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How Windows 10 Universal Apps Compare to Android and Apple

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With the release of Windows 10 at the end of July and the imminent release of Windows 10 Mobile, the tech world has been unusually focused on Microsoft as of late. Since 2012 (or even as early as 2007, when the first iPhone hit stores) the tech market has been dominated by innovations from Google and Apple, and Microsoft has been running in circles trying to keep up with consumers’ changing demands.

windows 10 universal apps list

However, Windows 10, which Microsoft promises to be the latest and last Windows OS, is going over surprisingly well among critics, who laud the operating system’s style and function. With a modern look and intuitive usage, Windows 10 might just be the best Microsoft OS ever. But what we want to know is: What about Windows 10 apps?

How Windows 10 Apps Will Work

The biggest innovation for Windows 10 is Microsoft’s promise of a unified platform for all of a user’s potential devices, which means if you have a desktop, tablet, hybrid, phone, and gaming console that are all Windows-capable, you can buy and download the same apps to all of them. In fact, with a handful of Windows 10 Universal apps, you can download the app once and watch it appear on all of your devices.

This is abundantly convenient to the end user, but it is also a pleasant change for app developers, who may no longer need to tinker with their programs to adapt them to various devices’ distinct operating systems. Instead, more than 80 percent of the original code for a program or app can be recycled for adjustment to other devices, which ultimately saves developers time and users money. Tech experts even claim that the unified platform will allow developers to produce higher-quality apps, and most are eager to see unification occur with other tech giants, like Samsung, Google, and Apple.

Why Safety Is Still Important

Most everyone knows that malware creators and malicious hackers like nothing more than cracking into Windows machines, and the release of Windows 10 could set off a slew of new, terrifying viruses on the horizon. Already, the fear of sinister viruses is taking hold; traumatized Windows users thought Windows 10 itself was a virus when Microsoft created a tray icon informing users of their free upgrade.

However, user overreaction aside, Windows 10 could signify a new challenge to malware creators, and because Windows 10 apps are yet untested, they could offer hackers a way in to Microsoft machines — all of a particular user’s Microsoft machines, at once, due to the unification of the platform. Still, Windows users should only expect a catastrophic device meltdown if they aren’t already prepared with the best antivirus software. Despite the OS upgrade, trustworthy software security providers should remain ahead of the development of new malware, keeping all of your devices safe through the transition.

When to Expect the Unexpected With Mobile

As yet, Windows 10 Mobile is not totally up and running. Though Microsoft released a preview of the phone OS earlier this year, the system is not yet set in stone, and Microsoft has been notably quiet about its future plans for mobile in general. Until reviewers can get their hands on a tried-and-true version of Windows 10 Mobile, we can’t say for certain how the apps will stack up against Apple and Android.

windows10 app comparison with android and apple

Microsoft did announce recently that they will be allowing developers to adapt their pre-existing Android and Apple apps for Windows 10, which will once again save headache and heartache all around. Microsoft wants developers to feel comfortable building Windows apps, and they are certainly taking the right steps to get developers on board.

3 Favorite Universal Apps So Far

Though not all Windows 10 apps are ready for universal use, there are dozens in the Windows App Store that easily transfer from tablet to desktop to game console. Here are the ones that stand out:

  • Adobe Photoshop Express. This free photo editor is not nearly as far-reaching as the full version, but it offers a quick way to make pictures more attractive with touch-friendly adjustments and filters.
  • Fresh Paint. Windows is becoming more artist-friendly, especially with this free app that allows responsive, realistic multi-touch painting, with dozens of brushes and textures to choose from.
  • Netflix. The one steaming service to rule them all is now available on every Windows-ready device, which makes it easier than ever to pick up shows whenever and wherever.


Windows 10 Devices image by Dobakung from Flickr’s Creative Commons

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