Spool closed – stay tuned for more update

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For over a year, you have enjoyed the services offered by spool. After launching our offline application, customers were very impressed on how creative we were given that it was our first offline application. But as things would dictate, we would move to greater height just after the first year of our greatest launch. Who doesn’t know of Facebook? It is the largest social site in the world. We have now partnered with Facebook to make things better for you. We will no longer offer our services as spool but rather team up with Facebook to advance you experience in your Facebook account and pages.

We would like to take the earliest opportunity to thank our esteem users for their continued support over the period that we have been operating as Spool. We apologize for any inconveniences made but is better to note that it is for your own good. With Facebook as our partners, we will make things be way much better.

Thank you for using Spool and providing feedback during our beta period. It’s been a pleasure to build Spool for you and we’ve been flattered with the overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve received. However, after careful consideration, we’ve decided to pursue our vision in a new way. If you were a Spool user, we’ve provided instructions on how to use your bookmarks in another service.

We have new and amazing features that will definitely improve your experience. Our website is still open if you want to check out on the new features. Our knowledge on the latest technologies is being shared by experts who are enthusiastic about improving the technological world. Before buying any of the latest gadgets, we recommend that you visit our blog to get the reviews of the phones. This way you will get the best deal you can get from us.

If you want to know more about our current features then you should check homepage. We are currently working as team of expert who love to share our knowledge about latest technology, i.e Windows, Android, iOS and gadget reviews. If you want to buy latest handsets or want to first see the detailed reviews based on customers then you should first checkout our blog.

If you have any kind of queries for your Windows PC for backup, restore, registry or any kind of internet queries then you can post that here. I will try to help you to resolve that. Please allow us few days to get back to you with most satisfactory answer. You can checkout our competitors website to use offline bookmarking for your future work. For import or export of the data, you can check our dedicated page named “instruction”. Please follow the steps given over there.

We’ll let you know of our post-Spool plans as soon as we have something to announce. Stay tuned!

If you still want to use Spool kind of features then I would suggest you to check our competitors website or any other alternative online tool which will help you to cache web version of any website within a fraction of minutes for FREE.

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