The Importance of Preventative Maintenance on Vehicles in Reducing Accidents

The last thing any driver needs when going down the road is to hear some odd noise followed by the breakdown of their vehicle. Beyond being a dangerous experience that can lead to accidents on the road, repairing problems on a vehicle can quickly get far too expensive for the average person’s budget to handle. This can lead to a person being forced to take out debt just to get back on the road in their vehicle, which is a position nobody should ever be in.

What is Preventative Maintenance?

Drivers who have never heard of the term preventative maintenance would be forgiven considering it’s a lesser known concept. Preventative maintenance simply refers to the regular and routine maintenance that all drivers should take care of on their vehicles in order to lower the risk of major mechanical breakdowns.

When thinking about a vehicle, it’s best to think about it as a machine with a bunch of major parts that use smaller parts to function. Preventative maintenance keeps those smaller parts working properly so that the major parts do not break down frequently.

How Expensive is Preventative Maintenance?

One hang-up people often have in regard to preventative maintenance is the associated cost. However, the cost for preventative maintenance is not large at only a couple hundred dollars per year on average. Weighing this cost against the potential cost of something major such as engine repairs or transmission repairs, which can cost thousands of dollars if not more, should make paying the smaller cost more reasonable.

Why Preventative Maintenance Matters

The second hang-up many people often have in regard to preventative maintenance is a general misunderstanding regarding the importance of it. Consider preventative maintenance addresses smaller parts in a vehicle, many people assume that means it is not important. However, preventative maintenance significantly reduces the risk of a breakdown on the road which lowers a person’s risk for being involved in a car accident and paying a large repair cost.

7 Crucial Preventative Maintenance Tasks

Preventative maintenance helps keep a vehicle running properly for years and takes away the need to know specific aspects about a car such as at what speed do airbags deploy or what is the crash-test rating for a vehicle. Utilize each of the following seven preventative maintenance tasks to stay safe on the road:

1. Rotate and inspect tires

One of the most important parts on a vehicle is a wheel. Without functioning wheels, a vehicle will not be moving anywhere anytime soon. This is why one of the most important maintenance tasks is to rotate your tires every 5,000-8,000 miles depending on the vehicle, and to check the air pressure frequently to be sure there are no nails in your tires.

2. Top off your oil and other fluids

If the engine is the heart of your vehicle, oil is the blood that keeps it pumping. Oil helps to take away gunk that has gathered in pipes and lubricates the metal parts under the hood so that they can work in tandem. Follow the oil replacement timeline outlined for your vehicle and look up replacement timelines for the other fluids in your car, such as windshield wiper fluid, transmission fluid, and more, to see when they need to be replaced.

3. Replace the air filter in your vehicle

The air filter in your vehicle helps ensure that no debris gets into the engine as it is operating, as this can heavily impact the performance of a vehicle. Many people fail to realize that this air filter needs to be replaced over time, though, which leads them to go past the recommended replacement date. The best way to avoid this is to refer to your owner’s manual to see when it is recommended to be replaced.

4. Wash your vehicle regularly

While washing a car may not seem like a preventative maintenance task, it serves an important purpose. Washing a vehicle removes rust, contaminations, and other items from the exterior of a vehicle that can damage it over time. Try to get your car washed ta least once a month at a minimum to avoid a buildup of such items that can damage your car.

5. Inspect the HVAC system

The heating and air conditioning in a vehicle is one of the most important systems for passenger comfort, but it can also be necessary in extreme weather states. Every winter or summer, it’s important to double-check that your HVAC system is in operational condition. Do this by running it and turning it up and down to see if there are any odd leaks, noises, or anything else that may indicate a problem.

6. Check all the lights on the vehicle

The lights on a vehicle are important as they indicate to other drivers what your plans are on the road, whether that be turning, braking, or something else. Do a walkaround of your vehicle with someone in the driver’s seat testing each of the lights to ensure that they are still operating properly and without issue.

7. Test your battery level

Finally, all drivers should take the time to check their battery level if it has been three to five years since they dropped a new battery into their vehicle. However, if a person also has reason to believe that their battery level may have been impacted by some external factor, take the time to check the battery to be sure it was not damaged.

