5 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing is something that every growing business and brand has to invest in. You will seldom find that in this day and age, a brand will become a household name without any marketing efforts. Although virality does play a role in those who do, this isn’t something that businesses can depend on. For this reason, marketing has become something that companies are trying to master as it’s the primary way of improving their bottom line. However, marketing takes on a different face for each brand, so figuring out what works best for you is key. Below you’ll find five ways that you can improve your marketing efforts and get better results.

1.) Carry Out an Audit

Before carrying out any vigorous marketing activities, you should think about doing a marketing audit. In case you don’t know what a marketing audit is, it’s an in-depth analysis of your marketing activities, goals, and objectives. By conducting one, you’ll be able to identify areas that are ineffective as well as realign your activities with your goals. In addition to this, it’s a chance to open yourself up to new ideas and strategies.

2.) Invest More Money

Although it is still possible to leverage organic traffic, if you want to see quicker and more significant results, spending money is a necessity. Create a paid ads budget that will give you a decent return on investment.

If you don’t have the money to invest in paid ads, you should be thinking about getting an additional stream of income to support your business and help manage your personal expenses.

There are endless ways to make money working from home,whether it be by becoming a vlogger, dropshipping, or publishing an eBook.

3.) Be Open to Experimenting

Aside from the mentioned, being open to experimenting could also go a long way. As mentioned earlier, after doing an audit, you’ll likely discover new ideas that you can try implementing. Marketing is about trying to mold your brand’s perception in the eyes of your audience as well as converting them to loyal customers. This often demands creative thinking as well as out of the ordinary strategies.

4.) Use Your Data

If you’re doing marketing, you should have data that is being used to inform your decisions. Without data, you can liken your marketing attempts to trying to capture your target in the dark. Use existing data alongside data that you collect and decide how best to communicate with your audience. Big data, can be used to create real-time personalization to buyers and identify the type of content that moves buyers down the sales funnel.

5.) Focus on Quality

The last tip for improving your marketing efforts as a business or brand is to focus on quality. When creating content, whether it’s for social media, blog posts or ads, ensure that its well-thought-out. You want content that coverts as opposed to just putting out information that only adds to the existing noise online. Quality content adds value to its audience and has a clear-cut purpose.

Tech Developments That Will Change The Future

Technology is in a state of flux and will continue to have a great impact on the future of businesses and the way that we live. However, as recent developments in technology shows, there are some elements of emerging technology that will help to change the future of tech and its surrounding industries drastically. This article covers some of the most important tech developments and how they will affect the future.

  • Miniaturization

The miniaturization of devices will become a dominant factor in the potential of upcoming electronics, and this is mainly enabled by the development of PCBs. PCBs are currently being designed to become miniaturized, which will influence a business’s ability to create wearable tech such as watches and flexible displays. All of these rely on developments in PCBs to ensure that their circuits can be made flexible and that their technology remains workable. If you are looking for software that can help you to design your PCBs, PCB design largely comes down to low-priced professional PCB software such as Altium’s CircuitStudio. These allow you to create PCBs for professional layouts, ensuring that you have the expert tools needed for any PCB design.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence will also affect the future of technology. Artificial Intelligence will allow programs to be run solely by machines to perform time-consuming tasks and improve the accuracy of processes. AI can be used for many purposes, and these include the increasing of sales, detecting fraud, better security measures, and even the implementation of tools. Not only this, but AI chatbots and virtual assistants can help businesses to interact with customers without the necessary personnel, and large companies such as Amazon have already started using AI for their delivery practices, as well as their algorithms and in their voice assistant, Alexa.

  • AR and VR

AR and VR are not just for entertainment experiences, and although VR gadgets are great to play with, they can also have a vast effect on other industries. For instance, manufacturing and engineering companies can use VR and AR to immerse themselves within an experience and apply these elements to real life. This is perfect for aspects such as fixing issues with production and assembly lines, testing products and ensuring that their processes will become more accurate. AR and VR will also start to have benefits to other business aspects such as marketing, where companies can provide consumers with realistic assimilations of their product and how they might use it.

  • Automation

Soon, you may be more likely to work alongside a robot than a human as automation starts to take over in workplaces. From manufacturing to delivery companies to food chains, automation may become a key prospect to their industries. These automated services will be able to perform detailed and difficult duties accurately, such as assembling products, which will reduce the need for a human workforce.

While the future is still unknown, emerging technologies give us an astute prediction of the types of tech we may see in the future. This then also give us an idea of their effect that this will have on our lives and on local and national businesses.

5 Portfolio HTML Templates That Can Help You Make The Career

Do you want to bind your life with a photography? Or, maybe, you are already an experienced photographer and want to promote works via the Internet? An own website is a great chance to share your photos with the whole world. With a website, you can offer your services to millions of people and even become a famous photographer in the future.

