How to find Facebook Ads Coupon Codes 2015 (Working!)

Facebook Ads help you to reach targeted people and with coupon codes you can save huge money on your advertising budget.

Planning to boost your Facebook page? but don’t know where to begin then you should read this post totally about how you can increase your Facebook users and reach to more and more numbers of users.

facebook ads free credit coupon codes

There are lots of junk stuff floating over internet. Lot many people saying you that they will give you $100 and $50 coupon for a small charge. I personally don’t suggest you to go for that. many time once you buy such coupon your Facebook page or entire account get banned and you’ll have to start from scratch.

If you still want to buy Facebook Ads Coupons then you should check, and kind of trusted site. Here so many experts sells $50 and $100 coupons for as low as $5 only. You first have to make sure that coupon is legit and they will work for your account and country.

Here are some TOP RATED and Highly Recommended Fiverr gig that I personally suggest you to check for your advertising credit. They provide legit Ads coupon worth $50 and $100 for only $5 US dollars.

You can also check some hosting and domain company, last time, I got voucher from Godaddy. (Note: Godaddy discontinued coupon for FB ads)

  • $100 Google AdWords Bonus, $50 Yahoo + Bing Ads Credit, $50 FB Ads coupon plus WordPress blogging tools for FREE.
  • Free Domain Registration, plus Site builder with 100s of premium templates and Web Hosting.

Individual and marketing agencies sell coupon for $15 and here for just $9 you not only get coupon for FB but for Adwords, Bing and most important thing is that you get hosting and Free domain for entire year. I know, now you can’t wait, so go and get this deal as soon as possible.

How to get Facebook Ads Coupon Codes  ?

Alternatively you can also get Facebook free credit in terms of coupons directly by Facebook marketing team only. Simply go and visit market app FB page. If you’re new advertiser and never used them then you can enjoy $50 credit for your first time ads.

You can also get Facebook Advertising credit worth $75 for FREE, if you start new agency account. If you don’t want to bother doing anything like that, then you should checkout my below proven method.

But, If you used them and want to get more Free credit then best thing is to Visit official Facebook Marketing page where you can become their fan and they usually send promo codes to all their followers. You need to spend minimum required amount in order to qualify for the discount.

Above is the legit way which will help you to get some Facebook advertising credit, but if you’re in hurry and want some instant discount coupon for your next campaign then you should sign up for and search “legit facebook coupon”, It will display huge list of gig offering same service. Now you will have to find out gig with best rating and review and select them to buy some instant FB credit starting from $5 only.

If you still have question or query then you should contact us by commenting here.

download windows 7 loader of daz 2.2.0

Windows 7 loader 2.2.2 by daz – Download and Install

Windows 7 loader 2.2.2 is the tool kit developed by the professor Daz crew to activate your almost any Microsoft products like as Windows 8, Office 2010, Outlook Express, Windows 7, Office 365 for NO cost.

Updated on May, 2015: Click below “Download” button to get Windows Daz loader. We have generated dedicated, 100% safe and secure link for you. Simply follow the instruction to get loader now.

I highly recommend you to use origin MS products only. This type of loader should be used for testing or educational purpose only. Once you fill that particular MS product is for you, Go and buy that from their official or partner sites like Amazon.

download windows 7 loader of daz 2.2.0

If you don’t want to bother using Daz from your side to activate your OS then you should checkout It is leading online micro job platform. I can see, lot of seller helping you for your all kind of Windows related problems.

Simply launch the Fiverr and in Top search bar type “Windows activation” and hit Enter key. You will see lots of seller with good previous ratting. I would suggest you to go with seller having at least one positive ratting.

Many of us struggle to find the original version of Windows 7 iso. Many time we just need to test few functionality of Windows 7 or 8 before buying that but we don’t find any free trial version. So, at the time instead of spending money to buy the original version we can use the tool programmed by Daz. If your Windows 7 is not genuine, the OS will block many features. These features are only available if the OS is paid. But, you can activate your operating system with just using particular software. The name of the software is Windows 7 loader 2.2.2 by daz. This software is easily available in the internet and you can download it for free. Below are best of best features of that tool.

