Spool gets USD $1 million in funding

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Spool the company was a different company than the one hosting this blog, but in case you are wondering what happened to that other company, this was the blog post.

Dear Spool Users,

We’re very proud to announce that we’ve raised $1 million in outside financing for Spool. Our complete list of investors is below.

Spool has been considered to be the best company during their period of operation. Only three months after running our beta services, we have received overwhelming support and positive reviews from our users. This made us to approach outside investors to improve our services. We are glad to announce that we have raised $1 million in financing from these outside investors. This money will be used to improve the services offered such us improving SpoolBot, polishing our mobile applications, browser applications. When this is done, we will be able to make things easier for new users to use our services and share content all over the world.

Up to date, we have about half a million users who are fond of our services and use them on their day-to-day life. This is a great achievement to us. We predict that in a couple of months, we will have reached million users of Spool services. Many investors are knocking our doors for us to consider them into partnership but we have to be a bit picky on whom to choose. We would have loved to welcome all the investors but we want those who have deep knowledge on what we are dealing with. This will make our work much easier and exciting.

We are getting so many request about availability of investors and finances but we are bit picky for that. We would love to work with you all but at the same time we wont to have investors who have good knowledge about our kind of company.

Our desire is to deal with investors who have impacted the technological world. We have picked investors who are controlling various technological fields. Companies such as Google, facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and such like companies have featured in our list due to their prowess in changing people’s lives. Other investors include Youtube, LinkedIn and Palantir have shown great dedication in the entrepreneurial aspect in the technological world. These are some of the companies we want to associate with to improve our business.

With the a million dollars in bank for our use, be sure that there is so much in store for you. Any suggestions or ideas on how we can make your lives better is highly welcomed. Do not hesitate to contact our team to improve services provided. Otherwise, we guarantee you improved services in the coming days.

We have some big things in store for Spool and are looking forward to sharing them with you. As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback — please don’t hesitate to email us at feedback@getspool.com.

-The Spool Team

Our Investors

  • SVAngel
  • Felicis Ventures
  • Start Fund
  • Charles River Ventures
  • Vivi Nevo
  • Steve Chen
  • Elad Gil
  • Deep Nishar
  • Kevin Donahue
  • Joe Lonsdale
  • Bill Lohse
  • David King
  • Nils Johnson
  • Matt Ocko
  • Raymond Tonsing
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