While you decide on establishing the site on your own, ready-made template is right what you need to implement the idea. Literally, the success of your website depends on a correctly chosen theme. Before opting for a template, decide on how your site should look like, which exact options should include etc. These criteria are important, especially if we are talking about career and self-realization. That is why we’ve collected 5 portfolio HTML templates  that can change the idea of how to promote yourself as a photographer.

Review Of Best 5 HTML Templates For Your Future Photographer Blog

Photo Studio HTML5 Template

Photo Studio HTML5 Template

More Info

Photo Studio is a fully responsive HTML5 template that has been created to be a universal weapon for any photographer who wants to run his own website. This template can be the same great choice for both amateur and professional photographer. It has a stylish and eye-catching design that is very important for such type of websites. Multiple gallery and album layouts will help you upload all your astonishing photos and organize them into different albums. Besides, “Photo Studio“ template is really easy to customize. It does not require any programming skills. All you have to do is just drag elements to the main page, set blocks as you like and enjoy your new, amazing website. Even if something in your template is not clear to you, you may check accurate documentation that comes with a template or contact 24\7 support team to get the fast solution to any of your questions.

Artist Portfolio Multipage HTML5 Template

Artist Portfolio Multipage HTML5 Template

More Info

Brittany Pierce is a beautiful artist portfolio HTML5 template that can be used for a photographer’s portfolio website or personal photo blog. The theme comes with an advanced set of features and instruments that allows you to create a website exactly as you need. Different web forms and letter subscription option can be an additional way to stay in touch with your clients. Moreover, you can set up the blog in a few clicks and start to spread your thoughts and share them with your website visitors. In addition, this theme is search engine friendly which will help you reach a high position in the Google search results. Thanks to fully responsive design, you can be sure that your website will work properly on any mobile device and people will enjoy the beauty of your photos from their smartphones. So, if you need a highly-functional template for your photographer’s website, you should take a closer look at Brittany Pierce.

Online Portfolio Web Template

Online Portfolio Web Template

More Info

Are you looking for the best way to present your photography works on the web? Susan Parker multipage template is a great solution for such purposes. This fully responsive theme has a modern, stylish design and is very easy in use, what matters for beginner users. Thanks to the drag and drop page builder, you can easily set every page and make your website ready in a short time. Even if you do not want to build pages on your own, there is over 25 ready to use HTML5 pages. Besides, the template includes different plugins that can make your work much easier. E.g. Appointment Manager that allows your client to book an appointment at a convenient time. Different gallery types like grid, masonry, and cobbles can give you an additional way to show your best works. Well-commented and SEO friendly code will make the work with code easier and help to reach the top of Google search results.

Laterna Photography Website Template

Laterna Photography Website Template

More Info

Laterna is one more photography related template that has been made in the bootstrap framework. It has 2 different versions: dark and light, so you can choose which one fits your style and mood in the best way. Both themes include the same content. They have 3 different styles for portfolio, 2 versions of the home page and 2 types of blog. Template is fully customizable and does not require any coding skills. Even if you have some questions regarding your theme, professional agents from 24\7 support team are always ready to help you out. We know the importance of the pictures quality and their look on a website, that is why this template is mobile friendly. Thus, you can be sure that your pages and photos look properly on any tablet or smartphone. In short, this template can be a great choice, if you want to make an accent on style and appearance.

Photographer Portfolio Multipage HTML5 Template

Photographer Portfolio Multipage HTML5 Template

More Info

Coral Studio is a fully responsive HTML5 template with Parallax effect and tons of features to make an astonishing website with amazing functionality. It includes a huge set of UI elements which can create an impressive appearance of pages and pleasant user experience. Cool CSS3 animations that come with this template also add a modern look to your website. A huge variety of album, gallery and portfolio layouts gives you a lot of different ways to show off your works to viewers. Wonderful blog feature can be a nice way to communicate with your site visitors or just to share some important information. A convenient contact block and multiple web forms make your website more comfortable to use. More than 30 ready-made pages are also included to this set. In a bundle including detailed documentation and 24\7 support, this template is an ultimate pack for creating an awesome photographer’s website.

Final word

With no doubt, photography website templates are versatile. Some of them are made with an accent to the visual part of the website. While the other has an amazing variety of options and features resulting in advanced functionality. I can not say which is the best one exactly. Every template has been developed to cover specific purposes. Thus, everyone can find a template that meets all his needs when checking out this list of themes. We hope that you’ll also find one that would become a starting point of your future successful photography blog or portfolio of a famous photographer.

10 Breathtaking WordPress Travel Themes for Your Website

Are you passionate about traveling and love spending time abroad, getting to know different cultures and sharing your experiences with the public? Or do you run a travel agency that helps people spend their vacations all around the globe? Regardless, to be successful nowadays you’ll absolutely need a website of your own. It will help you find new audiences and customers much easier since people spend significant amounts of time online now.

