straight talk apn settings for BYOP, Android and iPhone

Straight Talk APN Settings for iPhone, Samsung, and BYOP

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APN Settings : Straight Talk mobile service is one of the fastest-growing players in telecommunications today. If you have recently made the shift and are wondering why your mobile internet connection or MMS setting suddenly stopped working, you might have to reconfigure it to work with APN settings for your Straight Talk‘s Smartphone. To do that, simply follow the steps below.

straight talk apn settings for BYOP, Android and iPhone

These are official setting, but if you still find any issue or trouble in following that then you can post that by commenting here.

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Straight Talk APN Settings for the iPhone

1. Tap on Setting –> General –> Cellular –> Cellular Data Network
2. In there you’ll see different fields to fill out. Populate them as follows:

Under Cellular Data:

  • APN – att.mvo
  • Username and Password – leave these fields blank

Under MMS:

APN – att.mvno
Username and Password – leave these fields blank
MMS Proxy:
MMS Max Message Size – 1048576
Internet Tethering or Personal Hotspot – leave this field blank

3. Save the settings and go back to the home screen.
4. Reboot your device.

Straight Talk Settings for Samsung and Android devices

It is important to note that APN setting resides at different location depending on your phone company. We’ve provided the steps for Samsung. If you’ve HTC, Motorola, LG, Nexus or any brand cell-phone then path to access APN might be different. Mostly you can find that under Mobile Networks

1. Go to Menu –> Wireless & Network –> Mobile Networks

2. Tap on Mobile Networks

3. Tap on Access Point Names

4. Type in these settings:

Name – Straight Talk
APN – att.mvno
Proxy –
Port, Username, Password, and Server  – leave these fields blank
MMS proxy –
MMS port – 80
MCC – 310
MNC – 410
Authentication type – leave this field blank
APN Type – default, supl, mms
APN Protocol – leave this field to its default value

Smart Talk Settings for BYOP

If you have bought your own phone and you want to setup Straight Talk APN settings for it, you have to look for the area where you can modify your network settings. You can either create a new profile for Straight Talk or edit an existing one. Once you have it working, supply the following data:

Name – Straight Talk

APN – att.mvno

Proxy –

Port – 80


MMS Proxy –

MMS Port – 80

Once you have all of these settings correctly loaded into your mobile phone and made them as the default settings, you should be able to freely access the internet, as well as send and receive MMS messages. If in any case the settings above won’t work, you can have the settings sent to your phone from Straight Talk’s website.

BONUS Tip :-

If you feel this step bit lengthy or tough then you can alternatively install their official app that will handle everything. Simply follow instruction and it will automatically program picture and data messaging setting for your device. App is available for Android device only.

However, you have to provide your phone number or the last 15 digits of your Straight Talk SIM card to proceed. Your phone model is needed as well. Once the settings are sent over the air, you’ll receive it as a message on your phone. Save the settings and activate them. After which, you should be ready to access the internet and send MMS messages again.

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  1. i have ut in almost every apn settings and my internet works but cant get picture mess and cant send them

      1. I Download the app but it do not fix it I still can’t see any photo when someone send me a text.

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  3. My hotspot is not working for the BYOP plan. I entered everything in for the Android option under APN. Can you send me direct instructions for this particular phone please. Thank you.

  4. I switched a Verizon iPhone 4 to straight talk recently, now there is no cellular data option to access my APN settings. My MMS and mobile dosnt work. Help please

  5. I’m using an IPhone 4 and some of these settings don’t even exist on my phone what do I do?

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