How to Boost Revenue of Web Design Studios with TM Web Studios Catalogue

Are you satisfied with the number of clients that order web design services from you or from your web design studio? Does your agency get enough income or you are searching for the ways to earn more? Look no further. We know where you can find a place that will help you grow revenue and increase client base manifolds. Today, we would like to introduce you to TemplateMonster Web Design Studios Catalogue.
Just recently, TemplateMonster’s Affiliate Team has launched a new project targeting all partners and simply creative web design professionals looking for the ways to expand their client base.
TemplateMonster is known as one of the leading companies providing ready-made website templates. Established back in 2002, they have managed to win the hearts of the avid web design fans who keep a close eye on the contemporary web tendencies. The collection of their pre-designed themes impresses. Here you can find a design suited for literally any web project and purpose imaginable. The themes are compliant with the latest coding standards of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop, OpenCart, MotoCMS, and other popular web platforms. Additionally, the company has started to release custom modules, extensions, plugins, page builders, and other user-friendly solutions. The number of user- and developer-oriented projects starts to grow. Today, we are going to talk about a free online program that targets freelancers and web design studios who know how to work with TemplateMonster’s themes are look for the ways to expand their client base.

Web Studios Catalogue

The Catalogue targets all freelancers and web design studios who are experts at building sites on the basis of ready-made website templates. The chart is made up of all TemplateMonster’s partners who have passed certification and confirmed their knowledge and experience of working with pre-designed templates.
Let’s say just a couple of words about the Certification center. This is another free online project that targets web design beginners looking for new knowledge, as well as experienced webmasters that want to expand their client base. For beginners, there is a set of educational courses covering all the things related to working with WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, and OpenCart templates. In addition to the basics on how to install and modify website templates, beginners are shown how templates are built from the inside, as well as how their functionality can be expanded with plugins and extensions.
Web design experts are given an opportunity to pass a quiz. On a successful completion of all tasks, a freelancer or web design studio is given a certificate signed by TemplateMonster. They are also automatically listed on the partners’ list, which is accessible to all users purchasing themes from the company.
Getting back to the way the Catalogue is organized, this is a filterable list of all partners who have confirmed their skills of working with TemplateMonster’s themes. The entire list of studios can be filtered by the country/city where they are located as well as CMSs they work with. Thus, a user can come up with a list of studios that perfectly match their search intentions.
Each studio has its own profile page. This is where detailed information about the studio’s story, a showcase of its latest project, contact details, and other information can be found. There is also a separate field where TemplateMonster leaves an expert feedback about the services that a web studio provides. Clients are also welcome to share their reflections and about the experience of working with an agency. Whenever one decides to get in touch with a freelancer/studio, there is a build-in request form at the bottom of the page.

Why the Catalogue SO Beneficial?

Once you get on the list of TemplateMonster’s certified partners you will get a steady flow of order from the company’s clients. Far not every user who acquires themes knows what to do with them next. This is when people start searching for third-party agencies that can get the job done for them. In order to free people from the necessity to do extra search and make sure that a person will be given a qualified help, TemplateMonster has decided to organize all partners into a single list. Being mentioned on it, you automatically grow your chances of being reached by a wider audience.
TM Web Studios Catalogue is also an impressive source of leads to your own site.
Each freelancer who joins a community of other skillful web designers and web developers looks more reputable in the eyes of the prospective clients.
Each partner from the list can boost earnings by means of TemplateMonster Partner Program. Free showcases of website templates, free RMS shops, free banners, and a whole lot of other affiliate tools are provided at absolutely no cost. Additionally, each partner can earn a commission for promoting the company’s themes. This is a progressive commission plan, which brings more revenue as the number of sales generated by means of a referral link increases.
And finally, the biggest advantage of the Web Studios Catalogue is the fact that TemplateMonster doesn’t charge its partners for the services provided. Just find new clients, provide quality services, boost your client base and income, and do not pay a penny to the themes provider.
Here we go. Are you ready to compete with other web design agencies and become an industry leader? Go ahead and join the team!
Add Your Web Studio to the Catalogue

5 Major Disadvantages Of Cloud Sync Tools Like Dropbox

When most people think of BitTorrent negative thoughts run through their head. After all, isn’t it the way bad guys download illegal movies? If you look a little deeper you’ll realize it’s the file syncing power it has that actually stands out more than anything else, which has been capitalized on by Resilio.

