Why appealing YouTube Thumbnails Matters?

Appealing YouTube thumbnail is the basic first step to get a high rank among a lot of other content providing sources on the YouTube platform. The quality of your content will be taken as a secondary preference. When the user comes to YouTube and searches for something. The thumbnails of your video should be attractive or appealing enough that can force the user to click your video icon and watch.

On the other hand, the whole clip should be full of interest and suspense that will enable the user not to skip or not go back to another content video. If the users like the information provided by you in your video, it can enhance the number of views, watching hours, likes, and also shares on your content.

The best practices to make appealing YouTube thumbnail:

The thumbnail will encourage the user or viewer to watch the video, no matter if the content is not much informative. The title of your video can let the user stop scrolling and click the icon of your content. Let’s discuss some practices that make your YouTube thumbnail more attractive to your customers:

Keep the thumbnail simple:

It should be simple. Thumbnails should not explain a story, but it is short. The thumbnail should consist of some main or highlighted words that can reflect the whole background of your content.

Relevant to the story:

As you know that the search engine crawlers crawl over the content and read. Then these crawlers guess the quality of content whether it is an answering content to the questions of readers or not. The information should be relevant to the title of your video.

Suppose that your video will not produce what you promise in your YouTube thumbnail, it will break the trust level of the viewers. They stop watching you. YouTube will also not rank you high.

Selection of trendy colors:

The YouTube thumbnail should not be made with black and white colors. The best and suitable colors will be orange, green, blue, and yellow. The targeted keywords must be added in the thumbnail and then choose the best contrast of colors.

Give a branded look:

Give a branded look to your YouTube Thumbnail. You can add the logo of your channel in the corner of the video’s icon. But the logo will not be the main focus, so do not try to highlight it very much.

Mention some best YouTube thumbnail maker:

Thumbnail Maker – Create Banners & Channel Art:

This thumbnail maker android application also works as a banner maker. This thumbnail creator app is free and users also use it as a thumbnail editor. It will enable its users to choose the significant thumbnail dimensions. You can easily download this youtube thumbnail maker from the google play store and start making your desired thumbnails and banners.

The user has to upload the image that will be used later as a thumbnail. Select the desired dimensions and sizes of the thumbnail. You can then add some text about your brand. It will allow you to download the thumbnail free of cost.


It is the best thumbnail creator. It enables its customers to make professional-level thumbnails. The users will take it so easy and simple to use. You will find above 1 million thumbnails for YouTube, images, templates, photos, and graphics from this platform.

This YouTube thumbnail maker will let you use it free, but some excellent options will be unlocked after paying it. Clip art and stock photos features are available at its paid version. You have to pay $120 and use it for a year.

Adobe Spark:

This thumbnail creator will let you create awesome icons and thumbnails quickly. Pre-made thumbnails by this tool will not be charged by the users. You will find a particular category of thumbnails from this tool. Customization of thumbnails is also offered, and you can edit its color, size, background, and text, etc. $100 will be asked by Adobe Spark to use its paid feature for a year.


Here, you can create a lot of thumbnails for YouTube. It will give you amazing and well-designed templates. You can choose one of them and then easily customize it with the provided features. Your effort and its features together let you create extraordinary eye-catching thumbnails. Everyone can access it as its interface is very friendly.

The latest and modern look will be given to your video thumbnail with an interesting addition of emoji and stickers. It will come up to serve free. But if the user wants to have access to additional amazing tools, then he/she has to pay $40 for a year. No ads will disturb the paid version.


This YouTube thumbnail maker will permit you to select any of your favorite designs for thumbnails from given templates. All the elements of the template can be edited. You can change its size, location, and shape. Five projects will be done for free. $168 is required for the paid version.

Backplane Connectors: What They Are and How to Choose the Right One for Your Needs

Backplane connectors are designed to decrease signal rise while increasing data rates. It delivers more dependable high-speed transmissions with enhanced clarity.

