IOS 11 focuses on dynamics and UX

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iPad oriented to more power and functionality

Apple IOS systems have gotten quite a bit of critiquing in the past few years, primarily due to the freeze screens on the IOS 10 and the multiple issues on IOS 9. Forbes even noted that the older IOS system was filled with bugs which sparked the 9.2 update. And where the IOS 10 showed improvement in the functionality and power of the phone, many people still have had problems (even with the 10.3 or later updates) to the phone turning off at 30%, Bluetooth and wi-fi issues, and freezing screens. The release of the IOS 11 hopes to remedy these issues. Here are a few things to take note of.

High-Efficiency Image Files

Since many individuals use their iPads and iPhones for pictures and video, the company has ramped up the features of the camera and video capturing. The iOS 11 features True Tone flash, HDR, and stabilization for the camera. The system is catered to the iPhone 7 which may be a bit of an issue as the iOS 8 is scheduled to be released. One would think that the HEIF features of the iOS 11 would transfer over to the newer phone. However, as can be seen in multiple releases and updates from Apple, features tend to be a little sporadic in catching up to the new iPhone and iPad releases.

In addition to the HEIF, Apple is introducing a Loop and Bounce effect for their video and picture capturing. It is not known if this feature could be applied to static images downloaded to the phone, for example, renderings from a CGTrader model, but one would think that so long as the image is in a standard format (that being .JPG, .PNG, or .gif) that the features would apply to such images.

Optimizing Cash Flow

While the payment options in Apple is nothing new, the focus on bringing Apple Pay to the forefront is. With the new iOS 11, Apple Pay has been integrated into the Siri system and instant messaging. Of course, there are a few fees involved with using the feature, but Paypal and Square which are the top competitors also have such fees. Usability of the Apple Pay feature allows for owners to send and receive money within messages. Cash is transferred to the Apple Store account and those wishing to have the money deposited in a bank account would need to transfer the money from their Apple Store account to the bank.

Apple Pay does allow you to make purchases to third parties which are not setup on an Apple Pay system as there is integration between the owner’s credit and debit cards and the Apple Pay feature.

A better experience for the artistically inclined

One of the fundamental issues of the older iOS versions is that artistically inclined individuals constantly found their tablets and phones freezing. Apple has stated that the new version will have more power, specifically where it pertains to Apple Pen, touchscreen, and creative apps are concerned. Users should take note that the processor and the upload speeds of the 10.2 iOS were a bit sluggish, and so there may still be some issues when it comes to using 3D Models, pressure sensitive drawing applications, and BIM technology on their iPads and iPhones. As with any update to the iOS, expect to find bugs and glitches.

New to the iOS 11 is also the ARKit which allows for developers to use 3D models and code to create augmented reality. ARKit is available for both the iPhone and the iPad. Apple’s claim to more power and quicker uploading times will be put to the test here as the vision technologies and the real-world scenes will be more extensive on the systems than most of the software that the older iOS systems were equipped with. Apple hopes that the ARKit will help to boost e-commerce with immersive shopping experiences (another tie to the Apple Pay feature), as well as assist artist and industrial design, residential designers, etc.

Downing the danger

A new feature for the iOS 11 is the Do Not Disturb While driving feature. The iPhone can detect when you are driving and will then silence the phone for any notifications and alerts you may receive. There is a bit of a concern with this optional feature (as you can turn it on and off) as to when and how the detection will occur. While texting and driving are illegal in most states, parents may find the feature to be a hindrance in contacting their child when he or she is on the road. That being stated, the application does allow for the user to state that “I am not driving” and turn off the silence feature on the phone. Additionally, parents and others will get an automatic notification when they call or text a phone with this feature enabled.

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