Strategies for Improving Your eCommerce Site

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Whether you’re a seasoned eCommerce business owner or a start-up, there are always improvements that you can make to your site. Technology is developing all the time, and good businesses will also adapt alongside the needs of their customers. If you’re interested in improving your eCommerce site, read on for some key strategies.

Site Speed

If you haven’t already considered the importance of site speed, it’s time that you did.Amazon, for example, has determined that if their site took more than 1 second to load, they would lose over $1 billion in sales every year. Slow site speed can kill your business, so you must find ways to ensure that your eCommerce site is quick and efficient. With so many options and other stores for customers to explore, it’s paramount that you don’t leave them waiting.

Write Killer Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are essential if you want your eCommerce site to be successful. Poor descriptions won’t entice a customer to buy your product, and it could even drive them away. The key is to make your descriptions detailed, creative, inspiring, yet not overly complicated. This should also be paired with stellar photography so that the products can stand on their own — much like a well-designed shop front.

Other things to bear in mind when writing your descriptions are that it should address:

  • What it is made of
  • How it was made
  • Why this item is of value (or why you stock it)
  • What its limitations are
  • What it can be used for
  • When it will be dispatched
  • What the packaging is like
  • What the care instructions are (if any)
  • What the returns policy is

Integrate Customer Service Capability

Another vital ingredient to add to your eCommerce site is customer service capability. Many websites now provide an online chatbot that can answer general queries about your product or service. Or depending on the size of your site (and your budget), you may even have a full support section of your website that offers information about your products and a list of FAQs.

Ask for Reviews

Most customers look at product and service reviews before they make their purchase. This means it’s paramount that you ask for reviews from your customers to promote your site. Whether it’s sending automated emails to each person who’s made a purchase or displaying Facebook likes,testimonials will bring more business to your virtual door.

This is especially important if you’re aiming to set up your wares on other eCommerce platforms like Amazon. By acquiring a healthy set of reviews, you not only gain visibility, but you can demonstrate that your store has top-notch customer service and excellent performance metrics.If you’re new to the world of eCommerce, though, it can be a good idea to enlist the help of experts like Amazon Consulting by Nuanced Media, who can help you build a strategy and boost your sales.

Provide Free and Paid Shipping Options

Shipping charges can sometimes stop a purchase right in its tracks. Added costs can be unappealing and prompt a customer to change their mind and abandon their cart. To minimize this scenario, provide free as well as paid shipping options. These can range in duration (e.g., next-day shipping for $3.99 or free shipping that takes 2 to 3 business days).


Bio: Ryan Flannagan is the Founder & CEO of NuancedMedia, an international eCommerce marketing agency specializing in Amazon. Nuanced have sold 100s of Millions online, and Ryan has built a client base representing a total revenue of over 1.5 billion dollars. Ryan is a published author and has been quoted by a number of media sources such as BuzzFeed and Modern Retail. To connect with Ryan, check out @Ryanflannagan on Twitter or via LinkedIn.

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