List of Leading online video editing tools

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These days, anybody can record and share video clips in an instant. Fast internet access has paved the way for viral content. Individuals and brands are now resorting to video to convey their opinion. The excess availability of video has made it mandatory for brands to invest in the visual appeal of the videos.

There are hundreds of editing tools available, and your choice will depend on the supported formats, ease of access, supporting operating system, user interface, and a host of other factors. The cost of using the tool is another factor that you cannot afford to ignore.

Post all such parameter evaluations, you will arrive at the ideal video tool. Understand that the video editor that is suitable for you may not be viable for others. The choice is personal, and you need to invest your time in research. To simplify things, we have curated a list of the leading video editor tools of the present time.


Biteable is a simple yet sophisticated tool that lets you create your video from hundreds of template options. There are about 2 million stock images, clips, and custom animations that you can experiment with.  With Biteable, you can create promo videos, presentation videos, and poignant social media videos.

The USP of Biteable is its in-house team of copyrighters, animators, and producers. Such a team ensures updated animation and customization options. That way, you can create unique videos while using video templates.

Biteable is available in three plans. While everyone can use the free version, we recommend that small businesses opt for the Plus plan. It is available for $19 per month and gives you commercial rights usage. The Ultimate Plan is priced at $49 per month and allows collaborative video creation.


With more than 4000 video templates, InVideo offers the maximum creative freedom on video creation. You can add text overlays, graphics, and special effects to personalize the video to your taste. With InVideo, you can create content in over 75 languages and try to strike a personal chord with the target group.

While this online video editor is targeted at beginners, experienced professionals who create frequent videos prefer this tool. The free version lets you create unlimited videos but come with the watermark. With the Business plan, you can export 60 edited clips without the watermark. It is available for $15 per month and gives you access to 10 iStock media every month.

The Unlimited plan is ideal for teams that collaborate on video creation and have advanced storage needs. While you can export unlimited clips, this version also gives you access to a million premium media and 120 iStock clips every month.

Placeit by Evanto

If your video creation needs center around marketing and promotion, Placeit is one of the best options. With this dynamic tool, you can create advertising videos in minutes. Placeit has dedicated templates to cater to the needs of the different use cases and marketing platforms.

Placeit has a unique audio library that gives you access to 1300 audio tracks. That way, you can personalize your intros, product demos, and Instagram audios to capture the attention of your target group. Placeit is a subscription-based tool, and you can opt for a monthly payment of $14.95. Alternatively, the annual plan costs $89.69.


Renderforest is a popular editing tool for creating explainer content, promotional slideshows, and presentation videos. It is a versatile platform and lets you alter templates to make them consistent with your unique imagery. Renderforest is essentially a free tool, and you can access all the features for free. However, to export your edited clips in HD, you need to opt for the paid plans.

The Amateur plan is priced at $9,90 per month and lets you create 7 HD videos that are up to 5 minutes long. With the Pro version, you can create 20 HD videos of up to 15-minute duration. This is available for $19.90 per month. The Popular plan is available for $39.90 and allows 60 HD videos of 30-minute runtime each. The Unlimited package lets you create hour-long videos.


Lumen5 has a user-friendly interface and is feasible for beginners. The AI-powered tool lets you automatically transform blogs and articles into engaging videos. You can either type in the text or provide a link to the blog. The tool will automatically fetch the data and populate the storyboard.

With the free version of Lumen5, you can create three such SD videos every month. The Starter Pack is available for $19 a month and lets you create ten 720p videos.  With the Premium version, you get access to over 15 million stock images. The Premium version is available for $59 per month, and you can create 15 videos in 1080p

The Business plan gets you to access over 200 million stock media and lets you create 20 videos in 1080p. Larger businesses can opt for the Enterprise version of Lumen5 and provide better video-making features to their teams.


PowToon is one of the most straightforward editing tools and lets you arrange footage on a canvas. You can then edit the videos to the preferred dimensions and create 1:1, 9:16, and 16:9 videos. The tool specializes in drawings of people and objects and helps to add a colorful touch to your promotional content. PowToon is the preferred video editing tool for brands that cater to younger demographics.

The Pro version is available for $19 per month and lets you create 10 HD videos of up to 10 minutes. With the Pro+ version, you can create unlimited HD videos of up to 10 minutes. This is available for $39 per month. The Agency version is available for $99 per month and lets you create unlimited high-quality videos of 30 minutes each.

Each of the above online tools was used to create high-quality content in the past. To make the most of your videos, sit back and evaluate the features of all the six tools to identify the best fit. As you set out on the journey of video making, here’s wishing you a fulfilling video experience.


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