On the opposite side of the spectrum you’ve got Dropbox, the biggest file syncing software out there. In fact, there are huge amounts of cloud file sync tools people use on a daily basis. Let’s look at why leveraging the power of BitTorrent over cloud solutions will help you.


It’s So Much Faster

To get anywhere at speed you have to go directly from A to B. It’s going to slow things down if you have to take a detour. Your file sync software Linux currently has installed wants to send data to your smartphone. What is the point in going through a third party in the cloud when you can send it directly? You’ll now only be limited by the speed of your internet connection at all times.

A Lot More Control

When you’re syncing it’s not always to devices only you have access to. There is a good chance at some point you will be collaborating with someone on a project. When you give someone a link on Dropbox they could do anything with it afterwards, but with Resilio it works differently. For example, you might only want to show someone something once before taking away their access to it automatically.

Don’t Worry About Downtime

If you look around the internet you’ll know Dropbox is going to crash on almost anything it’s installed on. What would you do if your iPhone app crashed? When you rely on cloud software it’s only a matter of time before you suffer from downtime because nothing will stay up non-stop. If you bypass the cloud when syncing you’ll not have to deal with the crashes and you’ll be completely unaware of them too.

You’ll Save Lots Of Money

Cloud file syncing software is only free up until a certain point. Once you’ve reached your limit and the storage space is gone you’ll be all out of luck. The only thing you can do is spend money to increase the amount of storage space you have if you don’t want to sign up to countless different companies. There are no space restrictions outside the cloud meaning you’ll never have to dig around for more money.

Security Means Everything

When people think of automatic file sync software it gives them peace of mind. Their brain can switch off because the software will take care of everything. What they don’t realize is that when your data is sitting in the cloud it’s extremely vulnerable, so it doesn’t matter whether it’s hands off or not. When you can sync data without storing it online there will be no security threats to worry about.

Cloud Syncing Certainly Isn’t Evil

there might be a lot of things wrong with using the cloud to sync data, but it’s not evil and still works. You just have to be smart about what you decide to use. If there is a more effective solution out there it would be silly to dismiss it. Everyone will soon realize the cloud isn’t the best place to sync their files if they’re smart.

Tips for Marketing Consultants to Get More Clients

When you work in digital or mobile marketing, you’re probably working as a consultant. Of course, there are some professionals employed by companies, but there is also an increasing number of marketing pros who are opting to work on their own, allowing them freedom and flexibility.

While there are plenty of benefits to working as a consultant, particularly in an industry such as digital or mobile marketing, it can often feel like feast or famine when it comes to finding and landing new clients.

The difficult part about being a consultant can often be the constant need to keep getting clients, but there are some tips like the ones listed below that you can follow to make it at least somewhat easier.

Know Who You Want To Work With

When you’re a consultant, particularly if you’re just starting out, there can be a temptation to try and land any client, even if it’s not your ideal scenario.

That can backfire, however, and end up wasting your time.

The most successful consultants tend to know exactly who they want to work with and who their targeted client is. Sure, this may mean passing on some potential clients, but it can create more value and help you more effectively build your reputation in the long term.

If you narrow your targeted client niche, it can also help you build a reputation more quickly in a particular niche.

Build Your Online Presence

If you’re in digital or mobile marketing and you don’t have a strong online presence, you’re not putting your best skill set to use.

Rather than spending time chasing down clients that aren’t a good fit for you or your growing consulting business, you should instead think about putting that time toward things like blogging, networking on LinkedIn, and creating highly authoritative content such as case studies and whitepapers.

Ask For Referrals

Referrals are an important component of a successful consulting business, so don’t be afraid to ask for them. You should be proactive when asking current or former clients for referrals, but you don’t have to be aggressive about it. Simply send a quick email asking for any referrals that might come to mind if they’ve been pleased with the quality of work you’ve provided.

Learn How to Entertain Clients

There are plenty of digital and mobile marketing firms and consultants clients can choose from, so sometimes landing clients comes down to your personality and ability to make yourself stand out on that level.

