Easiest Way to Run a Classy Business Website: Top 15 Education WordPress Themes

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‘Education is the foundation upon which we build our future.’ This short quote by Christine Gregoire clearly depicts the importance of education. Without a doubt, knowledge means power. With it, being well-educated, one has a chance to get everything they have ever wanted to get from life. For these reasons, people have always made their best to be educated. As you may know, in the 21st Century, education has many forms. Obviously, there are schools and universities. Still, new age brought us other ways of studying. As all the fresh things, they are pretty comfortable. Thus, these days you can see tones of online schools and web courses. Basically, education became a smart and powerful business type many years ago. Now it continues refining. Being a regular online user, you can meet a breathtaking variety of quality websites related to education. Would you like to launch your own project? It is as easy as pie thanks to the magnificent WordPress Education Themes.

Do You Need a Website?

At the outset, in 2018 anyone needs a properly designed website. There is no business, no shop and no art that can exist without it. With the help of a top-grade online project, a user showcases their work to the whole world. Thus, online is the only place where you can find so many prospects without running out of your budget. Luckily,
there is no need to build your site from scratch because WordPress offers you to feel all the benefits of these ready-made education templates.

When it comes to education, you can’t avoid managing a classy website. Actually, you are not supposed to set up a big online project. It could be a landing page, a blog or just a neat, informative site. However, the online presence by itself is your must-have. During last years, we felt all the kinds of comfort. With it, your potential audience became lazy. They will not read magazines and look for a booklet to hear about your establishment. They want you to hand everything on a plate. Seeing that, do not disappoint your prospects!
All in all website creation is not a luxury anymore. What is more, it has so many advantages!

Would you like to try them all? In this case, we offer you to view out this new list of top 15 education WordPress themes.
Don’t hesitate! We have prepared for you the small descriptions. Reading them, one will know what the modern helpful features and design elements are.

P.S. Also, soon there will be another nice thing to work with – hi-res Moodle themes. Check the link to subscribe for the launch notification and became the first to know about Moodle themes release!

Rainbow Colleges – Colorful, Clean, and Fast E-Course Education WordPress Theme

Without a doubt, organization matters when it comes to the prosperity of any business type and it is especially important for education related website. That is why Rainbow Colleges provides a user with a handy LearnPress plugin that allows managing the online project easily. With its help, you will get an intuitive interface to control the site and multiple settings for online learning.

Rainbow Colleges - E-Course WordPress Theme


Kiddlez – Top-notch and Cute Primary School Education WordPress Theme

Being an online user, you should know that mobiles traffic matter but you will be shocked by the fact that it takes more than 60% of today’s traffic! Seeing that, you may want to view out Kiddlez because this top-notch education WordPress theme provides a trendy mobile-first design. To make a long story short, the feature runs you mobile site while its full version is still building.

Kiddlez - Primary School Responsive WordPress Theme


Longriver University – Calm, Neat, and Responsive Education WordPress Theme

Build with Bootstrap, Longriver University is a calm educational WordPress theme that builds a professionally working and beautiful online project. Needless to say, a responsive design is what you need this year to break up with the limits of time and place. They do
influence the popularity of your business website, so it would be a wise step to let a prospect visit the site anytime they want.

Longriver University Responsive WordPress Theme


Scholary – Charming and Invigoration Primary School Education WordPress Theme

As you can see from live demo, Scholary consists of the charming pages for any occasion you can use effortlessly. Therefore, using this invigoration primary school WordPress theme, you can introduce your teachers and classes, and show school news. Actually, Scholary is an easy-to-manage template, which means that you can change the look of your online pages with ease.

Scholary - Primary School WordPress Theme


Cedar High – Attention-grabbing and Modern University WordPress Theme

As we have promised, there is nothing complicated and you are able to run an attention-grabbing education website without coding. Choosing Cedar High for your online project, you can feel all the pluses of drag-and-drop technique thanks to Elementor. In a word, this is a brand-new editor that transforms the process of online pages designing into a quick deal.

Cedar High - University WordPress Theme


Unisco – Stylish, Soft, and Smart Education, School, College & University WordPress Theme

First things first, Unisco is a soft education WordPress theme that provides its owner with unlimited color schemes. Thanks to this rich palette, the owner of this stylish template can change the appearance of their education website immediately. To say more, Unisco comes with a package of eye-friendly web fonts to make your textual content readable and visually-pleasing.

