How to unlock iPhone 6 with / without Passcode

Forgetting your Passcode on your iPhone can be frustrating.  We’ve all been in the place where we’ve forgotten a password or pin number.  With all the technology these days, and the recommendations that we have different pins and passwords, it isn’t hard to forget one, if you haven’t used it in a few months.

Here, I will go over the process for unlocking your iPhone, if you happen to have forgotten your passcode.

Method 1 : Unlock iPhone 6 if you forgot Passcode?

  • This this scenario, our first goal should be to get access to iDevice, so that we can easily unlock that.
  • First, you have to synchronise your phone to your computer.
  • While your phone is still connected, reboot your phone.  You do this by holding down the power and home buttons at the same time.  As soon as the Apple logo appears, let go of the power button, but keep the home button held down until you see the message ‘Connect To iTunes’.
  • On your computer, you will see a message appear in iTunes that a phone in recovery mode has been detected.  You will be prompted to choose whether you want to restore your iPhone to factory settings.
  • Your passcode will then be erased, and you will gain access back to your iPhone.

cheap iphone 6 unlocking

There is a problem with this though.  You lose all your data when you restore your iPhone to the original factory settings.  It could have taken you a long time to gain a lot of that data, so you really don’t want to be in this position.

Method 2: Premium Site.

Luckily for you though, I have found a site that can help with this:

This site supplies an official factory unlock for iPhone 6+, 6, 5, 5S, 5C, 4S, 4 3GS, 3G on iOS 8, iOS 7, iOS 6, iOS 5, iOS 4.  And they will always upgrade to the latest iOS.

IMEI Unlock is processed officially by Apple, and this factory unlock can be for all iPhone, regardless of bootloader, baseband and iOS firmware version,up to the latest iOS.

Why you should premium site to unlock your iPhone 6?

  • They offer a 48 hour unlock delivery over every product (unless otherwise stated).
  • Every single feature works perfectly.  Fix push, Notifications, Facetime and iMessage.
  • Once your phone is unlocked, you will get a message on your device.  All you have to do is connect your iPhone to iTunes to complete the unlock.
  • No complicated additional software to install.
  • No Jailbreaking required.
  • You won’t lose your jailbreak.
  • Upgrade and Sync iPhone using iTunes without fear of ever being locked again.
  • Your unlock is completed in iTunes and processed by Apple.
  • You will NOT void any Apple Warranty.
  • And, they guarantee the unlock, or you get your money back.

They are authority site and have completed thousands of unlocking request. If you happen to have forgotten your passcode, then they can help you.  The site is set up, so that it is easy to follow.  There is a frequently asked questions page, so, if you’re like me, and have some questions that you want answered, then just go to the FAQ page and see if they answer your questions already.  If not, just contact them through the ‘contact us’ page.

They can unlock any phone from any carrier.  And they have tens of thousands of fans on their FB page, so if that many people have ‘liked’ them, just think of how many other people have used their services, and not hit the ‘like’ button.  I would suggest at least that many again.

This is definitely the best way that you can unlock your iPhone 6 without any technical knowledge.

How To Evaluate Risk When Trading

Trading stocks or cryptocurrencies is always a risk. Even though you can make some good profits, there is always a chance that you will lose money too. However, if you are able to manage risk properly, you can reduce those losses and make sure that your money grows.

The most successful investors are the ones that understand how to assess a stock or a cryptocurrency and calculate the risk, so they can make informed decisions about their portfolio. There are a number of metrics to measure and if you don’t already know how to calculate risk, read on to learn more.

Multi Time Frame Analysis

Checking the value of an asset over time is the easiest way to measure the risk. If a stock or a cryptocurrency generally increases in value over time, it’s likely a good long-term investment. However, people often make the mistake of analyzing a very small time frame and making decisions based on that information alone. But what if recent increases in value are an anomaly and overall, the performance of that asset is bad? That’s why you need to do a multi time frame analysis. Take the example of the cryptocurrency dogecoin, for example. When it first emerged, it was the subject of a popular online meme campaign and the value skyrocketed. But if you look at the price of dogecoin today, you’ll see that it has leveled out since then. It can still be a good investment, but don’t expect it to reach the same high that it did before. You always need to do a multi time frame analysis so you can see the long and short-term performance and make more accurate predictions.

