youtube banner templates maker

How to Design or Make a Youtube Banner Templates

Have you ever seen YouTube profile or video with some stunning banners? According to social media expert using templates on our video increase its conversion by 200 percentages. That’s why you should think to do same for your videos too; after all we are here to do some smart work and NO more hard work? Do you agree with that? I am sure; you must be agreed.

youtube banner templates maker

We can make our YouTube page more beautifully by adding some banner design. Some of user may already aware about creating and designing banner for their YouTube account. But there still plenty of peoples who don’t aware the process for creating and uploading such templates on their video. Actually, It is an extra features that provides to each of their member and you can get much more benefit from that feature. Do you know? Such banners are also used by the company as space for their advertisement. Ok now let me share my experience about creating stunning and beautiful banner design that you can use for your any YouTube channel to get huge number of traffic. It is not a hard and difficult step.

How to Create and design YouTube banner templates ?

Below are the simple and easy to follow steps that you can use to have an attractive banner. Before giving you steps let me tell you that, YouTube standard banner resolution is 2560 x 1440 Pixel. So you need to keep dimensions of your banner within that so that it look like professional.

  1. YouTube also provide us with the Photoshop template so we can design the right size of our banner design.
  2. We can use the adobe Photoshop to edit this banner.

Another way to create a beautiful YouTube templates is by using the third party web. Nowadays many websites also offer the simple way to build a eye catching YouTube banner design, For example we can use the “Bannersnack” and inside that we can choose the size of the banner, texts, images, shape, and illustration to add a personal YouTube banner design. Bannersnack is very simple just a click of every element by drag and drop to move it anywhere, compared to Photoshop that you require to understand the layer, etc. It offers the ease of usage for one who isn’t really expert in photoshop, but still you can have a good and appealing banner design, if you want to try just visit the official site given here and follow the simple instruction.

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To add the “Channel Art” to your YouTube, make sure that you already login to your YouTube account,

  1. Open your channel page, then just simply click add channel art at the top of your channel, or for you that already have your old YouTube channel art, you can change it by clicking the icon like “Pencil” and choose “Edit Channel Art”.
  2. Upload your design banner
  3. After you’ve done the upload, you will see the preview that will appear in other devices and you need to adjust until you think it is done.

Remember that when we create the banner in YouTube it can be viewed across our devices such as a Smartphone, desktop and TV. So we recommended that you create a banner with 2560 x 1440 pixels and the minimum resolution should be 1546 x 423 pixel. Remember, when we kept that smaller it possible that some text of logo will be cut off, so make sure to check the required size and create accordingly.

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Hope you enjoyed my tips and tutorial, so implement that now and let see your YouTube channel more beautifully.

download bluestacks for windows 8, 7 and mac pc

Download Bluestacks for Windows 7, 8 and MAC PC Installer

If you are looking to have Android experience on your Windows or MAC computer then Bluestacks is all for you. You can do everything using that and feel the real experience of Android operating system.

Year 2011 was the first realize of Bluestacks. This software was amazing because we can run android simulator inside this software. The software itself compatible for Windows and Mac, for now after 3 years since the first realized now It support up to 700.000 android apps, but as a android emulator software there are several weakness of bluestacks.

download bluestacks for windows 8, 7 and mac pc

One of the negative point is; when we put the apps into android device, the support of application touch screen sometimes we cannot get those experience through this bluestacks android emulator. But for you who haven’t try or buy an Android device this software will help you to taste the experience how this amazing Android OS, although some apps will not work in this kind of emulator, because bluestacks did not simulate the real Android hardware, but only emulate through Android Davlik to the server as a bridge for apps and windows / mac API. Since bluestacks become more popular, the Android developer will make a higher security inside their apps, so their apps can detect whether they installed on real Android device or just in emulator software.

How to Download and Install BlueStacks for Windows 7 or 8 and Mac PC ?

Before providing the exact steps let me tell you that you will have the minimum system requirement such as 2 GB of RAM, Good Processor to handle that tool.

  1. Go to the official website.
  2. Then you will find “Download” option
  3. After finishing the  download process, open the installer. You may see that on your desktop.
  4. Once the installation process get completed, open “bluestacks”
  5. Wait until apps open.
  6. Wow! You will now able to use each and every feature of Android.

