SpoolBot now accepts attachments and emails

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Spool the bookmarking company was a different organization than the one hosting this blog, but in case you are wondering what happened to that older company, this was the blog post created for you.

If you are using Spool for your regular bookmarking task and want more and more extra feature then this is the post for you. Do you know that we have added some advance feature using which you can accept attachments, images, video and emails. So, now we are multimedia supported company where you can accepts everything from your friend without any limits. Please check below post for more details regarding same.

You can now send an email with a URL or an attachment to your personal SpoolBot email address. SpoolBot will put the contents of up to 5 URLs or any number of attachments into your Spool account!

You need to first add your spool data to your contacts on your Smartphone.

Add your Spool to the contacts on your phone/tablet

Once you install the spool extension for your browser you will able to see below kind of screen. Now you need to click on Add Spool to My contacts button and you will see the message saying “Spool added to your Contacts”. It works for almost any carrier and you need to use our latest application version in order to take benefit of this feature.

Find your personalized email address in settings

Below is the overview of the email address setting for your Spool account. Under the account and profile setting you can make changes to your email address and customize your delivery time, limits and tweaks with other fields too. In case of any queries, you can contact us by commenting here. Please allow as few days to get back to you with proper solution.

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