Ensure your vehicle is safe to drive

Finding yourself faced with a multi-thousand-dollar repair cost for your vehicle is a frustrating experience and a financial obligation not everybody may be able to meet. By taking care of preventative maintenance on a regular basis, however, a person can heavily reduce the chance that they need to pay this cost. Give that preventative maintenance reduces the risk of having a breakdown on the road, it also reduces the risk of having to pay an egregious repair cost.

The Most Recommended Weapons to Fight in Fortnite: Battle Royale

Fortnite: Battle Royale is one of the most popular video games in the world, for that reason it is very common to find approximately 20 million players connected at the same time. This success achieved by Epic Games is due to many reasons, but the one that stands out is undoubtedly its successful competitive system, which besides being incredibly addictive and exciting, also offers a level playing field between its players, thanks to that, to win a game of Fortnite requires skill, strategy, and luck.

But, the skill and strategy required to win at Fortnite are incomplete without a good weapon that matches the player’s skills. Weapons and items in Fortnite receive constant changes and improvements each season, due to these very significant changes, it is very difficult to determine which is the best weapon or item in Fortnite.

When it comes to weapons, Fortnite offers a lot of them and each one provides a certain advantage depending on the combat conditions and the scenario. Based on the above, below is a list of the best Fortnite weapons, taking into account battlefield conditions and weapon category. With the weapons mentioned in this list, and a good strategy, victory at Fortnite will be closer.

The best pistol: The Hand Cannon

Among the entire category of pistols, it can be concluded that the Hand Cannon is the most destructive choice. This pistol is a miniaturized version of the Heavy Sniper, so its power is assured. Although its power is quite low due to the 7.40 patch, it is still one of the best weapons in Fortnite.

The Hand Cannon offers precision, fast fire and the ability to destroy most bullet structures. For all those reasons, it is obvious that this weapon is on the list.  This weapon is also one of the most expensive in Fortnite item shop, taking into account the fact that this is a fluctuating market.

Best Sniper: The Heavy Sniper

Of all the snipers, the Heavy Sniper is the best when it comes to damaging your opponent. It has an amazing 150 points of damage to the body and a huge power that can destroy structures with a single shot.

The best strategy for the Heavy Sniper is to use it to destroy an opponent’s cover, to immediately proceed to use a conventional rifle to apply easy damage to the enemy. When a weapon allows such a unique tactic, you don’t have to think twice about using it.

Best Short-range Weapon: The Heavy Assault Rifle

In Fortnite there are many quite good short-range weapons, such as Drum Gun or SCAR, but if you take into account the healings and protections that the other players will perform, the explosive damage is the most effective. For that reason, the Heavy Assault Rifle is the most recommended in this category of weapons.

Although this rifle has very limited accuracy and a magazine of 25 bullets, its 36/38/40 damage points are highly massive for any player who gets in its way. This rifle has an elevated loading time, but that is solved by firing this weapon in short bursts.

The Best Explosive Weapon: The Rocket Launcher

In Fortnite you can find very good explosive weapons like grenades and grenade launchers, but when it comes to balancing handling and range of action, the rocket launcher is the best option.

Weapons like the Heavy Sniper and the Hand Cannon are very effective at destroying buildings and coverings, but the Rocket Launcher is even more so. Another great advantage of the rocket launcher is the possibility of changing weapons before the projectile hits. This speed to change weapons is very versatile when making a surprise attack on an opponent.

In Fortnite there are a great amount of very versatile weapons for different situations, but the previously mentioned ones are some of the most effective at the time of the combat. Obtaining some of these weapons requires a lot of luck with the coffers, but they can also be purchased through a Fortnite item Shop.

In short, winning a game at Fortnite: Battle Royale is a very complicated task (considering this is a battle against 99 other players), but even so, it is hoped that the weapons on this list will help them with their strategies and allow them to get closer and closer to winning a complicated game at Fortnite.

Get an office phone system if and only if it has these top features

Significance of an office phone system is not under the veil anymore. The world is aware of what wonders it can do to a business. Starting from cutting down the calling cost to operating at a global level without any qualms, it plays an indispensable role and supports success from the back-end. However, all of this is possible only if your phone system is inclusive and comes with particular significant features.  Without these features, it will be only half good and will fail to serve you as it is supposed to be.

As a small business phone system is a mission-critical tool, it is inescapable that you choose it prudently and diligently. In this article, we’ll tell you about some of the features that your phone system should have.

