordPress? The answer is as simple as a pie: this is the most popular and most easy-to-manage platform for website creating purposes. Moreover, there is a great plenty of WordPress themes sold on big marketplaces so you have a wide range of choice. We have collected the freshest and function-rich themes and present it in the list below. But in the first instance, it is important to mention that all listed products are fully responsive, SEO-friendly and are served by professional 24/7 support.

HomePro Real Estate Portal WordPress Theme

HomePro Real Estate Portal WordPress Theme

HomePro is a powerful theme for real-estate agencies website on WordPress. It contains a Cherry Plugin that allows clients to use advanced search and find exactly what they need. Integrated Google Maps gives an opportunity to look for the property located as it is highlighted with the preview markers.

Details | Demo

CozyHouse – Real Estate Premium WordPress Theme

Real Estate Agent WP Theme

CozyHouse is a minimalistic WordPress theme written with the clean code and enhanced with premium design. The main page contains the Google Map widget to showcase, for instance, the location of the agency’s offices. The product supports the IDX plugin installation that may allow users to submit properties right from the front-end.

Details | Demo

Bellaina – Real Estate Responsive WordPress theme

Bellaina - Real Estate Responsive WordPress theme

Bellaina is one of the top themes for realtors with a simple but trendy design. It is equipped with Content Module and Custom Widgets to add your website the exact functionality and filling that you need. The theme is licensed under GPL as well so be aware that it contains stock images.

Details | Demo

Villagio – Property Booking WordPress Theme

Villagio - Property Booking WordPress Theme

Villagio is a perfectly suitable theme for property booking services. It includes the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin that allows adding accommodations with photos and detail descriptions and provides the live reservation option. Real-time Search Availability Form allows to immediately hide unavailable properties as well as to show up the free dwellings.

Details | Demo

Trowel – Construction WordPress Theme

Trowel - Construction WordPress Theme

Trowel is a theme for creating a real estate construction company. It allows showcasing your latest projects to your clients as well as to reach the special propositions section to boost the effectivity of your business. It is easy to install and customize due to the extra pages layouts.

Details | Demo

At Home – Real Estate Elementor WordPress Theme

At Home - Real Estate Elementor WordPress Theme

Another solution for building a real estate agency is At Home. This that contains all features that are needed for the full-fledged work of the agency as it is well-documented, integrates with JetElements and MegaMenu. The theme is retina-ready, moreover, customization is performed by Live WordPress customizer, 4 different blog layouts, and Elementor Page builder.

Details | Demo

Emilia Warren – Real Estate WordPress Theme

Emilia Warren - Real Estate WordPress Theme

Emilia Warren is a theme that suits both for personal realtor page and real estate agency. It is performed in clean and minimal outlook that allows direct the client’s attention right on the services offered on the website. Its features comprise advanced filter search, Live customizer, IDX support and integrated Google fonts for creating an attractive design and functionality of your website.

Details | Demo

Oceanica – Hotel Booking WordPress Theme

Oceanica - Hotel Booking WordPress Theme

Oceanica is a great solution if you are going to launch a hotel-booking website. It allows to accept payments for reservations through most used payments systems, like PayPal,2Checkout, Stripe, Braintree etc. It is also possible to adjust different rates for suits to let clients know about the available and included services.

Details | Demo

Villa Elisa – Real Estate Responsive WordPress Theme

Property WordPress Theme

Choose Villa Elisa for presenting your property online. The theme is designed in minimalistic style and performs up-to-date website appearance trends. It is easily installed with the help of integrated setup wizard, contains 7 header layouts and Live customizer for creating an appealing design.

Details | Demo

Estadoz – Real Estate Agency WordPress Theme

Property WP Theme

Combining all necessary for real estate website features, Estadoz provides plenty of tools for customization, like widgets, drag-and-drop module, and a number of presets. Moreover, it includes a lot of Cherry plugins to enrich the functionality. It retains testimonials option as well as contact forms, prices tables etc.

Details | Demo

It is important to mention that Real estate business that is built online gains more success than the agencies that do not offer an access to their website. As the matter of fact, using ready-made website templates for WordPress-based websites greatly simplifies the process. Hopefully, the list of products showcased above will serve its purpose and help you to develop your business more.