So, what’s the quickest way of building a website? Of course, it is purchasing a ready-made template. It is also the most cost-efficient way of doing it since you don’t have to pay a developer to do all the coding for you, which can get a little costly. So, today we present to you a small collection of the most impressive WordPress website designs tailored to the needs of both bloggers and travel agency owners alike. Scroll down and you’ll find 10 amazing, professionally crafted themes well-suited for the task of creating a solid online presence for you or your company.

Tourizto – Travel Company Elementor WordPress Theme

Tourizto - Travel Company Elementor WordPress ThemeTourizto is one of the most popular solutions for travel blogs and travel company websites. It’s convenient admin panel houses all the options that you need to create a good-looking site. It is also integrated with the Elementor drag & drop page builder, which lets you customize your layouts in a user-friendly visual interface. It is further supplied with the JetElements plugin which extends Elementor’s capabilities even more. A huge selection of custom widgets like Carousel, Google maps, and many others allow you to create a truly unique and functional design quicker and easier. With Mega Menu’s integration, you will be able to build your own menu designs with as many tabs, categories and subcategories as you deem necessary. Tourizto’s SEO optimization is on point, ensuring that your page ranks in the top search results of Google and is fully responsive design ensures pixel-perfect looks and top-notch optimization on all kinds of devices.

Details |  Demo 

Journez – Travel Elementor WordPress Theme

Journez - Travel Elementor WordPress ThemeJournez is one of the most thrilling and elegantly designed themes for you roadsters. Its stylish design is quite unique and will catch your visitor’s attention as soon as they enter your page. Its customization requires absolutely zero coding knowledge thanks to its integration with the Elementor drag and drop page builder paired with the JetElements plugin. The theme has been built with JetThemeCore, allowing you to create custom headers and footers, or pick pre-designed ones and edit them to suit your needs. JetBlock integration means easy addition of authorization links, hamburger panels, login forms and changing similar elements up. Journez’s layout was created with the mobile-first philosophy in mind, making your site a perfect fit for screens of all sizes. It is also supplied with a variety of pre-designed pages to swap around quickly should you feel the need for change.

Details | Demo 

OnVacation – Travel Company Elementor WordPress Theme

OnVacation - Travel Company Elementor WordPress ThemeOnVacation is a beautiful theme that sports an outstanding design and an impressive set of technical features. It’s cross-browser compatible, fully responsive layout will be displayed on any device perfectly. Its clean and professional design is easily tweaked due to integration with the Elementor Page Builder, Jet Elements and a user-friendly admin panel that houses tons of options in a neatly organized interface. Google Fonts are included, giving you access to an entire library, including several hundreds of unique fonts to work with. OnVacation also comes with 4 ready-made Blog layouts so you can give your customers ideas of where they should plan their next trip. A variety of widgets for different purposes is included in the package too, improving your workflow quite significantly. The theme’s valid and clean HTML code is easy to read and edit should the need for it arises.

Details | Demo 

Journeo – Travel Agency Elementor WordPress Theme

Journeo - Travel Agency Elementor WordPress ThemeJourneo is a perfect theme for presenting your tourism services and packs enough punch to create a popular and profitable site for your business. It`s integration with the Jet Family plugins makes the page creation process simple and enjoyable. Create custom menus from varied presets and add subsections to them with JetMenu. JetElements provides you with tons of functional widgets for adding various types of content and modules to your site without the need to ever touch code. Take advantage of JetBlog to showcase your posts in neatly organized content blocks that are easily customizable. JetTricks even lets you apply parallax and other visual effects to your page, creating truly stunning presentations of your business. Contact Form enables your visitors to get in touch with you by means of a convenient form. Full responsiveness and good SEO optimization go without saying.

Details | Demo 

WorldMap – Travel Photo Blog Elementor WordPress Theme

WorldMap - Travel Photo Blog Elementor WordPress ThemeWorldMap is the perfect match for you if you’re planning on creating a blog revolving around your own adventures around the globe. Customize it with Elementor and show off your breathtaking photos from the places you’ve visited, write and edit your blog posts, take advantage of social media icons and other elements and features to create something truly eye-catching. JetElements and JetBlog, which are practically mandatory plugins for creating a successful blog are included in the package, providing you with basically unlimited site creation and blog posting possibilities. Place your pictures in the beautiful Gallery and spice up your content with beautiful scenery. Your visitors will have full ability to leave you their feedback and share their thoughts about your content on your pages. Embed video, pinpoint locations on Google maps, attach SoundCloud links and even more with a huge selection of handy widgets that are provided with WorldMap.

Details | Demo 

Campterra – Camping WordPress Theme

Campterra - Camping WordPress ThemeCampterra was created specifically for caravan parks, campgrounds and other types of camp tenting parks who rent pitches or RVs. You can use this template as both an impressive brochure website or turn it into a fully-fledged booking platform, letting your customers rent directly from your page. The integration of the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin makes that not only possible but also easy to arrange. The theme’s perfectly structured design is well-suited for showing off your amenities, hookups, things to do in your areas, events and news and features call-to-action elements a guide-through map and more. Campterra’s reservation system is extremely flexible, allowing you to set dynamic pricing plans depending on the number of guests, length of stay and even season. The theme is also designed and equipped with Elementor, one of the best website builders for WordPress and is fully translation-ready.

