Top 20 Templates for Gamers

Gamers are an absolutely special caste. No matter what reality they are living in: wandering the Martian wastelands of DOOM; climbing unassailable rocks as Nathan Drake in Uncharted series or defeating the enemy with mind-blowing strategy in World of Tanks. Being so different they have one thing in common: they are looking forward for the new game release and are extremely knowledgeable in everything connected to this area. That’s why launching a gaming website you should be very careful. Just one hint at your incompetence in the topic can be enough reason to choose another resource. You can find lots of templates for gaming websites , but you should examine them carefully to choose a professional one. If the gamers understand that you belong to their world they are all yours!

We have chosen 20 templates that, in our opinion, will fit a professional gaming website. Not only design matters. User-friendly and intuitive navigation is also important. All of the templates presented are created by time proven template provider TemplateMonster. Thus you can be sure in high quality and valid coding. The templates are flexible and easy to customize. You don’t really need any profound coding skills to adjust the theme up to your needs and to modify its look. Responsive design guarantees your clients smooth navigation through any device they choose.

If you need a skilled advice you don’t need to look for a professional for a long time. Here is an information rich resource that will answer all your questions. Startup Hub provides absolutely free online tutorials along with interesting and informative articles. Even if you are a professional webmaster, you will find something for yourself. Tones of articles, webinars, and ebooks are waiting for you.

Pokemania – Game Portal WordPress Theme

gamers themes

Details |  Demo

Game Portal Website Template

game wordpress themes

Details |  Demo

Games Store Magento Theme

Games Responsive Magento Theme

Details |  Demo

Look & Listen – Games PSD Template

psd templates

Details |  Demo

Game Portal Joomla Template

joomla templates

Details |  Demo

Latest Games WordPress Theme

Game Portal Responsive WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Finest Games Website Template

gaming website templates

Details |  Demo

GameDixi PrestaShop Template

Gamedixi - Computer Games PrestaShop Theme

Details |  Demo

Play Zone Joomla Template

wordpress gaming templates

Details |  Demo

Online Games WordPress Theme


Details |  Demo

Play Games WordPress Template


Details |  Demo

Playstation Consoles Website Template


Details |  Demo

Games Store VirtueMart Template

Gamez VirtueMart Template

Details |  Demo

Game Portal Moto CMS HTML Template


Details |  Demo

Save Zone Joomla Template


Details |  Demo

Gamez WooCommerce Template

Gamez VirtueMart Template

Details |  Demo

Video Games OpenCart Template

Games and Consoles Store OpenCart Template

Details |  Demo

Game World WordPress Theme


Details |  Demo

World of Games Joomla Theme


Details |  Demo

Using game templates and 3d elements for your Apps

If you have ever thought of creating your own game but lack the time and the skill set to sit down and develop out all of the pieces required, then you are not alone. There are literally a hundred considerations which need to be taken into consideration when making a complex game. True, games like Flappy Birds require a bit less consideration, but the fact remains that if you are not a 3D modeler or a programmer, you will probably hit a snag in your development. Why not bypass the majority of the headache and use a template? Check the app store for the requirements on size and presentation and then go and look for a template. There are tons for use personally as well as professionally.

Gaming Templates

To clarify, a gaming template should be used as the starting point and not as the final say in the game development process. In other words, your game will probably not be a success if you do not put at least a little effort into making it unique. That being stated, you can purchase a premade gaming package for both Unity and Unreal Engine based games. The benefit of such is that the main configurations and glitches have been worked out and so all you really need to do is adjust the environment, add in your 3D elements, and create your storyline, but then again depending on the template that may be set up and ready to go as well.

For example, if you want to create a first person shooter game (FPS), then Unreal has a template already created for such. Now, the realm in which the shooting takes place will need to be changed which will require you to either make a landscape or bring in buildings and other elements. But who has time for that?

