How to Boost Your E-commerce Business With Magento 2?

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What are the features of the Magento 2 content management system and what innovations have been implemented in the improved version of the CMS?

The second version is designed to fix some bugs of the previous version of Magento. But even with them, the online store management system was named one of the most popular in the world. In order to get to know the world of Magento 2, you need to dive into the details. How did the management system achieve such results, and how did the great story of one of the best CMS begin?

Magento is a powerful content management system in online stores. As you know, the company Magento Inc. has changed more than one owner, but it did not prevent it to reach a decent world level. In 2011 it was purchased by the American company eBay Inc. and 4 years later it was successfully sold to Permira. Swinging with a change of power did not prevent Alexa Magento from becoming the most popular system of online store management, one of the most popular open E-commerce systems, and help to create on the basis of its platform more than a hundred thousand online stores!

Magento deserves to be called the “leading platform” for e-commerce because it holds approximately 30% of the market. At the moment, the project community has a huge number of participants – about 375,000. A word that is immediately recognized when you think about Magento is “power”. Definitely, this is the most important quality that distinguishes it from other CMS. Power, strength, well-coordinated strong construction – all this has attracted a really big fish in the world of e-commerce. Enterprises with breathtaking incomes such as Nordstrom, Adidas, North Face, use Magento. Just think about it, the system is so strong that it can work quietly if the catalogue is viewed by 350 million people, and orders – almost 500 thousand (per day).


Magento has always been the most flexible online shopping platform. You can set up many unique options and plugins for your business. For example, you can use your search line, catalogue design and other marketing tools. Multi Fees extension is one of the many extensions.

Wide range of marketing opportunities

Keep in mind that Magento can react quickly and systematically to any new input information. Adjust prices and make promotions with promo companies by changing the design of the page in real time.Install Multi Fees extension for Magento 2, organize a variety of sales, e-mail-sales with the latest information about new products, sales hits and other news of the store.


With Magento, it is easier to achieve high positions in search results. The system creates an XML-map of the site itself, which allows you to speed up the detection of a web resource by search engines, respectively, has a positive impact on attendance and sales.

Easy administration panel and catalog management

From an administrative point of view, Magento also has many useful options. These are import and export of goods database, the addition of categories and subcategories, sorting of goods by specific characteristics, monitoring of stock balance. It is convenient that you can easily add several images to each position, attach related and similar products. Also, the function of saving the cart is implemented (remembers customers and saves the order for a certain period of time), tracking the order at delivery.

Easy navigation, product selection system, filtering, and comparison function help users to find the right product and get the most information about it. Customers can rate the product on several scales, write reviews, and maintain a wishlist. For the convenience of ordering, comparing products, the user is shown the pages of the catalog, which he viewed earlier.


You’ll get full statistics on your business. You will have information about the best customers, product rating, number of orders and much more. What’s more, you’ll even know about goods that are often added to your cart, but removed just before you buy them.


Magento – CMS with a high degree of safety. Highly professional developers are constantly working on the improvement of the system. In addition, the use of SSL certificates serves as a reliable guarantee of resistance to viruses.

Trust of global brands

On this platform, there are many online stores of world-famous brands: Tiffani & Co, Lenovo, Nestle, Gucci, and others. The number of online stores on Magento already exceeds 90 000.

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