msvcr80 dll is missing problem

How to fix Msvcr80.dll is missing Error

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Msvcr80.dll file is one that is associated with a program known as Microsoft visual studio 2005 and iTunes. I might possible that if this file is missing then the MS Visual Basic and iTunes related program will not work so also for any other application that is authorized by this program.

The error is one that can appear in several ways on your system such as: “msvcr80.dll not found”; “This application failed to start because msvcr80.dll was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem; “”APSDaemon.exe – System Error – msvcr80.dll is missing from your computer”; it could even be “Cannot start [APPLICATION]. A required component of Bootmgr is missing: msvcr80.dll. Please install [APPLICATION] again”; “The file msvcr80.dll is missing”; “cannot find [PATH]/msvcr80.dll”

msvcr80 dll is missing problem

Possible situation when you face dll error

The error message could appear while windows is starting up or shutting down, during installation of certain programs or even during windows installation which is why it is necessary to have an in-depth understanding of the way this error works so that it will be easy to fix it. Before examining how to fix this error, there is a need to understand what causes this error and the reason why they appear on systems. Some of these reasons could be: removal of the msvcr80.dll files as a result of corruption of the file; sometimes this error might mean there is a registry problem on the computer system or maybe a malware issue like virus or even a hardware failure.

How to resolve Msvcr80 dll is missing from your computer error?

In fixing the error, take note not to download the file from the .dll download site as these sites are only out to be able to generate traffic for their sites and as such they usually do not have updated versions of the file. The file you download only serves as a “quick fix” while it actually masks the real problem. It is recommended to go to the source and download the original file from the developer of the program itself as this will guarantee adequate solution to the problem.

So in fixing this dns error, do the following: ensure that windows is started in safe mode if it happens that windows is inaccessible in normal mode; restart the computer system itself, then download the Microsoft visual C++ service pack with security update on it and then run it on the system, what this does is to replace the earlier present msvcr80.dll file with the latest version from Microsoft and be sure to check the option you are downloading because it varies with system either 32-bit or 64-bit and installing this update usually tends to be the solution but for exceptional cases, the following steps can be further taken:

  1. Restore the file from the recycle bin of your system or if the recycle bin has been emptied, then you can use a free file recovery program to get it back.
  2. Run a malware scan of the system to determine if there is damage to the file by a hostile file or it could even be that hostile file posing as the error file.
  3. Install any available windows updates as a lot of service packs tend to contain updates of Microsoft developed files and some might contain the updated file of the msvcr80.dll file.

All these should provide solution to the problem of msvcr80 dll file missing. In case of any question or query, you can contact us by commenting here. Please be specific with your problem, so that we can help you easily.

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