Basic office phone system features

Just as every tool has some basic operations without which its existence holds no value, there are some common features that your office phone system should also have. Here is a brief of them –

Call Conferencing – Business takes place in many dimensions these days. That is why your phone system must be able to connect all these dimensions over a single place. Call conferencing is one feature that makes it possible. With the help of this feature, businesses can add any third-party to two-way communication and turn it into a three-way conference. Also, if you operate from a remote location, this feature is of great help. Arranging meetings with other agents situated at different locations becomes an easy task with it.

On-hold Music – On-hold music is a key feature that you cannot ignore at any cost. It is this feature that makes the call waiting time of the caller a pleasurable experience and refrain them from hanging-up in between. Additionally, on-hold music can be used as an indirect marketing strategy. You can use promotional message at the place of default music.

Voicemail – Not every caller wants to wait for the executive to answer the call. Some prefer dropping a voicemail and then expect you to revert with the solution. In that case, your enterprise-level phone system have a voicemail facility. This feature will record the voicemail and will directly deliver it on your registered email. You can create as many voicemail inboxes as per your need and handle the traffic pretty easily.

Call Recording No matter how observant your executives are while dealing with agitated customers, some minute details will get slipped while taking call notes. If this happens often with you, you – as a business – will fail big time to deliver great customer service. Call recording is one basic feature that every small business phone system should have to eliminate the drudgery of taking notes and save data easily.

Call Forwarding – Waiting for a call to get answered in the most vexatious thing and call forwarding feature sets your customers free from this. This feature automatically transfers the call to the next available agent when one line is busy.

Advanced office phone features

The key reason for any product’s success is the ideal blend of basic and advanced features. While basic features support the existence of a product, advanced features expand its viability and gain it an edge over others.

Here are some of the advanced features that your enterprise-level hosted phone system should have –

Global Connect – If you are a business that operates at a global level, then global connect is what you need to call your customers at the right time.  There is a time zone difference between two places, and this feature will help you know the time zone, the validity of the number, and country details. It reduces the amount of failed attempts.

Call Queuing This advanced feature will let you answer the calls in the order they were received.  It will place the calls in a queue and distribute them according to their number. This feature is helpful to reduce the call waiting time, missed calls, and to manage the call traffic professionally.

Call Barging If you run a call center then call barging is what you need to maintain the quality in your customer service. This advanced feature lets the administrator enter a two-way conversation between the caller and the executive at any point in time. It can be used to transfer the call to any other extension, to the concerned department, and voicemail box without disconnecting the on-going call.

Call Distribution – Call distribution is one advanced feature that your office phone system should have to route the calls diligently. Instead of forwarding the calls to a particular line, it distributes the calls based on your priorities or in Round Robin Order.

All these basic and advanced features make your office or enterprise-level hosted phone system a comprehensive tool and endow it with the ability to suffice its purpose well. So, don’t forget to look out these features while you are buying a VoIP number for your business.

How to Deal With the Looming Finals

Final exams always make students feel unsettled. The truth is, as years pass, you will probably understand that you overreacted, but it’s natural to worry about something that defines your future prospects. Still, learning how to deal with these worries is a must for anyone. Every next stage of your educational and career journey is bound to be more complicated and, thus, more meaningful. So, start preparing for them now. It won’t be easy, but it might get a bit simpler with our tips you can find below.

Get Yourself a Fidget Toy

For hyperactive students, a fidget toy is a proven way to stay calm and focused when the tension because of the finals is sky-high. According to Stalvey and Brasel, stress balls are especially useful. Also, in Rohrberger’s study, fidget toys were efficient for every two out of three students. So, mind that if you find yourself distressed and, thus, too distracted to prepare for an exam, it can be overcome.

writing service


Use a Writing Service

Preparation for an exam usually comes down to creating cheat sheets. Few people manage to use them during an exam, and there’s no need to risk your grade. Yet, cheat sheets are still valuable. First of all, they summarize the information dispersed throughout numerous books, guidelines, notes, and internet sources. Second, if you write them yourself, some information is retained. Nevertheless, there is one con – it takes an awful lot of time to go through all the materials and write down important details.

That’s where a writing service can be of great use – no, they are not here only for ‘write my essays‘ requests! In order to save your time, consider delegating the compilation of answers for your exams to a professional. It’s not actually writing, but rather editing. The expert will need to arrange all the crucial notes according to the questions or topics and maybe simplify some definitions.

