If You Don’t Have a Floor Standing Speaker You’re Missing Out

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Ever since the beginning of hi-fidelity (hi-fi) sound, floor speakers have been the most popular choice with homeowners.  Also referred to as tower speakers, they come in numerous different shapes and sizes and can basically be placed wherever you have some spare floor space (although they’re designed to be used as part of a home theater system).  Therefore, they’re often a better option than shelf speakers for most homeowners.  If you’re wondering what else floor standing speakers have going for them, read on.  You’ll soon see why you’re missing out.

Incredible Sound

Floor standing speakers emit-incredible sound.  Most models come with more than one speaker in each tower.  What this basically means is that while you have one main speaker, you have other little speakers in each tower too.  It is these little speakers that provide an incredible depth of sound and bass that can’t be beaten.


Because floor standing speakers are highly visible, they are designed to be sophisticated and to look good in contemporary spaces.  You’ll find them in a variety of styles, however, so finding one that fits in with your current décor shouldn’t be any issue at all.  For an idea of the different styles available, check out this link.  It’s another great resource from SpeakerXpert that not only shows you the different styles on offer but also compares their features.  Years ago, floor standing speakers resembled the speakers you see at rock concerts – but that’s not the case anymore!

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Fantastic Upgrade for a Home Theater

Most home theater systems come with speakers already included, but there’s no reason why you can’t upgrade these to get the most out of your sound.  Any experienced audiophile will tell you that no home theater setup is perfect, but a good pair of floor standing speakers can totally take things to the next level.  If you’ve got the latest and greatest 4k TV, you want your sound system to be high quality as well! My other piece of advice is always stick to the big brands like Polk and Kilipsh etc.

Advanced Features

Finally, floor standing speakers all have different features, so you can purchase a pair that meets your exact specifications.  Some of the key features you will want to consider include:

  • Sensitivity – This is a measure of how efficiently the speaker converts power into sound.
  • Impedance – This is a measure of the speaker’s resistance and determines what load the speaker can handle from the amp.  It is vital that you match your speakers to your current amp unless you want to cause damage to the system.
  • Frequency Response – This is the frequency range that the speakers can produce.  Measured in Herz (Hz), the larger the frequency, the better quality the speaker.  Those who want a good bass from their speakers will want to look for speakers that start at around 60hz.

If you want to create the perfect home theater setup, you really need to invest in some good floor standing speakers.  Sticking with the speakers that came with your theater package could really mean that you are losing out when it comes to the sound. Don’t forget you can check out video reviews. Try this channel for a start but check out similar channels.

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