How to Promote Your Business Online: 7 Free Ways on Instagram

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Here are 7 easy ways to make your business popular on Instagram for free.

Add the Right Hashtags

Hashtags are a simple and working way to promote on Instagram, the main thing is to choose the right phrases. Keywords planners will help with this. Enter a general query into the search bar on your topic and choose medium- and low-frequency phrases for hashtags. With high-frequency queries, it is difficult to reach the top and attract an audience. It is also essential not to put a dozen hashtags to one post, 2-3 are enough.

Use Geotags

Geotags should be placed where there is your potential target audience, not you. For example, you are a travel company that organizes trips to Hawaii. Then put the geotag “Hawaii” in the post.

Answer Questions in Your Stories

Instagram users often ask questions in the Stories, and even more often they share something. Work with the most active users who might be interested in your product.

To do this, monitor what they’re posting and respond to stickers with questions. This way your profile will be more visible than with mass promotion techniques.

Ask Questions in Your Stories

Ask questions in Stories more often, place a “test” sticker with two choices of answers. You can ask your followers anything: “Skip a workout today for a trade show?”, “Would I look good with a short haircut?”, “Where should I spend the weekend?”

Publish Provocative Posts

Try diluting your profile with a few provocative posts. Sure, some members will follow your profile just to have fun with the posts, not because they’re really interested in you. But you also have an interested audience waiting to use your products.

Start a Challenge

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Well, when everyone was pouring ice water and making donations. Famous people, bloggers, and company employees took part in it and challenged others.

This could be adapted for Instagram as follows: a team of employees does something extraordinary, like helping a local shelter as part of some kind of relief week, talk about it in stories and posts, encourage other companies with a close audience to support the action, and tag them.

Why is your challenge more likely to be answered? That’s how you can get an audience quickly and without cost, increase engagement, get media coverage, and possibly make money.

Any business must be on the Internet, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a grocery store near your house or a modern live casino online. But not all the companies have enough money for promotion.

Start Live Streaming

Live broadcasts always attract users. Do not be afraid to share your thoughts or seem funny, be sincere, it will attract subscribers to you. Audiences willingly subscribe to accounts where they find interesting and useful content. Experiment, communicate with experts in related niches, and act as experts in other accounts. Live shows are an effective way to increase your visibility and attract new audiences.

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