  • It can work for 32bit or 64 bit.
  • Open source with 100% clean source code.
  • It allow you to enter your own product key.
  • Various languages are supported.
  • keep your system file secured from virus attacks.
  • Good news is that it can also work with Virtual machine.

How to Download and Install Windows 7 loader 2.2.2 by Daz?

  1. Go ahead and Get the Software version 2.2.2 OR get version 2.3.0. As soon as you find the software set it download. Sometime due to heavy load on server you need to first complete human verification offer to start downloading process.
  2. After the downloading process is complete, you will see a wrar file. Extract the file to a desired location.
  3. After you extract the file to the desired location, few files will automatically open. These files will have information about the software.
  4. One of these file will have the installation file. You need to double click the icon or choose ‘run as administrator’.
  5. Make sure that you deactivate the anti-virus. It is very important to deactivate the anti-virus. The anti-virus will catch some .dll files, which will cause trouble while installing.
  6. As soon as you choose the option of ‘run as administrator’, a window will appear. This window will have two options; install and uninstall. Choose the install option.
  7. After choosing the install option, the setup will automatically start to run.

While the setup is running it won’t show you any window, this doesn’t mean that the setup is not running. It will take few minutes to run the setup. Don’t shut down the computer or run any other program during the installation. You should also remember that you cannot turn on the anti-virus as well. If you turn on the anti-virus, the installation will not be completed properly. After the installation is over, another window will appear in front of you. In this window you will find two options; restart now and restart later. If you want to restart later, then choose ‘restart later’; if not then choose the other option. After you restart your computer, you will find that your Windows 7 is activated.

How to Check if Windows loader by Daz is installed properly or not?

Many people often ask this question that how they can see if the Windows is activated or not. You just need to visit “my computer” and right click on the white area. Here you will find the ‘properties’ option, click it. Down below you will find ‘ Windows is activated’.

download free whatsapp messanger for blackberry

WhatsApp messenger for BlackBerry – Free Download

Want to chat with WhatsApp users from your Blackberry Smartphone? Then you should download and install official WhatsApp messenger for your ease of usage.

Whatsapp is an extremely popular cross platform instant messaging application available on all the major operating systems like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian. It is free for one year, then you have to pay $0.99/year in order to continue using its services. It uses internet connectivity to send your messages to another Whatsapp user. Either you can use your mobile network plan or Wi-Fi any of them would be sufficient to send your messages. The process to add contacts is also very simple. It uses your contact address book in your phone and who all are registered on Whatsapp will be shown to you as your Whatsapp contacts on the Whatsapp screen. It is a very feature rich application. You can share images, music, audio, videos, contacts, location (thanks to the google maps integration). You even get a real time confirmation about your messages being delivered and read.  No wonder it has crossed the billion users mark around the world.

download free whatsapp messenger for blackberry

As there are many operating systems, in the market, application developers have to make sure that their application is supported by all the major operating system. As Android gained its popularity all around the world, the popularity of Whatsapp also grew. More and more people started using it. For example, if an Android user wants to chat with his friend on Whatsapp who have Blackberry OS, then they can do so only if Whatsapp is supported by both the OS.

download now

It is important to note that WhatsApp App for BlackBerry is FREE to use and available for BlackBerry torch 9800, q10, storm, bold 9000, bold 9900, z10, curve and playbook.

How to Install Whatsapp app on Blackberry for FREE:

Step 1: Go to the Blackberry World from any computer or laptop having an internet connection. In Blackberry world, go to the Whatsapp Messenger home page. You can use this link: 

Alternatively, you can download it via Whatsapp ota website.Just use your Blackberry browser when visiting the website.You should set your ‘Browser Identification’ to ‘Blackberry’ under Browser > Options > Browser configuration > Browser: Internet Browser, save the settings and refresh the page. The minimum requirements are that you should have Blackberry OS version 4.6 or higher and Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) or Blackberry Enterprise Service (BES)

Step 2: Just above the description of Whatsapp you will see a blue ‘Download’ button, click on it.

Step 3: You will get a prompt message to log in. Sign in into the Blackberry website by entering your Blackberry Id and password.