Details | Demo 

TripSpot – Travel Elementor WordPress Theme

TripSpot - Travel Elementor WordPress ThemeTripSpot is a perfect solution for both personal blogs and commercial travel agency websites. Its stylish layout features informative blocks and elements provided by the Jet plugin set for Elementor. All of the provided plugins are easily installed with the help of the Jet Plugins Wizard. Place your content in cool tabs and accordion blocks with JetTabs. JetThemeCore gives you access to a huge library of pre-designed content blocks and sections via its Magic Button option. Spice up your content with vivid and eye-catching animation effects made available by JetTricks. Take advantage of JetBlog’s functionality to fill your headers and footers with exquisite widgets. Perfect SEO optimization ensures that your site won’t get lost between thousands of search results and will always rank high. The theme’s fully responsive, Retina-ready layout looks equally stunning on both the tiniest and largest of displays.

Details | Demo 

Expanor – Travel Agency Multipurpose Modern Elementor WordPress Theme

Expanor - Travel Agency Multipurpose Modern Elementor WordPress ThemeIf you’re looking for ways to present your travel agency in the most exciting way, look no further than Expanor. Its bright, memorable appearance offers high engagement and rich functionality. Enrich your site with useful information about your company, showcase your services, tours and much more. Ease of customization is ensured by Elementor integration along with an entire set of JetElements plugins. Create and customize mega menus with tons of style settings in JetMenu’s drag and drop interface. Dig around in JetThemeCore’s extensive library of pre-designed sections and create stunning layouts from scratch. Explore the huge selection of custom widgets to enrich every single of your site’s elements with visual effects or other cool features. And, of course, Expanor is fully responsive, Retina-ready and SEO-optimized making it both look and run equally amazing on all known types of devices and screen sizes.

Details | Demo 

Gal Walking – Woman Travel Blog WordPress Theme

Gal Walking - Woman Travel Blog WordPress ThemeGal walking is a clean and creative theme perfect for sharing your emotions, news, and videos on your very own travel blog. Its impressive slider, headers, and footers all come with a variety of customizable options for you to give your pages a little bit more of your own creativity. The template provides you with countless theme settings which allow you to customize categories, entries, and even your search results page. Social networking widgets are implemented so your visitors can like and share your posts on their social media profiles. Mega Menu provides you with a means to create flexible menus of your own designs to make navigating through your pages as seamless and intuitive as possible. On top of the myriad of pre-made elements and options, Gal Walking is integrated with Elementor, allowing you to edit your pages in a visual drag and drop interface.

Details | Demo 

Utravel – Hiking And Outdoors Travel WordPress Theme

Utravel - Hiking And Outdoors Travel WordPress ThemeUtravel is a new theme created for hiking clubs, camping and any other websites related to outdoor activities. It packs all the necessary features for becoming a successful and professional representation of your business. Handy Appointment Booking gives your visitors the ability to book trips right from the convenience of your page. The theme’s installation should only take a few minutes and gives you an option of importing demo content to kickstart your page as soon as possible. Utravel’s source code is clean, thought-through and highly optimized for performance, so people leaving your page because of slow loading times is no longer an issue. Search engine optimization helps your page rank higher in Google and as a result get more traffic and potentially earn more money. The theme is also supplied with a visual page editor to streamline the customization process as much as possible.

Details | Demo 

In Conclusion

So, did anything on our list catch your attention? Did one of the themes strike you as a perfect candidate for using on your own project? Be sure to tell us in the comment section as we would love to hear all of your feedback or even success stories. And if you didn’t find something that fits your ideas and style preferences, don’t worry. Be sure to check out TM’s website, where you’ll find huge selections of website templates not only for this particular niche but for countless other website types. Their stock is updated constantly, so you’re bound to find the perfect for yourself.

Rotate Video Web App Review

The rotate video web app is designed to help you to rotate your videos. It is especially well suited to correct videos that have the wrong orientation, though it can also be used to prepare videos and address continuity issues in clips that you want to merge together.

“What Exactly is The Rotate Video Web App?”

Essentially The rotate video web app is an online tool that exists as a website that you can access with any browser. All you need to do is upload the video that you want to rotate, and it will enable you to do so.

The fact that it is web-based is definitely an advantage as it makes it accessible regardless of the device or platform that you’re using. It does not require any download or installation either.

Adding to its appeal is the fact that the rotate video web app supports Dropbox and Google Drive – which are two of the more popular cloud storage services. That will make it easy for you to upload your videos to the platform.

How to Use The Rotate Video Web App?