One More Successful Year, or Mission Completed: Happy 17th Birthday to TemplateMonster

The corporate world is full of competition, problems, and tasks that should be solved. Sometimes one longs for a pause that allows leaving all these things behind. We are happy to say that there is a day where you can forget about everything and visit a cheerful party. TemplateMonster wants to see everyone on the celebration of its 17th birthday. Can you even believe? In total, there are 17 years that TemplateMonster provides its audience with a huge number of ready-made solutions. It was a long path. Now, it is possible to throw a spectacular party that no one will never forget. In addition to this, it is not an ordinary party that you visit over and over again. For this reason, it does not matter who you are. A boss, workman, secretary, designer or photographer… Postpone all your matters and make certain to become a guest of TemplateMonster on its birthday party on June, 17.

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After-Party and Even More Gifts

Every day is miraculous when it is filled with presents. For this reason, TemplateMonster wants to continue loading you with presents:

  • 1-year premium hosting;
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On this special day, we want to congratulate TemplateMonster on its 17 birthday. May all its wishes become one step closer to reality!

A&S Investment Holding Company & Uğur Akkuş: Turkey’s Destiny

Turkey has a household name: Uğur Akkuş, the Founder and CEO of A&S Investment Holding Company. He’s the man to know in every sector, from manufacturing to tourism, finance to construction, media to technology. His multi-million-dollar company has offices in Istanbul’s prestigious Trump Towers, but Akkuş is more likely to be found sitting in a cafe in Ankara, listening to an entrepreneur talk about their idea for a cryptocurrency; or meeting with doctors in Izmir to assess their post-pandemic needs.

Despite his busy schedule, he agreed to provide his “man on the street” perspective on his country as well as the plans that A&S Investment Holding Company has for 2022.

Foreign Investors Will Flock to Turkey in 2022

Akkuş envisions Turkey filling the gap left behind by China in the manufacturing sector. “Foreign countries are coming here because they are recognizing the advantages of doing business here,” he says. “China’s dominance in manufacturing is done due to the economic embargo and the insane shipping prices.”

As China closed its borders due to COVID-19, containers that once shipped for $2,500 now ship for $12,500, Akkuş reveals. “Really, Turkey is the perfect solution. Our location means we are right at the crossroads of Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and even Africa, if you think about it. Whichever direction you go, you will find an important market within only hours.”

While Turkey had an immensely strong economy before the pandemic, it experienced significant struggles; however, it’s poised to bounce back and achieve an even stronger economy. Much of this is due to A&S Investment Holding Company’s efforts during the pandemic: “We didn’t stop,” says Akkuş. “We looked down the road and envisioned where we wanted Turkey to be when the pandemic ended: strong and able to capitalize on an educated, cultured workforce. I met with my own employees and cast a vision for 2022 and the coming years: to use A&S Investment Holding Company to help Turkey to become the economic powerhouse I believe it is destined to become.”

Akkuş explains that he thinks that because of the political and economic turmoil in the Middle East and North Africa, there will be an inevitable transfer of wealth to Turkey over the next decade. “As that happens, Turkey will see more businesses grow across industries, and I am guiding A&S Investment Holding Company to be there when that happens.”

The Ukraine/Russia war is affecting the region, and Ukrainian refugees are fleeing to Turkey, finding aid that they may not have expected. “We’re doing all we can to help,” says Akkuş. “We’re also keeping a close eye on the conflict and its possible implications for Turkey and the region.”

He intends to utilize his company’s resources to step in and help with the reconstruction of Ukraine when the war stops and is already developing projects that will support the rebuilding of its food, textiles, and construction industries.

Going Green During the Pandemic

Akkuş cares deeply not only for his country’s economy but her people as well. He noticed that during the pandemic many Turkish residents turned to nature for comfort during the difficult times, spending their weekends camping. Once again he turned his company’s resources to meet this need.

“We implemented ecological villas in Izmir, our pilot region,” he says. “The villas are resistant to earthquakes up to magnitude 12, very thankfully, and alongside each one is a beautiful little garden, which brings nature right up to the person’s doorstep. Relaxing this way can help more Turkish people and even foreign tourists to rejuvenate.”