Meanwhile, you can study something else or practice the most complex exercises on the subject. As soon as the writer finishes some questions, you can start learning the theory instead of wasting time and filling your head with unnecessary information you would see in the books.

Find Some Samples

Some students have an excellent memory, others store all the little things to be on the safe side. Or, they might have some results saved in their profiles or in e-mails. The point is, do ask other students about samples of tests, essay topics, math problems, and so on. Even if they have neither physical nor electronic copies, they might remember the most complex questions and tasks. Those are probably the weakest points of most students, so you will be prepared.

In case you’re lucky to have samples or even answers, the first thing to remember is that you should never learn them by heart or just remember formulae – it won’t be enough. Try to go through the questions yourself and answer them, solve a couple of problems. After that, compare your results with the correct ones. If these two don’t match, revise the theory to understand why the correct answers are considered such. Try asking your classmates if you lack some knowledge.

Sort Materials

Not a single student knows a subject perfectly. There are always some gaps or questions they can’t answer straight ahead. It is wise to start with such topics. They require one to process more information and comprehend more notions, and the latter takes time. So:

  • sort your notes according to the complexity;
  • prepare the most complex answers first;
  • proceed with the easier ones;
  • revise the complex answers.

Revise Regularly

Let’s discuss why you should follow the advice from the previous sentence. Imagine a bare wall in front of you. When you dig into a topic for the first time, it’s like you put on the first layer of paint on the wall. The first revision is the second layer of paint. It enhances the color as well as the thickness of the paint, which makes it harder to scrape it down. Finally, you add one or two layers of varnish and it becomes very hard to damage the surface.

In the same manner, the more you revise, the better you remember the details. Yet, mind that going through one and the same text is a bad idea. Your brain needs time to arrange information, just as the paint should be left to dry before you add one more layer.

Communicate With Your Classmates

It’s never easy to prepare for exams, but the process definitely becomes less tough when you have company. Even if it’s not about preparation but a simple sharing of some thoughts and worries, use this resource of support and tips. You can always ask someone to help you understand a concept or how to solve a task.

It also works the opposite way. If you prepare for exams with someone, try to explain something in simple words. This technique helps a lot when it comes to memorizing some details.

Learn More During the Term

Just in case it’s not too late and for some reason, you’re reading this article in the middle of the term, do yourself a favor: start now. If by the time the finals come, you already know the major part of the course, you won’t have to deal with that much pressure. A serious revision and preparation will still be required, but those are a piece of cake in comparison to reading huge volumes of information for the first time and trying to cram all of that.

Don’t Study Hours in a Row

The final tip would be to take care of yourself, have regular breaks, and not sacrifice your sleep before the exam. Hours of reading through a bunch of notes and books won’t do any good if you don’t understand something basic or struggle to focus.

Split the preparation into sessions and set a timer to have a break after an hour or so. The sessions’ length may vary depending on your preferences, some people even have a break every 20 minutes. Yet, don’t spend several hours without rest. When you feel tired or stuck, try the following things that will refresh your mind and distract you:

  • have a 10-minute walk and fresh air;
  • do some chores like dishwashing;
  • go to groceries;
  • play with a pet;
  • call someone;
  • check social media.

Yes, even checking social media may help. If you don’t scroll your feed and recommendations for 30 minutes or more, it’s a nice distracting factor. It can make you forget about the topic you struggle to understand while your brain will still try to comprehend it in the background. If it’s the end of a tough day, a small break won’t help though. So, sometimes, it’s better to go to sleep.

Final Words

Whenever you feel like exams are impossible to pass, remember that there’s always a way to do it. The old method of cramming is no longer relevant or efficient – it probably never was. There are many other smart approaches that can help you out, and the major ones are listed above. Do follow them to succeed in your finals as well as stay emotionally stable. Good luck!

How to get more customers to use QR codes in your video marketing campaign

A QR code in your video marketing campaign can never break your campaign but on the contrary, it can actually make your campaign generate more leads and gain customers. 


How so? 


As defined by marketers today, QR codes are the holy grail when it comes to the advertising space. They are contactless, easy to generate, and you can convert any information you want into a QR code. 

Moreover, these codes are easily accessible using a smartphone device, making them easier to penetrate for all target audiences from all age groups. That means you can attract and drive more potential customers from all age brackets. 


