Download Garageband for PC – Windows 8 / 7 and Mac

If you have ever used Garageband then you might be wondering it’s PC version availability for Windows 7, 8 or MAC OS.

Garageband is a wonderful application through which you can create your own music or even you can compose any song by using this application. Some people use this application for doing the recording of the sound track. It has wonderful features that none of the other software is provided. It has complete features that an audio studio keeps. Garageband is the mobile audio studio keeps all the features through which you can compose the songs or can record the voice as well.

Click to Download GarageBand Installer from MediaFire Server!

download garageband for windows and mac pc

The apple company for the apple products built this application. Earlier, it was only compatible with the application products. Windows users were not able to install or could use this application. However, later some of the software companies made the changes in this software and made is compatible with the windows as well. However, people are using this application on windows system. However, officially, it is not releasing that become compatible with the windows. This application contains the sound of keyboard, guitar, orchestra, voice, synths, percussion, and more.

Here are some of the main features of this Garageband application

  1. The basic motive to create this exceptional application is that people could create the songs or record it by their own self.
  2. It has various qualities, you can record the song along with the music, and even you can compose the music through this application because it contains the voice of many musical instruments.

Step to download the Garageband for windows 7 or Windows 8 PC :-

Follow the process given below and get this wonderful music app for your computer.

  1. There is no any official tool or application available just for PC. First you will need to download the android emulator like BlueStacks on your computer.
  2. Now, Open the emulator and search for the “Garageband  application” and you will see lots of result.
  3. Only select the Official app from that search result, If you don’t know that then goto developer site and find the Playstore URL of their app.
  4. Now, click Install button of that application and wait for some time to complete the process.
  5. You will see message saying that “Installation completed”, now simply open the app through Blustack and enjoy all it’s features.

Now you have successfully installed Garageband for PC having Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system. It can work on other windows Os too.  Alternatively, There is very famous website, namely rare software; here you can find this application easily for the windows version. Usually, It is for Samsung Galaxy S3 kind of smartphone having android OS.

How to Download and Install Garageband for MAC computer ?

Are you MAC user seeking for the app? Then below are the steps that you should follow to get that on your Apple device having Mac OS.

  1. It is very easy for the Mac PCs to download this application because it was only made for Mac users and it is officially the product of Mac. Therefore, the Mac users can easily download this application or can use it.
  2. For downloading this application, open the website of iTunes and search the application of Garageband for their Mac PCs.
  3. Once you find out the application download it in your computer and install it.
  4. After the installation opens this application and enjoy the all features of this remarkable application.

Congratulation! You have successfully download it. If you have any issue with above simple steps to download the Garageband app for the windows or Mac PC or laptop then you should contact us by commenting here. Please write down the exact problem you are facing, so that I can come up with the exact solution for you.

How Windows 10 Universal Apps Compare to Android and Apple

With the release of Windows 10 at the end of July and the imminent release of Windows 10 Mobile, the tech world has been unusually focused on Microsoft as of late. Since 2012 (or even as early as 2007, when the first iPhone hit stores) the tech market has been dominated by innovations from Google and Apple, and Microsoft has been running in circles trying to keep up with consumers’ changing demands.

windows 10 universal apps list

However, Windows 10, which Microsoft promises to be the latest and last Windows OS, is going over surprisingly well among critics, who laud the operating system’s style and function. With a modern look and intuitive usage, Windows 10 might just be the best Microsoft OS ever. But what we want to know is: What about Windows 10 apps?

How Windows 10 Apps Will Work

The biggest innovation for Windows 10 is Microsoft’s promise of a unified platform for all of a user’s potential devices, which means if you have a desktop, tablet, hybrid, phone, and gaming console that are all Windows-capable, you can buy and download the same apps to all of them. In fact, with a handful of Windows 10 Universal apps, you can download the app once and watch it appear on all of your devices.