Congratulation! You have successfully installed BlueStacks on your Windows or MAC pc. Now it’s time to use it and feel it.

For installing the Android program we can use the APK files, and inside this emulator, we can connect with the real android data by simply login with the same Google Play Store ID take a look at the clock at the lower right then press bluestacks setting menu we can find many configuration such as language, backup system, activation of geolocation and sync, may be you wonder about some Android apps which require touch screen display example “TEMPLE RUN” we can use the arrow key in our keyboard, but blue stacks also support the USB game pad.

What are the common installation error in BlueStacks ?

While using offline installer for the first time, some of Windows 7 get graphic card error 25000, the solution to fix these error is given below, Simply follow two simple steps to get that resolved.

  1. Always update your latest Graphic Card software on your computer
  2. Download the bluestacks graphic card mount.

Another error that user may often face is regarding the Memory. During the time of running app you may see BlueStacks Lag which is caused by RAM that less than 2GB or an old computer processor. If you find more such error or have any other question, please feel free to contact us by commenting here. I will get back to you with satisfactory answer.

Hope you will enjoy using this wondering android experience on your Windows 8, 7 or MAC operating system.

udemy discount coupon codes

Udemy Coupon Codes 2014 – Best Courses Review

Using my unbiased review you will learn how to find best Udemy courses 2014 at discounted price with coupon codes.

Udemy is world’s largest and unique marketplace for learning and teaching. Here instructor publish online courses on yoga, programming, basic computer knowledge, photography, marketing, web designing and so much more.

Udemy is your final destination to learn any online courses. They features huge range of topics from programing to lifestyle, music, crafts, sports, games, education, business, health, science, arts and much more. They offers thousands of courses and new courses added each days.

udemy discount coupon codes

In my review of Udemy, I will try to break down their courses in different category like Most popular, Newly Added, Top freeware and Evergreen course list. It is important to note that they have mixture of both paid and free courses and even paid courses are worth to buy as they are created by industries experts by taking care of every aspects.


Top working Udemy Coupon Codes 2014

You just find some great courses but don’t want to spend full money on that. Don’t worry we have exclusive coupons that will save your money, so that you can learn same course at discount prices.

SELF75  OR refcb75 – Sitewide promotion! Use any of that codes and get whopping 75% discount on your entire order.

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SEPTSAVINGS – Receive additional 70% discount on your next purchase. Valid per user per purchase only.

PROMO65 or SPRING65 – Use this exclusive code and get additional 65% discount on your next course purchase.

CUDDLES – Get huge discount on “A Step by Step guide to your first 1K Followers on Facebook” course.

SAVEANDLEARN – Apply at checkout to get whopping 65% discount on selected courses. Only one coupon per purchase.

GEEK29 – Receive 50% discount on creating with Canva course. No coding experience required.

YOU75 – For a limited time only get awesome 75% discount on their courses. Coupon not valid with purchases made with iPhone or iPad app. Check for exceptional course list.

ELITE8 – Receive 75% saving on Writing course, Taught By a Top Newspaper Editor.

ONLY10 – Browse wide range of courses and get them for $10 only. Not valid with valid with any other promotional offer.

Photographercourses – Use this code to get Free courses for Business, Digital Photography, Web designing and development.

SAVENOW – Hurry and use this coupon to save upto 90% on selected premium courses, like “PHP Programming”, “Become certified Web developer”, “Microsoft Excel Training” and many more.

Learn on Udemy Today!

Popular Udemy Courses

As said earlier that Udemy has huge collection of courses and some of broad categories are listed below. They regularly update their homepage with most trending courses and currently Technology is the hot category. You can find hundreds of courses under that for WordPress, PHP, PowerPoint, iOS Development, Instagram, Photoshop CS5, Adwords, Social Media Marketing,  and much more. Below are some popular courses that you should think to hands on.

udemy popular courses review

Coding for Entrepreneurs by Justin Mitchel – A Programming Class for the Non-Technical Founder.

