Amazing Data Science Applications

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So, what does data science actually give us? Well, turns out that we have already benefited greatly from it. Health care all over the world has developed, thanks to it. We are now capable of bettering the service in monitoring patients, fight cancer, various heart diseases, and many other ailments. We have asked some of the Active Wizards Specialists to give us an idea of what is this, and the information is amazing. Here’s what we picked up from that:

1. “Googling”

Well, we say Google, but we really mean any powerful search engine we have right now. They all use algorithms to achieve the result in mere moments in time. And, while it could be easy to dismiss it as “It just found the word I put there,” one should really realize that Google actually processes over twenty thousand terabytes of data on a daily basis and that number is ever increasing with each passing day. So, the first, and probably the most commonly used application, is well making the internet give us what we want. Without it, we would never even want to open our browsers.

2. Airborne traffic regulation

Running an airline company is actually a lot riskier of a job than one might think. It is a common misconception that it’s just gravy once you can afford your airplanes. Time and time again, these companies took heavy losses from improperly planning their routes, the classes of airplanes, and other mistakes.

With the use of data science, a lot of companies now have the option of properly planning while having possible delays in mind, the exact type of an airplane they need, how to plan their pauses to not lose too much time in between, and get to sell more cards.

3. “Recommended for you”

I will assume you are already completely used to YouTube or Netflix being capable of recommending the exact video/show you want to watch at that exact moment. Well, that doesn’t come as easy as one might guess. The systems made for this are all based on data science that analyze your previous searches.

4. Marketing

Ever wondered how you get the exact commercial you want to see or how someone else’s computer always feels somehow off while browsing the web? That is thanks to data science and machine learning.

Now, one might complain about companies using your information to sell you products, but ask yourself this: Would you rather see commercials you have no interest in or ads for products you might really need or want to have? Simple as that. It helps companies make money, small businesses take off, and you get the product you want.

5. Chatting with your phone

Ever wondered how Cortana or Siri know what you are asking of them? Well, let’s just say this one is obvious. However, it’s always funny to listen to some voice recognition fails, so please treat yourself to a little and use the first category to browse the net and find a funny video of a voice recognition failure.

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