6 Smart Tips for Appealing to Mobile Customers in 2023 and Beyond

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To say that mobile is the future of business would be an understatement.

Heck, the mobile revolution is happening right in front of our eyes.

Smartphone usage is at an all-time high given the wealth of apps and more and more mobile-friendly sites coming along.

Additionally, the public at large is comfortable with buying via mobile like never before.

Given these trends, businesses rightfully want to capitalize on this new wave of mobile customer ready to spend. That said, doing so effectively requires keen attention to detail. To help you do the same, we’ve broken down six mobile marketing tips for 2019 and beyond.

Make Push Notifications a Priority

Push notifications are the holy grail of mobile marketing if you’re trying to score more engagement through your app. The ability to access users around-the-clock is game-changer versus in-app notifications alone.

Making sure push notifications are enabled is just one piece of the puzzle, though.

They need to be optimized so that people actually interact rather than brush them aside. This means paying attention to not only details such as frequency, but also text formatting. Ian Blair of Buildfire puts it simply: “If your push notification gets cut off on the lock screen, it’s

going to hurt your conversions.”

Such details might be small, but can make all the difference for getting people to spend more time in your app.

Accept Mobile Payments

This tip applies specifically to brick-and-mortar stores looking to get more out of mobile customers.

From Apple Pay to widespread digital wallets like PayPal, think “the more, the merrier” when it comes to mobile cash options. The upsides of accepting mobile payments include appealing to younger customers while also making transactions speedier as a whole. It’s a win-win for customers and merchants alike.

Keep Using Email

Email is the preferred method of contact for today’s consumers, hands down.

And here’s some more food for thought: 60% of emails are read via mobile according to Constant Contact.

Yes, that’s a majority of all emails.

Email may be an old-school marketing method, but it’s still as powerful as ever. Granted you’re optimizing your emails for mobile using snappy subject lines and short copy, you’re on the right path. Double-checking everything from text-based messages to image-heavy marketing emails via a mobile-friendly preview is a smart move regardless of what email service you’re using.

Rethink Your “Mobile-Friendly Site”

Most brands are aware of their mobile traffic and more likely than not have rolled out responsive design on their sites.

Is that enough, though?

Chances are the answer is a resounding “no.”

For example, consider conversion killers on mobile sites including needlessly long form fields and pop-up menus can still appear on responsive sites. You need to think about what the user-experience looks like for yourself and how you would respond if another site required you to go through a bunch of hoops.

If you’re avoiding these snafus and likewise have high conversion and low bounce rates from your mobile visitors, more likely than not you’re golden.

Double Down on Mobile SEO

On a related note, don’t forget the wonderful world of SEO as part of your optimization strategy.

Although some pieces of mobile and desktop SEO are apples and oranges, remember that it’s crucial not to sacrifice readability for search performance. This means that readability (think: text size and scrolling) and site speed (think: the faster, the better) should be your top priorities.

This quick guide to mobile SEO can further clue you in on what’s considered standard for toady’s mobile sites.

Look for Fresh Places to Market Your App

Lastly, don’t make the mistake of only promoting your mobile product via the app store. Channels such as social media is a good start, but also consider additional avenues such as…

Given the blood, sweat and tears required to bring an app to market, finding more places to put it on display to relevant users is the least you can do. Beyond that and your on-page app store SEO, encouraging positive reviews while still staying within the guidelines of your respective app store can help cement that what you’re offering is the proverbial “real deal.”

The rise of mobile customers isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, especially as we as consumers become increasingly dependent on our smartphones. Standing out via mobile represents a series of smaller steps versus one big “fix.” As a result, tips such as the ones above are crucial for maximizing your earning regardless of what you’re selling.

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