Learn how to entertain clients in a way that’s engaging and is going to help you land the contract. Your unique personality is one thing that no other consultant is going to be able to offer potential clients, so make sure you’re using it to your advantage.

Paid Advertising

To conclude this list of ways to get more consulting clients, you might consider paid advertising. Facebook Ads is a simple, efficient and inexpensive way to get the word out about consulting services. Give yourself some time to explore Facebook Ads if it’s something you haven’t done before so you can optimize your ads and your spending.

Being a consultant comes with plenty of perks, but it’s not without challenges. If you can follow tips like the ones above you can make sure you have a steady stream of opportunities to combat the primary challenge of consulting, which is finding clients.

Easily Cleaning a Mac with Movavi Mac Cleaner

Did you know that as your Mac inevitably begins to accumulate junk on its hard drive, it can start to slow down and act sluggish? On top of that all that junk is also bound to start taking up lots of valuable storage space, leaving you with less room for files that really matter.

mac cleaner software

Because of all that, you should try to get into the habit of regularly cleaning your Mac. All that you really need to do is remove any junk files (or indeed any files that aren’t ever being used). Unfortunately as much as that might sound like a piece of cake, it is actually anything but and attempting to do so manually would take ages.

Instead of manually going through each and every folder on your Mac one by one and trying to find all the junk files that are on it – you could instead opt to use Movavi Mac Cleaner. It is a Mac system cleaner will make the task easier, and all you need to do is:

  1. Launch Movavi Mac Cleaner.
  2. Let the automated scan find all the junk files on your Mac.
  3. Review the results of the scan and click ‘Start Cleaning’ to remove them all.

When you go over the results of the scan, you will be able to see precisely how space is being wasted on your Mac. By default Movavi Mac Cleaner will detect and delete all the junk files on your Mac, including cache files, logs, trash bins, old large files, unused localization options, and duplicate files. If you want you can choose to only delete certain types of junk files, instead of removing them all in a single click.

To improve your Mac’s performance further, you should also make full use of the ‘Uninstaller’ in Movavi Mac Cleaner. It is a great feature that will let you remove apps while ensuring no leftover files remain. In fact it is so effective that it can even track down leftovers from apps that were uninstalled through other means, as well as allow you to uninstall native OS X apps that normally can’t be removed.

In addition to cleaning out your Mac so thoroughly, Movavi Mac Cleaner has several other notable features. Within it you’ll find a ‘Shredder’ that can be used to delete confidential files, as well as its very own antivirus and firewall to keep your Mac safe from various threats.


Goals to Set For Your Small Business Mobile Marketing in 2018

If there’s one aspect of marketing where small businesses need to focus their attention this year, it’s mobile. According to research cited on Mobile Marketing Engine, 70% of people searching on their mobile device connected with a business, and 66% of mobile searchers visited a business.

Mobile is everywhere, and it’s the primary way consumers from all walks of life are finding the businesses they need and want, and ultimately becoming customers of those companies.

With that being said, it can be somewhat intimidating for small, local businesses to take on mobile marketing, so starting with a simple yet valuable strategy is the best option.

Below are some of the critical goals you should set for your small business in 2017, and it pertains to mobile marketing.

Create a Complete Responsive Experience

There are so many reasons your website needs to be responsive. The first is fairly obvious. You want mobile users to be able to access your site from any device easily.

Responsive design is also important for search engine rankings. Google, as it becomes more and more focused on ensuring users get the best possible experience, is rewarding those sites that are responsive.

It’s essential that small businesses use 2018 as the year they work on their site design to make sure that it’s not just responsive, but that mobile users are getting the full and complete experience of their site.

You can visit the Google search console to find something called the “Mobile-Friendly Test.” All you do is enter your URL, and you can see how easy it is for a visitor to use your site on a mobile device.

Mobile SEO

When you’re creating an SEO and keyword strategy, you should be thinking about your mobile users. Having a truly responsive web design is a big part of that, but you should also do separate keyword research for your mobile marketing.

When you’re researching keywords for your mobile SEO strategy, you should think as a mobile user would.

You’re going to want to localize your SEO in many cases as well, because many times when consumers are looking for businesses on their mobile devices, it’s because they want to find them in their local area.

Mobile Social Media

As a small business, you’re probably already on social media, but some social apps are more conducive to mobile users than others, and you should make it a goal to build your presence on those in 2018.