Step 4: After logging in you have to confirm that you have to download Whatsapp Messenger to your device. Then it will be sent to your device for downloading.

Step 5: After downloading and installing is finished, you can find it on your device within ‘My World’.

Step 6: Launch the application by clicking on it. Enter your name and phone number. Whatsapp will confirm it by sending you a verification code. Enter that in the verification code section. Set your profile picture and status message if you want to. That’s it you are set to start chatting with your family, friends, colleagues and relatives.

Congratulation! Now you have successfully installed WhatsApp for your Blackberry Phone and Tablet. Simply open that and start messaging with your friends.

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Also Check : Download Kik messenger for Windows & Mac PCs

Errors while using Whatsapp on Blackberry mobile :

1) If you get some error while installing or using then the majority of these problems can be solved by performing a clean install. To do a clean install you delete Whatsapp from your Blackberry device and then reboot it when asked. Then download the latest version of Whatsapp following the same steps as above mentioned. After this your problem should be solved

2) If you get an error like “Error loading module ‘Whatsapp’: too many applications loaded” then this means that the problem is not with the Whatsapp Messenger but with your Blackberry OS. You should security wipe your phone. If security wipe also fails then you have to re-install your Blackberry OS.

3) If you receive IT policy or permission errors or if you receive either of the messages below:

  • “The Application WhatsApp has attempted to open a connection inside the firewall and outside the firewall which is not allowed by your IT policy”
  • “Uncaught exception: net.rim.device.api.system.ControlledAccessException”

Then it might be because you did not grant proper permissions to Whatsapp. To fix this Go into Options > Device > Select Application Management > Select Whatsapp and edit permissions > Set it to Allow and Save and then reboot your device by removing your battery.

4) If you cannot send and receive messages then check your network connection or Wi-Fi network.

if you have any question or queries, please post them by commenting here. I will try to reply you as soon as possible.

pfn-list-corrupt error of blue screen

How to fix “PFN_List_Corrupt” Blue Screen Error

One of the unwanted computer errors is a PFN_LIST_CORRUPT error. Page Frame Number is a computer error which is habitually associated with a Blue Screen. It usually occurs when your computer is preparing for a shutdown. What happens is that the page frame number is corrupted and thus the Blue Screen Error. Fortunately, the problem can be fixed in either Windows 7 or 8. But before getting to know of how to fix this problem, let’s have a look at the causes that lead such weird issue.

Causes of PFN_LIST_CORRUPT Blue Screen Errors

  • Incorrect Configure of Computer Devices

This is a very common cause of this blue screen error. When the computer is old or the devices have not been configured well, the error might appear.

  • Corruption in Windows Registry

Whenever there is a software change, either by installing or uninstalling software, the registry might be corrupted in the process and lead to the blue screen error.

  • Virus or Malware Infection

If your computer is exposed to a virus or a malware that attacks the windows system files then you might probably consider that as a cause of PFN.

  • Driver Conflict

Another cause of PFN List Corrupt is driver conflict. This situation may arise when two conflicting drivers run in one system.

  • RAM Corruption

A corrupt memory (RAM) may actually cause the blue screen error.

These are the main causes that lead you to the error but there are some internal issues too.

pfn-list-corrupt error of blue screen

Symptoms of PFN LIST CORRUPT Blue Screen Errors

To be mentioned here below are some of the symptoms that one should expect to see when faced with a List Corrupt error.

  • The most popular symptom is the appearance of this computer code. This will crash the active program window.
  • Periodic Freezes of your computer is also another symptom.
  • When your computer starts running in a slow manner and experiencing delays when responding to keyboard or mouse input.
  • Your windows detecting a problem and shutting down to resolve the problem. The problem might be a blue screen error.

How to Fix PFN_LIST_CORRUPT Blue Screen Errors

The most important thing is to know how one can fix this computer error. After you have established the symptoms to be of Blue Screen Error, the following steps should be taken to fix the problem:

  • The registry entries associated with Error 0x4E should be repaired
  • Scan your computer for any malware
  • Clean all your temporary files and folders with disk cleanup
  • Updating all your PC Device Drivers
  • Undo recent system changes
  • The windows program associated with PLC should be uninstalled and reinstalled
  • Windows file checker should be run
  • Install windows updates
  • Check for any corrupt hard drive
  • Put your RAM into test for corruption
  • A clean installation for windows should be performed.