This is abundantly convenient to the end user, but it is also a pleasant change for app developers, who may no longer need to tinker with their programs to adapt them to various devices’ distinct operating systems. Instead, more than 80 percent of the original code for a program or app can be recycled for adjustment to other devices, which ultimately saves developers time and users money. Tech experts even claim that the unified platform will allow developers to produce higher-quality apps, and most are eager to see unification occur with other tech giants, like Samsung, Google, and Apple.

Why Safety Is Still Important

Most everyone knows that malware creators and malicious hackers like nothing more than cracking into Windows machines, and the release of Windows 10 could set off a slew of new, terrifying viruses on the horizon. Already, the fear of sinister viruses is taking hold; traumatized Windows users thought Windows 10 itself was a virus when Microsoft created a tray icon informing users of their free upgrade.

However, user overreaction aside, Windows 10 could signify a new challenge to malware creators, and because Windows 10 apps are yet untested, they could offer hackers a way in to Microsoft machines — all of a particular user’s Microsoft machines, at once, due to the unification of the platform. Still, Windows users should only expect a catastrophic device meltdown if they aren’t already prepared with the best antivirus software. Despite the OS upgrade, trustworthy software security providers should remain ahead of the development of new malware, keeping all of your devices safe through the transition.

When to Expect the Unexpected With Mobile

As yet, Windows 10 Mobile is not totally up and running. Though Microsoft released a preview of the phone OS earlier this year, the system is not yet set in stone, and Microsoft has been notably quiet about its future plans for mobile in general. Until reviewers can get their hands on a tried-and-true version of Windows 10 Mobile, we can’t say for certain how the apps will stack up against Apple and Android.

windows10 app comparison with android and apple

Microsoft did announce recently that they will be allowing developers to adapt their pre-existing Android and Apple apps for Windows 10, which will once again save headache and heartache all around. Microsoft wants developers to feel comfortable building Windows apps, and they are certainly taking the right steps to get developers on board.

3 Favorite Universal Apps So Far

Though not all Windows 10 apps are ready for universal use, there are dozens in the Windows App Store that easily transfer from tablet to desktop to game console. Here are the ones that stand out:

  • Adobe Photoshop Express. This free photo editor is not nearly as far-reaching as the full version, but it offers a quick way to make pictures more attractive with touch-friendly adjustments and filters.
  • Fresh Paint. Windows is becoming more artist-friendly, especially with this free app that allows responsive, realistic multi-touch painting, with dozens of brushes and textures to choose from.
  • Netflix. The one steaming service to rule them all is now available on every Windows-ready device, which makes it easier than ever to pick up shows whenever and wherever.


Windows 10 Devices image by Dobakung from Flickr’s Creative Commons

Kik messenger for PC Download – Windows 7, 8 & Mac

Kik is the most trusted and most rated social chatting and messaging application available for Android and iOs user. It is free app and that’s why more and more user want to download KIK for PC having Mac and Windows operating system.

What is Kik messenger ?

Kik was founded in 2009 by University of Waterloo students and within a year it went viral and reach 2 million users. Today Kik Messenger is most stable, simple and fastest chat tool that almost every Smartphone user have experienced. Using Kik you can send text, images, video, smileys, sketches and many more.

You can follow the link given here to get your favorite messenger from Torrent and other trusted resources such as MediaFire.

kik for pc

Recently, They have introduced Kik Cards that comes with HTML5 features that allow you to search and send Youtube videos, Reddit images and many more without any additional download.

Basically, Kik was founded for smartphone communication only but it become instant hit and millions of people started using that for conversation. You can use that for chatting with your friend, client and or to find perfect date partner as well. Problem is there is no any official release for this wonderful application for computer, so you need to follow the tweak and tricks given here.

kik messenger to download for pc

Many of my readers asking me that they want Kik messenger for their Windows 7 & 8, Vista and Mac Os, unfortunately currently we don’t have any official Kik executable or apps that you can use for your PC. But we still come with interesting and helpful tricks that you can follow to download this wonderful messenger on your laptop or computer.

