Download eBuddy Messenger for Windows and Mac PC

eBuddy Messenger is one of the best web based IM client and being so popular many of your search for availability for Windows and MAC PCs. is the biggest mobile and web messaging service having more than 30 million unique users per month. They created first web browser based instant messaging service in 2003 and later on company was re-branded to eBuddy.

download ebuddy messenger for windows and mac pc

Same as Kik messenger, ebuddy enable user having MSN, G Talk, Facebook chat, Yahoo messenger to chat free of charge. Its currently available for Android, J2ME, iOS enabled devices.

If you planning to download eBuddy for PC ( Windows 8, 7, Mac ) to start using it right from your desktop then we’ve bad news for you. You can’t download and install eBuddy on PC, There are so many junk sites telling but fact is there is no any official tool or application available for desktop.

But still we can manage to use that on Windows and Mac computer. Web messenger needs only internet connection and web browser to exchange information.

How to use eBuddy Messenger on PC ?

Simply, follow the steps given below to start using web messenger on your Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac and other operating system.

STEP  1)  :-   Make sure that your desktop is having active internet connection. Now open your web browser (i.e Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera etc ).

STEP 2)  :-    Now launch site from your browser.

STEP 3) :-     Head over Sign up page and create your free account. This step is required to get Free eBuddy ID.

STEP 4) :-     Now add your IM client accounts to eBuddy. For that click on “Manage Accounts” link. Now click on Add an Account button on the top right hand side. It will ask you to choose from the IM network you wish to add. Simply add network ( MSN, Yahoo, AIM, GTALK, MySpace ) you want. Now you need to fill the login details of your IM network.

STEP 5) :-     Once you add IM accounts to your eBuddy you’ll able to see your contacts in buddy list of eBuddy.

STEP 6) :-     This is the optional step and require only if you want to add new users/contacts to your eBuddy buddy list.

After adding IM accounts and contacts to your eBuddy for PC, its time to start sending and receiving with your family, friends, and colleagues.

All is set now and you’re free to use eBuddy Messenger on your PC. So we’ve simply use eBuddy official website to chat with our group as we still don’t have any official computer software or tool for this great messenger.

Flash / Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Android Phone

In this tutorial we’ll teach you to how to download then install and flash ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery tool on Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, Htc, Lenovo, sony xperia kind of android smartphones.

ClockworkMod Recovery also called as CWM is the nothing but the custom recovery for android tablet, phones and other devices. Main feature of Clockworkmod is comprehensive backup and restore to handle technical disaster. It can also be used for data recovery, installation, restoration and for custom official or unofficial OS. It should be noted that before proceeding to install CWM your device need to be rooted.

flash and install clockworkmod recovery on android

This is the primary requirement to download CWM, So we’re assuming that you’ve rooted android smartphone or tablet.

How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery ?

In order to install ClockWorkmod you first need to Flash that using Odin or though Rom manager. Odin method is quite complicated, so we will refer second one which works on almost every android smartphone. if in any case your device don’t support the Rom manager then you can report us by commenting here, We’ll try solve your errors as soon as possible.

download now

We’ve selected 2nd method because it don’t requires PC and you even don’t need to download Clockworkmod as Rom manager will auto detect the specific version as per your Android device.

Flash ClockWorkMod using Rom Manager :-

As told earlier, First install Rom manager from Marker or Google Play store. Please bear with the advertisement if you installed free version. You can also install premium version to avoid unwanted ads.

Step 1 :-   Now launch the ROM Manager and click Recovery Setup under main menu.

Step 2 :-   Go and tap on Flash ClockworkMod Recovery option. It’ll also show you current and latest recovery.

Step 3 :-   It’ll take few seconds to detect your android phone model and other details. Different phone model requires different version of CWM, So please select your model accordingly.

Step 4 :-   Once again select “Flash ClockworkMod Touch” option and it will begin downloading CWM. You’ll see the downloading process bar, wait until entire download process completes.

