Can Apple Overtake Google in the Education Market?

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Technology has influenced the education sector enormously, and some of the big giants in the technology market that have played a considerable role in this sector include Google, Apple, Microsoft, and recently, Amazon.

Google has, however, become most popular among teachers and students, over pioneers like Apple, and Microsoft. Apple had initiated its educational hardware and software program for teaching and learning before Google came into the sector.

Fast forward to recent days, teachers and students have become obsessed with its Products, according to Rachel Premack. The educational technology sector is a vast market, which is expected to hit over $43 billion in 2019, so these giants are keen on taking their chunk in the market.

apple in education

How Google Overtook Apple in Education?

Following earlier days of technology advancement, apple products for teachers were common in classrooms, enhancing learning. Products of Microsoft and Apple for education decreases drastically between 2013 and 2017 as Chromebook becomes popular in classes. Shares of Apple for educators mobile reduces by 33 percent, while Microsoft devices for educational purposes reduce by 21 percent, which has coincided with the rise in the use of Chromebook in classrooms.

The main reason for Google taking over from Apple in the education sector is that they have made their products more accessible to everyone. On the other hand, Chromebook is very popular among researchers to search for queries, check up materials when writing essays, searching for free plagiarism checker tools to use for your article, etc.

With the popular search engine of Google, it has become more useful for an educational purpose which Google had leverage on its products. Google introduced Chromebook with useful features that make it easy to navigate from devices. You can easily connect these devices with other devices, and share your essay or articles, use search engine easily. The ability to share your works on any device when you connect with your Google account is another preference that proves useful in academic works. You do not need to carry your devices to be able to access your works with your devices, and as well as sharing your works easily with colleagues or in the classroom.

Google has overtaken Apple in education with its cost-friendly product such as Chromebook. Google had focused on providing cost-effective hardware and software products for educational purpose. Earlier, Apple was the pioneer of offering classrooms affordable computers but had slow down and focused more on high-end consumer products.

We can summarize the reasons Google have overtaken Apple in the educational sector in the following ways:

  • Google products have become more affordable than Apple products.
  • Google has improved hardware and software than Apple.
  • Researchers find it easier to work with Google devices with useful tools.
  • Google devices have become trendier.
  • Google features are compatible with other devices.
google vs apple in education

Apple Education Plans for the Future

Apple has taken steps to overturn the trend in the education technology market with the introduction of low-end iPads for classrooms. The action taken by providing these affordable iPads is to rival the cost of getting the Chromebook, which Apple sees as a turning point in losing the market to Google.

In March 2018, iPad which sells for educational use was introduced in the market, a bid to increase sales of Apple products. The iPad goes for above $300 for regular customers, which is a strategy to target the educational sector with high potential.

However, producing low-end iPad is the foremost strategy to overturn the tides of Google overtaking Apple, which may not be enough presently.

So, the lead set by Google in the education sector is a huge one as they have not only become popular, but simple to use and affordable. Apple needs to put in more effort, especially in the area of software for Apple for education to improve usability.

Apple had taken steps in reducing the price of their product to try to balance the market in the educational sector, which is a good step in the right direction. However, they have to take other factors into consideration if they intend to take back their position in the educational technology market.

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