The Beginner’s Guide to Traveling Milan

The travel bug is a truly wonderful thing. Nothing quite compares to setting out on a new and exciting destination – not sure of what you will experience. Few destinations bring the satisfaction, beauty, and experience that Milan Spain does. This city is one of the largest in all of Europe and has several unique and charming qualities that make it one of the most visited cities in the world.

If you have never been to Milan or are thinking of traveling there for the first time, here is everything you know to have a beginner’s guide to traveling to Milan!

The History of Milan

Located in northern Italy, Milan is currently the second most populated city in all of Spain after Rome. This huge metropolis also houses the third-largest economy in all of Europe following only behind Paris and Madrid.

It is a world leader in terms of health, economics, infrastructure, education, and cultural development. Not only that but it is also considered to be one of the four major fashion centers of the world and hosts some of the largest, most attended fashion events every year.

This thriving city has its roots stretching all the way back to 400 BC. It served as the capital of the Western Roman Empire, and during the 15th and 16th centuries rose to prominence as one of the most important centers of trade and commerce in Europe.

The size of Milan is astounding with over one million inhabitants within the city proper and over three million inhabitants in the metropolitan city. This city is home to some of the greatest works of art known to mankind and has a particularly strong collection of works from Leonardo Da Vinci.

With such a rich and incredible history, and still being one of the largest most vibrant cities in all of Europe, it can feel a little overwhelming when planning a trip to visit. However, while seeing Milan is not the work of one day, here are some of the top must-see spots to make your first trip – unforgettable!

Get Rid of that Luggage

The first thing to do when visiting Milan, whether it’s for a quick pass through or a couple of days, is locate a Bounce, secure storage space. Bounce provides luggage storage in Milan that is safe, secure, and easy to use. This means you can go explore the city without worrying about your luggage and personal property.

Bounce is the worlds leading luggage storage service and has several convenient locations throughout Milan. Once you have your luggage and personal property safely stored, now you can enjoy all that the city has to offer!

Take a Tour of the Canals

The canals that run through Milan were designed by Leonardo De Vinci himself and are a great way to get introduced to the city. A guided tour through the canals will show you a true piece of the Milan experience and help you get an idea of the lay of the city in general.

Dumo di Milano

The Milan Cathedral is one of the most breathtaking pieces of architectural genius and is a must-see for your first time in Milan. This incredible cathedral with its regal spires and ornate, marble carved exterior took nearly six centuries to complete. It is the largest church in Italy and one of the most ornate buildings on the planet.

You can take a guided tour and even purchase tickets to ascend the cathedral and look at the city from its stoned rooftops.

Fashion, Fashion, Fashion

Milan is one of the largest fashion hubs in the world and is considered one of the four fashion centers of the globe. As such it also houses the oldest known shopping gallery in existence the, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

The arching glass and iron roof that adorns this incredible gallery has been home to high-end shopping ever since being built in the late 1800s. This incredible gallery is a fantastic place for picking up a unique gift from Milan, or just enjoying an afternoon of window shopping!

The Food!

The Spanish are famous for their beautiful language, impact on art and culture, and of course – their food! The food scene in Milan is as vast as you would imagine a global city to be; however, for authentic, Spanish cuisine a simple stroll next to the canals in the evening will bring countless choices to enjoy.

Enjoy an Italian breakfast of espresso and a pastry in the morning and then dine next to the canal at night. The wonderful thing about Milan is that you have options for everything from five-star Michelin restaurants all the way to delicious street vendors.

Gmail Settings for IMAP/SMTP/POP Servers

In order to make Gmail work smoothly you need to apply proper settings for IMAP, POP and SMTP servers.  Gmail is one of the most popular online email services today. And it is known to seamlessly work with POP, IMAP, and SMTP incoming and outgoing servers as well.

Once you configure your G-mail according you can access incoming messages and also send mail using any email program like outlook express.

gmail IMAP, pop and smtp server settings

If you want to know how to configure your mail server for Gmail, follow closely the guide below. Or If Alternative, You can buy Gmail Quick Source Guide from Amazon (Price is only $4.12) that include step by step instruction to help users to learn all the gmail features like Creating Filters, Labels, Desktop notifications and much more.

GMAIL POP Mail Server Configuration

  • For the configuration of the Incoming Mail Server or POP3 that requires SSL, be sure to type in Where it says Use SSL, select Yes. Use port 995 for this purpose.
  • For the Outgoing Mail Server settings or SMTP that requires TLS or SSL, type When it asks if you’ll use authentication, select Yes. The port used for TLS/STATTLS is 587. For SSS, the port number should be 465.
  • The Server Timeouts setting should be more than one minute. Five minutes is the best choice.
  • For Full Name or Display Name, simply type in your name or your business name for that matter.
  • For Account Name or User Name, type in your full email address. Make sure to add at the end. It may also follow the format, depending on which mail you want to configure.
  • For password, just type in the password that you’re using to access your Gmail messages.