Step to Download Kik messenger on Mac or Windows Os PC


Please follow the steps given below to install Kik on your desktop or laptop. Please make sure that you have required things and all setup before following the steps given here.

  1. Since we don’t have official package available for PC, we first need to install emulator on computer that will help us to find the mobile application file and which we’ll install.
  2. So first of all you need to download Android emulator like Youwave or BlueStacks.
  3. Head over the zip or rar file and extract that on your PC. Check the readme.txt file to install emulator. Mostly package comes with executable file which you need to install with one click.
  4. After successfully installing tap to it icon and open emulator and search for “Kik Messenger” app.
  5. You’ll see the list showing Android app, Simply click install button and wait for a while to complete the installation process.
  6. Head up and click the Kik Messenger icon created on Pc and sign in with your credential to start using their awesome features from your Mac and Windows operating system. At the time of using it, make sure that you have sufficient memory and environment for running that task.

Congratulation on getting Kik messenger on your Personal Computer.

So, We did nothing but we just get intermediate so called as emulator which run Android platform on our computer and helped us to install Kik client on your PC.  Please take a few sec and feel free to share your experience with other readers.

Morgan Freeman Voice Generator and Changer [GET]

Morgan freeman is a popular American actor that was born in Memphis, Tennessee on June 1st1937 to Mayme Edna who was a teacher and Morgan Porterfield Freeman, a barber.

Morgan Freeman voice generator

He then went on to attend Los Angeles City College before he now served several years in the US Air force as a mechanic in which he rose to the rank of Airman 1st class between 1955 and 1959. His acting career actually kicked off in the 1970s when he first appeared in the movie who says I can’t ride a rainbow and he has gone on to appear in various films. As the years went by his stock grew and his star continued to rise winning several awards along the way. He is currently aged 77 years.

If you want to use Voice of Morgan Freeman for your business or personal use then I have great deal for you.

Check Fiverr and there are some people who give you exact voice over for Morgan Freeman and other personalities too. You can get that for just $5 only. No need to waste your time in finding any techniques and big budget software as they never work. Check few of the Gigs at Fiverr which gives you 100% satisfaction guarantee and hundreds of people have purchased Voice over from them.

Record a Morgan Freeman or Character Voice Over for $5

Why is voice of Morgan Freeman so popular?

Apart from being an actor, he is also a director and has his own production company which was formed in the early ‘90s. He has not less than 5 Oscar nominations, a Golden Globe Award as well as a Screen Actors Guild Award. He is also a narrator and due to his authoritative and distinctive voice, it makes him a good and obvious choice for narration which he did for the film War of the Worlds and March of the penguins just to mention a few. He also has a calm personality which endears him to people around him.

How does Morgan Freeman Voice Changer with Generator tool?

Because of his unique voice, people are interested in using a voice similar to his which is why some tools have been put in place in order to do that. In order to change one’s voice to make it look like that of Morgan freeman, here are the steps to follow:

The tool to be used is the pitch and Timbre graph and the first thing to do is to click on the power button to turn on the voice morpher panel. Then you move the cursor on the pitch-timbre graph to change the voice; moving the cursor up will make your voice younger while moving it to the left will give a boy’s voice and a girl’s voice will be produced when you move the cursor to the right. Each voice has a particular characterization on pitch and timbre; so it is therefore recommended that you try working on the voice more and more before you can decide on the combination that produces the best result. Once the perfect combination is obtained, then that is where you leave the cursor so you can get the Morgan freeman’s voice you are looking to obtain. Next step is to turn on the duplex button so that you can test and determine the way your voice now sounds. You can then adjust the voice timbre by moving the advanced tune slider from left to right to adjust the value.

This is how, you can generate the voice of Morgan Freeman. Another thing to do is to adjust the equalizer which is done by making a change to each slider one at a time and speaking into the microphone so as to pre-listen to the way your voice sounds. Then turn on the effects which are two namely: the radio and the bass cut Effect. Afterwards, you can change voice to Morgan Freeman Voice.

