Spool releases iPhone App

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Spool is one of the biggest technological advancements the world has seen over the past year. The cost of internet connection is usually high in such a way that people have to maximize on the connection once it is there. Spool came in handy to help users save their images, articles and videos for later retrieval in an offline mode. All along android powered devices and browsers have been enjoying the use of spool services. This is because android is the most widely used mobile operating system. The more advanced and prestigious operating system- iOS had been left out in the picture but not anymore.

It has been a hard task to crack the iOS and get spool functioning well. However, we at the spool tech department are happy to announce that starting today, iOS users will be able to use spool services. Therefore, if you have you use an iPhone, you do not need to be worried for spool services will now be available for your convenient use.

If you have an iPhone, you can start using the Spool app to save and consume content offline. Go get the Spool App now!

While we are yet to get responses from iPhone users, we are quite sure that we will get positive reviews from them. This is because we have customized the services to fit iPhone users.

The process of installation should be very easy for anyone who has been using an iPhone. The instructions are given and all you need to do is to follow them and start enjoying the services. Our technical team is there to help you with any query concerning the installation and use of spool services. We will be glad to get you all the information you need concerning spool. Do not wait for other users to enjoy these services before you start. Be among the pioneers who will tell others of how good spool services are.

iPhone users will also enjoy the services that others have been enjoying. They include; saving articles, images and videos. The saved items will be then retrieved in an offline mode so that you do not spend money and time on the internet again. This is what the spool team is offering our esteemed iPhone users. Therefore, signup take advantage of the spool iPhone app that is live and available for your use.

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