Turkey Poised to Lead Digital Revolution

Akkuş says that as Turkey continues to grow in prominence in the region, the key to it leading economically will be the contributions that it will make to the digital revolution. “Digitalization is inevitable and will bring exciting developments to the country and the world. This is why A&S Investment Holding Company plans to activate our digital money stock exchange, We plan to launch this in the United States and around the world at the beginning of June.”

He explains that it will be Turkey’s first local and national blockchain cryptocurrency. “It will lead to commission discounts, airdrop campaigns, new ICO processes, and trading competitions.”

Akkuş reveals that, through the company’s Ascoin Invest Program, will also be used to sponsor relevant departments that are working on blockchain technology. “We are very happy about this because it will have the potential to provide financing for the projects of young entrepreneurs. I am pleased that will contribute to Turkey being able to provide unprecedented opportunities for more people.”

About Uğur Akkuş and A&S Investment Holding Company

Akkuş is a third-generation businessman who started his university education at Bilkent University in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration and continued his education in Germany, at Essen-Duisburg University. Since going into business, he has served as Vice-Chairman of Kuwait Business Council and the Foreign Economic Relations Board and was Vice-President of Saudi Arabia Business Council. He was also a High Advisory Board Member for the Turkish American Business Association and was the founding member and board member of KUVİD Association. He is fluent in English, German, French, and Arabic and sees business as his way to give back to his country and the world.

“Business is in my family’s blood,” he says, “and in forming my company, I used everything I learned from my father and grandfather about domestic and international trade as well as my own experiences and capital. The result is A&S Investment Holding Company, which supports all of its subsidiaries in terms of operations management, corporate governance, and finances. We continue to bring more businesses into our portfolio based on the principles of quality, value, service, and excellence, and it is my goal that A&S Investment Holding Company will make Turkey even stronger for generations to come.”

He started A&S Investment Holding Company with the aims of investing in commercial sectors with high-profit potential and of achieving sustainable and stable growth within targeted periods.

Akkuş’ dedication to his company and Turkey as well as his reputation in the industry have led him to be awarded the Best Businessman Award 2022 and Best CEO of 2022.

“I can’t tell you how happy I am about this,” Akkuş says, smiling. “These are public awards and I had some tough competition, so just to be nominated was a tremendous honor. I’d like to dedicate the awards to my family, without whom I would not be here today.”

A&S Investment Holding Company Invests in Turkey’s Future

While Akkuş is pleased with his company’s efforts in the outdoor and medical industries, his passion truly is helping Turkey lead the digital revolution. “I have spent a lot of time talking with computer scientists and engineers as well as business leaders, and the consensus has been that Turkey is ready to innovate more advancements in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology,” Akkuş states. “Our workforce is young and college-educated, and we have the brainpower to be at the forefront of the tech that is going to mean big things for all sectors of business.”

For more information on Uğur Akkuş, A&S Investment Holding Company, and their work to help develop Turkey into a global economic leader, please visit the company’s website or contact:

A&S Investment Holding Company


Phone: 0212 801 48 64

Essential Consulting Templates For Marketing, Planning, and Branding

marketing consultant

The modern theory of managing the processes of creating new products underestimates the relationship between the processes of developing and selling new products and the development of brands. The easiest way to avoid mistakes is to use the services of a consultant. Let’s analyze what signs call into question the reality of the provision of marketing services and how to compose the primary so that there are no problems during verification. How to arrange marketing services without tax risks? Use consulting templates.

Why are marketing services a tax risk?

Any company is engaged in research of sales markets and clarifies consumer preferences in one form or another. Indeed, thanks to industry development and advanced technologies, people now have access to any goods at almost any time and in any place. The “era of the buyer” has already arrived. It is he who ultimately decides what to choose from a variety of similar offers on the market for goods and services.

Regular stores, online stores, direct sales – the methods are different for all sellers, but the goal is to attract a buyer to your trading platform, sell your product to them and keep them for making further purchases. And to achieve this goal, as they say, all means are acceptable. To successfully display goods, various loyalty programs, global and local research of consumer behavior, segment the market according to various criteria, and position goods by segment are helpful.