Premade 3D elements

Gaming elements must be made to the standards of the software which is being used to make the game. You cannot simply create a character and hope that it fits. If you do you are very prone to have to reformat and in some cases remodel the character. However, if you use a premade 3D model from the start, you are ensured that the minimum requirements are met for integration into your game. Let us go back to the FPS example. If you have a character (humanoid) with animation, it has to be rigged, have textures and have a polygon count which is to the standards of Unreal. Too many polys and you get glitches, poor rigging and the character will not move properly or will have lingering geometry in the game, textures which are not baked properly or associated with the model correctly can lead to the character and game being unable to load.

Again, if you use a premade 3D character the settings are already present. You have only to tweak the geometry ( I would not recommend adding to the geometry) to get the look that you want, update the texture file, and you are good to go. If you have already created your character and need to have it optimized for the game engine, explore a bit and you are sure to find a plugin for your 3D software which is catered to the game development platform you are using. I would also recommend that you browse Amazon for books on Character Design for Gaming and Applications.

Don’t forget to test it

Using templates and 3d Models to make your game greatly accelerates the process from getting the game from the conceptual stage to the development stage. The game developer should, however, take some precautions when developing and purchasing templates. First, ensure that the template can be used on a mobile device. It does no good to purchase an Unreal or Unity template which is only intended for desktop use. Secondly, check to see if the template has been tested on Android and IOS devices. You want to have a template that works. Third, when choosing pre-made 3D models, ensure that you have the right to use the models for commercial purposes. For the most part, if you are paying for the model then you should be ok. Where you may run into a bit of trouble is if you go looking for free models as these tend to be for personal use only. Finally, once you have all the elements in your game and you are ready to offer it to the public, do not forget to do your own tests. Modifications can lead to glitches which need to be debugged. It is a process. Do your testing, identify any areas which need to be fixed, fix them, and retest.

download windows 8.1 pro 32/64 bit iso

Windows 8 Pro 32 Bit / 64 Bit ISO Download FREE – Torrent Method

Windows 8 Pro also called as Windows 8.1 is the version from NT family of operating system. It was available for public on August 2013.

Please click the button below to get the 100% working, clean and safe ISO file for your Windows operating system. You will find Zip file containing 32 bit and 64 bit ISO.

download now

It should be noted that Windows 8.1 can’t be installed or download via Windows update but you can only get that by product keys. If you want to get ISO for Windows 7, you should checkout my older post.

Windows 8 Pro Features

  • Multitasking with Apps
  • Improved with more security
  • You can resize apps icon in Windows
  • Automatic lock down option
  • personal lock screen and picture password
  • Use Bing smart search for results from you PC

download windows 8.1 pro 32/64 bit iso

As each day pass by, Microsoft is launching a new version of their operating system. The latest stable version is windows 8. This is the most upgraded and the fastest operating system till now. This latest OS provides you with all the features of windows 7 and there are many facilities that were not present in the older version. Many people have doubts on how to download windows 8 for their PC. You can do so by buying that from official store or from Amazon and other third party site.

How to Download Windows 8.1 PRO ISO for FREE?

Please follow the link given below to get ISO image.

Alternatively, you can follow the steps and method given below. But I would suggest you to go for trusted and official source only.

Method 2 : Get Windows 8 ISO from Torrent

At first you need to have a torrent client. This type of downloader will help you to download torrents file. Now search for windows 8.1 pro 32 bit/64 bit ISO related torrents. There are many sites available in the internet where you can find torrents. Make sure that the site you choose is genuine. After the torrent file of Windows 8 pro is available on your system, double click that file. It will automatically start the process of downloading actual ISO file.

How to use ISO file to install Windows 8 Pro?

After the download is complete you will find an ISO file.  This file will contain both 32 bit and 64 bit windows 8 pro. Choose one and burn it into a DVD. The ISO file is must in order to burn the contents into a bootable disk. Such kind of files contain all the data in a compressed mode. This will help you to download a large contain within few memory space. As soon as you click on the ISO file icon it will automatically ask for a blank disk. You need to insert one black disk to continue the process. It will take some time to burn. After the burning process is complete you have to restart your computer and have to boot from the disk. It will automatically get booted and will make your PC into a new OS.