The above stated are the detailed steps that should be followed in resolving your PFN list corrupt blue screen error. Otherwise if the problem is not deeply rooted a computer can use the following steps:

  • Checking for and downloading all the driver updates for your computer from your windows update.
  • Installing all the compatible drivers for your computer
  • Restarting your computer to allow for the drivers to take hold.

Problems that a Computer User may Face when Fixing PFN List Corrupt Blue Screen Error

In as much as the mentioned steps are easy to follow, there are few situations where one may be faced with some error. Here below are some of the errors and fixture that one is likely to face.

  • Users of windows 7 and 8 may not get direct download link to all the updates needed for fixing the problem. Identifying specific driver version for all the drivers may be a huge task.
  • Sometimes a virus may reoccur even after deletion. It requires specialized antivirus software to delete such viruses
  • Hidden corrupt files may be hard to locate for deletion.
bbm download for windows and mac pc

BBM For Windows 7, 8 PC without Bluestacks – Download

BBM is one of most early instant messaging application introduced to the smartphone world which was only made available to blackberry users. Due to the current market situation, Blackberry had to make their application accessible to other mobile platforms around late last year (2013). BBM started with Android OS and iOS although Windows mobile had to join the league around July/August, 2014.

bbm download for windows and mac pc

There are lots of articles and tutorials about the best way to run BBM on your laptop of computer, but a lot of users are facing difficulty with the use of Bluestacks due to various other malfunctions or clashing configuration and demands. For such users, here is a detailed alternative tutorial on how you can successfully run install it on your Windows 8 Pro, 7 and XP PC, so you don’t face any problem in downloading BBM on PC without Bluestacks.

Since the application isn’t yet formally available for Windows PC users so we don’t have the software with the extension BBM.exe, which you could install it on your PC directly. We need to run the software on the laptop with the use of Android Emulator because BBM is only available in .apk format. Emulators is the program which allows android applications to be run on computer.

How to download BBM on Windows PC? No Bluestacks Needed

  • Download Andyroid (an android emulator) on your computer.
  • After downloading, install the that on your PC.
  • After successful installation, Andyroid will pop up an interface that demands you login with your Gmail username and Password.
  • After you login, it will synchronize with PlayStore, and then you can search BBM using the search bar.
  • Now it’s time t o get it from the search result. Make sure to follow the official site only. As there will be so many duplicate source which we can’t relay on.
  • Download BBM and create a new account or login as the case may be then you can add your friends.

It offers some fantastic features such as “always open” which mean the BBM apk application is always on provided you are connected to the internet. With this particular feature, you need not worry about missing messages from your pals; owing to these characteristics Blackberry and Kik messenger has acquired a considerable amount of loyal users in the previous year. Since BBM only supports four mobile OS platform, it’s certainly losing a tremendous sum of folks who do wish to make use of BBM, but cannot do this.

If you face memory related issue then you should try to allocate higher amount of memory to your emulator.

How to install BBM with the help of BlueStacks?

follows the below alternative steps and get messenger now.

  • First of all you need to Download Bluestacks on pc from their official website
  • Get the raw file, that is .apk and install by double clicking on it.
  • After a successful installation, run your BBM application from your Bluestacks launcher.
  • Then you can login or sign up to your blackberry and start having fun.

Congratulation! You have successfully installed blackberry messenger on your Windows and MC Pc and laptop. Now it’s time to communicate and chat with your friends. They even won’t know from where you are running your messenger. That would be biggest plus point for you.

android bluestacks alternatives

Best Bluestacks Alternative for Windows and Mac PC

Before start talk about alternatives, Let first understand few facts about Bluestacks. It is an app that was developed by an American mobile company known by the same name and the app functions to allow android apps to run on window PCs such that chatting sites like whatsapp can be operated on personal computers. It is available as a form of windows 7, 8 and MAC software that is usually free when downloaded at first but then for subsequent use, an individual has to download other apps from the bluestacks app store or a payment of $2 per month has to be made. Furthermore, it allows for playing of android games and kik app on PC.