We all know these things intuitively. But we must understand that serious research is behind the manifestations of the sellers’ activity. These activities are either ordered by marketing specialists or used free of charge (media, Internet). Often, an enterprise’s staff has its marketer, and besides them, advertisers, designers, and IT specialists.

best consultation templates for branding

From the accountant’s point of view, payment for marketing activities is usually payment for ordinary services. But from the regulatory authorities’ point of view, not everything is so simple. Why? Because the intangibility of such services and the obvious influence of the results of applying the recommendations of marketers on the growth of sales and improving the financial condition of the enterprise gave rise to the phenomenon of aggressive optimization of taxation by numerous enterprises by issuing acts for allegedly rendered marketing services. It doesn’t matter if you make a profit or a loss: everyone needs marketing.

For example, information about the conjuncture and development prospects of a particular market for goods (services) can be obtained from open sources – it will look like market research. Further, it is technically easy to draw up an act for the amount required by the enterprise: after all, it is not easy to find analogs of prices (to confirm their “usualness”) for specific marketing services, since in each case, everything is very, very individual.

So it turns out that the primary documents seem to be executed impeccably: contract, act, tax invoice. And the company – the customer of services receives expenses in accounting and a tax credit, reducing the tax base for income tax and VAT (as an end in itself). But upon examination, it may turn out that no marketing services were provided. And hence the unpleasant and often “financially overwhelming” consequences for the company – the customer of fictitious services: expenses and the tax credit will be “removed” with the simultaneous charging of taxes and penalties. If the transaction amount is large, this can lead to the company that bought the fictitious services to bankruptcy.

What are Marketing Services?

We are considering the issue of what relates to marketing services in terms of reducing tax risks. To this end, we recommend focusing on those definitions that are in various regulatory documents, and not in marketing textbooks. First, let’s take a look at the general definition of service delivery. The supply of services means any transaction that is not the supply of goods, particularly the provision of services consumed in the course of performing a specific action or carrying out a particular activity. This definition has something in common with the Civil Code definition regarding consulting templates on the provision of services.

Then we consider the definition of various marketing services:

  • On the placement of products of the taxpayer at the points of sale;

  • The study, research, and analysis of consumer demand;

  • Entering data on the products of the taxpayer into the information bases of sales;

  • Collection and distribution of information about products (works, services).

Let’s dwell on marketing research separately. They mean a systematic process of determining, collecting, accumulating, processing, and analyzing information about the current state and forecast of the goods market. And services, supply, and demand, consumer behavior, market conditions, price dynamics. This whole complex of actions aims to improve the promotion of goods on the market, increasing their sales.

And finally, let’s take a look at merchandising. This type of marketing promotes the intensive promotion of goods in retail without the active participation of specialized personnel. This includes the successful placement of goods on the trading floor, the original design of counters and shop windows, the organization of presentations with souvenirs’ distribution, and discounts and benefits. In other words, this is a set of measures aimed at attracting the attention of the buyer to a particular product (or group of products). A product posted using certain technologies sells itself.

How to prove the reality of marketing services?

consulting templates planning

Arm yourself with consulting templates. How to fill the consulting templates to provide marketing services to convince controllers that these services are substantial? This issue has become especially relevant in the past few years, at the next stage of regulatory authorities’ struggle with a fictitious tax credit. Let’s list the key signs that prove that the business transaction for providing services is unrealistic:

  • The “seller” of services is not an economic entity producing the corresponding service.

  • The service provider is not able to provide it, judging by the available labor and material resources;

  • The documented service is artificial. For example, a report on the provision of marketing, information, or consulting services may contain predominantly declarative and sometimes even meaningless information.

How can you prove that the company received services? It is necessary to go from the opposite of those signs listed above: none of them should be applicable in your case. Or, simply use a consulting template. Also, current jurisprudence should be taken into account. The courts defend taxpayers in disputes about the reality of transactions in cases where the primary documents confirm the purpose, objective necessity, the economic feasibility of obtaining the relevant services, as well as the possibility of carrying out such operations, taking into account the required time, place, material resources required to provide such services.

