How to uninstall Internet Explorer (IE) 10

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If you aren’t happy with Internet Explorer 10 and want to uninstall or delete IE 10 version from your Windows PC then you should follow the steps given here.

When you install the windows 7, 8 PC the default version of the internet explorer installed along with the windows. However, when your windows get updated with the server on the Windows, your internet explorer version changes and it’s become IE10. However, most of the people love to use internet explorer default version instead of the third party browsers. However, due to the updating of the window the default internet explorer converts into 10 versions.

remove internet explorer 10

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Most of the people are complaining that IE10 has so many bugs and want to remove that but they do not know the process to uninstall the IE10 and they don’t even try to find that.  We have easy to follow and simplest steps given here.

How to remove Internet Explorer 10 from Windows

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  1. Press the window button from the keyboard or click on the start button from the windows menu.
  2. Type “programs and features” in the search of start button
  3. Click on the option of “programs and features”, a window will open in front of you, from where you can uninstall other third party software’s.
  4. Then find out the option of “view installed updates” option in the whole window of “programs and features”.
  5. Click on the option of “view installed updates” and select the IE10 updates and click on the option of uninstall a program.
  6. However, shortly the IE10 updates will remove from the windows and your explorer converts into the old version again.

Through the above process, you can uninstall the IE10. Mostly people do not use the internet explorer because there are several reasons for not to using this browser. Some of them get Registry errors and while other get error like DNS server not responding. Here are the lists of those problems those internet explorer keeps due to which people avoid using it.

  1. The first and basic problem of this browser is that, it is too much heavy and whenever you open it, along with this browser so many toolbars open.
  2. It takes a lot of time to open any website and shows many security errors whiling opening the website.
  3. A developer cannot remove the bugs of the website by using this browser because it is not compatible with programming testing.
  4. The format of the version website does not look good on this browser and most of the big website options become disabled on this browser.
  5. Even though you have very fast internet speed, but the process of this browser to open the website is very slow and take a lot of time.
  6. It’s become hang again and again and ask for the different requirement and prompt the massages.

Thus, people try to avoid using this useless browser because it consumes lots of time to proceed the website or any other command. However, it is the only way to install the other browser after doing the new installation of the windows. However, it is not the reliable browser, on which people can relay. Mostly those people use this browse, which uses the intranet application, like banks and other multinational companies.

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Congratulation! Now, you know how to get rid of IE 10 and you can successfully delete that from your computer. Please write down your inputs or any error that you are facing during above process. I will be more than happy to assist you.

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