Top 4 Bluestacks Apk Alternative to Download for PC

But due to the problem of availability at low cost amidst other factors, it does not provide the best experience for using android apps on your computer and as such there are bluestacks alternatives to it and that are given as below:

android bluestacks alternatives

1.) Genymotion

it is an app that is based on virtual box and can be used to run all kinds of android games and Whatsapp messenger on your laptop. It has both the free trial and the paid version but the free trial is enough to run whatever games an individual is interested in; the only snag to it is that it does not have a pre-installed Google playstore app rather it needs to be installed manually but overall, it is one of the best emulator that give you outstanding android os experience in your Windows PC. More so it is user friendly with GPS and accelerometer features as well as a powerful command line tool.

2.) Youwave Android Emulator

This does not require either a high end RAM or graphics for it to be used on PCs and its installation is easy and quite straightforward; it is ideal for windows computer except that it is not completely free. It however has good processing speed, supports SD card functionality as well as online multiplayer games.

3.) Native

It is a product from Google and it is part of the android software development kit; though a little bit slow but totally free and is even employed by Android app developers to test their apps without having to use a smartphone. Furthermore, it is very simple and light software that supports all operating systems while also having good sound quality.

4.) Andy Android Emulator

It is a high end app with advanced android features and is totally free for windows and Mac users. It is very flexible for playing android games and runs smoothly on the laptop or Windows Tablet producing high quality pictures and graphics while ensuring the user enjoys the games it is being used to run. It is also very easy to access and supports higher android versions of apps; also highly compatible with windows and Mac OS.

The bluestacks offline installer is limited due to the fact that a system with high configuration is needed with specifications including 2GB RAM, high end graphics and dual core processor which is not necessarily present in all PCs. Moreover, it is not particularly free;there is then the need to come up with alternatives to the bluestacks which will enable users to enjoy the android experience on their PCs no matter the configuration of the system.

The long awaited arrival of the Apple Watch

Once every few years, a piece of technology comes along that completely transforms the way that we live our lives. The Super Nintendo changed the world of video gaming in the early 1990s, and the iPod forever altered the way that we consume music in 2001.

And Apple is looking to repeat the success of the iPhone and iPad with the arrival of its long-awaited entry into the blossoming wearable market with the Apple Watch.

The basics

wearable gadget

It was recently announced that the Apple Watch will be released on 24 April, with preorders available from 10 April. The device looks to be released in a variety of different models, but the basic version will retail at £299, and will not only be able to tell you the time, but also give you the ability to make calls, use mapping data, and also keep you updated with a variety of notification systems.

Other features include an eighteen hour battery life, as well as an astonishingly accurate time keeping system that promises to stay within 50 milliseconds of coordinated universal time. And if you want to make sure that your watch is unique, then there are a variety of different bands and buckles available to ensure that you stay stylish as well as on time.


Since the arrival of the iconic iPhone, our devices have become indispensable thanks to the range of apps on offer. And the Apple Watch looks to build on this with apps like Uber that allow you to hail a taxi to your wrist, as well as Watch-based apps from Nike, The Guardian and Instagram all looking to be the first in line to enjoy exposure via this exciting new device.

Interestingly, the world of online gaming also looks to benefit from the Apple Watch. Casino games such as Uptown Aces could benefit from the new technology by allowing video slots to be played on the wrist, and deposits and withdrawals could be made with just a simple tap on the watch surface.

Health benefits

apple watch health and fitness

And a key factor of wearables such as the Apple Watch will be the health benefits that they provide. In fact, there is a special Sports model of the Apple Watch that will feature a custom heart sensor that will measure the intensity of a workout. And an inbuilt accelerometer will also be able to provide handy data on your performance all from a convenient location on your wrist.

Morgan Freeman voice generator

Morgan Freeman Voice Changer and Generator

Morgan freeman is a popular American actor that was born in Memphis, Tennessee on June 1st1937 to Mayme Edna who was a teacher and Morgan Porterfield Freeman, a barber.

