kik messenger app download on blackberry

Download Kik Messenger App for Blackberry

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Earlier we talked about process to downloading WhatsApp messenger for Blackberry smartphone and now it’s time to get Kik on various model of Blackberry including bold 9900, torch 9810, curve 8520, q10, z10, playbook, q5.

In this era, a lot of people use instant messaging and text messaging and also social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, to converse with one another. With that being said mobile devices have become life enveloping device to our generation, and we have grown accustomed to it. Text messaging is now the basis of how individuals communicate in our society. Many young adolescents and young adults text on day to day basis, young men and women in our state such as myself text so much that when you consider the word “teen” you spontaneously think the words text messaging, and vice versa. With cellular firms innovating mobiles that are structured around SMS communication, they produce mobile phones that can accommodate these IM applications and out an end to text messaging.

kik messenger app download on blackberry

KIK messenger is a mobile application that helps phone users sends messages in a BBM app-like manner. But it does not cease there; this application also lets you send messages to any phone carrier with SMS compatibilities allowing the user to send 50 messages for free. KIK takes measure to that there app users aren’t charged with international payments by giving the users a number adapted to their locality so that friends and family will not need to pay any fees whatsoever. It works on unique Kik messenger usernames and you just need that to communicate with your other friends. The most awesome thing about to this application is the notification. It alerts the user when there is a new message waiting to be read, and additionally it alerts you when the recipient receives the message you sent.

If you are Windows or MAC user and want to get kik for pc then you should checkout my previous tutorial.  It works for Windows 7, 8, Xp and all kind of MAC operating system.

How to download Kik App on your Blackberry?

Please follow the steps given below to get start using Kik now.

  • Go to your blackberry phone browser
  • Visit the official website :
  • You will see the download button at the top right corner of your screen
  • Click on the download and it will prompt you which you have to agree by clicking on “Yes” and then it will download and install Kik messenger
  • After successful installation, then you can run the software on your phone.
  • Agree to the terms and condition of Kik and allow the required permissions.
  • Login or create a new account on messenger as the case may be.

Congratulation! You have successfully downloaded Kik. Now we need to go one step ahead.

Method to Install Kik on your blackberry smartphone:

Following the recent changes by KIK, it seems KIK has been made compatible and easily downloadable by blackberry users. Following the steps below:

  1. Go to blackberry App world.
  2. Click on the category and go to Free App and you find Kik there.
  3. Click on it to download on your blackberry phone.
  4. After successful download and installation, launch the app to add friends.

That is all about the new version. Have fun Kiking! You can post your queries here, In case of any query or problem during the download of kik for your blackberry tablet or smartphone.

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7 thoughts on “Download Kik Messenger App for Blackberry”

  1. My blackberry 9320 Curve does not go through the download link, can somebody tell me if there is an other way to download Kik Messenger please

  2. kik has taken down the download link for the messenger app. I have a curve 9310 and it’s not working for me either. RIM/Blackberry has also taken out kik from the App World over disputes that it violated BBM’s patent afew yrs back.

  3. Can you please put Kik back in Black App World please cause a lot of people use like Kik on Blackberry but this is becoming a big problem now to get downloaded on a Blackberry and people still want to keep their Blackberry phones.

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