windows 7 ISO download for 32 bit and 64 bit

Windows 7 Home Premium 32 and 64 bit ISO Download

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Windows 7 is a very popular operating system that can easily be installed in both 64- and 32-bit computers. With the end-of-life announcement of Windows XP, Windows 7 became the most popular platform today.

windows 7 ISO download for 32 bit and 64 bit

If you want to install it on your computer, but you don’t have a copy, you can go for an ISO download so you can make a disc installer yourself. This method is very popular among users who have lost or damaged their discs but have kept their license number.

We will soon update you for Win 8 ISO and other version of Win 7. So requesting you to please keep checking this area and post your queries by commenting here. I will reply  you soon with satisfactory answer.

Where to Download Windows 7 ISO ( x86 / x64 ) ?

Of course, the first place to get the Windows ISO file is from the Microsoft Store. However, there are many download sites that offer Windows 7 Home Premium ISO also. Simply choose which between the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions you need. Note that the 64-bit is not a direct upgrade of the 32-bit. The numbers mean a lot to the compatibility of your computer system to the program so be sure to choose the one that’s right.

Once you have the ISO copy, proceed to burn it to a disc. ISO files are disc image files. A good disc burner will know what to do with it, just choose the option of burning an image file. Let the program run its course. After that, the disc it will create is a fully bootable Windows 7 Home Premium installer, working just like the original.

Installation Errors of Windows 7 ISO on your computer :

You may proceed to installing Windows 7 after creating the disc. However, if there are any errors coming out as you install, you might what to follow the suggestions listed below.

  • Driver errors – Driver errors usually arise from IDE and SATA confusion. If you’re using a mix of IDE and RAID devices when installing Windows 7 Home Premium, try switching the current setting to AHCI or RAID and then redo the installation.
  • File expansion errors – This usually happens when the installation gets stuck at a certain percentage, not able to forward and complete the installation. To fix this, be sure that there are no expansion devices attached to your system while installing. If you can remove the video card and use the on-board video, do so. Remove all unnecessary USB devices and use only one stick of RAM. And be sure that the memory module is good. This error can also be caused by faulty RAM.
  • Hard drive errors – Hard drive errors are very common when installing any operating system. To fix this, make sure that all disc partitions are correct and that the hard drive is recognized in the BIOS. Run diagnostics when necessary.

Below are the direct link from where you can download SP1 ISO for Windows 7 in different languages.  Each of that files come with 30 days trial period, So you need to use your original Windows key to activate them. Also file size is more than 2 GB, so it would be better to use some reliable download manager.

If you face any errors or problem during downloading or installing Windows 7 on PC or Laptop then you can contact us by commenting here. Please be specific with the error, so that we can quickly give you solution for that.

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53 thoughts on “Windows 7 Home Premium 32 and 64 bit ISO Download”

  1. I’ve the downloaded the Windows 7 Premium SP2 twice and both times it stops halfway saying it’s finished. I open and then says ” The disk image file is corrupt”

  2. My computer states there isnt a recovery partition. I just want to restore my computer to factory default. What can I do?

    1. Check Microsoft FAQs, where they have given step by step guide for restore computer to factory default.

  3. I’ve downloaded the file twice, and it will not burn to a dvd. I get the message that it’s an invalid file type.

    This after taking over an two hours to download.

    1. I would suggest you to check configuration of your PC. Invalid file type means you may have downloaded home premium file and use that on Win 7 Professional or ultimate.

  4. Let say my laptop is Window 7 Home Premium X16-96084, can I format my laptop with using Window 7 Home Premium X17-58997 disc?

  5. Have tried 3 time to download the windows 7 32 bit iso using the Free Download manager you recommend using and it get to 2446 MB and seems to hang up. I relly need for this to work. is there any way to make this happen using the product.

  6. hello please, i am trying to reinstall window seven to my laptop but unable to, where do i download the window 7 home premium 32-bit on my laptop Toshiba. i really want to reformat my laptop to window 7 home premium please because i have the activation Key available.


  7. i have downloaded 95% and it has stoped further downloading.will you please tell me that how can i gat full 100% of it.

