Use Magento If You’re Serious About eCommerce

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Modern eCommerce platform market is quite saturated;figuring out which system really meets your business needs can be a difficult and overwhelming process. With dozens of options available, how to know which one is right for your enterprise? The most common advice is to pick one of the popular platforms. Well, Magento is the leader in today’s eCommerce world. Let’s take a closer look on the reasons why online retailers trust Magento so much.

Made for eCommerce

Magento was specifically created to handle eCommerce; it can maintain all the requirements of online retailing business. Take a look at the backend: it’s all about managing products and prices, shipping, tracking and much more.The fundamental functions and features that are necessary to run a webstore come right out of the box. You can start selling immediately after downloading and configuring the platform.

Open Source

Magento is available for everybody who wants it!Community Edition is absolutely free.All you need to do is download the platform and install it following detailed instructions. No strings attached – you wouldn’t need any specific knowledge or extra help. On the other hand, if you are a techie and substantial knowledge, it’s possible to alter the core code and make modifications.

Fully Adaptable

Magento is a malleable platform that could perfectly suit both a small start-up and a world-wide enterprise. It means you can start off with a basic set of functions – just enough to manage the daily routine – and upgrade the webstore to a new level when the business grows.

Entirely Flexible

With the help of different extensions you can change and enrich the platform; just turn Magento into whatever you want it to be. The options are endless! It’s possible to implement powerful marketing tools, simplify inventory management, create price and shipping rules or just change the look of your store by adding attractive banners or zoomable product images. The list can go on and on, so it’s better to put it this way: everything is possible; you only need the right plugin to make it work!

Multiple stores and languages

The platform allows to manage several webstores from the same admin panel. Moreover, each store can have its own catalogue and a unique set of rules and features. It’s also possible to use multiple languages within all websites or for any particular store.


About 60% of consumers browse webshops and make purchases using their smartphones or tablets. So you definitely should optimize your store for mobile users. The good news is that Magento comes with mobile-friendly features, and you can easily meet the customers’ needs and successfully sell on all kinds of devices.

Clear and concise reporting

Magento helps to administrate an eCommerce portal without a hustle. The platform provides detailed reports with a clear picture of the key metrics of your webstore. Whether you need a list of bestsellers, notifications on inventory shortages or reminders to engage social media, Magento reporting tool can provide all this information and much more.

Developer Community

Probably the biggest advantage of choosing Magento over many other eCommerce platforms is the great developer community it has. If you have a question, someone has already asked it and found a solution. If you need additional functions, chances are that somebody has already created a plug-in to make it happen. Search the web for tips, guides and how to’s; sure enough you’ll find what you need.

These are some of the most important reasons that make Magento world’s leading eCommerce platform. If you have anything to add to the listed benefits or would like to advocate another eCommerce platform, please share your thoughts in comments.

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