How to Buy Bitcoins with Cash?

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There are multiple ways that you can make your very first investment in Bitcoin. Buying BTC with cash is one easy method of investing in Bitcoin safely. If you sign up for online exchanges, you can also buy Bitcoin with your debit card with very little stress.

In some cases, paying with cash can be more convenient than buying over the internet. More and more businesses and individuals are opening up to accepting Bitcoin as a legitimate payment method around the world. Often termed as digital gold, BTC continues to wow the global economy with its soaring value. If you want to know how to use cash to buy Bitcoin, read on

Here are a few ways to buy Bitcoins with cash easily

  1. NakitCoins

NakitCoins is a fast-growing crypto cashpoint broker based in Turkey that allows you to buy Bitcoin with cash, cards, or Neosurf cash vouchers. Here is how to buy Bitcoins with cash in Turkey. Simply visit the broker’s agencies in Turkey, make your payment, and receive Bitcoins in your wallet.

  1. Bitcoin ATM (BATM)

How to get Bitcoin with cash using Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATMs (BATMs) were introduced to allow people to buy Bitcoin in-person securely. These devices accept cash payment to send BTC to your specified wallet address. Bitcoin ATMs are an easy way to trade crypto 24/7. The last few years have seen more Bitcoin ATMs enter the cryptocurrency industry.

While BATMs are becoming more and more popular by the day, you may still find it difficult to locate one. The simplest technique to discover the nearest BATM is to use CoinATMRadar services or CoinFlip (for U.S. customers).

Visiting these sites will allow you to learn more about the exact location of the nearest Bitcoin ATM, the fees charged, any identity verification requirements, and other essential information.

Coin ATM Radar will also provide you the contact details of the BATM operator. Just remember to keep your wallet address handy when visiting a BATM to buy Bitcoin with cash. While these machines are often installed in public places, you may want to watch out for suspicious people who may try to rob you.

  1. Cash Deposit at the Bank

World-acclaimed peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchanges such as Paxful and LocalBitcoins guarantee users a vast range of payment options including by cash deposit at a bank. All you have to do is to create your user account, get verified, and connect with interested sellers who accept cash deposits as a means of payment.

Here is where to buy Bitcoin in the USA with cash:

In the United States, Liberty X and BitQuick make it possible for people to buy Bitcoin via a bank deposit. Wall of Coins also offers similar services to customers in the UK, USA, Australia, Germany, and Canada among other regions.

How do I buy Bitcoin with a cash deposit?

You can ask the seller to provide their bank account details. Visit the relevant banking institution to complete the deposit via a teller. Bank deposit is a secure payment method because both parties can maintain their privacy. However, one major downside to this method is that bank deposits are slower than in-person purchases.

Like face-to-face Bitcoin trades, you should exercise extra care not to lose your money to scammers. Always use an escrow service to ensure that you receive the correct number of bitcoins after making the deposit. Keep your receipt and use that as your proof of payment if a dispute arises.

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