  8. j’ai télécharger sur windows 7 professionelle mais on ne peux pas comment on va faire si vouys avez trouvez la solution donnez moi l’adresse de internet merci

  9. Its always stop and said restart unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error…cannot proceed . To install windows click ok to restart download

  10. Hi, I keep getting a error message when choosing my hard drive “Set up cannot create partition or select partition. Look up set up log files”. What exactly is going on and how can I fix this? Thank you.

  11. Used pale moon browser (it’s like firefox and the designers have kept the original firefox download manager with the green bars) to download the file and astroburn to burn it to a DVD…it seems to work OK.

  12. hello sir,

    i have install win 7 ultimate which i download from torrent but my system is strucking randomly for 5 mins every 1 hour or 2 plz suggest me what i do
    is any problem with registration key

    thanks and best regards

  13. sir,

    i have download and install win 7 home premium from this site but i don’t activation key please provide activation also

    thanks and regards

  14. Cheers, Windows 7 ultimate burns fine.

    Use Pale Moon browser to download.

    Used Power iso to burn this time, put downloaded iso file into power iso, click and highlight where it says x-1759463 (for windows ultimate, other versions will have another number).

    Double click where it says x-1759463 (power iso will start a file transfer animation exactly like the windows animation) initially it will say non-bootable image…when it’s done extracting the image another power iso window identical to the first window you had open will open, and it will then report bootable image and you will see efi, boot sources, support, autorun ini etc in the new window that opens…carry out the “burn” command from the new bootable image window, at this power iso will allow you check drive settings as per normal and burn to DVD.

    PS the x-1759463.iso will change to GSP1RMCULFRER_EN_DVD in the left hand pane if you get it right.

  15. I downloaded W 7 Ultimate 64 bit and installed successfully on my Samsung NP300 Laptop. Now it tkes a long time to boot and I am unable to opdate my net work drivers so I cant connect to my wireless modem. I used to have Atheros wireless adapter before this installatin. I downloadwd Atheros drivers from Samsung Support page and tried to install but the system is not updating the driver properly. Please advise
    Please note that I am not a computer expert

  16. Firstly i would like to thank the admin for providing us with such a brilliant source to get these files from downloaded and burned successfully and secondly would like to say that nobody will share a working key which certain individuals have asked for because this would only result in the key being eventually blocked by Microsoft as keys can only be used a certain amount of times however upon saying that a quick youtube search will give you a windows 7 ultimate upgrade key that will work from any previous version of windows 7 i am not at liberty to discuss this any further as it may be against this sites terms and policies.

  17. I downloaded the windows Professional ISO, but it is 3gb, and there isnt enough room on a cd for a file of that size. Am I doing something wrong?

  18. I am also having problem with creating the bootable DVD of Windows 7 – 64 bit ISO file. I have Lenovo Z570 Laptop. Please suggest what to do?

  19. It did not work for me. When I went to burn it to a disc it said un successful burn error code for 64 pro ( Ox80004005. For premium error code is OxCOAAO2OD. So what can I do to get it to burn disc ? I have product key for both.

  20. fixed my daughter’s laptop with replacing the hard drive.
    Downloaded the Windows 7 here, installed, and downloaded lots of device driver from other web site.
    Thanks a lot!

  21. hi guys,,,

    downloaded and burned image to disc,,, have encountered these errors
    please advise

    1. when running setup.exe from windows explorer
    setup.exe -Bad Image ( popup window )
    E:\sources\SPWIZENG.DLL is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support.

    Install windows (2nd popup window)
    The file ‘autorun.dll’ could not be loaded or is corrupt. setup cannot continue. Error code is [0.C1]

    2. when booting laptop with iso disc
    press any key to boot from cd/dvd

    Windows Boot Manager appears
    Choose operating system
    Windows 7 (highlighted, only option)
    to specify an advanced option for this choice, press F8


    windows is loading files….

    Install windows = NEXT
    Install now =
    Load driver ( popup window )
    No device drivers were found. Make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers, and then click OK

    this is as far as im getting

    please advise

  22. Windows 7 is the most recommended OS, Which through user can do almost all work without any problem, Where I recommend you to activate your OS being purchased its license code
    Which is distributing license for almost all types of Microsoft Products. I personaly use it and have a good experience.?

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