Key Things E-Commerce Businesses Should Look For When Partnering With A Marketing Firm

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Before approaching a marketing company in Miamai, you need to form a marketing strategy. To do this, use the following tips:

Form a system. Start with the general creation of the business model of the company, gradually moving down the levels (business development strategy, general marketing strategy) until you get directly to Internet marketing. The latter should seamlessly enter into the overall structure and complement your existing sales and product promotion levers.

Proceed smoothly. Do not try to embrace the vast and at the same time grab a lot of complex tasks, especially if you do not have the appropriate staff, divided into teams, each of which clearly understands the tasks assigned to them. Instead, it’s best to focus on the tasks that have the greatest impact.

Plan for activity. Based on your marketing plan, distribute the upcoming tasks over time so that everyone achieves the right goal by the right date.

Analyze the dynamics. Evaluate the work performed at each stage, analyze changes and market trends (like using product bundles in shopify) and adjust the intermediate tasks of the marketing strategy in time, if necessary, to achieve maximum efficiency.

Choose your tools. Start with the tools and methods of marketing promotion that can bring you the fastest results.

Analyze efficiency. Use web analytics to assess the effectiveness of each of the tools.

Invest wisely. Based on the analysis of Tampa digital marketing agency, choose the most effective of them for future investments.

Which specialists can work with Internet marketing tools?

As your business grows and you learn how to work with new marketing tools on the Web, you may need more than one competent employee who can accommodate all the functions of an Internet marketing specialist, but a whole team of specialists who can be hired by a third-party firm or recruited.

A marketing team may include the following employees

A marketer. In fact, the main person in the company’s internet promotion team is responsible for developing the plan and for achieving the goals. He sets the necessary tasks for the narrow specialists. Can perform the functions of the narrow specialists himself.

SMM-manager. Promotes your brand, products and services on social networks (Facebook, Instagram), improves the company’s image and seeks to increase the loyalty of potential and real customers, “revives” the face of the firm, making it more “human” for the target audience. Attracts target traffic to your website or branding. It generates sales of goods and services among social network users.

SEO-specialist. Engages in search engine optimization of your website pages in search engines (Google, Bing) to attract organic traffic to search queries related to the company’s goods and / or services, edits pages and keywords, composes or optimizes the semantic core of the site, works in conjunction with a copywriter to fill the pages with new quality content.

Targetologist. Analyzes the target audience of the site, creates, customizes and manages advertising aimed at specific categories of users (audience) in social networks.

Copywriter. Creates text content for your project, be it news, blog articles, articles for the media, description of goods and services, text for electronic mailings.

Designer. Develops visual content for your brand on the Internet, including website design, advertising banners, illustrations for social media posts, etc…

The programmer. Provides functioning and development of your site.

Content administrator. Edits the content of the site, fills it with text, visual, audio and other information (for example, filling out product cards, posting articles and videos in the blog).

Important! Internet marketer should have basic knowledge about the work of all narrow specialists, but do not require him to have deep skills in working with Adobe Photoshop, HTML, SEO, content and other specialized disciplines.

If your project is at the initial stage of development, and the plan to promote it on the Internet is small, you can hire a marketer as a “universal specialist”, which by prior arrangement can and will perform highly specialized tasks.

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