To use the rotate video web app you just need to head over to the website as described. Once you do it will take just a few straightforward steps for you to start using it:

  1. Select the video that you want to upload and rotate. It is possible to select a file on your device, or one on Google Drive, Dropbox, or other online sources (via a URL).
  1. Click on the ‘Clockwise’ or ‘Counterclockwise’ buttons to rotate the video in that direction. Each click will rotate it 90-degrees.
  1. Preview the results by clicking play in the preview window.
  1. Set the output settings, including the format, resolution and quality of the video. Be sure to select whether you want to optimize it for web, PC, mobile or GIF – as the options will differ.
  1. Click on the ‘Rotate’ button to rotate the video.
  1. Download the video file when it has been rotated, or choose to upload it to Dropbox or Google Drive.

That is really all that you need to do to rotate video online using the rotate video web app. As you can see it isn’t complicated at all, and there is practically no learning curve involved.

In fact it shouldn’t take any more than a couple of minutes for you to rotate a video using it.


If you want a simple way to rotate your videos orientation, the rotate video web app is a great choice. It is easy to use, straightforward, and will let you rotate your videos quickly.

At the same time it will also let you set up the output options based on your specific requirements. All things considered the range of output formats and settings that it provides is actually fairly impressive.

Make no mistake the rotate video web app is not a full-fledged video editor, nor does it pretend to be. Instead it is designed to fulfill a single goal: Allow users to rotate their video clockwise or counterclockwise in 90-degree increments – no more, and no less.

Best Ways To Decorate Your Website for St. Valentine’s Day

Do you know the best way to overcome the decline in interest to your site after the New Year holidays? Start the preparation and transform the site for St. Valentine’s Day. The call to share love has a very powerful effect on those who have someone to give something for St. Valentine’s Day. In this article, you will find everything you need for your site.

Table of Content

  1. Intro
  2. Valentine’s Hearts Watercolor Png Illustration
  3. Pink Peonies Watercolor png Illustration
  4. Moon Flower – Flower Shop WordPress Theme
  5. Lovely Monograms: 26 elements in 3 color variations
  6. Vintage Fashion Blog WordPress Theme
  7. Hearts and Arrows Valentines Clipart
  8. 100 Typography Logos + 100 Frames Bundle
  9. Love Story: Valentine Watercolor Kit
  10. Mega Fonts – Bundle
  11. Stunning Red Tulips PNG Watercolor Set Illustration
  12. Stunning Roses PNG Watercolor Set Illustration
  13. Free Printable Valentine’s Day Tags
  14. Final Word


St. Valentine’s Day is associated with romance, gifts, and confessions. On this day, people try to express their love in a special way. Therefore, during this period everything should be based on romance. St. Valentine’s Day is the time when men are looking for presents, women dress up, and the owners of the sites decorate them creating a special mood.

Of course, there’s plenty of options to design the site. However, only one is fast, not expensive, and rich in options. And It’s called ready-made solutions. I mean WordPress themes, watercolor kits, decorative logos, and other pre-designed elements. Therefore, I collected for you a selection of holiday decorations for the site. Apply them and give your visitors a romantic mood. In addition, you can use watercolor illustrations for different purposes like postcards, cups, prints on clothes and so on.

Valentine’s Hearts Watercolor Png Illustration

Valentine's Hearts Watercolor Png Illustration

Lovely Details

There is a great variety of ways and methods to express your emotions – from valentines, secretly thrown under the door of your beloved, and ending with such a modest gift in the form of a round-the-world trip or a holiday at some pleasant resort. Nevertheless, you can also express your feelings by simply applying such cute digital heart illustrations, especially on Valentine’s Day. This pack contains:

  • 4 png files;
  • 36 jpg files.

Besides, elements are painted by hand and every image is a separate file. Patterns and frames are JPG size 3500x3500px.

Pink Peonies Watercolor png Illustration

Pink Peonies Watercolor png Illustration

Lovely Details

According to Feng Shui, peonies are beautiful flowers that can do wonders. Because of their beauty, they were called imperial flowers. In addition, with their help, lonely hearts can attract love into their lives. And those who lack passion or tenderness in a relationship will get what they want. Therefore, these flowers are not in vain on the list, dedicated to St. Valentine’s Day. Choose these illustrations for the decoration of your site and you will fill it with special energy, which brings pleasant moments and feelings into human life. This pack contains:

  • 22 png files;
  • 84 jpg files.

Moreover, all illustrations are ready to print or use for anything you want.