Although these components are used in various devices, they’re most often found in networking equipment with integrated daughterboard modules. Selecting the right connectors for your needs will result in a significant difference in signal integrity.

When you’re searching for high-speed backplane connectors, you’ll encounter various:

  • Signal integrity graphs in datasheets
  • Connection counts
  • Form factors

So, let’s take a closer look at what these components are and what you need to consider when investing in them.

What’s a Backplane Connector?

A backplane is a unique type of printed circuit board (PCB) housing a parallel connector set. It serves as a base structure for connecting several other PCBs, forming a complete computer system. These components increase mechanical stability and strength. Simultaneously, it acts as a medium for the integration of various system components, known as daughterboards.

As mentioned by the professionals at Octopart.com, a backplane is differentiated from a motherboard by the fact that it lacks on-board storage and processing elements.

What Do You Need to Consider When Choosing a Backplane Connector?

Some of the factors you need to consider when looking for a backplane are explained below.

Primary Requirements

Some of the critical factors to consider when selecting a backplane includes:

  • High-speed data rates (differential or single-ended)
  • Low-speed signals (single-ended)
  • Power
  • Physical size (length, height, depth)
  • Gross alignment or guidance requirements

System-Level Requirements

System-level requirements that may influence your choice of component include:

  • Available space
  • Aspect ratio limitations
  • PCB thickness
  • Power management
  • PCB routing limitations
  • Cooling potential

Component Design

Design engineers are consistently working toward meeting the demand for communications applications, which includes:

  • Enhanced port density
  • Bandwidth
  • Speed

To keep up, manufacturers started offering more innovative architectures. The idea behind it is to lower costs associated with intricate midplane designs and improve channel performance. These models include:

  • Right-angle-to-vertical. These solutions promote cross-connections between all system data points. It’s a common choice for device construction as they’re manufactured for use in industry-standard rack sizes.
  • Orthogonal midplanes. This design is unique as it eliminates the necessity for signal traces channeled through the midplane. It enhances signal integrity and lowers production costs. Its shorter channel lengths show less attenuation and reduced energy reflections resulting in lower crosstalk.
  • Coplanar or mezzanine devices. These components usually get used for core processing and memory expansion, backward compatibility, and I/O flexibility. It features the same electrical and mechanical properties as traditional backplanes. These resources include compliant pins, separable interfaces, power options, and guidance.

True Channel Performance

The entire mechanism dictates system-level performance, regardless of how much care gets put into enhancing a connector’s electrical parameters. This results in the need to quantify channel behavior and includes aspects such as:

  • PCB interface
  • Board traces
  • BGA attach
  • DC blocking caps

To Wrap Up

There’s a sizable number of backplanes available on the market. Yet not all the solutions are compatible with all systems. To ensure you choose the right component for your needs, you’ve got to consider the design and various primary and system-level requirements. Selecting the wrong device may result in it being incompatible or reducing the system’s performance.

Top 10 Best Selling WooCommerce WordPress Themes in 2022

WordPress themes have made it easier to set up an online business. You can quickly launch an online store and begin selling things using the WooCommerce plugin.

Fast forward, the top WooCommerce WordPress themes are visually appealing and may help your business grow. You might use them with the best eCommerce site builders to create the online store of your dreams on a shoestring budget.

There are, however, a variety of WooCommerce WordPress themes available, each with its look and feature set. You must select the one that best meets your requirements and contributes to your company’s growth. This post has compiled a list of the top WooCommerce WordPress themes fea.

What To Look For In A WooCommerce WordPress Theme?

These are the things to note when choosing a theme since choosing the appropriate theme is critical to the success of any website.

#1: SEO

SEO is one of the most important elements to look for in a WooCommerce theme. This tool aids in the improvement of your search engine rating, allowing you to appear higher in search engine results.

#2: Speed Optimization

A quick-loading website is critical for a positive user experience. The speed with which a website loads significantly impacts the bottom line of an online company. If your site takes longer than 4 seconds to load, you may lose 50% of your visitors. Furthermore, loading speed is a Google ranking element, which means it will affect your Google search engine rankings.