Outside Factors

Outside factors have a massive impact on the value of financial assets. If you are investing in stocks, for example, you need to follow the company closely. Are they about to release a new product? Will it perform well, or will it be a flop? If you suspect a company is about to make a poor business decision, it may be time to cash out your investment while you’re still running at a profit.

The same is true of cryptocurrency. New coins are being released all of the time, offering more efficient transactions or applications for specific industries. If a new coin is released that will replace one that you are heavily invested in, you need to cash out before the value dips. Make sure you research all new cryptocurrencies before investing.

The One Percent Rule

Diversifying your portfolio is crucial when managing risk. If you put everything into a single trade and it goes bad, you’ll lose it all. But if you spread your investments out, you can offset losses in some areas with gains in others. The one percent rule is a basic way to make sure that you are always limiting risk, and it’s very simple; never put more than one percent of your total capital into a single trade. This avoids situations where you take big gambles on specific stocks or cryptocurrencies that may not be as successful as you think.

Follow these basic principles and you can measure and manage risk when investing.

Are Cryptocurrencies Going to Change the Gaming Industry?

If you look at the last couple of years, you will soon see that the gaming industry has transformed in more ways than one. A lot of this comes down to the introduction of new tech, which helps to allow for new and exciting experiences. You also have the introduction of VR and AI as well. Of course, with the help of all this, it’s safe to say that the gaming industry has changed for the better and it has also allowed people to enjoy gaming way more too. Right now, the gaming industry is quite connected with cryptocurrency as well.

Blockchain is going to significantly change the gaming industry and it is also going to pave the way for new players to interact with the virtual world. If you want to know more about gaming and why crypto is such a big influence, then all you have to do is take a look below.

The Casino Industry

If you look at the casino industry, then you will see that this was one of the very first sectors to adopt crypto. Casinos around the world gave gamblers the chance to wager their cryptocurrency while playing games online. There are also a lot of online casinos recommended by experts, that allow you to participate in live poker events by using crypto as your payment method. Of course, since then, things have evolved quite considerably and now there are a huge range of games available that rely on cryptocurrency entirely. These are much more in-depth and require a lot of coding knowledge to create as a result of the complexity of the blockchain, but so far, developers have experienced a lot of success.

What’s Crypto Gaming?

The main thing that you have to know about crypto gaming is that it is very similar to other types of video game. The main difference is that it is made by using cryptographic technology and it also has a decentralised feature too. if you want this in simpler terms, crypto gaming essentially gives everyone who is associated with, or playing the game, the chance to own a part of it. This can be done through characters, items or weapons. The coding that is for each specific game, cannot then be used for another type of game either. The best thing about crypto gaming is that it is very easy for you to transfer items you may have collected to other crypto-based games. In other words, you can easily move things from one crypto game to the next, but you cannot do so from a game that is non-crypto, to a game that is crypto based. As you can see, the concept is very interesting, and it is remarkable to see how far things have come so far. The industry is changing for the better and it is great to see how much of a difference the gaming world has made to the lives of gamers. It has allowed them to become much more invested in the games that they are playing, and it also gives them the opportunity to own a part of the game in a way that they have never been able to before.

What are the Main Benefits of Crypto Gaming?

There are numerous ways that the cryptocurrency industry is changing. First of all, you should know that the transactions are super quick, and you also have the option to play games wherever you want. You should also know that the whole thing is safe and secure, and due to the way that the blockchain works, you will soon find that your identity will be hidden the whole time. Crypto gaming is much more valuable in terms of wins and rewards when compared to traditional gaming too.

How does it Work?

When you look at traditional gaming, you will soon see that various assets, whether it is XP, skins, weapons, cars and even characters are owned by the developers. This means that you cannot take these items to other games, even if you wanted to. If you look at crypto gaming however then you will soon see that the user owns the items and that they can all be acquired by simply playing the game. If you are curious to see how this happens, then you should know that the games are made by using the blockchain and various other networks. These are then connected to computers that have access to the information. The idea of it all being decentralised means that players and creators have equal amounts of power when it comes to the playability of the game.