Step 5 :-   Now its time to verify the recently installed ClockworkMod Recovery app on your phone, So first open ROM Manager and click on Reboot into Recovery it will cause phone to enter into ClockworkMod recovery.

It that don’t work for you then you should try to manually reboot phone into CWM. For that first shut down your phone. Now at the time of booting keep pressing Volume Down or Volume Up + Power Key button to get into CWM mode.

This is how you can successfully flashed your Android device with Clockworkmod recovery. Please feel free to share your experience with other readers by commenting here.

How to Install Cydia Sources on PC

Want to download and install or even backup your Cydia Sources and apps on your PC? then you must read our this helpful tip.

Cydia is the software application available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad users of Apple. It will be installed after your Jailbreak your device. with the help of this amazing software you can add any third party apps, themes, tweaks on your iOS.

Cydia Sources are the one which you’ll able to install on your Cydia enabled iDevice and that contains different tweaks, icons, wall papers, fonts, themes to choose for your Apple gadgets.

download and install cydia sources from pc

How to install and download Cydia Sources via PC :-

1.)   First of all you need to connect your iPhone or other Apple device to computer via universal serial bus cable.

2.)  Make sure that you’ve internet connectivity on and available for your PC. Simply goto and download the archive for Cydia and save that on your PCs desktop. Now You need to extract that archive. After extracting open folder “Cyder 2” and double click on Cyder2.exe to install that.

3.)  Now open File Manager tab and under right hand pan you’ll see all the list of installed Cydia application on your device. Simply go and select any or all the apps that you want to transfer to your PC.

It should be noted that in order to follow above steps, You need Cyder software installed on your computer. Cyder is the easy to use tool that allow you to back your iPhone, iPod and iPad apps to your PC. User interface is simple and easy, so that anyone can use it without any help.

Now onwards, If you want to do something with your Apple device and worrying about the currently running apps then you must use Cyder to backup and then restore your apps from your PC.

Please feel free to contact us by commenting here.

Spool Private Beta is live!

During our launch at TechCrunch Disrupt last week, we made an announcement that was welcomed by many users. We announced that spool will be available in private beta. This announcement came as a relief to many users who got many of their problems solved by spool. After the announcement, we got many new users who were interested in signing up for our private beta. We have already sent formal invitations to them so that they can become part of the spool community. And while they are yet to start enjoying the services by spool, what are you waiting for out there?

It is important that everybody signs up for the Spool Private Betas so that we can offer these services far and wide.

Some new users are still having trouble to understand what spool is. This is the most asked question that our technical team has received after our last week launch. We will therefore explain in detail what spool is.

What is Spool?

Spool is an easy way of saving your stuff for later use. This is to mean that you can actually save work and retrieve it later for your continued use. The kind of stuff saved by spool includes; articles, images, galleries and videos. On a normal circumstance, these stuff will be lost if you lose internet connection while editing or trying to upload them. It is usually a big mess for people since they have to start again and waste much time on a thing that would have been avoided so easily. It also cost people more money to upload the images and videos again. So when you have spool with you, your work will be saved for you and you can retrieve later.

Spool saves media and makes it available for later on your iPhone, Android, iPad, and computer.

The good thing is that you will not have to pay again for internet since the work saved is cached on your phone. This also means that you can view them in offline mode. It is very suitable for those long videos that you cannot watch and finish within a short time.

The bottom line is that Spool Private Beta has brought better services to people around the world. Make an effort to sign up for the Spool Private Betas to enjoy the stated benefits.

Is Apple Botching The Launch Of iPhone 12?

You can always tell when the launch of a new iPhone is approaching. Stories about Apple that would be considered trivial under normal circumstances suddenly become big news. People start to pay attention to every tiny piece of information that comes out of the company’s head office, and sometimes they even try to read between the lines and see things that aren’t there. Every iPhone launch comes with rumors. Some of them turn out to be accurate, and others turn out to be false. Even with all of that being said, though, the launch of a new iPhone is generally a positive experience for both the company and its millions of admirers.

That might not be the case this time around.