Morgan Freeman voice generator

He then went on to attend Los Angeles City College before he now served several years in the US Air force as a mechanic in which he rose to the rank of Airman 1st class between 1955 and 1959. His acting career actually kicked off in the 1970s when he first appeared in the movie who says I can’t ride a rainbow and he has gone on to appear in various films. As the years went by his stock grew and his star continued to rise winning several awards along the way. He is currently aged 77 years.

Why is voice of Morgan Freeman so popular?

Apart from being an actor, he is also a director and has his own production company which was formed in the early ‘90s. He has not less than 5 Oscar nominations, a Golden Globe Award as well as a Screen Actors Guild Award. He is also a narrator and due to his authoritative and distinctive voice, it makes him a good and obvious choice for narration which he did for the film War of the Worlds and March of the penguins just to mention a few. He also has a calm personality which endears him to people around him.

How does Morgan Freeman Voice Changer with Generator tool?

Because of his unique voice, people are interested in using a voice similar to his which is why some tools have been put in place in order to do that. In order to change one’s voice to make it look like that of Morgan freeman, here are the steps to follow:

The tool to be used is the pitch and Timbre graph and the first thing to do is to click on the power button to turn on the voice morpher panel. Then you move the cursor on the pitch-timbre graph to change the voice; moving the cursor up will make your voice younger while moving it to the left will give a boy’s voice and a girl’s voice will be produced when you move the cursor to the right. Each voice has a particular characterization on pitch and timbre; so it is therefore recommended that you try working on the voice more and more before you can decide on the combination that produces the best result. Once the perfect combination is obtained, then that is where you leave the cursor so you can get the Morgan freeman’s voice you are looking to obtain. Next step is to turn on the duplex button so that you can test and determine the way your voice now sounds. You can then adjust the voice timbre by moving the advanced tune slider from left to right to adjust the value.

This is how, you can generate the voice of Morgan Freeman. Another thing to do is to adjust the equalizer which is done by making a change to each slider one at a time and speaking into the microphone so as to pre-listen to the way your voice sounds. Then turn on the effects which are two namely: the radio and the bass cut Effect. Afterwards, you can change voice to Morgan Freeman Voice.

How to Stop the Internet From Putting a Hole in Your Wallet

How much money do you spend on entertainment every month?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average household spends over $2000 a month on entertainment. If the average household has 4 people in it, that means each of them spend over $500 a month.

You can stretch your entertainment budget much further if you’re willing to tweak a few of your habits and behaviors. It doesn’t require anything rash, just a bit of rearrangement.

Start With Internet Access

Internet access is the core of every household. We need it for work and school. We use it to pay our bills and keep in contact with our loved ones and acquaintances. We can book appointments or go shopping online. Even our electronics need the internet to remain up to date.

Most of our entertainment is bundled up in the internet. Gamers use it to play online. People use it to stream music, movies, run apps and catch up on their favorite television shows. And major cable channels, like HBO, are offering internet-only subscription services.

It’s unsurprising, then, that you’re probably spending well over a hundred dollars a month on the internet. But how is your internet service?

You can save money on your bill by finding an internet provider that gives you fast internet for a good price. In most areas there are usually two or three major providers. In order to compete with each other, they will offer coupons and deals to new customers. Comparison pricing is a great way to save money on your entertainment budget.

The Right Way to Comparison Shop

Normally you would go with whoever offers you the cheapest price, but we’re not recommending that strategy for your internet service. Instead, you need to go with whoever has the best price for the fastest connection.

Figure out what your family’s habits are first. Do you have gamers in the house? Do you use Netflix or Hulu? Do you frequently use social media? The answers to these questions will tell you how fast you need your internet to be.

Gamers and people who stream need faster internet than people who simply use their computers to pay bills or browse social media. This is especially true for people who play games online like World of Warcraft. It’s graphics heavy and requires a great connection. If the internet fails a lot of progress can be lost.

After you figure that out, you can start searching for internet providers who have the connection speed you’re looking for. Expect to pay a little bit more for faster internet. But don’t freak out. Compare that price to the performance: what you’re experiencing now versus what you will experience. You’ll find that it’s worth a few dollars more.

