All You Need to Know About Web Hosting

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If you have a website and you want it to go live, you need a web hosting service. So what is it? It is a type of Internet hosting which is necessary for a website in order to be accessed by the World Wide Web, and web hosts are companies that provide servers which can be bought or leased by clients.

Types of Web Hosting

There are four categories of web-hosting: shared, dedication, co-located, and free. Here is a little information about each of these types:

Free Web Hosting – It usually comes with limited services, non-transferable domains and is supported by advertisements. Connection is often slow, with limited technical support and no domain names.

Shared Web Hosting – A number of website owners can share one server, including the physical server as well as the software applications in it. It is affordable, but limited and sometimes slow.

Dedicated Web Hosting – You can get your own Web server with full administration over it, but you do not own it. You are responsible for security and maintenance, and the connection is faster.

Virtual Dedicated Service or Virtual Private Server – Server resources are divided into virtual servers in such a way that the allocated resources doesn’t directly reflect the underlying hardware.

Co-located Web Hosting – For high-speed Internet connectivity, a dedicated IP address and power, you can flip the switch for this form of web hosting. The hosting company provides the physical space that the server takes up, while you can use the server.

Reseller Web Hosting – You can become web hosts yourself; you can use your allotted space and bandwidth in order to host websites for third parties. This is a form of business for many people – you can buy the host’s services at a wholesale price and sell them off at a profit.

Clustered Web Hosting – To utilize resources better, this kind of hosting allows multiple servers to host the same content.

Grid Hosting – When a server cluster has multiple nodes and acts like a grid, it offers this kind of distributed hosting.

Cloud Web Hosting – This new type of hosting is more powerful than other types, because it is decentralized and hence is unaffected during hardware problems and even natural disasters. Though it charges you according to the amount of resources you have used instead of a steady fee, it can be problematic for those who have security concerns.

But which of these types is suitable for you?

To find out which of the above kinds of web hosting your website or your project need, follow these simple tips:

~  Learn more about every kind of web hosting and see which suits your needs the best. For example, if you don’t want to incur the cost of powering and maintaining a server, but want full features and benefits of marvelous connectivity, you can flip the switch for co-located web hosting.

~  What’s the differentiation? In the intensely competitive world of hosting services, the best in the business are trying to differentiate themselves. Arvixe web hosting, for instance, offers 24×7 US based phone support. On similar lines, hosting providers try to differentiate by offering loyalty discounts, free website builder, and more – check out a differentiated web host for hassle free site hosting.

~  Check whether it is cost-effective – no point in paying more if you don’t need the services, and at the same time, don’t lease a web hosting service that are not meeting your demands just because it is cheap! For example, if you only want to put up a temporary and non-serious website, why pay for security, data, and the works? Open the door towards free hosting!

Always remember that it can get better – be on the lookout for a better server.

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