How to recall an email in outlook 2010, 2013, and 2007

Recalling an email is one of best feature provided in outlook express. If you are using outlook 2013, 2010 or 2007 version in your Windows 7 or 8 PC and want this advance feature to be enabled then you should checkout the detailed steps given in this page.

When you are working in a professional environment, then it is very important to send the proper email to your co-worker or other office employer because in the professional environment people consider or justify your skills. Therefore, you have to be very conscious to do the work with your senior or junior staff. You are using your gmail id and don’t know which gmail setting would be required, please checkout my previous post about same.

recall email for outlook 2013, 2007 and 2010

Mostly this happens in outlook, while typing the email you forgot to attach any document that was very important to attach with that email. Some you have also made some mistakes in that email. However, this is the problem for that person who does not know about the features of the outlook. However, outlook provides the feature of recall the email, makes the changes in the email, and again sends to the person. However, these changes will be made in that email. It is the amazing feature of outlook, which most of the people do not know about it, however, below are the simple steps that will let you know, how to use this feature in outlook 2010, 2013 and 2007 to make your professional life easier.

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Process of recall in outlook 2013

  1. If you have sent the email through outlook 2013, then you recall the email like this, client on the ribbon file and see the option of “info”
  2. Click on the option of “info” you will find the option of recall there.
  3. Click on the button of “resend or recall” button and select the option of “recall this message”
  4. Then make the changes in the email and send that email to the person to whom you want to send.

If you face any error then you should double check your setting. Sometime other configuration may clash with this feature.

How to recall an email in outlook express 2010

  1. If you have sent the email by using outlook 2010 and now you have to resend or recall the email to the client or co-worker, then click on the option of “file” from the ribbon.
  2. Find the option of “info” in the File drop down, once you find out the “info” button select the “resend or recall button”.
  3. Resend this message to the client by doing editing in the email. It is the simple process to recall the email via 2010.

Recalling process in outlook 2007

In the outlook 2007, the process of recall the message is a little bit different because the interface of the outlook is little bit change from the other version of outlook. The process of recalling is below.

  1.  Click on the “message tab” in the ribbon of the outlook and find out the option of “other Actions”
  2. Once you find out the option of “other Actions” open the drop down of “recall this message”
  3. Edit the message and recall or resend to your client.

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Congratulation! You have successfully set your email client, so now you can send your emails without any error and no attachment issue. Please share your experience by commenting here.

How to fix bootmgr is missing error in Windows 7 / 8 PC

In my last tutorial, I wrote about proven method to resolve Windows 7 not Genuine Error and now it’s time to help you out with missing Bootmgr related error.

The bootloader is used to boot from VHD, which understands VHD files. The version in Windows Vista doesn’t understand VHD files and so it cannot be boot into VHD files. To solve the issue, we need to get the bootloader from Windows 7. Now, we need to boot into a windows 7 machine.

fixing error of bootmgr is missing

You can also download Windows 7 Beta 7000 and can use the bootloader. We need 2 files; The fist is BootMgr and second is BCDEdit.exe. Bootmgr is Windows boot sequence operator which was first introduced in Windows Vista. It reads boot configuration data and then displays the selection menu of the operating system.

Causes for “Bootmgr is missing”:

There are many causes for bootmger errors. One of the reasons for this error is misconfigured and corrupted files, operating system issues, hard drive, corrupt hard drive area, loose or damaged hard drive cable and outdated BIOS. Another reason might be that the PC is trying to boot itself from a flash drive or hard drive, which is not authorized to be booted from. If you try to boot the PC from a non-bootable source like floppy drive and optical drive then it is bound to show this error. You should keep all these point in mind to avoid such error in future.

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How to resolve the Bootmgr is missing” error

  1. You may restart the PC. The “Bootmgr not found” error might be a fluke.
  2. Check whether your PC is trying to boot from a non-bootable source like floppy disk or external drive. While in this case then you have to change the boot order from the BIOS setting.
  3. Make sure from the BIOS setting that the first booting is from the hard drive or any other bootable source, if you have two or more hard drives. If you fail to do so then the “Bootmgr is missing” error will occur.
  4. Check for fault power cables and internal data. If you see that the interface cables are defected that you should change the SATA or PATA cable. Loose or faulty cable may lead to “Bootmgr is missing” error.
  5.  Perform Startup repair of the operating system. This process will help you to replace any corrupt or missing files, including BOOTMRG.
  6. To correct any configuration, corruption or other problem you may write new partition boot sector in the Windows system partition.
  7. Rebuild BCD or the Boot Configuration Data. Similar to the previous problem, an incorrect configured or corrupted BCD can cause “Bootmgr is missing”.
  8. Make sure to check the hard drive and other setting in BIOS that they are correct or not. Incorrect BIOS setting can also be the problem of “Bootmgr is missing” error. If you are not sure what is the correct setting of BIOS then opt for the auto setting, which will automatically configure the BIOS setting.
  9. You should have an updated motherboard’s BIOS or else an outdated version of BIOS may cause “Bootmgr is missing” error.
  10. If all else fails then replace the hard drive and install new Windows.