Moon Flower – Flower Shop WordPress Theme

Moon Flower - Flower Shop WordPress Theme

Lovely Details

You have your own flower business, and you want more potential customers to know about it especially before St. Valentine’s Day? Fortunately, there is an excellent solution at an affordable price that will allow you to take your business to a new level in a short time. The Moon Flower theme has a specialized design that is ideal for a flower shop. All pages are of high quality with beautiful color combinations, and each of them can be further customized to suit every taste. Besides, it has a huge collection of modules and plugins for various web components of the future site, as well as a powerful page builder with a drag & drop interface. With it, the creation of the site will turn into a simple children’s game. More features:

  • Calendar;
  • Commenting System;
  • Crossbrowser Compatibility;
  • Dropdown Menu;
  • Google Map;
  • Google Web Fonts;
  • Social Options;
  • Cherry Framework 5;
  • Retina Ready;
  • WPML ready.

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Lovely Monograms: 26 elements in 3 color variations

Lovely Monograms: 26 elements in 3 color variations

Lovely Details

These lovely monograms are perfect not only for decorating sites but also for invitations, cards, branding, and much more. These monograms stand out by a wonderful color solution. At the same time, they are sufficiently neutral, so as not to draw the entire attention of site visitors to themselves. Because of this, you can use them either for St. Valentine’s Day or for any other holiday. And the price including the discount is only $3. Seems ideal, right?

The pack includes:

  1. 1st Monogram Set:
    • 26 items in 3 color variations (Pink, Violet, Yellow);
    • all in individual PNG and three EPS10 set;
    • size 3000 px.
  2. 2nd Monogram Set:
    • 26 items;
    • all in individual PNG and one EPS10 set;
    • size 3000 px.
  3. Bonus:
    • 5 graphics items.

Vintage Fashion Blog WordPress Theme

Vintage Fashion Blog WordPress Theme

Lovely Details

A blog created on the basis of this theme will allow you to enjoy high ratings and love from readers. Loyal readers are always important for any blog, and if you use the Geraldine theme, you can easily win their trust. In many ways, this is achieved through high-quality vintage design, which focuses on retro-style and excellent navigation. Also, Geraldine theme

is on of non-profit WordPress themes that are very easy to use and customize. It has an incredibly user-friendly interface with a huge number of options that provide the opportunity to create such a site that will not disappoint you. With full compliance even the highest requirements. You will not find such sophisticated design anywhere else. More features:

  • 5 Mins Installation;
  • Ecwid Ready;
  • Live Customizer;
  • Fully Responsive;
  • 500+ Google Fonts;
  • Crossbrowser Compatibility;
  • Social Options;
  • Optimized Source Code;
  • Sample Data Installer;
  • Visual Editor;
  • Contact Form;
  • Newsletter Subscription;
  • Well Documented.

Hearts and Arrows Valentines Clipart

Hearts and Arrows Valentines Clipart

Lovely Details

Hearts and arrows – what can be more symbolic on St. Valentine’s Day? Tender and beautiful, they will be a great addition to romantic digital postcards or a blog article dedicated to this day. So you can apply them right now or just use them on your websites/blogs whenever you want. Besides, each element was painted on watercolor paper. All elements are different size from 100x100px till 1200x1200px. The pack contains:

  • 18 png;
  • 18 jpg.

Hurry up to buy them with – for now, a discount is huge – 67%!

100 Typography Logos + 100 Frames Bundle

100 Typography Logos + 100 Frames Bundle

Lovely Details

Here we have an awesome pack of 100 typography logos of different styles and 100 frames. With them, you get a great opportunity – to be all set for every holiday and every project!

And working with the files is that simple: just open a file > choose a logo > add text to the logo with the help of chosen font > choose a frame and add it to a logo ( if you want) > copy your logo and add where needed. The pack includes:

  • 50 typography logos for personal & commercial use (with free fonts);
  • 50 typography logos mainly for personal use (with free fonts);
  • 100 logo frames.

Love Story: Valentine Watercolor Kit

Love Story: Valentine Watercolor Kit

Lovely Details

Beautiful lips, rose hearts, golden arrows, and tender flowers – this love story watercolor set is really perfect for St. Valentine’s Day! Using these illustrations, you can create your own unique design. This pack has a gentle style that will appeal to all romantics.

The kit includes:

  • 21 watercolor floral and leafy elements ( isolated PNGs at 600 dpi);
  • 8 watercolor couples ( isolated PNGs at 600 dpi);
  • 20 watercolor hearts and balloons ( isolated PNGs at 600 dpi);
  • 30 watercolor decorative elements ( isolated PNGs at 600 dpi);
  • 9 watercolor subtle textures ( isolated PNGs at 600 dpi);
  • 10 watercolor seamless patterns ( isolated PNGs at 600 dpi);
  • 50 vector wreaths (EPS + isolated PNGs);
  • 50 vector heart-shaped wreaths (EPS + isolated PNGs);
  • 50 vector floral and leafy elements (EPS + isolated PNGs).

And the price is so small that you will be pleasantly surprised! Follow the link above to see all the details.

