recover vba password with tool

Best VBA Password Recovery / Cracker Tool – How to remove?

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Have you ever face a situation where you need to enter password for your Visual Basic file (VBA) but you don’t know what is the passcode? I know this is most frustrating thing that happen to everyone every now and then.

For those that don’t know, VBA is short for Visual Basic for Applications.  Visual Basic is a programming language, which is fairly widely used, and in this case, it is used for Application.  Things like Microsoft programmes (Excel, Word etc), plus many other programs like CAD / CAM, etc.

 Why we need to Crack VBA Passwords?

There may be any number of reasons why someone feels the need to remove password protection from a file.  The two most common ones that I have come across though, are either that the originator of the document forgot the password that they used.  Or, in a work environment, the originator of the document may have left, and not told anyone what the password was.

recover vba password with tool

In both these situations, to be able to gain access to the protected document, one would need to be able to bypass the protection, which in the case in point, is obviously a password.

If it is your own document, I can often take too long to go through all your different combinations of passwords (I know I personally have so many password for my various accounts, and it is very easy to forget which one you happened to use on a particular site or document).

And of course, if it is document of someone else that you need to be able to access, then you will likely have no idea where to start.

Top Remover tool for VBA Password Recovery

Well, with this in mind, I have recently come across a couple of websites that can help you to bypass these passwords, and gain access to the documents that you may need to.

The first site is:


  • Passwords of any length and character set are supported and removed in seconds.  Locked VB projects can be unlocked instantly.
  • Secure password removal without damage to files, plus it will automatically backup.
  • This software supports Office 97 to 2013, and 365 file formats of all supported VBA host applications.  And, it works on all MS Windows platforms, including Windows 8.1 and 2012 Server.
  • Features include allowing you to view the VBA code in PowerPoint PPA Add-ins, removing the protection applied with a high office version, in a lower office version, and repairing damages.
  • Full money back guarantee, in the unlikely event of a failure.

The second site is:


The main advantage of Apasscracker is that it has a very user friendly interface (a password can be recovered in just one click, no additional programming skills are needed).

  • VBA passwords are recovered instantly, regardless of the password length.
  • Apasscracker supports Microsoft Office 95 to 2013, but only for Excel, Powerpoint and Word.

Now, both of these programs do a great job at being able to get through VBA passwords.  They both come with free trial versions, however, be aware that the trial versions do have their limitations (if they didn’t, there would be no point in calling them ‘trial’ versions).

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There are limitations to both of these.  If you happen to need the password for an older file, then Apasscracker would be the better choice, as they go back to 1995.  But they only do Excel PP and Word. However, Dombajsoft supports all MS Office programs from 1997. So, it depends on your requirements, as to which version you should chose to use.

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