Congratulation! You have successfully fixed the BootMgr related error and now you are free to use your computer. In case above Windows error fixture doesn’t work for you then you can contact us by commenting here.  Please provide in depth idea about what kind of error you are facing and what have you done to try to resolve that, so that we don’t look into that area and it ultimately save both of us time.

How to Fix / repair registry errors in Windows 7 and 8 PC

Registry errors are common in Windows 7 and 8 PCs when you play with corrupt software. You must have to repair or fix the registry file in order to get rid of that error. In my earlier tutorial, I gave you step by step guide to resolve dns server not responding error and now we are here with another workaround for your Windows PC.

Backing up your registry is an essential thing to do in an operating system. Many times you get the error message that the system is not registered. The computer acts strangely, shows weird error messages (i.e Windows 7 is not Genuine error, etc ) and some features disabled are the signs of an unregistered computer or corrupted computer. Bad software downloaded from a corrupt site or installed from a corrupt source can mess with the computer settings.

repair and fix windows 7 / 8 registry errors

Windows Registry operates as a central database for operating system and applications which requires interaction with the core system component and with the utilities while doing any work.

Tips to Fix Registry errors in Windows 7 PC :-

Windows has the option of fixing Windows Registry but often fails to restore the previous registry keys, this increase the difficulty level for the user to manually search and resolve the problem. For this certain reason it is necessary to create backup of Windows Registry, to replace the new registry key with the previous registry key. In Windows 7 however has the option of Windows Registry Repair, which works perfectly and helps you to recover the deleted files back.

You just have to run the Full Scan or Custom Scan option in Windows 7 home premium, professional and enterprise version. You can do the scan manually if you know which part of the computer is corrupted. Once the scan is over the errors will be shown on the main window. You just need to select the errors that you want to remove and disable that program by hitting “Fix Errors” option. The software will automatically clean all the corrupt keys or any other error present in the computer. Once the cleaning process is complete you can optimize the registry with NTRegOpt. It will recreate the registry hive, which will remove the slack space which may be left from the old deleted or modified keys. It also works well on Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7.1.

How to repair registry error in Windows 8 ?

In Windows 8 there is a feature named Automatic Repair which will fix the registry error issues which should solve the problem starting up the Windows. It will automatically scan the settings, system files and configuration options. If it detects any problem in your computer then it will attempt to remove the problems from your computer. You can then get rid of all the registry related issues in your Windows 8.

If your problems are not solved even after this operation then you can all take the option of downloading software that will help you to repair the registry error. One of such software is CCleaner. This software is very easy to use and will help to fix the registry related errors. Another one is the Wise Registry Cleaner. It offers scanning options for you like full scan, custom scan and schedule scan. This process will detect the errors and will solve them for you.

So, These are the two ways in which you can repair or fix  registry errors in your Windows 7 and Windows 8 computer.

How to reset password in windows 7

Many of us struggle to find the password resetting procedure in Windows 7. In our last post we show few easy to execute steps to recover deleted files in PC and now we are giving more tutorial on Microsoft windows operating system.

resetting password of windows 7

It is important to note that resetting password in Windows 7 is not that much of simple process like you do for gmail and other traditional online services. You need to follow pattern of steps in order to perform that action.

How to Change and Reset password in Windows 7?

If you by mistake lost or forgot your password and want to change that then you have to follow the steps given here. You first require Windows repair and driver disk and make sure that computer is not connected with network, otherwise you may not able to perfect these steps accurately.

  1. Insert either Windows 7 system Repair disc or Windows 7 installation DVD, into the optical drive and then reboot the computer. If you choose to do this in a flash drive then you can also go for it.
  2. After the above process, click the Next option on the screen with the help of your keyboard. If you see the Windows 7 logon screen then you have to change the setting and need to boot the computer from the disc that you have inserted.
  3. Click on the “Repair your computer” link. If you use system repair disc then this option will not be visible to you. If you choose otherwise then you can access the link or else got to step 4.
  4. Wait until the Windows 7 installation is located in the computer.
  5. Once it is found take note of drive letter which you will find in the Location column. Mainly it will show D:, but your computer may show otherwise.
  6. Select the Windows 7 option from the list of operating system and click “Next”  button.
  7. Then choose Command Prompt from the System Recovery Option.
  8. After the Command Prompt opens you need to type in the following commands.
    1. copy d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe d:\
    2. copy d:\windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe. If your Windows 7 is not installed in the D drive then make sure to replace the above positions of Ds with the driver name of your computer where your Windows 7 is installed.
  9. Remove the flash drive or the disc from the computer and reboot it.
  10. As soon as Windows 7 login screen appears, select the icon on bottom-left of the windows logon scree which looks like pie.
  11. As soon the Command Prompt is opened, execute net user command “replacingmyusername” with your user name and “mypassword” with the new password that you want to use. For example: net user Sam 1234
  12. Create Windows 7 Password Disk. It is a proactive step that you need to take if in case you forget your password. It is Microsoft-Approved.