Once you find some good candidates, you can begin looking for coupons and deals for new customers. There are several Verizon FiOS promos being offered as well as promos for other ISPs. Pick at least two so that you can compare them side by side with your current provider.

What to Do Before You Make Your Move

Here are a few questions you should get answered before you decide to pick a different internet service provider:

  • Is my connection private, or will I be sharing it with other people? Most people don’t know this, but they can tell you you’re getting one speed, but it will slow down significantly if you’re sharing it with other households. This causes your connection to crash and makes it impossible to stream or update anything.
  • Do you have certain websites automatically blocked? Some ISPs will block websites that you may visit frequently. Find out if you can still visit these sites before you sign up with them.
  • How long do I have before I can cancel your service without being charged? There should be a period of time where you can try out the service, like 15 or 30 days. If you don’t like the provider you can return their equipment without being charged.
  • How long is the price being offered good for? If you use a coupon code or get a bundle, you may be locked into a contract. Find out how long the price quoted is good for, and how much you’ll have to pay after that period ends.

You can get the answers to these questions either through the provider’s website, or by talking to a customer service agent.

Don’t make a hasty decision. Talk things over with your household before switching ISPs. And don’t sign up for deals without knowing what you’re getting into. The purpose of getting better internet is to enjoy it. You won’t do that if you’re in a contract with a company that you hate.

msvcr80 dll is missing problem

How to fix Msvcr80.dll is missing Error

Msvcr80.dll file is one that is associated with a program known as Microsoft visual studio 2005 and iTunes. I might possible that if this file is missing then the MS Visual Basic and iTunes related program will not work so also for any other application that is authorized by this program.

The error is one that can appear in several ways on your system such as: “msvcr80.dll not found”; “This application failed to start because msvcr80.dll was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem; “”APSDaemon.exe – System Error – msvcr80.dll is missing from your computer”; it could even be “Cannot start [APPLICATION]. A required component of Bootmgr is missing: msvcr80.dll. Please install [APPLICATION] again”; “The file msvcr80.dll is missing”; “cannot find [PATH]/msvcr80.dll”

msvcr80 dll is missing problem

Possible situation when you face dll error

The error message could appear while windows is starting up or shutting down, during installation of certain programs or even during windows installation which is why it is necessary to have an in-depth understanding of the way this error works so that it will be easy to fix it. Before examining how to fix this error, there is a need to understand what causes this error and the reason why they appear on systems. Some of these reasons could be: removal of the msvcr80.dll files as a result of corruption of the file; sometimes this error might mean there is a registry problem on the computer system or maybe a malware issue like virus or even a hardware failure.

How to resolve Msvcr80 dll is missing from your computer error?

In fixing the error, take note not to download the file from the .dll download site as these sites are only out to be able to generate traffic for their sites and as such they usually do not have updated versions of the file. The file you download only serves as a “quick fix” while it actually masks the real problem. It is recommended to go to the source and download the original file from the developer of the program itself as this will guarantee adequate solution to the problem.

So in fixing this dns error, do the following: ensure that windows is started in safe mode if it happens that windows is inaccessible in normal mode; restart the computer system itself, then download the Microsoft visual C++ service pack with security update on it and then run it on the system, what this does is to replace the earlier present msvcr80.dll file with the latest version from Microsoft and be sure to check the option you are downloading because it varies with system either 32-bit or 64-bit and installing this update usually tends to be the solution but for exceptional cases, the following steps can be further taken:

  1. Restore the file from the recycle bin of your system or if the recycle bin has been emptied, then you can use a free file recovery program to get it back.
  2. Run a malware scan of the system to determine if there is damage to the file by a hostile file or it could even be that hostile file posing as the error file.
  3. Install any available windows updates as a lot of service packs tend to contain updates of Microsoft developed files and some might contain the updated file of the msvcr80.dll file.

All these should provide solution to the problem of msvcr80 dll file missing. In case of any question or query, you can contact us by commenting here. Please be specific with your problem, so that we can help you easily.

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