Gmail IMAP Mail Server Settings :-

If you need to set-up Gmail for an IMAP mail server, simply follow the steps below.

  • For the incoming mail server or IMAP that requires SSL, type in Use port 993 and select Yes for the Requires SSL setting.
  • For the outgoing mail server SMTP that requires TLS, type in For port, you can use either 587 or 465. Select Yes for both the Requires SSL and Requires authentication settings. If there is any other setting required, use the same ones you supplied for the incoming mail server.
  • For Full Name or Display name, simply add in your name or business name.
  • For Account Name or User Name, type in your complete Gmail address. It should include at the end. If you are a Google Apps user, the format to use is
  • The Email Address is the same as your full Gmail address. It should also be typed in full like instructed above.
  • For Password, simply type in the password that you’re using to access your Gmail account.

These are the settings needed to access your Gmail account using a POP3, IMAP, or SMTP servers. These are going to be helpful if you would like to set MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Zimbra or a similar mail server to work with your Gmail account. Just supply the information as accurately as indicated above to make sure that all settings will work. Once all the settings are in, try to send an email to yourself to see if it works. If you’re able to send and receive mail without any errors, then you have done everything correctly.

Although care has been taken while preparing this tutorial but If you still feel any of these Gmail Settings don’t work then you can share your experience by commenting here.

Straight Talk APN Settings for iPhone, Samsung, and BYOP

APN Settings : Straight Talk mobile service is one of the fastest-growing players in telecommunications today. If you have recently made the shift and are wondering why your mobile internet connection or MMS setting suddenly stopped working, you might have to reconfigure it to work with APN settings for your Straight Talk‘s Smartphone. To do that, simply follow the steps below.

straight talk apn settings for BYOP, Android and iPhone

These are official setting, but if you still find any issue or trouble in following that then you can post that by commenting here.

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Straight Talk APN Settings for the iPhone

1. Tap on Setting –> General –> Cellular –> Cellular Data Network
2. In there you’ll see different fields to fill out. Populate them as follows:

Under Cellular Data:

  • APN – att.mvo
  • Username and Password – leave these fields blank

Under MMS:

APN – att.mvno
Username and Password – leave these fields blank
MMS Proxy:
MMS Max Message Size – 1048576
Internet Tethering or Personal Hotspot – leave this field blank

3. Save the settings and go back to the home screen.
4. Reboot your device.

Straight Talk Settings for Samsung and Android devices

It is important to note that APN setting resides at different location depending on your phone company. We’ve provided the steps for Samsung. If you’ve HTC, Motorola, LG, Nexus or any brand cell-phone then path to access APN might be different. Mostly you can find that under Mobile Networks

1. Go to Menu –> Wireless & Network –> Mobile Networks

2. Tap on Mobile Networks

3. Tap on Access Point Names

4. Type in these settings:

Name – Straight Talk
APN – att.mvno
Proxy –
Port, Username, Password, and Server  – leave these fields blank
MMS proxy –
MMS port – 80
MCC – 310
MNC – 410
Authentication type – leave this field blank
APN Type – default, supl, mms
APN Protocol – leave this field to its default value

Smart Talk Settings for BYOP

If you have bought your own phone and you want to setup Straight Talk APN settings for it, you have to look for the area where you can modify your network settings. You can either create a new profile for Straight Talk or edit an existing one. Once you have it working, supply the following data:

Name – Straight Talk

APN – att.mvno

Proxy –

Port – 80


MMS Proxy –

MMS Port – 80

Once you have all of these settings correctly loaded into your mobile phone and made them as the default settings, you should be able to freely access the internet, as well as send and receive MMS messages. If in any case the settings above won’t work, you can have the settings sent to your phone from Straight Talk’s website.

BONUS Tip :-

If you feel this step bit lengthy or tough then you can alternatively install their official app that will handle everything. Simply follow instruction and it will automatically program picture and data messaging setting for your device. App is available for Android device only.

However, you have to provide your phone number or the last 15 digits of your Straight Talk SIM card to proceed. Your phone model is needed as well. Once the settings are sent over the air, you’ll receive it as a message on your phone. Save the settings and activate them. After which, you should be ready to access the internet and send MMS messages again.