If you want to reverse the step then you need to follow the steps from 1 to 7. After accessing the Command Prompt then you need to enter the following command.

copy d:\utilman.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe

Confirm that overwrite is complete and then restart your computer. Undoing the hacking procedure will not affect the new password.

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Whatever you have set your password will be valid, so make sure to enter memorable but still complex pattern, so that nobody can cracked that.

How to fix Windows 7 not Genuine Error

If the Windows 7 installed in your computer is not genuine, then after a few days, a error message pops up in the down right hand corner of the screen telling you that the date has expired and the copy of the Windows is not genuine. Even if you close the message, the message keeps popping up after every few minutes. And this will continue until you fix the problem,or install a genuine version of Windows 7.

This happens because the Windows genuine checker constantly checks whether or not the version installed is a genuine version. This is quite irritable, and in Windows 8 it restricts some of the functions as well. If the computer detects that the version of the Windows 8 installed is not genuine, then it does not allow to set the lock screen picture, and the account picture. Instead it prompts to activate the version of Windows with a key.

fix / resolve windows 7 not genuine error

One of the things that can be done to prevent this from ever happening is to install a genuine version of the Windows you are currently using. By doing this the windows genuine checker would not prompt the message as the version is always genuine. But this method would cost you as the genuine installation DVD or ISO of Windows 7 or 8 comes with a price tag. And not all of the users can afford to have a genuine installation DVD. So for them there are various other ways of getting rid of this problem.

Check : remove and disable Windows 7 startup programs

I would suggest you to buy genuine copy of Windows only. But let say you are student and can’t afford that then you can still buy genuine version, as Microsoft have some student related offers too. Please checkout the official Microsoft Store and you will able to find all the currently working deals.

One of the best solutions is that to activate the version of Windows with a Windows Activator. There are various activators that are available on the internet. But the activators of Windows 7 and Windows 8 computer are different, so do not try to activate Windows 8 or 8.1 with a Windows 7 activator.

  • If you are using a windows activator, simply open the activator as it is an executable file.
  • Then click on the version of the Windows you are using, and then click on Activate.
  • After the process is over, then the computer need to restarted, and the windows that is installed on the computer would be categorized as a genuine version of windows.

But if this technique is too complicated for you, then there are a couple of other simplified techniques.

How to fix Windows 7 not Genuine build 7601 Error

There are three different method for fix the windows not genuine  error. It can be caused by either lack of permission in registry key HKU\S-1-5-20 or windows being used it in trial mode. It can also be happen when some registry keys are missed.

If you are facing problem using missing registry keys, I would suggest you to check Windows Support forum. They have given detailed solution for same.

Method A : Resolve Windows not genuine error by removing file

  • Go to the control panel, and open updates.
  • Find the update named “KB971033″ and uninstall it.
  • Then as always restart the computer.
  • After restarting the problem will be fixed.

Method B : Fix Error using Command Prompt

  • Open the command prompt, and type “SLMGR – REARM”
  • After that just press enter. Then a pop up message will appear telling you that the command was successfully executed, and that the computer needs to be restarted.
  • After restarting the computer, the windows would become genuine, or at least be categorized as such.

It is important to note that, Both method are just workaround. Using Method B you will able to postpone error for 30 days and you can use that for Three times only. So total you can remove  “Windows 7 not Genuine Error” for 90 days only. After that you will need to renew your Windows. Same is the case for method A.

Note from Editor : Method given here are not permanent but it will still help you a lot to test the water and I would suggest you to make good habit of buying such premium OS and software instead of finding hack of that.

How to get a lot of Followers on Instagram – More than Thousand

Instagram is one of the most popular photo sharing hubs today. Many people prefer to use it over any other option because it’s a highly social app loaded with features that can improve your photos a hundred times.

Instagram is a lot more fun if you can get people liking and talking about your photos. Like Pinterest is another photo sharing social media network. Due to it’s unique features and being a great user engagement tool, nowadays most of business owner and blogger think about leveraging benefits of that to start getting more and more social traffic.

If you instantly want thousands of real Followers within few weeks then you should They have some genuine gig offering upto 5K followers from your choice of countries for just $5. It really a best deal that get lots of targeted follower for your Instagram page. Check more about them at:

how to increase instagram followers

Note : Google AdWords gives  you paid search traffic, while Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are responsible for giving you social traffic. According to research work by SEO company, Semrush almost 80% of online business have used Social media to attract more and more customers.