Mobile Apps Vs Optimisation in 2022

These days, if a website is not accessible on a mobile device, you’ll find that customers will be less likely to check it out. Accessibility is so important when it comes to improving the customer experience and ensuring they can easily navigate around the website. Of course, as mobile optimisation improves, some business owners are starting to wonder if building a purpose-built app is worth the investment. Read on to find out more about mobile apps vs optimisation in 2021.

Advantages Of Mobile Apps

There are tons of reasons why business owners decide to invest their money in the development of a mobile app. Firstly, having a tailor-made app on a customer’s device allows you to send them push notifications and always be there on their menu. Additionally, mobile apps can offer more than a regular mobile site as they can be synced with payment options like Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Additionally, some mobile apps can be used without an internet connection which is a clear advantage. While a customer might not be able to complete a purchase without internet access, they will be able to interact with the brand within the app.

mobile apps optimisation

Image Source: Pixabay

Can A Website Work Just As Well?

While you may be tempted to invest in a mobile app for your business, it is also important to consider the advantages of having a site that is fully optimised. The truth is that, if a site has been carefully adapted for mobile devices, it can act in a very similar way to mobile apps. This allows you to shop for the latest jackets, play online games or watch a TV show in your mobile browser.

Usually, mobile sites are slimmed down versions of the desktop site and they are optimised to fit within a smartphone’s screen. This allows them to function as a desktop site but in a much more convenient way.

Things To Consider

There are some things to consider carefully when comparing the advantages of mobile apps and mobile optimised sites. Firstly, while mobile apps can be very advantageous, they can cost a lot of money to develop. Sure, you can save some money by ignoring additional features but if you really want to give customers a good experience, you’ll need to fork out a lot of money.

Additionally, you should be aware that even if you choose to invest in a mobile app, you will still need to optimise your website for mobile devices. Otherwise, you could miss out on valuable customers.

Final Verdict

There are some great benefits to both options in 2021 but the truth is that mobile apps aren’t really as vital as they were before. If you have the budget to invest in a mobile app, you may want to consider it as it can improve the overall experience for your customers. If not, a fully optimised website will do the job and help you reach your customer base on the go.

Making your Instagram page work: promotion and development in 2022

In 2022 we can definitely speak of Instagram as a platform that offers many business opportunities. This is true – and it is used by a huge number of bloggers and company managers around the world, attracting much more people to the content than any other advertising. Social media has become a platform for promoting anyone and anything, but to achieve success now you need a certain amount of knowledge and experience. The competition between profiles in each niche is quite tough, so you just can’t do without knowledge about social media marketing.

In this article, we will analyze several working methods that will help you not get lost and quickly achieve your goals: we will talk about the chance to buy Instagram followers, why free promotion methods do not work for business pages and where to look for support and an interested audience.

Where to seek support

As we have already said, free promotion methods for large and business pages do not work: but it is still possible to find free “help”, and it is worth looking for it from bloggers who have about the same (or slightly more) number of subscribers on the page. With them, you can agree on a collaboration and conduct mutual promotion – you talk about the blogger on your page, and they talk about you on theirs. This way you exchange audiences (even the smallest ones) and increase the number of your subscribers, views, likes, and so on.

If you can afford to invest some money in promotion from the very beginning, then immediately after you have designed an Instagram page (uploaded enough posts, stories and started interacting with those who have already become your subscribers), you can turn to bloggers for native advertising. It will be paid (the bigger the blogger, the more expensive), but it will definitely give an excellent result in the shortest possible time. Choose bloggers from your niche so that interested people come to your page from them.

Why to buy subscribers

If you see that you are having difficulties recruiting a large enough audience, today this is no longer a problem – you can buy real Instagram followers and fulfill your need for a constantly-growing audience. All that needs to be taken into account is that you should only buy real subs for your page. If you acquire bots or fakes, you can harm the statistics of your profile and make it fake “in the eyes” of IG algorithms.