Courting Bad Press

We understand the desire to keep information close to your chest when you have a new product or service to launch, but Apple has said very little about what the iPhone 12 may or may not be able to do ahead of its launch, and also refused to confirm or deny some of the things that people have been saying about it. In that total absence of solid or dependable news, people have begun to make up stories – including one which paints the company in a negative, cash-grabbing light.

If experienced and influential Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is to be believed, the phone won’t come with Ear Pods. That would be a huge mistake. For all of the past decade, every major smartphone created by every major producer has come with headphones. Apple is big in the headphones market. They make AirPods, and they charge a premium for AirPods. Given the cost of a new iPhone, there’s no legitimate reason for not including a set of AirPods (or at least EarPods) in the box as part of a purchase. If Apple hasn’t done this, as Kuo suspects, then it’s a cynical move designed to push customers toward paying even more money for AirPods in a separate purchase.

If these reports are true, this would be the first iPhone in history to launch without a means of listening to music without irritating the people around you. Given the fact that AirPods generally cost somewhere around $200, and factoring in the anticipated $700-$800 cost of a new iPhone, you’re approaching a four-figure spend if you want both the handset and the earbuds. Many people will feel that’s too high a price to pay.

Still Behaving Badly

If the only piece of bad press about Apple that had come out during the past few days concerned its policy on earphones, it wouldn’t be a major issue. Unfortunately for Apple, there’s also a far less pleasant story currently in circulation. You might recall a scandal breaking in 2019 (doesn’t that seem like a long time ago now?), in which it was revealed that Apple was hiring people to listen to recordings obtained by Siri. It quickly transpired that many of these recordings had been acquired without the explicit knowledge or consent of users, and included accidentally-recorded discussions on sensitive topics, and even some clips of people engaged in romantic interludes. Apple quickly owned up to the problem, and promised that they would fix the issue and change their behavior.

Most people accepted the apology and moved on. Unfortunately, it now seems that Apple hasn’t changed its behavior at all. They paid lip service to the idea of doing so, but then just carried on doing exactly what they were doing previously. Thomas le Bonniec, who was once employed by Apple to listen to recordings like these, has now made a formal complaint to data protection regulators in various countries stating that Apple is deliberately and illegally scraping and storing private data about its customers from recorded conversations. It’s important to note that Apple will have the opportunity to defend itself if these allegations ever result in a formal investigation, but Apple’s own past statements seem to confirm that the company intended to continue monitoring Siri recordings after the release of iOS 13.2.

Anybody who has concerns about what Apple may or may not be listening to has the ability to stop any such recordings reaching the company in the first place. You’ll find the option to turn off Siri recording storage under your ‘Settings’ menu, where it’s under ‘Privacy,’ ‘Analytics & Improvement,’ and then ‘Improve Siri & Dictation.’ Once that’s done, head back into ‘Settings,’ look for ‘Siri & Search,’ open ‘Siri History,’ and press the delete option. The depth at which the settings are buried within menus could be taken as an indication of how keen Apple is to obtain the information in the first place.

These two news items leaking at the same time threaten to cast a cloud over the launch of the new iPhone. The headphones issue is annoying. The eavesdropping issue, if correct, is very worrying indeed. Releasing a new iPhone used to be a license to print money for Apple. Now, it’s probably fairer to call it a game of online sports. It’s a fair comparison to make – the company has its Apple Arcade now, and so it knows a thing or two about the online gaming business. People enjoy spending money at roseslots, but they don’t necessarily feel compelled to. They’ll only spend so long as they’re happy with both the rewards and the risks. If they feel like they’re backing a loser, they’ll log off the sporting website and go and spend their money somewhere else.

Apple still has a lot of goodwill. It’s the world’s favorite technology company, and there’s a global audience of millions of people who love their products and are willing to queue overnight to be among the first to get hold of them. Even so, Apple shouldn’t make the mistake of taking that audience for granted. If they keep giving them reasons to look elsewhere, they will eventually do so. In this instance, we’re not asking for a lot. Give us a way of listening to music when we spend hundreds of dollars buying a phone from you, and please don’t listen to our private conversations when we haven’t given you permission to. Is that too much to ask?