The Importance of Project Management Tools for Your Business

project management

In a world of changing customer demand for financial services, delivering a product on time with increased governance and transparency ensures faster time-to-market and improved customer experience. Increased complexity and regulatory burden make managing the development of these products challenging. Trying to keep centralized control, real-time visibility, and projects on track amidst a change of scope, resource constraints, and unanticipated delays are no easy tasks. As a project manager, you spend so much time collecting and reporting on status and managing documentation. You have little time to properly manage the schedule, align resources, and identify and mitigate risks. That’s where professional software development services come in. Smart products, embedded software, and other solutions are now actively introduced to modern businesses to help them digitize their product management process and boost innovation. Not only do these solutions help with the digitization, but also automate essential processes. They provide repeatable and auditable product development and integrated project and document management.

  • If you’re also looking to give your business a boost and make use of innovative project management tools, it’s about time you started looking for a reliable company that can develop project management software specifically tailored to your business needs. There are also other industrial automation solutions you might avail yourself of to take your business to the next level.

Digital Common Platforms

State-of-the-art technologies and IoT-powered tools can help you quickly streamline your business processes and boost the success of your projects. Through dedicated common platforms, the updated status of any project deliverable is immediately reflected in a project plan. This can be called ‘invisible governance,’ because you can execute your project and improve collaboration without encumbering those doing the work. With real-time project information collected automatically, you no longer need to collect the status from each team member. Thus, you can focus on true project management activities, evaluate progress, identify and reduce operational risks, align and assign resources to maintain or accelerate schedules whether you’re following an agile or waterfall methodology.

Dynamic Dashboards

Another innovative solution that can help you speed up product development and other processes is dynamic dashboards. With the help of these tools, you can view accurate project data, keep track of your progress, spot problems and detect potential issues on a timely manner, and drill down to view and verify your deliverables. When you consider product changes, you can see the potential impact on scope, schedule, or resources before deciding to implement. As a project team member, you can spend less time reporting on status and attending meetings and more time driving more customer-centric innovation.

With personalized real-time dashboards, track all the assigned tasks and issues, stay on top of your workload, view priorities and due dates, and provide a deliverable status to eliminate search time. With dynamic solutions, you can access your work directly from the dashboard and have everything you need before your eyes. You can track your own tasks, including key dates, dependencies, as well as the tasks and responsibilities of other people you’re collaborating with. The solution also provides comprehensive document management and document generation. In addition, directly work with documents from within your familiar applications.


If you find a reliable partner that possesses enough skills and experience in digitizing product development and management processes, the odds are good you will be able to considerably improve your business operations, boost profits, and expand your markets. Companies that specialize in developing and implementing digital product management solutions offer a holistic approach to product, project, and document management, thus enabling you to deliver enterprise-wide transformational values. With real-time visibility across your entire project and improved efficiency, you can reduce your time-to-market and free up time for client-oriented innovation.

Best VBA Password Recovery / Cracker Tool – How to remove?

Have you ever face a situation where you need to enter password for your Visual Basic file (VBA) but you don’t know what is the passcode? I know this is most frustrating thing that happen to everyone every now and then.

For those that don’t know, VBA is short for Visual Basic for Applications.  Visual Basic is a programming language, which is fairly widely used, and in this case, it is used for Application.  Things like Microsoft programmes (Excel, Word etc), plus many other programs like CAD / CAM, etc.

 Why we need to Crack VBA Passwords?

There may be any number of reasons why someone feels the need to remove password protection from a file.  The two most common ones that I have come across though, are either that the originator of the document forgot the password that they used.  Or, in a work environment, the originator of the document may have left, and not told anyone what the password was.

recover vba password with tool

In both these situations, to be able to gain access to the protected document, one would need to be able to bypass the protection, which in the case in point, is obviously a password.

If it is your own document, I can often take too long to go through all your different combinations of passwords (I know I personally have so many password for my various accounts, and it is very easy to forget which one you happened to use on a particular site or document).

And of course, if it is document of someone else that you need to be able to access, then you will likely have no idea where to start.

Top Remover tool for VBA Password Recovery

Well, with this in mind, I have recently come across a couple of websites that can help you to bypass these passwords, and gain access to the documents that you may need to.