Microsoft Excel 2010 Course Beginners – Learn Excel in easy to follow stages with 127 lectures.

7 Steps to Creating a Successful Product – Helps you to launch products that customers love. It has 60+ lectures.

Become a Web Developer from Scratch! – With their 269 high quality lectures you will learn all programming languages needed to become web developer.

 Getting to Know WordPress: The Basics – 5+ hours to quality content will help you to use WordPress to build site including details about themes, widgets, plugins and more.

The Complete iOS Game Course – More than 350+ quality videos teaching you step by step guide to build a Flappy Bird clone. Lean process of building different application using Sprite Kit.

Apart from these wonderful paid courses, has some great free courses that you should think to check. Already hundreds of student applied for that.

An Entrepreneur’s Checklist – Serial entrepreneur, Steve Blank will teach you how to be an entrepreneur.

Learn HTML5 Programming From Scratch – 37 lectures and 8+ hours of quality content.

How to Negotiate Salary – Jim Hopkinson will teach you how to get paid what you are worth by adopting his salary negotiation method.

Review : Why you should join Udemy?

Currently Udemy is #1 website for online courses, I can find anything that I want to learn over there. Every few months they add new category. Below are some of the great features that will force you to use their learning platform.

  • Easy to use site You can sign up with Facebook or using their simple form to start learning.
  • They also offers Corporate Learning in which you can access 700+ courses for $29 per month.
  • Their courses are also available for Android and iOS users. Just download their app and start using them.
  • More than 2 million students and 14K plus courses by experienced instructors.
  • Wishlist feature allow you put any courses in your wishlist for future learning.
  • Before applying for any courses you can get preview of that, so based on that you can decided whether or not to go with them.

My friend recently wanted to learn how to build own iOS app, So  he just search term “building iOS app” in their search bar and it showed him hundreds of related courses. Then based on rating and popularity he selected one of them using above Udemy coupons and promo codes. Now he is building his own iOS apps and he is happy that he got what he was looking with discounted price.


How to uninstall Internet Explorer (IE) 10

If you aren’t happy with Internet Explorer 10 and want to uninstall or delete IE 10 version from your Windows PC then you should follow the steps given here.

When you install the windows 7, 8 PC the default version of the internet explorer installed along with the windows. However, when your windows get updated with the server on the Windows, your internet explorer version changes and it’s become IE10. However, most of the people love to use internet explorer default version instead of the third party browsers. However, due to the updating of the window the default internet explorer converts into 10 versions.

remove internet explorer 10

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Most of the people are complaining that IE10 has so many bugs and want to remove that but they do not know the process to uninstall the IE10 and they don’t even try to find that.  We have easy to follow and simplest steps given here.

How to remove Internet Explorer 10 from Windows

please follow my comprehensive guide given to get proven solution for IE related errors.

  1. Press the window button from the keyboard or click on the start button from the windows menu.
  2. Type “programs and features” in the search of start button
  3. Click on the option of “programs and features”, a window will open in front of you, from where you can uninstall other third party software’s.
  4. Then find out the option of “view installed updates” option in the whole window of “programs and features”.
  5. Click on the option of “view installed updates” and select the IE10 updates and click on the option of uninstall a program.
  6. However, shortly the IE10 updates will remove from the windows and your explorer converts into the old version again.

Through the above process, you can uninstall the IE10. Mostly people do not use the internet explorer because there are several reasons for not to using this browser. Some of them get Registry errors and while other get error like DNS server not responding. Here are the lists of those problems those internet explorer keeps due to which people avoid using it.

  1. The first and basic problem of this browser is that, it is too much heavy and whenever you open it, along with this browser so many toolbars open.
  2. It takes a lot of time to open any website and shows many security errors whiling opening the website.
  3. A developer cannot remove the bugs of the website by using this browser because it is not compatible with programming testing.
  4. The format of the version website does not look good on this browser and most of the big website options become disabled on this browser.
  5. Even though you have very fast internet speed, but the process of this browser to open the website is very slow and take a lot of time.
  6. It’s become hang again and again and ask for the different requirement and prompt the massages.

