pfn-list-corrupt error of blue screen

How to fix “PFN_List_Corrupt” Blue Screen Error

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One of the unwanted computer errors is a PFN_LIST_CORRUPT error. Page Frame Number is a computer error which is habitually associated with a Blue Screen. It usually occurs when your computer is preparing for a shutdown. What happens is that the page frame number is corrupted and thus the Blue Screen Error. Fortunately, the problem can be fixed in either Windows 7 or 8. But before getting to know of how to fix this problem, let’s have a look at the causes that lead such weird issue.

Causes of PFN_LIST_CORRUPT Blue Screen Errors

  • Incorrect Configure of Computer Devices

This is a very common cause of this blue screen error. When the computer is old or the devices have not been configured well, the error might appear.

  • Corruption in Windows Registry

Whenever there is a software change, either by installing or uninstalling software, the registry might be corrupted in the process and lead to the blue screen error.

  • Virus or Malware Infection

If your computer is exposed to a virus or a malware that attacks the windows system files then you might probably consider that as a cause of PFN.

  • Driver Conflict

Another cause of PFN List Corrupt is driver conflict. This situation may arise when two conflicting drivers run in one system.

  • RAM Corruption

A corrupt memory (RAM) may actually cause the blue screen error.

These are the main causes that lead you to the error but there are some internal issues too.

pfn-list-corrupt error of blue screen

Symptoms of PFN LIST CORRUPT Blue Screen Errors

To be mentioned here below are some of the symptoms that one should expect to see when faced with a List Corrupt error.

  • The most popular symptom is the appearance of this computer code. This will crash the active program window.
  • Periodic Freezes of your computer is also another symptom.
  • When your computer starts running in a slow manner and experiencing delays when responding to keyboard or mouse input.
  • Your windows detecting a problem and shutting down to resolve the problem. The problem might be a blue screen error.

How to Fix PFN_LIST_CORRUPT Blue Screen Errors

The most important thing is to know how one can fix this computer error. After you have established the symptoms to be of Blue Screen Error, the following steps should be taken to fix the problem:

  • The registry entries associated with Error 0x4E should be repaired
  • Scan your computer for any malware
  • Clean all your temporary files and folders with disk cleanup
  • Updating all your PC Device Drivers
  • Undo recent system changes
  • The windows program associated with PLC should be uninstalled and reinstalled
  • Windows file checker should be run
  • Install windows updates
  • Check for any corrupt hard drive
  • Put your RAM into test for corruption
  • A clean installation for windows should be performed.

The above stated are the detailed steps that should be followed in resolving your PFN list corrupt blue screen error. Otherwise if the problem is not deeply rooted a computer can use the following steps:

  • Checking for and downloading all the driver updates for your computer from your windows update.
  • Installing all the compatible drivers for your computer
  • Restarting your computer to allow for the drivers to take hold.

Problems that a Computer User may Face when Fixing PFN List Corrupt Blue Screen Error

In as much as the mentioned steps are easy to follow, there are few situations where one may be faced with some error. Here below are some of the errors and fixture that one is likely to face.

  • Users of windows 7 and 8 may not get direct download link to all the updates needed for fixing the problem. Identifying specific driver version for all the drivers may be a huge task.
  • Sometimes a virus may reoccur even after deletion. It requires specialized antivirus software to delete such viruses
  • Hidden corrupt files may be hard to locate for deletion.
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