The first site is:


  • Passwords of any length and character set are supported and removed in seconds.  Locked VB projects can be unlocked instantly.
  • Secure password removal without damage to files, plus it will automatically backup.
  • This software supports Office 97 to 2013, and 365 file formats of all supported VBA host applications.  And, it works on all MS Windows platforms, including Windows 8.1 and 2012 Server.
  • Features include allowing you to view the VBA code in PowerPoint PPA Add-ins, removing the protection applied with a high office version, in a lower office version, and repairing damages.
  • Full money back guarantee, in the unlikely event of a failure.

The second site is:


The main advantage of Apasscracker is that it has a very user friendly interface (a password can be recovered in just one click, no additional programming skills are needed).

  • VBA passwords are recovered instantly, regardless of the password length.
  • Apasscracker supports Microsoft Office 95 to 2013, but only for Excel, Powerpoint and Word.

Now, both of these programs do a great job at being able to get through VBA passwords.  They both come with free trial versions, however, be aware that the trial versions do have their limitations (if they didn’t, there would be no point in calling them ‘trial’ versions).

Check : Download Windows 8 Pro ISO Download for FREE

There are limitations to both of these.  If you happen to need the password for an older file, then Apasscracker would be the better choice, as they go back to 1995.  But they only do Excel PP and Word. However, Dombajsoft supports all MS Office programs from 1997. So, it depends on your requirements, as to which version you should chose to use.

Traveling Alone For The First Time? Here’s What You Should Know

Traveling is a great way to gain diverse experiences and broaden your horizons. For those who travel regularly, it can be an opportunity to become more self-reliant and aware of different things to keep in mind while on the road. However, traveling alone for the first time can be an intimidating experience. Despite the natural fears that you may have, traveling can offer unique and memorable experiences that you won’t want to miss. But before setting out on a journey, you should know some basics that will help you stay away from inconveniences.


Here are the most important things that you should know which will help you to have a safe, enjoyable, and memorable trip.

Plan ahead

You will remain in a state of uncertainty unless you plan all aspects of your life, including travel. When traveling to an unfamiliar place, especially for the first time, not having a plan can lead to unexpected difficulties and risks. To ensure a safe and smooth trip, it is important to research your destination, make arrangements for your accommodations, and plan your itinerary ahead of time. Proper planning will not only reduce stress but also increase your confidence and sense of control during your journey.


Additionally, you may consider utilizing different websites and apps that will help you create comprehensive travel plans, get discounts, book hotels, flights, etc., making the whole trip easier. Booking, Tripadvisor, and Google Flights should be at the top of your list. And do not forget about safety. Download Sitata Travel Safe and bSafe on your phone. Use PhoneHistory to look up people you meet along the way.

Select tourist-friendly countries

As a first-time solo traveler, choose a destination that is friendly to tourists. Tourist-friendly countries typically have a well-established tourism industry, which can provide guidance and support in areas such as finding suitable accommodations, navigating safe travel routes, and discovering popular attractions. Ultimately, the choice of destination will be yours to make, but it is recommended to opt for a country with a stable tourism infrastructure.


While traveling to a country with a fluctuating tourism industry may present additional challenges, it does not necessarily mean that the experience will be any less rewarding. Ultimately, the key is to be well-prepared and to have a flexible and open mindset, regardless of the destination you choose.

Learn a universal language

Traveling alone for the first time does not mean that you have to avoid interactions with others. As social beings, we all depend on each other in some way. To enhance your solo travel experience, learn a universally understood language, such as English.


In many countries where English is not the first language, people are still able to communicate effectively in English. And being able to speak a universal language, you will have the opportunity to better understand the culture, traditions, and way of life in the communities you encounter during your travels. In addition, this can increase your enthusiasm for travel and inspire you to plan future solo trips.

Pack light

Every traveler should understand the importance of traveling light. By only packing the essentials, you can move around with ease and comfort. Carrying excessive luggage increases the likelihood of losing it, especially when it is placed in the baggage compartment of buses or trains. It is a good idea to leave some extra space in your backpack for souvenirs and items you might want to purchase along the way so you do not have to carry another bag.


Pack only what you need. Take your passport, cash and credit cards, health insurance card, phone and charger, clothes, medicines, snacks to eat while on the road, personal items such as toothpaste, toothbrush, and soap, tissues, a laptop, and, if you are into reading, books.