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Mega Fonts – Bundle

Mega Fonts - Bundle

Lovely Details

Fonts in web design are almost irreplaceable. Using non-standard and original fonts when developing a website design, you can achieve a truly amazing result. Development of banners, illustrations, various kinds of posters and other non-standard text-graphic materials also is completely impossible without special fonts. And there’s a great solution for all your needs – this pack has everything you have ever wanted to see in fonts. Besides, the price is unbelievably low – hurry up to get the pack before St. Valentine’s Day and use for your needs.

Stunning Red Tulips PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Stunning Red Tulips PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Lovely Details

As you know, every flower has its own meaning. First of all, the tulip is considered a symbol of love and admiration. Tulips were always treated very carefully. With their help, people confessed in love. And now, thanks to this lovely set, you can decorate your website or use illustrations for other needs. In any case, this bright watercolor bundle will help you to stand out from the crowd! This pack contains 72 files including:

  • Frames;
  • Borders;
  • Patterns.

Stunning Roses PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Stunning Roses PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Lovely Details

Here we have this stunning roses watercolor set which won’t leave you indifferent. Pink roses often symbolize a new beginning of a relationship, a hint of that feeling which, perhaps in the near future, will flare up in full force and strike two lovers in the heart. The pink color of these beautiful and noble flowers expresses gratitude and pride, sympathy and sweet thoughts, tender emotions and a sense of admiration. Isn’t it perfect for St. Valentine’s Day? Decorate your site with these illustrations to give them romance and tenderness – you won’t regret! This pack contains 100 files including:

  • Frames;
  • Borders;
  • Patterns.

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Tags

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Tags

Lovely Details

And the last element of our collection is this printable Valentine’s Day tags pack. Aren’t these tags lovely and cute? These tags, like other themes and watercolor sets, are just perfect for this holiday. However, you can use them whenever you want. Besides, they are at no charge – so to have them, you even don’t need to spend money! Just follow the link above, click “Buy for $0” and you’ll get them on your email for free!

Final Word

I hope this post was useful and timely and you will no longer worry about decorating your website for St. Valentine’s Day. In addition, if you want even more options, then go to the MasterBundles site – you will find a lot of decorative elements and fonts there. On St. Valentine’s Day, men and women, girls and boys who have a passionate and warm feeling of love, give each other gifts or just have a nice time together – spend this time likewise, taking care of your site in advance.

8 features a theme should have to meet the challenges of WordPress 5.0

The WordPress themes market is like the modeling world. What? Did you think the life of a model is easy and pleasurable? That models live like in heavens, visit the luxurious parties, wear fancy clothes and do almost nothing? You are very wrong then because the modeling world is more like a box with snakes or a pool with sharks – harsh competition, strict limitations, and constant hard work. WordPress templates market is also something like that. It is very good for users because they get the best products possible, but the fighting behind the scenes is cruel. There will be only one survivor! (In fact, there will be much more than one, but you got the point).

With the launch of WordPress 5.0, some of the requirements changed. The WP team announced they are going to include the new default page builder into the next update about a year ago. The news about Gutenberg shake the society and most of the template creators start to prepare for it. That’s why a lot of WordPress 5.0 compatible themes were already on the market when the update has been released. Marketplaces start to put “Gutenberg compatible” banners on their products (look at this responsive website templates from TemplateMonster – the red banner is right there). So, technically, there are dozens of templates, compatible with WordPress 5.0. But as it is the latest update it is worth the best themes, created according to the latest trends. I will list you the features you have to check out when choosing a template so that you could be sure you get the best item possible. In fact, it’s enough if the template has at least one of them. Let’s take a look!

By the way, if you need fresh and quality design & development bundles you could find it on MasterBundles.

1.Fast loading

Nobody likes to wait, the time is money and users don’t want to waste it. The longer your website loads – the smaller is the possibility users will patiently wait for it. It is more likely that a person who had to wait longer than 10 seconds will leave the slow website and go looking for a faster one. When looking for a template for your shop or blog make sure it will be the fastest possible one, so you will have some spare space for your content.

Monstroid2 - Multipurpose Modular Elementor WordPress Theme WordPress Theme

For example, take a look at the Monstroid2 template. This thing is light as a feather and as fast as lightning. The Google Speed rates of this theme are magnificent – Performance Grade is A93 and loading time is 1.2 seconds. The homepage of your website will appear on the user’s screen in a blink of an eye! If you want some additional details – check out this video about Monstroid2:

2. Mobile-first

Modern society addiction to smartphones and constant internet connection is such obvious that a bunch of jocks, memes, and quotations have already appeared about it. It could be funny indeed, but at the same time if you want your website to be sufficient you need to make it responsive. People surf the internet while going to work or go home and you can’t afford to ignore them, otherwise you will be the one ignored. The template compatible with WordPress 5.0 has to be built on mobile-first philosophy.

Hayford - Investment Consulting Services Responsive WordPress Theme

Hayford theme creators were thinking about responsiveness while building it, so choosing it you can be sure that the pictures will look perfect either on PC big screens, tablets, and mobile phones. This template is a real modern business company website solution, stylish and reachable from every device.