What to Know About a Career in Cybersecurity?

Are you looking for an exciting new career path? Cybersecurity is an industry fast on the rise to combat the growing threat of cybercrime, and it is a field that is appealing to many people with a passion for tech (and even those without). Cybersecurity can certainly be a great area to get into whether you are embarking on your first career journey or looking to make a switch from a relevant field, but as with any industry, there are a few things that you should be aware of first that will hopefully help you to know what to expect and hit the ground running.

Qualifications Are Key

You may be able to find some work without a relevant degree, but in order to find success in this industry, you will need an online cyber security degree with a masters being a great option. An online cyber security degree will teach you the skills and knowledge required to protect businesses and individuals against modern threats, plus an online cyber security degree can also prepare you for roles in leadership in this field. An online cyber security degree can also be taken entirely online, so it can be easier to work or maintain your current commitments, such as childcare, while you study for your online cyber security degree.

Jobs Are in Demand

There are many reasons people decide to switch careers, but one of the main reasons that many people are reconsidering their careers and looking to make the switch to cyber security is that cyber security is a field that is very heavily in demand. There has been a shortage in the field for a number of years, but the sharp increase in attacks (especially during COVID-19) has created an even stronger need for cyber security professionals. It is said that the global gap is around 3.12 million positions, and this ranges from entry-level analysts all the way through to executive-level leaders. Therefore, now is certainly a good time to consider an online cyber security degree and to help plug the shortage in the field.

Earning Potential is High

Another reason why so many people are eyeing up a career in this field is that the earning potential is significant. Payscale reports that the average salary for a cybersecurity analyst is $76,603 per year, but there is the potential to earn much more than this with specialist roles and depending on where you work. Salary is always an important factor when pursuing a career, and cybersecurity has good entry-level salaries with very high ceilings, so it can certainly be a smart move to make financially speaking.

Job Security is Strong

With such a big shortage all over the globe, you can rest assured knowing that you have strong job security with a role in cybersecurity. Once you have earned an online cyber security degree, you should be able to find work in most places, particularly if you have a masters degree. In addition to having strong job security (a major plus in today’s day and age), this also gives you the freedom and flexibility to move around if you wish – this is furthered by the fact that a lot of cybersecurity work can be done remotely.

Cybersecurity is a Broad Field

These days, cybersecurity is an incredibly broad field, and there are many different places to work and roles to fill. Cybersecurity was once seen mainly for government departments and other large institutions, but these days cybersecurity is mainstream and required in just about every aspect of life. Businesses of all sizes and in all industries, charities, non-profits, and individuals all need protecting online, particularly with cybercrime constantly evolving and developing and greatly accelerated due to COVID-19. This means that there are many different ways to make a living in cybersecurity, such as working as part of a cybersecurity firm, working with many different clients, working in any industry and providing cybersecurity for a single business, or working as a freelance specialist.

It is Constantly Changing

One of the major challenges of a career in this field is that it is constantly changing. An online cyber security degree is vital for teaching you how to protect against digital attacks, but it is difficult when these attacks are constantly changing, and new tactics are being used. This means that there is ongoing learning that you must be committed to with work in this field, so you will need to make the effort to stay current. There are lots of different ways to do this, such as:

  • Ongoing training and qualifications
  • Reading blogs
  • Listening to podcasts
  • Joining online communities
  • Attending industry events
  • Reading industry publications
  • Social media

The Work is Incredibly Important

One of the main benefits of a career in cybersecurity is that it is incredibly important work. There have been many high-profile attacks on major institutions worldwide in recent times that can have very real and severe impacts not just on individual organizations, but cybersecurity is now something that every person and business needs. This means that you are making a real difference with your work no matter where you are working and making the world a safer place for people. If you work for a cybersecurity agency, you might work on some major cases and handle sensitive data, which can be a real thrill and one of the major perks of the job.

It is More Stressful Than Other Careers

Although it can be thrilling, it is also important to note that a career in cybersecurity is more stressful than most. This is because the work is so important, and any successful attacks could be devastating for a business or individual, so you will want to do all that you can to prevent attacks from being successful. On top of this, the work can be demanding, you may end up working at all hours of the night, and the fact that it is constantly changing can add to the stress. This means that cybersecurity professionals need to be able to manage their stress, work in high-pressure situations and find ways to de-stress and relax when they are not working.