But if you get real subs, things will go much better: your content will be recommended more often, because due to the large number of interactions of real pages with it, it will be considered good, high-quality and worthy of attention.


If your goal is to monetize your Instagram account, we advise you to immediately accept the fact that you will have to invest some amount of money in its development. Pay attention to the opportunity to acquire followers for your page and ask for help (or for paid advertising) from other bloggers from your field. By combining these tools with constant posting and friendly communication, you can quickly achieve success.

What’s Eating Your Apple? Easy Ways to Increase Your Mac’s Speed

It’s a common complaint among Mac users: Things are moving along just fine, and suddenly, it feels like even the simplest functions take forever to complete. You know it’s not malware — you were smart and installed antivirus protection, despite claims that Macs are impervious to infection — and you haven’t saved that much on your hard drive. So what is the problem?

how to increase mac speed

Slowed performance and decreased memory are common in Macs. OSX needs a decent amount of free memory in order to function properly, so when your files and other apps are using that space, you’ll experience poor performance. Adding an additional hard drive or more RAM (if you can) is one solution, but that comes with costs (and risks) that you may not be willing or able to bear. There are other options, though, for clearing space on your hard drive that can measurably improve performance.

Use an App

Because the problem of slowed performance is so pervasive, there are a number of applications designed specifically to diagnose performance issues and help identify solutions. Downloading a diagnostic application like Mac Cleaner will allow you to remove temporary Internet files, clean the cache, remove the junk files that are left behind after you uninstall apps, and free up memory. Such apps also allow you to monitor your memory usage on an ongoing basis so you can identify problems before they start and keep your machine running efficiently.

And speaking of apps . . . how many are you running at a time? Many apps are notorious memory eaters, meaning that if you leave them open and running, they will bog down your computer’s performance. Some of the biggest offenders include iTunes, Twitter, and popular browsers (including Chrome). While many of these apps don’t use a lot of RAM upon opening, the longer you leave them running, the more memory they use. So while it might be convenient to leave iTunes open so you can play music at any moment, if you aren’t using it, close the app to preserve function.

Update the Operating System

fixture to computer running slow

OSX might not have as many updates as other operating systems, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important. Most OSX updates include important fixes and improvements to ensure the highest levels of performance and security, so skipping the download could leave your machine vulnerable and reduce your computer’s speed.

Control Your Logins

If it takes forever for your computer to boot up, the problem could be in your logins. When your machine is set up to open up multiple applications upon startup — all of which require logins — it can slow down the boot process. In your System Preferences menu, look at how many items startup at login, and deselect those that you don’t need to open automatically. You should see a measurable reduction in the time it take to get your computer up and running.

Improve Your File Management

Downloading music, TV shows, and movies allows you to enjoy your favorites whenever you want. But those media files take up a ton of space on your hard drive — a season of your favorite show can eat up as many as 20GBs alone— so it simply doesn’t make sense to keep copies on your machine. When you’re done watching, remove the media files from your drive and store them in iCloud or on an external drive; you can still access them whenever you want them.

clean your computer memory

Another sneaky space eater? Your email inbox. Your Mac is automatically saving all of your emails into the archive, including those huge attachments that you’ll never need again. You can prevent this problem by automatically routing your mail to a different storage service, like Dropbox, but in the meantime, sort your inbox by attachments to see how many files you can trash. Cleaning out all of those old, useless files can do wonders for your machine’s performance.

Take Out the Trash

It’s astounding how many people take the time to delete unneeded files to clean up their drive, and then forget to empty the trash bin. Deleting a file merely sends it to the trash; in order to fully remove it from the drive you need to take a moment and actually empty the bin.

Slowed performance on your Mac doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a completely new computer or that there is something wrong. You just need to identify the programs and files that are eating your Apple, and find ways to manage them more effectively.

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