How to hire offshore software developers for short-term commitments?

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A considerable number of companies have turned to outsourcing for their IT projects, including both software development and other technical requirements. In fact, a significant percentage of businesses have already improved their knowledge on hiring offshore software developers from offshore outsourcing companies that offer cheap rates for top-quality software. More and more people know how to hire offshore software developers for their needs. In this article, you will learn how to hire an offshore development team for short-term term commitments.

The rise of offshore companies

According to Quartz, the second most cited reason for startup failures is running out of cash. Working with an outsourcing partner for development works is a no-brainer decision for startups. With experienced developers at their disposal, startups can increase their output while reducing their costs. Shared resources, smaller expenses, higher output — it’s the perfect equation for success.

How to hire offshore development team

If you want to hire offshore team, you should be aware of several factors:

  • your budget;
  • your scaling potential;
  • your deadline.

When taking your project to a vendor, be sure to evaluate their budget, scaling potential, and deadline. A company with a solid reputation for hiring the best talent and maintaining a driven working environment will likely yield a more successful outsourcing experience that can stand the test of time. Make sure you know how your outsourcing partner plans to handle contingencies if something goes awry or deadlines are delayed.

Offshore agencies – the key to success

Before you hire offshore developers, you need to know what makes remote workers employed by companies better than freelancers.

The latter are not always the cheapest alternative. Offshore outsourcing, for example, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get an unqualified workforce, but it does give you access to specific skill sets and competencies which you cannot find in your local freelancers. Plus, the diversity of experience guarantees better quality.

How to hire offshore software developers for short-term commitments

You may want to learn how to hire offshore developers for a startup that doesn’t require much work. You might think it makes no sense but let’s see several of the benefits of working with remote teams for short-term assignments.

  1. Flexibility – Flexibility is among the main reasons why software development gets outsourced. Whether you need a single developer or a team of specialists to help with a specific task, you can get the right professional for each job. Companies can also save time and money by outsourcing software development — instead of keeping employees on their payrolls, they only need to pay for work as it’s completed.
  2. Gap filling – If your company needs an individual to fill a niche role, such as a mobile developer, you can often find capable candidates in offshoring locations that can start right away. For instance, if your business needs to expand into the mobile market and you’re missing a specialist to build this capability, you might find that it’s cheaper and easier to hire someone from another country on a contracting basis.
  3. Lower project costs – Hiring from offshore companies puts businesses at a competitive advantage, particularly when it comes to cost-efficiency. When organizations hire from abroad, they eliminate the previous costs of hiring and onboarding new team members by moving these positions overseas. They can also save on infrastructure costs.

Is offshoring any good for short-term commitments

When it comes to offshore development, many still think of long-term projects. But what you lose sight of is the fact that teams of mobile developers and teams of business analysts in some emerging markets are already qualified and experienced. When you need to start a project immediately, using an offshore team can save you months of preparation time and tens of thousands of dollars. They will be quick to adapt their efforts to your project’s needs and will soon start bringing value to your startup company.

In conclusion

Hire dedicated offshore developers to complete short-term projects. By doing so, you can save time and money, but perhaps more importantly, you can save yourself a headache by outsourcing all of your programming needs to experts. And if you know how to hire offshore software developers, you can be well ahead of your competition.

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