Key Things E-Commerce Businesses Should Look For When Partnering With A Marketing Firm

Before approaching a marketing company in Miamai, you need to form a marketing strategy. To do this, use the following tips:

Form a system. Start with the general creation of the business model of the company, gradually moving down the levels (business development strategy, general marketing strategy) until you get directly to Internet marketing. The latter should seamlessly enter into the overall structure and complement your existing sales and product promotion levers.

Proceed smoothly. Do not try to embrace the vast and at the same time grab a lot of complex tasks, especially if you do not have the appropriate staff, divided into teams, each of which clearly understands the tasks assigned to them. Instead, it’s best to focus on the tasks that have the greatest impact.

Plan for activity. Based on your marketing plan, distribute the upcoming tasks over time so that everyone achieves the right goal by the right date.

Analyze the dynamics. Evaluate the work performed at each stage, analyze changes and market trends (like using product bundles in shopify) and adjust the intermediate tasks of the marketing strategy in time, if necessary, to achieve maximum efficiency.

Choose your tools. Start with the tools and methods of marketing promotion that can bring you the fastest results.

Analyze efficiency. Use web analytics to assess the effectiveness of each of the tools.

Invest wisely. Based on the analysis of Tampa digital marketing agency, choose the most effective of them for future investments.

Which specialists can work with Internet marketing tools?

As your business grows and you learn how to work with new marketing tools on the Web, you may need more than one competent employee who can accommodate all the functions of an Internet marketing specialist, but a whole team of specialists who can be hired by a third-party firm or recruited.

A marketing team may include the following employees

A marketer. In fact, the main person in the company’s internet promotion team is responsible for developing the plan and for achieving the goals. He sets the necessary tasks for the narrow specialists. Can perform the functions of the narrow specialists himself.

SMM-manager. Promotes your brand, products and services on social networks (Facebook, Instagram), improves the company’s image and seeks to increase the loyalty of potential and real customers, “revives” the face of the firm, making it more “human” for the target audience. Attracts target traffic to your website or branding. It generates sales of goods and services among social network users.

SEO-specialist. Engages in search engine optimization of your website pages in search engines (Google, Bing) to attract organic traffic to search queries related to the company’s goods and / or services, edits pages and keywords, composes or optimizes the semantic core of the site, works in conjunction with a copywriter to fill the pages with new quality content.

Targetologist. Analyzes the target audience of the site, creates, customizes and manages advertising aimed at specific categories of users (audience) in social networks.

Copywriter. Creates text content for your project, be it news, blog articles, articles for the media, description of goods and services, text for electronic mailings.

Designer. Develops visual content for your brand on the Internet, including website design, advertising banners, illustrations for social media posts, etc…

The programmer. Provides functioning and development of your site.

Content administrator. Edits the content of the site, fills it with text, visual, audio and other information (for example, filling out product cards, posting articles and videos in the blog).

Important! Internet marketer should have basic knowledge about the work of all narrow specialists, but do not require him to have deep skills in working with Adobe Photoshop, HTML, SEO, content and other specialized disciplines.

If your project is at the initial stage of development, and the plan to promote it on the Internet is small, you can hire a marketer as a “universal specialist”, which by prior arrangement can and will perform highly specialized tasks.

Is The iPhone’s Email App Compromised? Find Truth Here

As iPhone users, we like to tell ourselves that we’re using the safest possible platform for handling our personal information. We’ve been told many times that the encryption and security properties of an iPhone are so secure that even the FBI can’t break into them when they’re trying to investigate a crime. The overwhelming majority of us would never have any reason to worry about the security services attempting to gain access to our devices anyway, but it’s nice to know that our data is in safe hands – or is it?

Is The iPhone’s Email App Compromised?