Thus, people try to avoid using this useless browser because it consumes lots of time to proceed the website or any other command. However, it is the only way to install the other browser after doing the new installation of the windows. However, it is not the reliable browser, on which people can relay. Mostly those people use this browse, which uses the intranet application, like banks and other multinational companies.

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Congratulation! Now, you know how to get rid of IE 10 and you can successfully delete that from your computer. Please write down your inputs or any error that you are facing during above process. I will be more than happy to assist you.

recall email for outlook 2013, 2003 and 2010

How to recall an email in outlook 2010, 2013, and 2007

Recalling an email is one of best feature provided in outlook express. If you are using outlook 2013, 2010 or 2007 version in your Windows 7 or 8 PC and want this advance feature to be enabled then you should checkout the detailed steps given in this page.

When you are working in a professional environment, then it is very important to send the proper email to your co-worker or other office employer because in the professional environment people consider or justify your skills. Therefore, you have to be very conscious to do the work with your senior or junior staff. You are using your gmail id and don’t know which gmail setting would be required, please checkout my previous post about same.

recall email for outlook 2013, 2007 and 2010

Mostly this happens in outlook, while typing the email you forgot to attach any document that was very important to attach with that email. Some you have also made some mistakes in that email. However, this is the problem for that person who does not know about the features of the outlook. However, outlook provides the feature of recall the email, makes the changes in the email, and again sends to the person. However, these changes will be made in that email. It is the amazing feature of outlook, which most of the people do not know about it, however, below are the simple steps that will let you know, how to use this feature in outlook 2010, 2013 and 2007 to make your professional life easier.

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Process of recall in outlook 2013

  1. If you have sent the email through outlook 2013, then you recall the email like this, client on the ribbon file and see the option of “info”
  2. Click on the option of “info” you will find the option of recall there.
  3. Click on the button of “resend or recall” button and select the option of “recall this message”
  4. Then make the changes in the email and send that email to the person to whom you want to send.

If you face any error then you should double check your setting. Sometime other configuration may clash with this feature.

How to recall an email in outlook express 2010

  1. If you have sent the email by using outlook 2010 and now you have to resend or recall the email to the client or co-worker, then click on the option of “file” from the ribbon.
  2. Find the option of “info” in the File drop down, once you find out the “info” button select the “resend or recall button”.
  3. Resend this message to the client by doing editing in the email. It is the simple process to recall the email via 2010.

Recalling process in outlook 2007

In the outlook 2007, the process of recall the message is a little bit different because the interface of the outlook is little bit change from the other version of outlook. The process of recalling is below.

  1.  Click on the “message tab” in the ribbon of the outlook and find out the option of “other Actions”
  2. Once you find out the option of “other Actions” open the drop down of “recall this message”
  3. Edit the message and recall or resend to your client.

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Congratulation! You have successfully set your email client, so now you can send your emails without any error and no attachment issue. Please share your experience by commenting here.

download garageband for windows and mac pc

Download Garageband for windows 7, 8 and Mac PCs

If you have ever used Garageband then you might be wondering it’s PC version availability for Windows 7, 8 or MAC OS.

Garageband is a wonderful application through which you can create your own music or even you can compose any song by using this application. Some people use this application for doing the recording of the sound track. It has wonderful features that none of the other software is provided. It has complete features that an audio studio keeps. Garageband is the mobile audio studio keeps all the features through which you can compose the songs or can record the voice as well.

download garageband for windows and mac pc

The apple company for the apple products built this application. Earlier, it was only compatible with the application products. Windows users were not able to install or could use this application. However, later some of the software companies made the changes in this software and made is compatible with the windows as well. However, people are using this application on windows system. However, officially, it is not releasing that become compatible with the windows. This application contains the sound of keyboard, guitar, orchestra, voice, synths, percussion, and more.

Here are some of the main features of this Garageband application

  1. The basic motive to create this exceptional application is that people could create the songs or record it by their own self.
  2. It has various qualities, you can record the song along with the music, and even you can compose the music through this application because it contains the voice of many musical instruments.

Step to download the Garageband for windows 7 or Windows 8 PC :-

Follow the process given below and get this wonderful music app for your computer.