One example is Instagram.

Instagram, unlike Facebook, is almost entirely for mobile use. Yes, users can access it on their desktop browser, but they’re more likely to do so on their smartphone, and it’s a good way to entice your potential customers directly on their phones visually.

Another mobile-driven social media app is Snapchat, so these are two areas where you’re going to want to put some attention this year.

2018 isn’t necessarily the year of the mobile user because it’s somewhere marketing has been focused in recent years as well, but it is the year when having a strong mobile marketing strategy is no longer optional for even very small businesses.

Better, faster, stronger – WordPress Theme Monstroid 2

Have you heard the recent news? It is a real sensation for WordPress fans! will release the improved version of the all times favorite multipurpose WordPress theme – Monstroid 2 . You should be ready for more power, versatility and flexibility all at once. Let’s take a closer look in this review.


Pre-order Monstroid 2 now !

You now have a chance to become one of the first owners of this theme for a special price. Follow the link and get Monstroid 2 for $49 only. After release the regular price will be $75.

Main features

All your expectations will be justified as Monstroid 2 offers much more freedom for your imagination.

100% GPL

The product will be 100% GPL, which is awesome. It means that you pay for the theme only once and then you may install it on as many sites as you need. There are no restrictions in source code modifications as well. Everything is up to you.

Compatible with WP Coding Standards

We paid special attention to the code as usual. The theme complies with the latest WordPress coding standards. Such compliance means its code is readable, understandable and easy to edit.

Higher speed and SEO optimization

We always take into account major SEO requirement and this time we did it especially precisely. Monstroid 2 is built properly and boasts with seamless indexation by Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other engines. The page loading is also improved and this point is of tremendous importance. The faster your site performs, the higher ranking it will get in Google search results.

Live customizer

As you deal with the customization, it now works in a live mode. The theme has a built in Live customizer tool that allows editing the default design quickly and easily. What is really convenient is that there is ni need to reload the page when you make each new change.

Cherry Framework 5

Monstroid 2 runs on the latest and fastest version of Cherry Framework 5. It is a solid foundation providing flexibility and reliability of the theme.

amazing UI Kit

We included multiple UI element in the package of Monstroid 2. You can start any type of a website as the kit fit multiple purposes.

Bootstrap 4: Alpha 2

Another advantage of Monstroid 2 is its responsiveness. It works across a variety of devices and adjusts to any screen size flawlessly. We used alpha 2 version of Bootstrap 4 that is fulfilled with Flexbox elements. With their help, elements of your website interface will automatically rearrange in a way that fits the viewport.

Power page Composer

We have changes the way of layout building and we are sure that you will appreciate it. The standard backend WYSIWYG editor of WordPress is replaced with a more innovative solution, i.e. Power. No programming skills are required to create a wonderful layout with a new visual page composer. It comes with 25+ modules for all the basic types of content. Use them as building blocks to design any layout you want for your site.

10 Skins

The new WP Monstroid 2 is packed with 10 ready-made skins. There are 9 for most popular business niches and one basic. All you need to do is to choose the one for you, add the content and modify the default design to your style. The initial release has skins for corporate sites, hotels, construction companies, fitness clubs, furniture stores, lifestyle and fashion blogs, lawyers, restaurants, and financial advisors.

Multifunctional nature

To make the multipurpose Monstroid 2 even more convenient, we featured it with a set of plugins. Thus, the site not only looks appealing, but also provides the necessary functionality. The example is the restaurant skin with images of dishes, of course. In addition, it has features custom-made for an easy menu choice and table reservation.

eCommerce ready

Theme works properly with WooCommerce and supports other plugins. It is made specially to extend the functional potential of your store and make it better than ever. TM WooCommerce package, TM Wishlist, TM Ajax Products Filter, and many others are included.

Simple Content Demo Installation & Skin Switcher

Import you content into the theme within several clicks and see the result. The site will look perfect just like on the demo. A useful handy tool is there to switch between skins with a click. No matter what programming skills you have, it will be easy indeed to run Monstroid 2.

LTS Product

One of the greatest advantages is the long-term support for Monstroid 2. Theme updates are going to be released and you will get new features and skins. The pleasant news is that you don’t need to make any additional payment.