#3: Customization Features

Customizing your selected theme is a fantastic application that enables you to customize your site while meeting your branding requirements.

#4: Mobile Design

Without a smartphone web design, you risk losing half of your company. Use smartphone WordPress themes adaptable across all screen sizes to avoid this.

#5: Good Navigation

If buyers can rapidly discover what they want, they are more likely to purchase. You want the client to stay on your site and look around. This needs a user-friendly design that facilitates navigation. Some items include sensible types of products and a search option with filters.

#6: Multi-Language Features

E-commerce is a typically global business that allows you to expand your reach beyond geographical limits. International themes that offer visitors to explore in the language of their choice are a terrific approach to growing your consumer base. The WPML plugin, for example, may assist in establishing your site in different languages.

#7: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a wonderful tool that may provide your company with valuable information from your website. You may obtain vital customer data such as demographics and place of origin, which can be utilized to develop customized marketing tactics to increase conversions.

#8: Review Section

An important component of internet retailers is a review area. Most internet customers now depend on reviews and feedback when making purchases. Customers will trust you more if your WooCommerce theme has a testimonials area.

List Of The Best WooCommerce WordPress Themes In 2022

Here is the list of the top 10 WordPress themes in 2022.


Botiga’s design is adaptable to a variety of eCommerce platforms.

Botiga and its minimalist style will appeal to you if you want to guarantee that the store’s design does not overwhelm your guests. This theme’s design will assist your items in attracting your guests’ attention as soon as they enter your business.


Rey is a trendy WooCommerce WordPress theme for fashion and textiles.

This excellent WooCommerce theme offers a multitude of online store designs. Although this is mostly a fashion and clothes eCommerce theme, it also has demos for various items and online stores.


Porto is a versatile WordPress theme that can be used for various applications, including e-commerce sites.

One of the advantages is the enormous number of features and website designs you gain access to when you choose a multi-purpose WordPress theme such as Porto for your eCommerce business.


Glowing is a multi-purpose WooCommerce beauty & cosmetics theme.

The Glowing theme bundle includes eCommerce demonstrations for developing beauty and cosmetics web businesses and other comparable projects. While each sample is unique, they all have a common aesthetic that may be defined as clean, contemporary, and minimalist.


Astra should always be able to assist you in quickly launching a professional-looking Online store thanks to a stunning range of beginning themes. There’s a strong chance you’ll find something that fits your business here, with templates spanning a wide spectrum of eCommerce projects.


TheGem is jam-packed with functionality and templates that will assist you in building any form of online shop with WordPress.

The Gem includes a collection of 15+ eCommerce shop page demos that can be loaded to WordPress and then used to sell various things online.


Haaken is a WooCommerce-compatible fashion store theme.

Haaken is ideal for various fashion shops, thanks to its six elegant eCommerce demonstrations. Whether you offer a large number of products or only a few, you’ll discover a variety of designs to help you showcase your business and its products properly.


Kalium is a versatile theme that may be used for various purposes, including the creation of online storefronts.

Everything you need to start an online store is included in the Kalium package, thanks to the great service of the WooCommerce plugin.


Jayla, with its ten pre-built online shop examples, may assist you in setting up various eCommerce sites using WordPress.

The material may be loaded into your site in no time after choosing a demo, whether it’s the pre-built clothing store, home furnishings demo, or sunglasses bundle.


Wooler is a WooCommerce shop builder theme that may be used for various purposes.

Wooler comes with a demo library that is diverse enough to allow you to create practically any form of eCommerce shop using WordPress and WooCommerce.

The Final Verdict

Choosing the correct theme necessitates a thorough investigation. The themes described in this piece are unquestionably the greatest WooCommerce themes available right now, and they should be enough to assist you in creating a fantastic WooCommerce store.

Add-Ons You Should Look for When Purchasing Web Hosting

Aside from choosing the right hosting plan for your website, it’s also crucial to support it with essential add-ons to improve your site’s security and performance.