  1. There is no any official tool or application available just for PC. First you will need to download the android emulator like BlueStacks on your computer.
  2. Now, Open the emulator and search for the “Garageband  application” and you will see lots of result.
  3. Only select the Official app from that search result, If you don’t know that then goto developer site and find the Playstore URL of their app.
  4. Now, click Install button of that application and wait for some time to complete the process.
  5. You will see message saying that “Installation completed”, now simply open the app through Blustack and enjoy all it’s features.

Now you have successfully installed Garageband for PC having Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system. It can work on other windows Os too.  Alternatively, There is very famous website, namely rare software; here you can find this application easily for the windows version. Usually, It is for Samsung Galaxy S3 kind of smartphone having android OS.

How to Download and Install Garageband for MAC computer ?

Are you MAC user seeking for the app? Then below are the steps that you should follow to get that on your Apple device having Mac OS.

  1. It is very easy for the Mac PCs to download this application because it was only made for Mac users and it is officially the product of Mac. Therefore, the Mac users can easily download this application or can use it.
  2. For downloading this application, open the website of iTunes and search the application of Garageband for their Mac PCs.
  3. Once you find out the application download it in your computer and install it.
  4. After the installation opens this application and enjoy the all features of this remarkable application.

Congratulation! You have successfully download it. If you have any issue with above simple steps to download the Garageband app for the windows or Mac PC or laptop then you should contact us by commenting here. Please write down the exact problem you are facing, so that I can come up with the exact solution for you.

digitalocean free credit promo codes

DigitalOcean Coupons & Free Credit Promo Codes

DigitalOcean is the Simple Cloud Hosting provider and using our coupons and promotional codes you can get FREE Trial and save upto 40% on their cloud server.

Digital Ocean is the leading provider of fast SSD cloud virtual server and simple VPS servers. Deploy an 20GB and 512MB RAM SSD cloud server within a 55 seconds starting from as low as $5 per month only. Good news is that when you use discount coupons you will save even more from them. Before letting you about the promotional offers, let’s check their outstanding features that no one else can give you.

digitalocean free credit promo codes

Digital Ocean Features :-

They are Number #1 place to have fastest and most scalable SSD only cloud and they literally bit Amazon’s Linode for that.

All of their servers can be prepared in as little as 55 secs only. SSD Hard drives that will definitely improve the performance of your site and will decrease loading time effectively. They provides simply control panel with advance features. All their cloud servers are build on Hex core machines with RAID storage and dedicated RAM.  They have outstanding Tier-1 bandwidth and their plan start with bandwidth of 1TB per month and that can be increase incrementally.

List of DigitalOcean Discount Codes 2014

Make sure to find login to your account before using below codes.

ALLSSD10 – Receive $10 in your billing account for any of their servers.

DODEPLOY – When you get 2 months Virtual servers you will be given $10 in your account.

SHIPITFAST10 or PHPDROPLET – Both of these codes are valid for Free $10 credit.

SHIPITFAST – Receive Two months of VPS for FREE. You need to buy $5/month plan for at least a month and add this code in your checkout page to get another months for FREE.

UBUNTUDROPLET – Hurry up to get $10 discount on your next order of VPS hosting.

DigitalOcean offers two kind of pricing models. First is Monthly and 2nd is Hourly. Most popular plan is $10 per month which includes 1GB memory, 1 Core processor, 30GB SSD disk and 2TB transfer. You can buy additional bandwidth at the price of 2¢ per GB. Their hourly plan start from $0.007 per hour and if you want very high volume plans then you can contact their software engineer.

Mostly you will find Digital Ocean Coupon Codes for $10 Free credit and sometime they also release $20 credit codes. With the $10 Free Account credit you will get whole 2 month of VPS server for FREE. It is important to note that, You will be allowed to use only 1 offer code per account. If you have personal blog with limited traffic, I would suggest you to buy $5 per month plan and if you have for small business website then you can go for $10 or even higher plan.

All the Plans of include DNS management, Private networking, Solid State Drives, Global image transfer, 99.99% up time. You can select location based on latency or Spin up a droplet across regions for high availability.