ATT FamilyMap App for iPhone, iPad, and Android

ATT FamilyMap App Review: Are you wondering where your teenage daughter is right at this moment? Would you like to know why your husband is running late and where he is right now? Are you concerned about your school boy and would like to know if he’s on his way home? Well, all these questions will be easily answered through the FamilyMap, a mobile tool that helps you locate mobile phones at any time.

at&t familymap app to download

What is AT&T FamilyMap ?
It is a mobile phone tracking application that uses the same technology utilized by the police and phone companies in searching for the location of a certain person. Now, you may have it on your phone to track family members or relatives included in your billing group. This app can accurately search for their position using their mobile devices. A text message will also be be sent informing you they have reached a certain location. What’s more, this phone tracking system may also be used to locate a stolen or lost phone.

How does ATT FamilyMap work?

It operates using the web, the wireless, and the GPS technologies. However, this app is not exclusive to GPS phones alone. It is designed to work with almost all kinds of devices obtained from AT&T, including their basic phones. The app can easily be installed on an Android, a Windows Phone, a BlackBerry, the iPhone, and the iPad. The app is designed to use a web-based interface, which means it can be managed using a web browser.

Below are some best features that you’ll get :-

  1. It showcase location with interactive map.
  2. You can setup list of landmarks and view them within the app.
  3. Send your family members location by email, voice call or text message.
  4. At the same time it keeps you private by securing your information.
  5. It works with any At&t phone and service plans.

How to get Att Family Map app?
Unfortunately for some, this app is not a free service. It is also exclusive for AT&T wireless service customers. Those who would like to avail of it has to pay $9.99 each month for two billing group members and $14.99 for five members. However, a 30-day trial period is currently available. Simply download the app and active your free trial to test the service. Once the trial period has expired, you have the option to continue using it by availing any of the two plans listed above.

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General Info and some facts about App :-
To use the app, users would have to log in to the FamilyMap system. What they’ll see is a web-based map of their current location. The map is on a top view by default, and can be zoomed in to see the roads and the aerial shot of the vicinity. However, a bird’s eye view and a side-angle perspective of the map are available as well. There are buttons to help you locate yourself on the map, as well as the people within your billing group. Technically, it is an easy-to-use, safe, and a legal person tracker software installed on your mobile phone. You may use it anywhere you go, provided that there is a strong AT&T signal on your device.

But since AT&T’s Secure Family app now supports other wireless carriers such as Cricket wireless, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint, you can get a bundle for TV, internet, and phone for a significantly cheaper price. Browse through this comprehensive list for more information.

Official Site : or you can get that from iTunes app store.

KIK Messenger Usernames – Guide for Female and Guys Usernames

Kik is a cool app where users can send instant messages, share media, and browse the internet. It is a mobile application that works on iOS, Windows Phone, Android, Symbian, and the BlackBerry operating systems. You can also download kik messenger for your Windows or Mac computer and same we already covered.

If You want to date or chat someone living in your city then you should checkout Fubar. It is leading Social Site with over 7 million registered members.

Being free of charge, new users may join the network and connect with friends or strangers at any time. Kik is indeed a great place for meeting new people and for building a friend network. All you need is to share your KIK messenger username and people will be able to contact you from all over.

kik messenger usernames

Since your Kik usernames is intended for sharing, it is very important that you pick the one perfect for you. Choose a username that will describe your personality the most. If possible, settle for a name that will give other users a good hint of what kind of person you really are.

How to create ideal Kik messenger username for Guys and Female

We’ve develop five rules that will help you to pick up awesome username.

1.)   Make it short and sweet
Whether you’re a gal or a guy, a username that is short and easy to remember is your best bet. For example, ladyboy123 is a whole lot better than mahrdigrahzz829. While the latter looks fun and interesting, you won’t likely get a lot of new friends with it. Pass that name around and many users will get confused typing it.

2.)   Use common words:
Many Kik members search for users that they want to connect with. So if your username incorporates everyday words like pretty, nice, gay, cute and similar ones, you will get found easily. And you’ll gain all the friends and contacts that you want. Look for an adjective that will describe you best. Then try to mix that up with your name.

3.)   Do not use your full name:
To make things light and casual, do not divulge your full name through your user name. You can always opt to give that information later on, and only to a handful of your new friends – never to complete strangers. Also, not using your full name in Kik is a good way to add some mystery to your personality.

4.)   Consider very well the use of underscores, numbers, and other characters:
Like any messaging service, a unique username is necessary in Kik. And the only way for you to use the name that you desire is to use symbols and numbers to go along with it. However, you have to strategically place them to your username so they won’t create confusion. Also, using a single number several times, like prettygirl777 is better than prettygirl826. While the numbers 826 may mean a lot to you, it may be difficult to remember for people who don’t know you at all.

5.)   Don’t overuse Special Characters:
Many time it is good idea to use some special characters as your username but If you want your name easily searchable then you shouldn’t use commonly used chars like #, $, @, % and KIK won’t allow you. Many time we think to take unique name to attract others, Its indeed good practice but It may possible that none of your friend finds you when you’ve used such kind of chars. For example, if your name is Roger Iller and you think to pick R@ger!||er. Don’t you think it’s awkward username that nobody even read in first glance. So try to make it simple, catchy and readable.

