Commons Reasons Why Developers Opt for Ember.js Today

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App developers have a lot on their plate, so they need reliable tools to help them complete their tasks quickly and effectively. These tools should be wieldy, easy to use, and flexible. What’s more, they should cater to your specific development needs and help you create better features that will make your product more successful and profitable. Ember.js is certainly one of such tools. Ember helps app developers make faster decisions and reduce development time. And there is much more to this productive framework. So, if you want to know more about Ember js development services and its benefits,  go on reading today’s post.

Ideal for SPAs

Now that single-page application (SPA) approaches are making massive inroads into the app development industry, the popularity of the Ember framework continues to grow. With its help, you can create effective scalable SPAs using the MVVM pattern. Ember takes advantage of JS methods to help you speed up the development process by coding less. The secret is quite simple: Ember enables you to incorporate default practices and idioms into the framework, which enrich your app with versatile data-model features.


Some developers prefer to steer clear of employing new technologies for fear that they won’t be able to update or introduce some changes to their older software. Still, it’s definitely not the case with Ember.js. This framework is famed for its backward compatibility, which means it won’t be a problem to make some tweaks to previously written code or fix errors in developed software.

High Performance

Decent performance is a critical criterion in selecting an app development framework. And this is what Ember definitely boasts. Ember takes advantage of DOM updates and bindings to speed up your product performance. The framework identifies similar tasks and groups them together. This makes it possible for your browser to process these tasks all at the same time. Since there is no need to process each task individually, it helps save time and speed up your app performance. What’s more, all Ember’s components work seamlessly and in unison, because they stem from the same source.

Cool Architecture

Among other benefits, Ember’s default architecture should be mentioned. Most developers note that this framework is easy to master and use due to its scalable and straightforward architecture patterns. And you can make the most of it if you tap into the tandem of ember-data and command-line interface.

Out-of-the-Box Solution

It’s a rare app developer who doesn’t want to build their app as fast as possible. If you want to quickly roll out your product to the market, Ember can be the best bet for you. This framework can be used straight out of the box. This means that you won’t need to write miles of code to get your app up and running. Ember can be used at the early stages of your app development process for prototyping, testing, etc. This helps reduce time to market and get a faster ROI from your product.

Community Support  

As with any popular framework, Ember has impressive support from the developer community. Ember.jr engineers are also constantly sharing their useful insights and their experience with other developers. There are also lots of useful manuals that will guide you on how to use Ember to its fullest and how you can apply it to your next project. You can always seek help from those who are already proficient in Ember and get the answers to your Ember-related questions at the dedicated forums.

The fact that such big companies as Twitch, LinkedIn, TED, Netflix, Coupon, LinkedIn, and many more use Ember for their projects speaks for itself. You can also tap into the power of this framework to start developing successful web apps and other solutions that will help you take your business to the next level.

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