Promo Codes for Digital Ocean are subjected to expire, So please use them before they disappear. I usually update the page with most recent offers, coupons and deals, So keep checking us and don’t forget to provide your valuable feedback by commenting here.

How to fix bootmgr is missing error in Windows 7 / 8 PC

In my last tutorial, I wrote about proven method to resolve Windows 7 not Genuine Error and now it’s time to help you out with missing Bootmgr related error.

The bootloader is used to boot from VHD, which understands VHD files. The version in Windows Vista doesn’t understand VHD files and so it cannot be boot into VHD files. To solve the issue, we need to get the bootloader from Windows 7. Now, we need to boot into a windows 7 machine.

fixing error of bootmgr is missing

You can also download Windows 7 Beta 7000 and can use the bootloader. We need 2 files; The fist is BootMgr and second is BCDEdit.exe. Bootmgr is Windows boot sequence operator which was first introduced in Windows Vista. It reads boot configuration data and then displays the selection menu of the operating system.

Causes for “Bootmgr is missing”:

There are many causes for bootmger errors. One of the reasons for this error is misconfigured and corrupted files, operating system issues, hard drive, corrupt hard drive area, loose or damaged hard drive cable and outdated BIOS. Another reason might be that the PC is trying to boot itself from a flash drive or hard drive, which is not authorized to be booted from. If you try to boot the PC from a non-bootable source like floppy drive and optical drive then it is bound to show this error. You should keep all these point in mind to avoid such error in future.

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How to resolve the Bootmgr is missing” error

  1. You may restart the PC. The “Bootmgr not found” error might be a fluke.
  2. Check whether your PC is trying to boot from a non-bootable source like floppy disk or external drive. While in this case then you have to change the boot order from the BIOS setting.
  3. Make sure from the BIOS setting that the first booting is from the hard drive or any other bootable source, if you have two or more hard drives. If you fail to do so then the “Bootmgr is missing” error will occur.
  4. Check for fault power cables and internal data. If you see that the interface cables are defected that you should change the SATA or PATA cable. Loose or faulty cable may lead to “Bootmgr is missing” error.
  5.  Perform Startup repair of the operating system. This process will help you to replace any corrupt or missing files, including BOOTMRG.
  6. To correct any configuration, corruption or other problem you may write new partition boot sector in the Windows system partition.
  7. Rebuild BCD or the Boot Configuration Data. Similar to the previous problem, an incorrect configured or corrupted BCD can cause “Bootmgr is missing”.
  8. Make sure to check the hard drive and other setting in BIOS that they are correct or not. Incorrect BIOS setting can also be the problem of “Bootmgr is missing” error. If you are not sure what is the correct setting of BIOS then opt for the auto setting, which will automatically configure the BIOS setting.
  9. You should have an updated motherboard’s BIOS or else an outdated version of BIOS may cause “Bootmgr is missing” error.
  10. If all else fails then replace the hard drive and install new Windows.

Congratulation! You have successfully fixed the BootMgr related error and now you are free to use your computer. In case above Windows error fixture doesn’t work for you then you can contact us by commenting here.  Please provide in depth idea about what kind of error you are facing and what have you done to try to resolve that, so that we don’t look into that area and it ultimately save both of us time.

repair and fix windows 7 / 8 registry errors

How to Fix / repair registry errors in Windows 7 and 8 PC

Registry errors are common in Windows 7 and 8 PCs when you play with corrupt software. You must have to repair or fix the registry file in order to get rid of that error. In my earlier tutorial, I gave you step by step guide to resolve dns server not responding error and now we are here with another workaround for your Windows PC.

Backing up your registry is an essential thing to do in an operating system. Many times you get the error message that the system is not registered. The computer acts strangely, shows weird error messages (i.e Windows 7 is not Genuine error, etc ) and some features disabled are the signs of an unregistered computer or corrupted computer. Bad software downloaded from a corrupt site or installed from a corrupt source can mess with the computer settings.

repair and fix windows 7 / 8 registry errors

Windows Registry operates as a central database for operating system and applications which requires interaction with the core system component and with the utilities while doing any work.