Thanks for reading our tips and hopping that you’ll consider that at the time of selecting user names for KIK Messenger. It is also good idea to share your username by commenting here, so that others can understand what they should select and which is in trend.

Download eBuddy Messenger for Windows and Mac PC

eBuddy Messenger is one of the best web based IM client and being so popular many of your search for availability for Windows and MAC PCs. is the biggest mobile and web messaging service having more than 30 million unique users per month. They created first web browser based instant messaging service in 2003 and later on company was re-branded to eBuddy.

download ebuddy messenger for windows and mac pc

Same as Kik messenger, ebuddy enable user having MSN, G Talk, Facebook chat, Yahoo messenger to chat free of charge. Its currently available for Android, J2ME, iOS enabled devices.

If you planning to download eBuddy for PC ( Windows 8, 7, Mac ) to start using it right from your desktop then we’ve bad news for you. You can’t download and install eBuddy on PC, There are so many junk sites telling but fact is there is no any official tool or application available for desktop.

But still we can manage to use that on Windows and Mac computer. Web messenger needs only internet connection and web browser to exchange information.

How to use eBuddy Messenger on PC ?

Simply, follow the steps given below to start using web messenger on your Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac and other operating system.

STEP  1)  :-   Make sure that your desktop is having active internet connection. Now open your web browser (i.e Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera etc ).

STEP 2)  :-    Now launch site from your browser.

STEP 3) :-     Head over Sign up page and create your free account. This step is required to get Free eBuddy ID.

STEP 4) :-     Now add your IM client accounts to eBuddy. For that click on “Manage Accounts” link. Now click on Add an Account button on the top right hand side. It will ask you to choose from the IM network you wish to add. Simply add network ( MSN, Yahoo, AIM, GTALK, MySpace ) you want. Now you need to fill the login details of your IM network.

STEP 5) :-     Once you add IM accounts to your eBuddy you’ll able to see your contacts in buddy list of eBuddy.

STEP 6) :-     This is the optional step and require only if you want to add new users/contacts to your eBuddy buddy list.

After adding IM accounts and contacts to your eBuddy for PC, its time to start sending and receiving with your family, friends, and colleagues.

All is set now and you’re free to use eBuddy Messenger on your PC. So we’ve simply use eBuddy official website to chat with our group as we still don’t have any official computer software or tool for this great messenger.

Flash / Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Android Phone

In this tutorial we’ll teach you to how to download then install and flash ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery tool on Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, Htc, Lenovo, sony xperia kind of android smartphones.

ClockworkMod Recovery also called as CWM is the nothing but the custom recovery for android tablet, phones and other devices. Main feature of Clockworkmod is comprehensive backup and restore to handle technical disaster. It can also be used for data recovery, installation, restoration and for custom official or unofficial OS. It should be noted that before proceeding to install CWM your device need to be rooted.

flash and install clockworkmod recovery on android

This is the primary requirement to download CWM, So we’re assuming that you’ve rooted android smartphone or tablet.

How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery ?

In order to install ClockWorkmod you first need to Flash that using Odin or though Rom manager. Odin method is quite complicated, so we will refer second one which works on almost every android smartphone. if in any case your device don’t support the Rom manager then you can report us by commenting here, We’ll try solve your errors as soon as possible.

download now

We’ve selected 2nd method because it don’t requires PC and you even don’t need to download Clockworkmod as Rom manager will auto detect the specific version as per your Android device.

Flash ClockWorkMod using Rom Manager :-

As told earlier, First install Rom manager from Marker or Google Play store. Please bear with the advertisement if you installed free version. You can also install premium version to avoid unwanted ads.

Step 1 :-   Now launch the ROM Manager and click Recovery Setup under main menu.

Step 2 :-   Go and tap on Flash ClockworkMod Recovery option. It’ll also show you current and latest recovery.

Step 3 :-   It’ll take few seconds to detect your android phone model and other details. Different phone model requires different version of CWM, So please select your model accordingly.

Step 4 :-   Once again select “Flash ClockworkMod Touch” option and it will begin downloading CWM. You’ll see the downloading process bar, wait until entire download process completes.

Step 5 :-   Now its time to verify the recently installed ClockworkMod Recovery app on your phone, So first open ROM Manager and click on Reboot into Recovery it will cause phone to enter into ClockworkMod recovery.

It that don’t work for you then you should try to manually reboot phone into CWM. For that first shut down your phone. Now at the time of booting keep pressing Volume Down or Volume Up + Power Key button to get into CWM mode.

This is how you can successfully flashed your Android device with Clockworkmod recovery. Please feel free to share your experience with other readers by commenting here.

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