Monstroid 2 Lite

We offer you to test the lite version of Monstroid 2 now for free! It is the best way to see with your own eyes the result of our work. Download it and try the functions:
• responsive design;
• 500+ Google fonts;
• custom post types;
• different header and footer styles;
• grid layout;
• jQuery slider widget;
• Linearicons.
If you are interested, visit the official page of Monstroid 2 Lite or see the demo .
We hope that you will be as much fascinated with Monstroid 2 as we are. This theme is a multipurpose WP sensation that combines the best features in one package. Don’t miss a chance and preorder it now for only $49.

Can I Hire Someone To Write My Essay?

Being a student can both be exciting and challenging. Whenever you see your friends and classmates, you feel excited about whatever you will experience together. But your excitement disappears once your teachers give you several assignments to accomplish. On top of the overwhelming school works, you still have to balance your social life and physical wellness. Therefore, having the idea that “I need to write an essay in one hour on my own” may be impractical.

To overcome burnout and stress because of school, you can hire someone to write essays or projects for you. In this article, you will find answers to common questions and concerns regarding custom writing services.

the best essay writing service provider

What Are The Benefits of Hiring Someone to Write Your Essay?

The question “Why should I pay someone to write my paper?” is often asked by students like you. It is because it is not easy to let go of hard-earned money on an impulse. To ensure that you are making the right decision, you need to know the benefits of a specific service. There are several reasons to hire someone for your task.

First of all, custom writing services have skilled writers who can deliver high-quality papers on time. Their credentials and expertise will be beneficial to you because your output will be written by a professional. Moreover, they are familiar with writing ethics and have a good command of the English language. This way, you will not receive negative feedback and low grades from your teachers. Lastly, they can save you a significant amount of time. Writing a paper takes a lot of your time that you could spend on something else. By giving your work to professionals, you can spend meaningful time with your family and friends or rest well. It will help you have a stress-free day and a thriving social life.


Can I Pay Someone to Write My Essay Cheap?

You can avail of cheap services. However, cheap is not always the best option. Some companies offer affordable papers and an essay in one hour, and that might sound enticing. But at this point, you have to think critically and wonder they provide low rates. Are their works plagiarized? Also, have they sold these papers to other people? Are their writers underpaid, so they perform poorly?

If you have to keep a tight budget, remember that the earlier you order, the cheaper it will be. The closer it is to the deadline, the more expensive it will be. So, be mindful of when you send your orders and to whom you send them. This advice can save you some money and trouble.


Is It Safe to Hire Someone to Write My College Essay?

One reason why students are hesitant to avail of custom writing services is the danger that comes with it. Yes, it is safe to hire writers as long as they are professionals from reputable companies. To avoid being scammed or receiving poor quality outputs, it would be best to read reviews from other clients. Also, you can check their sample works online to know if they meet your expectations. In paying for online services, you need thorough research to make every penny spent worth it.


Where Can I Pay Someone to Write My Essay?

If you are finally convinced that you need writing services, you will be happy to know that they are accessible. You can search for them online, and you will be led to a wide range of respected writing companies. Besides essays, they can also work on other tasks, like research papers, slide presentations, and lab reports. Once you have found a company you like, “someone who can write an essay in one hour for me” is not a problem anymore.

How do I make sure my essay is not plagiarized?

Students are supposed to hand in outputs that are not plagiarized. However, a lot of them resort to this action because it is the easiest solution. Because thinking that their teachers will not thoroughly check their works, they plagiarize instead. But plagiarism checkers are available for teachers to ensure that their students’ works are unique and use citations.

As mentioned above, you can always avail of professional writing services that give guarantees on plagiarism. Some companies have their respective checkers that their writers can use in their orders. If you are not entirely confident, it would be best to ask them for the results generated from the checker.

Deciding to avail of custom writing services is a huge step. It is daunting to trust someone else to do your schoolwork for you. You worry about your budget, the process, and the final output. However, this service has many benefits, such as plagiarism-free works, professionally-written papers, and stress-free life. These are some of the reasons why this industry is going to last, according to Although it is not easy to choose the best company, you can always take steps to make it easier. You can search for reviews and look for company guarantees. Remember that whatever you choose, you should get your money’s worth.

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