How to get more customers to use QR codes in your video marketing campaign

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A QR code in your video marketing campaign can never break your campaign but on the contrary, it can actually make your campaign generate more leads and gain customers. 


How so? 


As defined by marketers today, QR codes are the holy grail when it comes to the advertising space. They are contactless, easy to generate, and you can convert any information you want into a QR code. 

Moreover, these codes are easily accessible using a smartphone device, making them easier to penetrate for all target audiences from all age groups. That means you can attract and drive more potential customers from all age brackets. 


QR codes can be used in offline (print) and online spaces, especially in your video campaign. 


That means advertising on these two platforms allows you to reach a broader audience. Not only in print and not only with online audiences, but you can have the best of both worlds!


Listed below are some of the ways you can use QR codes in your video marketing campaign to engage more customers and generate leads. 


Here’s how QR codes help marketers and businesses to improve video marketing campaign


1. Use a video QR code to redirect scanners to instructional/informative videos 


When you convert videos into QR codes, your target audience can access the video right away when they scan the QR code. There’s no need for them to type the long URL of videos which can be a lot of hassle.


If there is one type of video that attracts consumers and other curious viewers the most, it would be instructional/informative videos.


As this type of video assists and informs viewers about the item or product that theypurchased, it can generate more traffic.


With that being said, QR codes can help your target audience to access these instructional videos at their disposal by generating a video QR code. 


Using a QR code generator software to make a video QR code will give value-added information about the product or item you are promoting or the products customers have purchased.


2. Insert a social media QR code on your video to maximize social media followers 


A social media QR code houses all your digital links, such as e-commerce apps, messaging apps, and social media sites. When scanned, it displays all your online resources directly to the user’s smartphone screen. 


Thus, making it seamless for your scanners to follow you without a sweat on all social media platforms and increasing your online visibility effortlessly. 


Several successful corporate and private brands advertise their social media handles in videos. It could be in a live-stream videos, LED displays, or even during television ads. 


While it is ideal that your social media usernames appear in these videos from time to time to gain exposure, why not just make the most out of it by generating a social media QR code? 


Using the social media QR code, you can put all your social sites in one place instead of displaying your social media handles one by one. 


When scanned, your scanners can just tap on your social media channels that they would like to follow in seconds! 


3. Digitized printed materials with QR code 


Printed marketing materials are known only to be static and plain boring to look at— and even to read at— as it doesn’t give that much-added value to your target audience. And I bet you can agree. 


You only read, look at it, and are done—NOTHING ELSE. 


But not anymore.


To bring value to boring physical ads, digitizing them using QR codes will redefine paper marketing by giving life to it and—something for your target audience to interact with. 


QR codes printed on paper ads are more than just a digital element. 


With QR codes, you can embed all the essential information in the QR when your magazines, posters, pamphlets, and product packaging, have no space to put all this information in one place. 


Using QR codes, you can redirect them to a PDF file for additional information, an image gallery of your products, or embed a link that will redirect to a website that showcases all your products. 


Anything is made possible with these 2d codes. 


Marketers can also include a video QR code in printed materials and allow readers to scan it to view product or instructional videos.  




As most customers learn more from viewing videos than from reading through static texts, companies, and marketers are adopting the usage of videos to grow their reach in their respective fields of business.


And with the rising rivalry in the video marketing world, using QR codes is a terrific way to access this information easily. 


Your small or medium-sized businesses can quickly implement an interactive video in your marketing approach that makes customers feel valued, included, and engaged. 

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