Congratulation! Now, You successfully installed Windows 8/8.1 on your PC using ISO image. Once the installation process is completed you will need installation key. You can download the key from official site of Microsoft. There are many people search for “Windows 7 loaders and activator” but I would suggest you to please use official installation and activation key from Microsoft to avoid any future problem.

Top SEO Friendly WordPress Templates

It’s a no-brainer: a modern website needs a contemporary, fashionable design that won’t go out of fashion in a year. Today we’ll tell you how to achieve such a look without losing tons of time and money by utilizing pre-built templates.

What’s a pre-built template and why does it need to be SEO-friendly? Well, consider launching a new website tailored to maintenance business or handyman services. People expect to look at a website today and see a pleasant, well-lit and thoughtfully-structured design, not the obtuse and distracting mess the craftsmen’s websites of yesteryear so often employed. What’s the best route that leads to a great-looking website? Well, you can hire a designer: it’s easy, right? Nope, it’s not, as you’ll lose significant time, money and energy trying to convey to the designer just what it is exactly that you want, then you’ll wait months for a result and then you’ll pay a not-so-small fee for a result you don’t really like that much. That’s the point at which pre-built and ready-made WordPress templates tailored for maintenance industry come in.

Well-designed and smartly devoid of unnecessary visual excesses, those templates are pleasant to look at and even more enjoyable to use. You don’t have to worry about the technology part of the things, as those templates support the latest web technologies, like HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS3 and Parallax, right out of the box. Want to launch your website in some other languages? With WPML plugin support, it’s very easy. Perhaps most importantly, the themes we’re talking about today are responsive, meaning they look great on any device without the need to maintain a separate mobile version. As the themes in this article are all examples of work by TemplateMonster, you’ll get a world-class high-quality lifetime support they are known for, when you purchase their templates. And it’s easy to purchase them, as they all cost less than a hundred bucks.

However, it all doesn’t make sense if your website is not on the first pages of Google’s search query. Search engine optimization is king these days, a key to the future success of your business. Don’t have the time on your hands to involve yourself with the process? Well, you’re in luck, as the WordPress maintenance themes below are all SEO-ready. That means that their structure, layout and overall feel were optimized according to Google’s standards. It makes it easier to get going in the SEO game and climb on the top of the query. Check what does SEO-expert Ashley Faulkes think in case you want to know more:

Ready to get going? Let’s start with our top picks of WordPress maintenance and small business pre-built themes. There are so many great-looking website designs here that you’re bound to choose something by the end of this list!

WordPress Template for Making Roofs Better

Think about your clients when you’re launching your roof repairs company online. They want a no-frills, easy-to-follow experience that will nevertheless confirm for them that your company know how to make a sturdy and nice-looking roof. This pre-made template isn’t the most overblown with rich colors, animations or trendy design tricks. But it doesn’t have to be. Instead, its simple structure, grid-like image carousel in the header and accent on using one color make a statement: you mean business and you mean it good.

wp roof service

Details |  Demo

WordPress Theme for Plumbing the Heck Out of It

The importance of a simple design that doesn’t throw your visitor into a visual limbo is clearly underappreciated, even though the designers talk about it all the time. Pay attention to the elegant way this WP maintenance theme works its way around obtuse structure so popular in other designs. A few splashes of bright color serve as a visual marker for a visitor, while clean dark gray-on-white typography makes it particularly easy to read everything you publish on the main page.

plumbing service template

Details |  Demo

WordPress Layout for Cleaning a Pool with a Smile

Want something a bit more leftfield, creative and bold for the WordPress website you made for your pool cleaning services company? Well, consider yourself to be in luck: this gorgeous pre-made WP template is a beauty to behold. It doesn’t shy away from using crisp full screen images and beautiful huge types in order to achieve what it has in mind: total visual dominance over any other website your client may have encountered. In other words, once you see this one, you won’t forget it soon.