Visitors expect a website to load in less than two seconds and to see a security padlock next to the URL when it does. Therefore, merely relying on the basic features of a web hosting plan is not enough.

In this article, we’ll go over five add-ons to look for when purchasing web hosting. By the end, you’ll understand which add-ons are critical for your site and how to get them.

Let’s jump right in.

1. WHOIS Privacy for Domain Names

When registering a domain name, your personal details such as phone number and email address are available on a public database called WHOIS.

When not protected, this can lead to data breaches due to hackers and data attackers. Not to mention that a single data breach can cost you $3.62 million on average.

Thus, WHOIS privacy protection for domain names is an essential add-on when choosing a web host. It ensures your data is protected and kept hidden from public access.

You can add WHOIS privacy protection to new or existing domain names through your domain registrar or web hosting provider. If you’re unsure about the process, consider contacting the support team for help.

2. SSL Certificate

The SSL certificate refers to the digital certificate that authenticates the site’s identity. It stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a security protocol that encrypts the data transferred between a web browser and web server.

A secure website with an SSL certificate will have a padlock icon next to the URL, and the protocol will be HTTPS instead of HTTP.

An SSL certificate helps secure information such as login credentials and online transactions by encrypting the information. This way, hackers are unable to read the data, and your website remains secure.

Aside from security measures, installing an SSL certificate is a critical step because Google Chrome will actively direct users away from insecure websites, decreasing not only your site’s traffic, but also sales and conversion rates.

Therefore, choose a web hosting provider that offers an SSL certificate with their plans. If not, you can purchase it from third-party providers, such as Comodo SSL or GeoTrust.

3. Content Delivery Network

CDN is a network of servers located across the world to help distribute content with minimum delay. It can do so by distributing your content from the closest server to the user’s geographical location.

Essentially, a CDN is used to improve your site’s performance. It’ll help increase your page load time and reduce bandwidth consumption.

A CDN is best for websites and businesses that consistently deliver content to users, such as eCommerce, news publication with worldwide readers, multimedia content, and graphics-heavy websites.

Examples of companies that use CDN to accelerate their content delivery include large enterprises, like YouTube and Netflix.

If you’re just starting, consider getting a free CDN from Cloudflare to get started. Otherwise, there are other options, such as Sucuri and Rackspace. Essentially, make sure to do your research and pick one that suits your needs best.

4. Automated Backup Services

Backups make copies of your website files and database, so you can recover it if your site ever crashes or gets hacked. Therefore, backups add another layer of website protection and prevent data loss.

Besides that, backing up your website is also helpful if you like to try and install different plugins. Some plugins can damage your site, and restoring the latest backup will return it to its original state in no time.

Therefore, it’s vital to perform regular backups on your website. Luckily, most hosting providers offer a backup service with their plans.

If not, consider installing backup plugins such as UpDraftPlus or BackUp Buddy to automate the task and keep your website safe.

5. Security Plugins

Cybercrime has been on the rise. Last year, 80% of breaches involved brute force attacks and onslaughts of login. Therefore, keeping your website secure should be a top priority.

Without proper security measures, breaches can cause serious problems such as stolen customer information, data loss, and destroyed brand reputation.

Although you can always scan for breaches, cleaning a hacked site without professional help will be challenging for non-technical users. Thus, it’s best to take preventive measures by installing security plugins before anything terrible happens.

Some popular options include Sucuri, Wordfence, and Jetpack. Each plugin comes with features such as malware detection and data protection to make sure your website is safe from attacks.


There you have it – five add-ons to look for when purchasing web hosting for your site.

These additional features will improve your website’s security and performance, thus, resulting in a trustworthy and credible reputation for your business.

To recap, here’s a summary of the listed add-ons:

  • WHOIS Privacy Protection. Protects your personal details that are disclosed when registering a domain name.
  • SSL Certificate. A security protocol that encrypts transferred data between the web server and web browser.
  • Content Delivery Network. A network of servers located across the globe for faster content delivery to visitors.
  • Automated Backup Services. Secure your site’s files and database with plugins such as UpDraftPlus.
  • Security Plugins. Secure your site from hackers, malware, viruses, and breaches with security plugins like Wordfence and Sucuri.