Unisco - Education, School, College & University WordPress Theme


ECoursify – Hi-res and Ace LMS for Online Courses WordPress Theme

To begin with, today online studying is a quite popular model of education, so ECoursify is what the doctor ordered. This ace online courses WordPress theme has WooCommerce integration, which allows you to sell different learning materials on the website. Obviously, there are such pre-designed and easy-to-customize pages like Services, Teachers, and Courses inside this hi-res education WordPress template.

ECoursify - LMS for Online Courses WordPress Theme


Singerella – Elegant, Gorgeous, and Intuitive Music School Education WordPress Theme

Another thing that matters is convenient website navigation since your main task is to let people easily find everything. For these reasons, Singerella provides a user with a great number of header and footer layouts to design the pages. With it, choosing this elegant education WordPress theme, you will get upgraded Services, noticeable contact pages and much more.

Music School WordPress Theme


Guiding Voice – Eye-catching and All-encompassing Life Coach Online Education WordPress Theme

Before all else, this all-encompassing WordPress theme for life coach contains a wide JetElements package to improve site’s visual look. Opening the pack, you will see multiple trendy elements that are here to introduce brands, posts, and other content beautifully. For example, Guiding Voice provides its owner with the eye-catching sliders and various trendy counters to keep the audience engaged.

Life Coach Online WP Theme


RoadLaw – Dreamlike, Incredible, and Lightning-fast Driving School WordPress Theme

Initially, RoadLaw is an incredible education WordPress theme that has many plugins to provide you with a perfect online project. Therefore, using RoadLaw, you can enhance site’s functionality with the help of Services, Team Members, Testimonials, and other premium plugins. In addition, there is TM Style Switcher inside this dreamlike education template that changes website’s look in a single click.

Driving School WP Theme


Spello – Full-blown and Texture-rich Language School Education WordPress Theme

Talking about this full-blown education WordPress theme, Spello provides a user with multiple layout options to transform your pages creatively. Thus, you can choose from a rich set of options to create new layouts and even speed up website building. Shortly, you can do it with the help of a pre-packed library that is inside Spello and save your time.

Language School WP Theme


Manuella – Fantastic, Unconventional, and Mesmerizing Dance Academy Education WordPress Theme

What else do you need to set up an unconventional and mesmerizing education website for your dance academy? Undeniably, it is time to take the advantage of fantastic content modules and add multiple content types to your website. Fortunately, Manuella contains a lot of pricing tables, counters, sliders, buttons, and other modules to help you introduce information.

Dance Academy WordPress Theme


Smart School – New-gen and Groundbreaking Department of Education WordPress Theme

As you may know, Appointment Manager is a must-have feature for any groundbreaking business website, so you need to get it ASAP! Surely, Smart School already has a new-gen plugin to create a fast online appointment manager and further the working process. Thus, the visitors of your education project will be able to book an appointment online and view out your schedule.

Department Of Education WordPress Theme


Cooking – Yummy, Consistent, and Ready-made Culinary School Education WordPress Theme

First of all, Cooking allows you to use multiple customization options to design the online project professionally. Finally, you can do it without reloading the page because there is a Live Customizer inside this consistent WordPress theme. As a result, you can view out all the changes live and create your ideal kind of cooking website.

Cooking - Culinary School Responsive WordPress Theme


Small Steps – Creative, Strikingly-colored, and Intricate Children Education WordPress Theme

Finally, now it is time to meet Small Steps – a creative and intricate education WordPress theme for children online project. Gently speaking, using Small Steps, you will get all the needed components from Cherry plugins to a truly responsive design. Also, there are custom widgets inside Small Steps to help you to display visual content in all its glory.

Children Education WordPress Theme


These were all top 15 education WordPress theme we have for you. Although there are many features we told you about, there are much more things to be mentioned! Therefore, we recommend you to check the details of these classy education WordPress themes. Still, there are several must-haves you should know about! Firstly, the introduced products are crossbrowser compatible. With it, the website you run will look awesome in any browser. Secondly, these invigoration products are SEO-friendly. It means that they come with valid, semantic code that meets all the today’s requirements.

That is why now it is easy to get higher search results from Google and attract the audience. To end with, all these hip education WordPress themes are extremely responsive. In the end, your business site will always look stylish, modern and charming. It will also work properly on any device.

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