During the past few days, there have been allegations all over the press that the iPhone’s standard email app is wide open to hackers, and may even have been exploited already. Apple has been quick to go on the defensive, and have issued a statement saying that there’s no evidence that the newly-identified flaw has been exploited, but that hasn’t assuaged everyone’s concerns. Could it be that there’s been a gaping hole in the security protocols of the email app for a long time? If so, how likely is it that someone has been able to gain access to your phone and intercept your emails?

Before we go any further, we should note that it’s impossible to create a system that’s totally safe against hackers. Hackers will always exist, and they’ll always be in a constant process of trying to gain access to secure systems. To hackers, it’s like playing a highbrow version of online games. Just as a player has to spin the reels multiple times if they want to win money, a hacker will repeatedly attempt to crack a system until they eventually gain entry. The only real difference is that for a roseslots player, the jackpot is an instant cash payout. For a hacker, the jackpot is access to information that could eventually turn out to be far more valuable. Both games are risky, but only one of them is malicious. Apple users will be hoping that on this occasion, the house has won, and their information is safe.

While the amount of danger posed to users by the flaw is debated, the existence of the flaw isn’t. A mobile security firm called ZecOps published their own research on the matter last week, and say that the bug may potentially affect millions of people. In a rejection of Apple’s official stance on the matter, ZecOps say that they’re very confident that the issue has been used by hackers to gain access to the personal information of at least six high profile individuals. The average iPhone user won’t be of interest to hackers, but if it’s possible to gain access to the emails of one person, it’s possible to gain access to the emails of anybody. Perhaps more worryingly, at the time of writing, Apple has not yet patched the flaw. They’re working on a fix, and they hope to push the fix out to phones in the very near future, but right now, the vulnerability still exists and can, therefore, still be exploited.

ZecOps and Apple – Everything You Need to Know

News of the vulnerability has only recently reached the press, but Apple has known of it for at least a month. ZecOps approached Apple directly to report their findings, and only went to the press a month later when they felt that their concerns weren’t being listened to or addressed. Unlike some high-profile iPhone vulnerabilities of the past, this flaw doesn’t only apply to older versions of iOS. Even if your devices have updated to the latest version, the research company says that the potential for your device to be compromised still exists.

The hacking attack starts with sending you a seemingly blank email. Upon opening the email, the iPad or iPhone would crash, and hackers would then gain access to your device while it was rebooting to recover from the crash. Unlike the majority of the hacking methods, there is no action required on the user’s behalf to become vulnerable. They don’t have to download a specific file or visit a specific website. As soon as the email is opened – which can be done with just a single push of a button – the attack begins, and at that point, nothing can be done to prevent it.

According to ZecOps, the attack has so far been used successfully against the owner of one of America’s fortune 500 companies, a high-ranking employee of one of Japan’s largest mobile networks, several senior tech executives across the Middle East, and two European journalists. Apple has rejected this aspect of the claim, insisting that the company has performed its own investigation and analysis and hasn’t been able to identify any evidence that any attacks have happened. They also insist that although there is a vulnerability, it doesn’t put any of their customers at risk.

They acknowledge three specific flaws in the Mail app, but say that other security provisions on iPhones and iPads prevent the flaws from being used to gain access to data.At the moment, there’s no way of knowing who’s right and who’s wrong. ZecOps say that they have further evidence to prove that attacks happened, but they won’t release the information until Apple has released a patch, because releasing the information may make it easier for attacks to be carried out. Apple certainly won’t want to worry its higher-value customers by admitting that their personal information might be at risk, but it would be a public relations disaster to deny that any attacks have happened and then be forced to concede that they have indeed happened at a later date. Someone in this situation is right, and someone is wrong – and ZecOps have far less to lose if they’re proven to be wrong.

Final Thoughts

This article isn’t a suggestion that everybody should abandon their Apple devices and turn to Android. Android devices have been shown to have multiple vulnerabilities of their own in the past, and it’s thought that Android systems are targeted more frequently than Apple systems. It is, however, a reminder that nothing online is ever one hundred percent safe no matter how much we like to tell ourselves it is.

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