3. SEO-friendly

Search engines are capricious – they can find a website only if it is properly organized. The biggest part of search engine optimization lays on a special person, SEO professional, but if the template you choose is clear and accurately coded it does a part of a job. The themes created with SEO in mind are easier to customize and get the higher search ranks. If you want the clients to find your website on the first Google search results page – you need to get yourself an SEO-ready template.

Your Business WordPress Theme

You can take Globy theme, by the way. It has valid and clear coding, understandable documentation and is definitely SEO-ready. Either you do it for yourself or hire a specialist, it won’t take too much efforts to make your website fall to the top of search rates if you use this template.

4. Flexibility

Every template has to be customized to fit the unique requirements of a concrete business. The more versatile the template is, the more pre-made pages it has – the lesser will the user have to change. Multipurpose WordPress 5.0 compatible templates will be the top trend of 2019, so keep that in mind. When you download a template with a bunch of pre-made pages – it gives you an opportunity to construct any type of website you like without writing a single row of code.

Ferim - Food Delivery Multipurpose Minimal Elementor WordPress Theme

Pay attention to Ferim – a perfect multipurpose template for a food delivery company and a farm. It has a handful of ready-made pages, so you can combine them any way you like. If your business is connected with food or plants – you just can’t miss this WordPress 5.0 compatible template.

5. Transformable

Imagine the situation when you create a blog and that, after a few months, realize that you will get a sufficient income if start selling something. To add an online store to your shop you will need it to be ready for such an action. Or maybe you created a corporate site and then want to add a blog. You will need the template to have a blog option. A lot of themes are made compatible not only with WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg but with different eCommerce software too and lots of themes have blog module you can use or deactivate.

Frutti - Organic Food Multipurpose Classic Elementor WordPress Theme

Frutti template is Ecwid-ready, which makes it an ideal candidate to become an online store. With it, you can start as a lifestyle or healthy life blogger and after some time, when your audience will be big enough – open a little store of fruit juices or healthy nutrition.

Glowlex - Consulting Services Multipurpose Clean Elementor WordPress Theme

On the other hand, Growlex is a template perfect for a business company (it could be a digital agency, marketing company or law firm). If you would like to add a blog either the latest company news or a gallery with photos of employees – it won’t be a problem, because the theme includes that blocks. It will take just a few clicks to activate it.

6. Animated

Animation effects, if they are chosen and added with taste, could sufficiently spice up the website and make it more attractive. Smooth parallax effect and accurate hover animation (like animated boxes and tiles) decorate the pages and add some dynamic feeling to it. If your website has to be connected with motion – choose the template that will not only be compatible with WordPress 5.0 but also has some animation.

Tourizto - Travel Company Elementor WordPress Theme

Tourizto template is a perfect example, it was created for a tourist agency or travel blog, and what could be more connected with motion than traveling? Template creators added animation effects as a rare spice – it makes the theme more attractive, but there’s not too much of it, so the taste is not ruined. If you liked the theme and would like to know more about it – here’s a video:

7. Navigation simplicity

Nothing could make the visitor leave the website faster, then inconvenient navigation (except, maybe, slow loading). Nobody will desperately seek some information or product on your website – the client will just go away and try to find it somewhere else. That’s why modern, WordPress 5.0 compatible website should have simple and understandable navigation (mega menus, sorting options, AJAX search tab will do the job).

Constico - Construction Elementor WordPress Theme

Take a look at this nice construction company website. The visitors of a construction-based website expect it to be easy in use – in the end, its owners build houses that have to be convenient. Constico template will help you to match the clients’ expectations and makes it pleasurable to go through the site.

Consor - Business Consulting Elementor WordPress Theme

The same situation is with Consor template – the visitor meets no issues when he wants to find some kind of information. The theme was built for a business consulting firm, so it would be strange if a user won’t be able to find a piece of advice he needs on such a website.

8. Tech support

If there’s a problem and you don’t know how to solve it is very important to know where to go for advice and support. Before getting yourself a template check carefully if the marketplace offers enough tech support. It will be definitely useful to know how much time you will have to wait for the response and what kind of help you will be able to get.

Massage Salon WordPress Theme

Soothery template, just as all TemplateMonster themes are supported 24/7 by a friendly tech support team. If you have any problems you can not only leave a ticket but also have a chat with the support specialist or even get some help via phone call. TemplateMonster is rightfully honored with the level of support it gives to clients, so you won’t be disappointed.


Look at your chosen template, then back to the list. Then back at your template and again to the list. If your theme has at least two of listed features – you did everything right and have chosen a good solution for your website. Popularity is a very capricious thing, trends appear and vanish very quickly, but if you choose a WordPress 5.0 compatible, professionally designed and filled with useful features template it will serve you much longer than some low-quality samples. Don’t hesitate to spend some time choosing and I guarantee that results will be worth it.

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