How to Manage Your Time Effectively in College?

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Time management is the capability of a person to plan and control his or her day’s activities in order to achieve set aims and targets. Effective time management is a challenge for almost every college student.

According to recent studies, poor time management is one of the root causes of examination failure and set-backs. Most students fail woefully in school not because of their intellectual capability but because they fail to manage their time well. Therefore, drawing a line between fun and study should be an important priority for every college student and in this article, I will provide some important tips you can apply as a college student to effectively manage your time.

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  • Set targets

It is almost impossible to achieve academic excellence without appropriate target setting. For instance, a student that graduated top of his or her class in school actually planned it well by scoring consistent A’s in all the required courses. Hence, to maximize your time in school, set targets for yourself and work hard towards it. You can even write it on a sheet and paste it on your wardrobe door because reading it every day will motivate you to cut-off all possible distractions that wastes your time.


  • Do one task at a time

Although multitasking is a very common attribute possessed by most college students, doing so many things at the same time will lead to less productivity and an abrupt waste of time. Instead of doing all of the tasks without achieving much, divide them and sort them out, one at a time. For instance, if you are given an arithmetic assignment to complete coupled with an essay to write, do the arithmetic yourself and buy essay online from a reliable writing agency. This way, you will get the two tasks done within a shorter period of time.


  • Be clever during break

When studying, experts suggest that taking a regular break of 15 to 20 minutes after a reading session improves one’s retentive capabilities. However, to avoid wasting time during breaks, apply wisdom by avoiding things that will consume more time like the internet or maybe a movie. Rather, doing something like phoning a friend or reading a chapter of a short book is highly advisable.


  • Ask for help

One of the biggest challenges most college students that go to school from their homes tend to face when studying is chore-completion. While some parents may understand and allow you focus, you may be unfortunate to have parents that can send you on an errand that absorbs all your reading time. However, if you are unfortunate to stay in such homes, you can ask your sibling to assist you with the chores. On the other hand if no alternative is available, complete the chores on time and focus on your studies.


  • Use a to-do list

Planning your day in the morning is a great way to manage your time. To-do list is a schedule that summarizes the tasks you are expected to complete in the day. However, when drafting one, give priority to important tasks and delegate enough time to your studies. However, identifying the things to be done on time will help you draft out an effective to-do list.


  • Develop a routine that works for you

You can spend lots of hours studying without actually gaining anything due to one or two distractions. Hence, to overcome these distractions that can waste your time, develop a routine that works for you and do not just draft a to-do list without considering some external factors. For instance, if you live in a home that houses many people, it can be almost impossible to avoid noise while studying. Hence, you can draw a reading routine for the early hours of morning to study well within a short time.


  • Start with the easy tasks

Task management is one of the keys that determine whether you will manage your time well or not. However, to accomplish lots of tasks, start with the small tasks. Procrastination normally creeps in when difficult tasks are set out for accomplishment and starting out and completing the smaller tasks under a short time will motivate you to try the difficult ones.


  • Use technology

In recent years, software has been developed to help us effectively manage our time. Some of them assist us to create and manage lists, improve results, set targets and goals. Hence, as a college student to effectively manage your time, employ these apps regularly. Toggl, Freedom and RescueTime are examples of these apps.

In summary, managing your time well as a student is largely dependent on you and this article contains some tips that can help you manage your time effectively in college. Nevertheless, going to class regularly, keeping a study log, completing your assignment on time and focusing with utmost care will also help you manage your time effectively.

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