It Can Interfere With Your Personal Life

Leading on from this point, this is not the right industry for you if you want to work 9-5 and simply switch off at the end of the day. Due to the serious nature of the work, you may be required to work all kinds of hours and often be on call, which means that it can interfere with your personal life (not to mention the stress you can bring home with you). This is an area that many struggle with, but the key is to try and make the most out of your free time and to find ways to disconnect from work when you are able to.

Communication Skills Are Essential

There is a misconception when it comes to cybersecurity and even IT as a whole that you do not need good communication skills to succeed. While you will spend a lot of time working unsupervised sitting in front of a computer (and often working remotely), you will also spend a lot of time working as a team, communicating with clients, and presenting to groups. This means that you must possess excellent communication skills to clearly explain your work to those that might not have strong IT and tech understanding and build and maintain trust. For those that want to advance to leadership positions, this will be hugely important and an area that will require work – an online cyber security degree can also help with this.

You Need to Create a Large Professional Network

As with any industry, having a large professional network will always prove useful, particularly for those who want to reach the top. While there are many gaps to fill right now, there is also a surge to fill positions, so it could be hard to climb the ladder in the coming years. It will be easier, and you will find more opportunities when you have cultivated a large professional network and developed a positive reputation. You should be networking both online and offline and make sure that you are making an effort to maintain professional relationships over time (the internet can be a great way to do this).

Critical Thinking Skills Are Key

Cybersecurity is, essentially, all about problem-solving, and this is difficult when you are facing new and different challenges each day. This is why it is so important to have critical thinking skills, which would allow you to think outside the box and find the best and most efficient solution to the problems when they arise (you must also be able to act quickly). It is true that some people seem to possess critical thinking skills naturally, but you can also develop these yourself with training, and this could make a huge difference to your performance and career potential in cybersecurity.

You Will Make Mistakes

Mistakes are inevitable when working in a high-pressure, high-demand industry and facing constantly changing threats. Hopefully, these mistakes will never be too severe, but you must make sure that you do not let them knock you back and affect your confidence. Every top cyber professional will have made mistakes, but the difference is that they will take a moment to learn from these mistakes without dwelling on them and use them to become a better cybersecurity professional.

You Should Build a Portfolio

In order to advance your career, you will need to be able to show what you have done and why you are the right person for the job (much like any job). One of the best ways that you can do this in a cybersecurity field is to build a portfolio over the course of your career, which outlines the work that you have done and the challenges that you have overcome. An online portfolio is a good idea and can include further information on your career along with references from previous employers and clients that you have worked with.

Days Are Different

Another appealing factor for a career in cybersecurity is that no two days are the same. While this certainly can make it stressful and unpredictable, many cybersecurity professionals enjoy the fact that their work is never the same and that they will be facing new challenges and having new experiences each day. This means that you need to have some flexibility with your work; you need to be prepared each and every day and have a strong work ethic so that you can work to a high standard at all times.

You Need Strong Understanding Outside of Cybersecurity

You will obviously need to be a cybersecurity specialist and have an online cyber security degree, but it is also important to see the bigger picture and have a greater understanding in order to find success. The best cybersecurity professionals are the ones that have a strong understanding of both tech and IT in general, as well as understand business. The clients that you are working with will simply want protection from the latest threats and for the protection to not interfere with their work, so you need to understand the business, their goals, and how they operate so that you can find the best solutions and both keep them happy and well protected.

As you can see, there is a lot to know about a career in cybersecurity with benefits and drawbacks, much like any other field. Individuals who desire to get a job yet don’t have any experience in cybersecurity can check out Jooble. On Jooble, you’ll find many nice job opportunities in cybersecurity with no experience.
Now is certainly a good time to embark on a career in this field, and it can be incredibly rewarding, but it is also hugely demanding and not a role for someone that wants a simple job that they can disconnect from. Those who enjoy their work often see it as an important part of their life and revel in the fact that they get to protect both people and businesses from malicious threats from criminals around the world.

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