How to get a lot many followers on Instagram ?

If you want to be popular and want your business to be viral on social media then, Along with Facebook Advertising you have to think about natural boom on Instagram too. Below are the 7 important tips that you should think to adopt to gain huge followers for your Instagram account.

1. Create a cool account and set it public.

As much as you want to keep your account private, you won’t be able to get many followers by doing that. Your family and friends may follow you, but not complete strangers. Also, be sure that you use a catchy name for your account and match it with a very nice profile photo. Use your Gmail, Yahoo and other email account at the time of setting up new account.

2. Only upload clear, high quality pictures.

Your pictures should all be nice and sleek. Stay clear of blurry shots and poorly focused ones. If you want to be popular, your photos should look like they were taken by a pro. Same rule apply while you use KIK Messenger.

3. Make you wall interesting.

Post interesting photos every so often. While Instagram is a famous repository of selfies, people are not really interested about those too much – unless you’re a Hollywood star, that is. Every now and then, post photos that will interest other people such as quotes for the day, celebrity sightings, fashion suggestions, sports news, and others.

4. Follow people

If you want to be liked, you have to like too. If you want to be followed, you have to start following. That’s the rule of thumb in social media, but most especially on Insta-gram. Make sure to follow the popular pages and people in or related to your field only, so that you can get more targeted traffic.

5. Put lots of tags to your pictures.

Now this is a very important step so don’t be too lazy to do it. Tags are used when people search for photos on InstaGram and anywhere else. Use all the tags that relate to your photo so it will be easier to find by all people interested.

6. Use popular hashtags

If you’ve been around Instagram for long, you’ll find that hashtags are the thing. Pick the most popular ones that relates to your post and use it.

7. Request for shout outs

A shout out is a great way to publicize yourself to community. But this is something you can’t do alone. You are going to need the help of all your friends. Whenever you have a good photo up, request for a shout out so others will know about it and begin liking it.

Follow these tips and you’ll surely be a big hit and get lots many followers on InstaGram. However, you must realize that this all may take some time. Getting thousands of likes for your photos won’t happen overnight. So just keep at it and soon enough, you’ll enjoy your new-found fame.

How to fix dns server not responding error

Tired of watching same “DNS server not responding” error again and again? Don’t worry; I have created this page to help you to resolve such problem.

DNS is short form of Domain Name Server. It is a server that translates the website’s addresses so the browser on the computer can connect with the website. Sometimes this connection can be lost and there are a lot of reasons which can be causing such a thing. Although there are a few reasons due to which these happens a lot. One of them is corrupt settings. If the settings on the computer are corrupt or not correct, then the computer may fail to connect with the server. Another reason is that there may be problems, and complications on the server’s end as well. A corrupt internet connection may also cause the DNS error. The security software on the PC may also prevent some websites to be opened. Generally troubleshooting fixes the problem, and it is quite easy to do so.

fix dns server not responding error

Before fixing the DNS error, one has to narrow down the cause of the problem.

  • First of all, one should check the internet connection.
  • Also check the security software, and see whether or not it is blocking the websites.
  • If not then check if the error is only for some websites, or for all. If the error is for some websites only, it is probably a temporary issue.
  • Also check whether it is a bowser issue or not.

If it is neither of the above, then one can be sure, that the DNS cannot connect with the computer, and it can be fixed by following the understated steps.

How to Fix DNS server not responding error?

Please follow the steps given here and you will able to connect your Windows 7 PC with dns.

  • Type cmd in Run to open the command prompt window.
  • Then type in “netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt”, which will reset the ip of the computer.
  • Type “netsh winsock reset”. This will most probably prompt to restart the computer, but do not do it now.
  • Type ipconfig /flushdns, which will flush the stored DNS cache.
  • Restart the computer to check.
  • If the problem still persists, then power off the computer, and then the modem, and let it stay off for 5 minutes or so. Then restart the devices to check.
  • If this did not work either, then type in ncpa.cpl in Run, to open network connections.
  • Right click on local area connection, and then on properties. Then go to Internet protocol version (TCP/IPv4). After that click on properties.
  • Change the DNS address to global DNS value.
    Proffered: –
    Alternate: –
  • You can also use the DNS values of Google, which are
    Preferred: –
  • Alternate: –

If this cannot fix the problem, then check the security options of Windows 7 or 8 or other OS:

  • First run the computer in safe mode with networking, but before this be sure to disable the security of the computer.
  • Check if the internet connection is working or not.
  • If the internet is working, then other drivers and programs may be the cause for the DNS server error.

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So, These are three different solutions you should think to follow based on nature of error you are getting. In case you have any problem or queries you can contact us by commenting here. I will try to reply you as soon as possible.

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