QR codes can be used in offline (print) and online spaces, especially in your video campaign. 


That means advertising on these two platforms allows you to reach a broader audience. Not only in print and not only with online audiences, but you can have the best of both worlds!


Listed below are some of the ways you can use QR codes in your video marketing campaign to engage more customers and generate leads. 


Here’s how QR codes help marketers and businesses to improve video marketing campaign


1. Use a video QR code to redirect scanners to instructional/informative videos 


When you convert videos into QR codes, your target audience can access the video right away when they scan the QR code. There’s no need for them to type the long URL of videos which can be a lot of hassle.


If there is one type of video that attracts consumers and other curious viewers the most, it would be instructional/informative videos.


As this type of video assists and informs viewers about the item or product that theypurchased, it can generate more traffic.


With that being said, QR codes can help your target audience to access these instructional videos at their disposal by generating a video QR code. 


Using a QR code generator software to make a video QR code will give value-added information about the product or item you are promoting or the products customers have purchased.


2. Insert a social media QR code on your video to maximize social media followers 


A social media QR code houses all your digital links, such as e-commerce apps, messaging apps, and social media sites. When scanned, it displays all your online resources directly to the user’s smartphone screen. 


Thus, making it seamless for your scanners to follow you without a sweat on all social media platforms and increasing your online visibility effortlessly. 


Several successful corporate and private brands advertise their social media handles in videos. It could be in a live-stream videos, LED displays, or even during television ads. 


While it is ideal that your social media usernames appear in these videos from time to time to gain exposure, why not just make the most out of it by generating a social media QR code? 


Using the social media QR code, you can put all your social sites in one place instead of displaying your social media handles one by one. 


When scanned, your scanners can just tap on your social media channels that they would like to follow in seconds! 


3. Digitized printed materials with QR code 


Printed marketing materials are known only to be static and plain boring to look at— and even to read at— as it doesn’t give that much-added value to your target audience. And I bet you can agree. 


You only read, look at it, and are done—NOTHING ELSE. 


But not anymore.


To bring value to boring physical ads, digitizing them using QR codes will redefine paper marketing by giving life to it and—something for your target audience to interact with. 


QR codes printed on paper ads are more than just a digital element. 


With QR codes, you can embed all the essential information in the QR when your magazines, posters, pamphlets, and product packaging, have no space to put all this information in one place. 


Using QR codes, you can redirect them to a PDF file for additional information, an image gallery of your products, or embed a link that will redirect to a website that showcases all your products. 


Anything is made possible with these 2d codes. 


Marketers can also include a video QR code in printed materials and allow readers to scan it to view product or instructional videos.  




As most customers learn more from viewing videos than from reading through static texts, companies, and marketers are adopting the usage of videos to grow their reach in their respective fields of business.


And with the rising rivalry in the video marketing world, using QR codes is a terrific way to access this information easily. 


Your small or medium-sized businesses can quickly implement an interactive video in your marketing approach that makes customers feel valued, included, and engaged. 

News Aggregation Made Easy: Exploring News API for Data Collection

In the information age, data drives everything. Access to reliable and relevant data has become an indispensable asset for businesses, academics, and tech enthusiasts. In recent years, one increasingly popular method of data collection involves tapping into the vast universe of digital news. This article explores using a News API for data collection, explaining how this revolutionary tool simplifies the process of news aggregation.

What is a News API?

Thanks to an API or application programming interface, different software applications can connect and interact with one another. A particular kind of API called a “News API” collects information from news websites worldwide and provides a centralized platform for gathering and evaluating news data.

Using News API to collect data

The News API offers an effective and potent tool for data collection. By using News API for data collection, data scientists and developers can access news stories, blogs, and online publications from various international sources. Users can filter news articles by date, language, and keywords with query parameters.

Users can obtain the most pertinent articles by including specific criteria in their search, such as the nation, source, and topic. For instance, a user can filter the articles by pertinent keywords and then analyze the content for favorable, negative, or neutral sentiments if interested in examining the sentiment surrounding a specific political event.

Benefits of News API for data collection

News APIs offer several benefits for data collection. They allow users to:

  • Real-time data access.News APIs give users access to the most recent news items, which makes them perfect for in-the-moment analysis and decision-making.
  • Retrieving historical data. Most News APIs include historical and current data access, enabling trend analysis and longitudinal research.
  • Diverse sources.News APIs aggregate news from multiple sources worldwide, providing a broad and diverse range of perspectives.
  • Save time and resources. Manual data collection can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. News APIs automate this process, saving significant time and resources.
  • Easily integratable.News APIs can be easily integrated into existing systems, tools, or processes, making it a versatile tool for various use cases.