Respect local customs and cultures

Before embarking on your first solo travel journey, familiarize yourself with the local customs and cultures of your destination. Understanding and respecting local traditions will enhance your travel experience and prevent any potential trouble. This includes researching the appropriate attire and avoiding any actions that may be considered disrespectful or offensive. By following the norms of the area you are visiting, you can ensure that your journey is both enjoyable and respectful.

Stay connected with your family

Your family must be aware of your travel destination and your well-being while you are away. As a solo traveler, you should consider purchasing a local sim card upon arrival in the country you are visiting. This small investment will provide you with access to navigation tools such as Google Maps and a means of staying in touch with your loved ones. Keeping your family informed of your whereabouts and condition is of utmost importance, especially if you are traveling alone.

Keep your valuables safe

Ensure the safety of your valuable possessions. Carrying them in your pocket all the time can make you vulnerable to theft or losing them. Instead, make a photocopy of your passport and ID and carry them with you instead. This will give you an additional form of identification if you need to prove your identity to local authorities.


Additionally, it is recommended to store scanned copies of your documents in your email or Google Drive. This way, even if you misplace your physical copies while traveling, you will still have access to all the information, which can be especially helpful in the event of an emergency.


If you are about to travel alone for the first time, you may feel nervous. However, the benefits of solo travel far outweigh the worries. To make your journey a success, it is crucial to plan ahead and prioritize safety. Choosing a friendly and welcoming destination is also a must. To further immerse yourself in the culture, consider learning a universal language. Traveling light will allow you to fully enjoy each moment without the burden of heavy luggage. Remember to be respectful of the local customs and traditions and stay in touch with your loved ones. Best of luck on your first solo adventure!

Logfret’s Resilience and Dedication: Navigating Through the COVID-19 Storm and Beyond

Looking back on the challenges posed by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, Logfret, a global logistics company, emerges as a beacon of dedication and resilience. As we reflect on the past and consider the present, it’s crucial to appreciate the remarkable efforts Logfret put forth during the pandemic and continues to uphold in delivering exceptional logistics services.

A Snapshot of the Past: Facing COVID-19 Head-On

When the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe, it sent shockwaves throughout the business and logistics world. In the face of these profound uncertainties and disruptions, Logfret steadfastly committed to remain open for business. Their primary concern was the health and well-being of their employees, all while ensuring the uninterrupted delivery of top-tier services to their valued customers.

Safety and Adaptability: Logfret’s Response

Each Logfret office worldwide took proactive measures to safeguard their employees’ health, aligning with their respective governments’ guidance and directives. In a rapidly evolving environment, Logfret remained on high alert, ready to adapt and customize its logistics solutions to address the challenges of the pandemic.

Supply Chain Resilience: A Collective Effort

The pandemic underscored the importance of supply chain resilience, with nearly 75 percent of companies experiencing disruptions in some capacity. Logfret recognized the need for resilience and actively collaborated with clients, air/sea carriers, and partners. Together, they sought the best alternative solutions to navigate the challenges and disruptions that arose.

The Power of Technology: NEOLink Shines Through

During these trying times, Logfret’s investment in cutting-edge technology, such as NEOLink, proved invaluable. NEOLink, a centralized platform offering end-to-end supply chain visibility, ensured seamless communication and access for Logfret’s staff and customers, regardless of location. This capability provided customers with valuable real-time insights for informed decision-making—a critical asset during the tough times.

Moving Forward: A Testament to Dedication

As we stand in the present, beyond the pandemic, Logfret’s dedication continues to shine brightly. The lessons learned during those challenging times have only strengthened their resolve to deliver excellence in logistics. The past is a testament to Logfret’s unwavering commitment to its customers, employees, and the global logistics community.

Surviving the global emergency of COVID-19 was no small feat, considering that numerous companies faced closures, layoffs, or struggled to maintain service quality. However, among the few that weathered the storm and emerged stronger, Logfret is an exemplary player in its industry. Logfret’s journey through the COVID-19 pandemic is a remarkable testament to its resilience and unwavering dedication. They confronted adversity head-on, prioritized safety, and adapted swiftly to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of top-tier logistics services. Looking ahead, Logfret’s commitment remains resolute, underscoring its enduring pursuit of excellence within the logistics industry.

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