Now that you’ve learned all essential add-ons to create a robust website, it’s time to install them and improve your site.

HotelClub Coupons and Promo Codes 2022

HotelClub is a global online accommodation community for travelers around the globe. Hotel Club makes travelers aware of the available accommodation options in the world. It is operated by an Australian privately registered company. Once you register an account with them, you will be able to access numerous benefits. Some of the benefits will be highlighted here below as a way of encouraging travelers to use this community as a source of getting accommodation around the globe.

Reasons to Use HotelClub

  • Free Taxes

When you decide to use this community to secure your accommodation, you will enjoy tax-free rates. This is a benefit that is unique to only users of this community. Otherwise on a normal booking, you will be subjected to the different taxes that will only work to raise your expenditure.

  • 7% Members Rewards

A member of this community is eligible to rewards of up to 7%. These rewards can be used within the hotels that you will be staying in for whatever pleases you.

  • Exclusive Deals on Hotels

There are exclusive deals that different hotels have worldwide. Members of this community will enjoy exclusive access to these deals. Not only will you get the exclusive deals but also get first priority when there are deals in hotels.

  • Travel Support

You’ll also get travel support whenever you travel. As a global traveler, you will need travel support for you to get familiar with your new environments. HotelClub.com issues travel support to its members.

  • Best Price Assurance

HotelClub is determined to give its members the best prices. Any better pricing online is matched at this community. You should therefore use this community as a way of getting the best prices for your hotel.

Even with the best pricing, there are coupon that can be used to secure better deals at .

Top Working HotelClub Promo Coupon Codes

  • 5% off: You can get 5% discount on selected hotel bookings. The code for that is COMEBACK.
  • 12% Off: You can also get 12% off on selected hotel bookings around the world. Just you need to apply RELAXSG at checkout page.
  • 50% Off Beachside Hotels + 15% Off: You can get up to half off on beachside hotels with additional 15% discount with the help of voucher code TRIP15.
  • Up to 25% Off South Australia Hotels + Extra 14% Off: If you’re planning for a vacation in South Australia, then you should make use of this offer. Make sure to use VINEYARD14 at payment page.
  • Save 10% on USA and UK: For a limited time only you can receive upto 10% discount when you travel to USA or UK. Login to your account and apply ARED10 as offer code to get benefit of that. Valid once per user per account.


HotelClub Promo Codes and Shipping Policy

The above coupons are valid and can be used when seeking accommodation through Hotel Club. The coupons should be used when checking out during hotel booking. As a policy, one booking can only have one promotional code used. You cannot use multiple deal per booking and make sure that your cart value is above minimum purchase requirement after deduction of taxes. It is therefore important to keenly select the coupon codes you will use for your booking.

Zenni optical Coupon Codes 2022 + B2G1 Free Discount

Zenni optical free shipping coupon code and 30% discount is available here. Zenni optical is best online place for low price glasses and frames.

You all might have heard that Zenni optical offers one of the best glasses at competitive prices, But today I want to share you how you can even their product at even lower price.

zennioptical discounted glasses

Below are some working ZenniOptical Coupon Codes :-

B2G1 – Buy 2 Get 1 Free when you spend $75 or more. Plus you will get Free Shipping on your entire order.

10% Off – Receive 10% discount on minimum purchase of $100 Gift Card. Check for for gift of options.

VET15 – Veteran’s Day Flash Sale! Get 15% off on order of $50 or more.

SCHOOL10 – Save 10% when you shop Back to School. Please login to your account and use these promo code to get related discount

BUY2GET1 – Buy any two frames and get 3rd for FREE. Simply apply the code at checkout page for availing this offer.

Coupon : MEMORIAL20 – For a limited time only you can save 20% on your purchase of photochromic lenses. Valid for current week only!