Real-world applications of News API in data collection

News API’s potential applications extend far beyond mere academic research. Many sectors, such as finance, public relations, and marketing, utilize these tools to derive actionable insights and inform strategy.

In the financial sector, firms use News APIs to track real-time information that may impact their investment decisions. By monitoring news about specific companies, industries, or economic indicators, they can gain valuable insights and react quickly to market changes.

For public relations and marketing professionals, News APIs monitor brand reputation and public sentiment. By analyzing news content, they can understand how their organization or clients are perceived and take appropriate action when necessary.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, using a News API for data collection streamlines the process of news aggregation, making it easier than ever to harness the power of news data. The importance of News APIs will only grow as the digital world develops. The opportunities for data collecting and analysis provided by News APIs are limitless, regardless of your background as an academic, business professional, or tech enthusiast. We can all stay more informed and make more informed judgments by using these cutting-edge technologies.

Is Anyone Happy about the College Textbook Market?

College textbooks represent one of the leading requirements and costs for most credit courses. Instructors often vary the type of books they expect students to read, from the purchase of e-books and print texts to semester-by-semester rentals.

University texts are also available in various formats, including anthologies, surveys, handbooks, and workbooks along with many others. But not everyone is satisfied with the way that texts are sold and used in the current higher education market due to supply and order reasons like the following.

Instructors May Experience Limited Distribution

A majority of campuses prohibit faculty from requiring students to use the instructor’s own textbook. Alternately, if they can use the text in the classes they teach, they must report sales and income to university officials to avoid a conflict of interest.

In addition, text publishers might provide faculty authors an order discount that students do not receive, which does not encourage faculty to require higher-cost textbooks or students to buy them. Instead, students will either forego buying the textbook or share a friend’s copy. This defeats the purpose of publishing the books and expecting students to pay top dollar for them.

Students Often Pay Skyrocketing Book Costs

Whether or not an instructor requires students in his or her classes to use texts that have been authored by the faculty member, textbook costs continue to rise, adding to the financial burden of a college education. Compounding the problem is the fact that many if not most texts can be used in only one class and will be relegated to the student’s bookshelf for possible future reference or sold at a discount price to another student.

Depending on the discipline and course, newly-published books often run several hundred dollars. Students who take more than a class or two each semester may rack up a sizable book bill along with tuition and fees, and possibly other expenses like parking and computer use. While used books and e-books are often cheaper, they are not always available for all students every semester.

Bookstores Struggle with Stock Expectations and Payments

Each term, instructors or departments submit book orders to the bookstore to prepare for the next semester. Orders are based on expected class enrollment, but these figures cannot be confirmed until the semester begins. By then, the bookstore may have ordered too many or too few texts, which means store associates may have to scramble to order more books for students who need them or return unpurchased books unless they decide to keep them in stock for the following semester, hoping the book does not go into a new edition.

Another potential complication when students start to buy textbooks each semester is how to pay for them. Those who receive financial aid finance books for their classes one way, while students on scholarships typically purchase bookstore supplies using another method.

Other Options

Students sometimes prefer to buy textbooks as required or recommended by faculty by ordering through a non-campus bookstore. Occasionally, faculty change their texts at the beginning of a semester for various reasons. An instructor may be replaced due to illness or other situations, which means a replacement instructor may prefer to use different books for the course. Students also switch classes at the last minute for a variety of reasons, requiring them to return planned books and exchange them for others in the new class that has been added.

Using another bookstore off campus at their leisure allows students and faculty to avoid some of the hassles associated with books and supplies used in college courses. Students can pay on their own terms in a more straightforward way than the campus bookstore might require.

College today is more complex and challenging than ever. Faculty and students benefit from fewer distractions in order to focus on the task of education. By broadening the ways in which course books can be ordered in their various formats, time frames, and payment plans, instructors can avoid the stress of technical aspects of their job like book orders, and students can take care of book orders on their own schedules and budgets. Reducing stress associated with book orders will help the semester to begin more smoothly and make everyone involved a little happier and carefree.

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