wordpress cleaning pool service theme

Details |  Demo

WordPress Design for Cleaning Services That Work

You’re definitely not selling you cleaning services if your website is itself in need of a cleaning. That’s why purchasing this pre-built WordPress template for a small cleaning business is a great idea. It’s stylish (check), colorful (check) and understandable at first glance (check, check, check). A few smart ideas, like a phone number highlighted in a different color and placed on top of a header image, make this template even more of a useful choice.

wordpress cleaning template

Details |  Demo

WP Template for a Fun Cleaning Experience

If the previous position in our today’s list is a bit too restrained for your taste, what would you say to this one? It’s every bit as simple and minimal as any of the other popular pre-built template you’ll find out there, but the centerpoint of this theme is in its colors. The designers behind it put a great emphasis on using colors in a fun, interesting ways, combining several bright shades to create a stunning visual imprint.

cleaning service themes for free

Details |  Demo

WordPress Design for Finding Your Color

The minimalist style is nowhere near out of fashion and it’s only going to get more popular. If you’re in the business of selling paints and making painting projects happen, think about going with a simplistic design for your website, like this one. Thing is, there’s bound to be a lot of colors on your website already: implementing a simple non-distractive white structure to lay beneath everything is a smart choice.

wp color finding template

Details |  Demo

WordPress Template for a Comprehensive Service

The best part of this ready-made WordPress template is, hands down, its smart 1-2-3-4 menu in the header area of the design. It’s a smart, iconic visual trick: people who visit your website will stay on it to explore each part of the menu. The deep gray and bright orange compliment each other nicely in the header part, while simple black-and-white color palette in the middle parts works its wonders for readability.

comprehensive services theme wordpress

Details |  Demo

WordPress Layout for Fresh and Green Lawns

If you’re in business of mowing lawns and making people’s lives better while doing it, promote yourself with a refreshingly simple website design utilising this pre-built WordPress template. Clean white header serves as a business card of your website, while everything that comes next is a very visual, image-focused mission statement of your business.

wordpress lawn care theme

Details |  Demo

spybubble pro coupon codes

SpyBubble Coupon Codes 2016 + Renewal & Pro Deals

SpyBubble is the most advance cell phone monitoring and spy software that works with Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Windows based phones. Once you install Spybubble within a 5 minutes you can start monitoring activity of your child or employees and keep that completely invisible.

Top most SpyBubble Coupon Codes and Deals

Standard as low as $49.95 – Purchase Standard version of their software to track basic activities for only $49.95.

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Pro Version deal : Buy Pro software for advance feature of tracking cell phone, messenger and more for $84.90 only.

Offer Code : “SPYNOW” – Want to upgrade your current version to Pro? You can do that by getting awesome 20% saving.

Code : “SPYREVIEW10″ – Validity is unknown! Receive 10% discount on your next purchase of standard version of their software.

How does SpyBubble work?

First of all buy license from their official site. Now you need to download and install the application on targeted mobile. It will take just 2-3 minutes. Once you successfully installed that you will able to view all the date through web account. Simply login to your web account to check all the details.

Reasons to buy SpyBubble without Coupon Codes :- is the prestigious spy tool that works with any Smartphone or Tablets. They usually adds new features and latest are Whatsapp tracking, BBM Messenger monitoring. They can also track environmental activities.

When we compare their features with other software in market we can say that they are far ahead of others. Good thing is the price of their basic software version is only $49.95 and it’s one time and comes with support for upcoming features as well. And if anytime you want to upgrade that to Pro version you can easily do that by paying nominal fees, so it’s would be best practice to start with Standard Version and once you feel comfortable with that you can go for higher version.

SpyBubble Discount Coupons and Promo Codes are also available for renewal. They usually offer such special deals to existing customers and we keep this page most-up-date to provide you recent promotions from them. So stay tune with us and bookmark this page for getting new coupons for future purchase.

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