From Zennis To Sunnies - Get Free Tint With Your Glasses Purchase of $14.95 or more!* Use promo code

Zenni optical codes and coupons are the one that you can use for your any online purchase to get save huge on prescription glasses and frames. Many time customer enjoy discount on already reduced price items, So you should check our tips given here.

Before going in depth, let me tell you one thing is that Zenni was founded few year back by the team of scientist and professional people to provide the glasses at lowest possible price with unmatched quality.

Shop up front low prices on prescription glasses at Zenni Optical. Frames starting at just $6.95.

How to use Zenni optical Coupons and Promo codes ?

Currently you can use “RED10” or “TENOFF” to enjoy 10% discount on your any online order. Above codes are valid for any order of $100 and more. Good news is that you’ll also get Freebies like case, cover and other goodies for free on your any frame or glasses purchase.

Zenni optical promo and coupons provided here are subjected to expire, So please make sure that you get associated discount before it gone away. I usually try to provide most recent deals here, So you may always see different code that is valid for your next order. You can also enjoy Free Shipping on your any order of $120 and more.

In case of any question or queries you can post your comments here. Also please bookmark this page to get most recent offer before you purchase anything from Zenni.

Back Up iPhone With and Without iTunes [Tips & Tricks]

It is vital to back up mobile phone data to prevent data loss,since things change and you never know when the phone may be broken or misplaced. And the iPhone is no exception. As we know, we can use iTunes to back up the iPhone data on the computer. But, there are several flaws of iTunes that are unacceptable by many iOS users.

First, it is slow to finish the backup process. Second, it doesn’t allow us to preview and select files, such as contacts, photos, and so on. Third, the interface is not simple enough. Anyway, some people like using it but others don’t. To satisfy this point, we today discuss how to back up the iPhone with and without iTunes. Thus, you can select a way you want below to back up your iPhone.

Section 1: How to Back Up iPhone with iTunes

If you wonder about the detailed guide about iPhone backup with iTunes, please don’t miss this part.

Step 1: Download iTunes

Please download and install iTunes on your computer. Then launch it on the desktop.

Step 2: Connect iPhone to Computer

Then you can connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable. The software will detect your phone in a short time.

Step 3: Back Up iPhone

Next, click the phone-like icon on the top right, and tap the “Summary”>“Back Up Now” feature to begin the backup procedure. The iTunes backup is done now.

iphone backup with itunes

Section 2: How to Back Up iPhone without iTunes

Dislike using iTunes? You still have other options. This section lists 2 ways to back up the iPhone without iTunes. You can freely select one here.

Way 1. Back Up iPhone without iTunes – MobiKin

This backup manager, MobiKin Assistant for iOS, can back up iPhone on computer, such as contacts, messages, calendars, photos, etc. What’s more, it’s considerate to preview files on the computer before transfer. Therefore, you can directly select detailed videos, music, messages, and more on the computer.

Step 1: Prepare to Connect

Connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable after downloading and installing it.

Step 2: Select iPhone Files

Choose one category you want to preview from the left panel. Then you can view files on the interface. Tick the checkboxes for selection.

Step 3: Transfer Files from iPhone to Computer for Backup

After selected, please tap the “Export” icon to transfer your desired files to the computer. Later, you can finish the backup.

backup iphone without itunes

Way 2. Back Up iPhone without iTunes – iCloud

Another useful backup way is using iCloud. You can synchronize iOS data to iCloud on your iPhone without trouble. But it will take up the cloud storage on iCloud.

Step 1: Go to Settings

Open the Settings app on your iPhone and press your name > iCloud.

Step 2: Enable iCloud Backup

Switch the “iCloud Backup” feature on and tap the “Back Up Now” icon. It will back up your iPhone files to iCloud via your network.

iphone backup using icloud method


Is it clear enough with the above guide to back up iPhone with and without iTunes? Please feel free to drop a line if you have any backup queries. We will reply to you as soon as possible. Lastly, thanks for reading, and we will share more practical backup tips with you in the future.

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