Tips to Fix Registry errors in Windows 7 PC :-

Windows has the option of fixing Windows Registry but often fails to restore the previous registry keys, this increase the difficulty level for the user to manually search and resolve the problem. For this certain reason it is necessary to create backup of Windows Registry, to replace the new registry key with the previous registry key. In Windows 7 however has the option of Windows Registry Repair, which works perfectly and helps you to recover the deleted files back.

You just have to run the Full Scan or Custom Scan option in Windows 7 home premium, professional and enterprise version. You can do the scan manually if you know which part of the computer is corrupted. Once the scan is over the errors will be shown on the main window. You just need to select the errors that you want to remove and disable that program by hitting “Fix Errors” option. The software will automatically clean all the corrupt keys or any other error present in the computer. Once the cleaning process is complete you can optimize the registry with NTRegOpt. It will recreate the registry hive, which will remove the slack space which may be left from the old deleted or modified keys. It also works well on Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7.1.

How to repair registry error in Windows 8 ?

In Windows 8 there is a feature named Automatic Repair which will fix the registry error issues which should solve the problem starting up the Windows. It will automatically scan the settings, system files and configuration options. If it detects any problem in your computer then it will attempt to remove the problems from your computer. You can then get rid of all the registry related issues in your Windows 8.

If your problems are not solved even after this operation then you can all take the option of downloading software that will help you to repair the registry error. One of such software is CCleaner. This software is very easy to use and will help to fix the registry related errors. Another one is the Wise Registry Cleaner. It offers scanning options for you like full scan, custom scan and schedule scan. This process will detect the errors and will solve them for you.

So, These are the two ways in which you can repair or fix  registry errors in your Windows 7 and Windows 8 computer.

resetting password of windows 7

How to reset password in windows 7

Many of us struggle to find the password resetting procedure in Windows 7. In our last post we show few easy to execute steps to recover deleted files in PC and now we are giving more tutorial on Microsoft windows operating system.

resetting password of windows 7

It is important to note that resetting password in Windows 7 is not that much of simple process like you do for gmail and other traditional online services. You need to follow pattern of steps in order to perform that action.

How to Change and Reset password in Windows 7?

If you by mistake lost or forgot your password and want to change that then you have to follow the steps given here. You first require Windows repair and driver disk and make sure that computer is not connected with network, otherwise you may not able to perfect these steps accurately.

  1. Insert either Windows 7 system Repair disc or Windows 7 installation DVD, into the optical drive and then reboot the computer. If you choose to do this in a flash drive then you can also go for it.
  2. After the above process, click the Next option on the screen with the help of your keyboard. If you see the Windows 7 logon screen then you have to change the setting and need to boot the computer from the disc that you have inserted.
  3. Click on the “Repair your computer” link. If you use system repair disc then this option will not be visible to you. If you choose otherwise then you can access the link or else got to step 4.
  4. Wait until the Windows 7 installation is located in the computer.
  5. Once it is found take note of drive letter which you will find in the Location column. Mainly it will show D:, but your computer may show otherwise.
  6. Select the Windows 7 option from the list of operating system and click “Next”  button.
  7. Then choose Command Prompt from the System Recovery Option.
  8. After the Command Prompt opens you need to type in the following commands.
    1. copy d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe d:\
    2. copy d:\windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe. If your Windows 7 is not installed in the D drive then make sure to replace the above positions of Ds with the driver name of your computer where your Windows 7 is installed.
  9. Remove the flash drive or the disc from the computer and reboot it.
  10. As soon as Windows 7 login screen appears, select the icon on bottom-left of the windows logon scree which looks like pie.
  11. As soon the Command Prompt is opened, execute net user command “replacingmyusername” with your user name and “mypassword” with the new password that you want to use. For example: net user Sam 1234
  12. Create Windows 7 Password Disk. It is a proactive step that you need to take if in case you forget your password. It is Microsoft-Approved.

If you want to reverse the step then you need to follow the steps from 1 to 7. After accessing the Command Prompt then you need to enter the following command.

copy d:\utilman.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe

Confirm that overwrite is complete and then restart your computer. Undoing the hacking procedure will not affect the new password.

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Whatever you have set your password will be valid, so make sure to enter memorable but still complex pattern, so that nobody can cracked that.

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