Full and Honest Review: Ingramer Growth Service for Instagram

Full and Honest Review: Ingramer Growth Service for Instagram: Instant popularity on Instagram is what millions of people dream of. And many take advantage of these aspirations and offer a ‘solution’ — bots and service for fast growth, fast success, fast popularity.

However, it won’t be an exaggeration to claim that some of them do not work properly or at all. That’s why, with this article, we aim at providing the most precise and honest information about one of such growth services — Ingramer.

What is Ingramer and its functionality?

logo for Ingramer

Ingramer is a multipurpose service for work and promotion on Instagram. One of its advantages is constant development — new tools and features are released with amazing regularity.



  • Auto-promotion: likes and follows for your target audience;
  • Direct Messages: auto-messenger and Instagram Chat with CRM functionality.
  • Scheduled Posting: scheduling in advance and automatic posting of Posts (photos, videos, carousels) and Stories.


  • Hashtag Generator and Analyzer: search for relevant hashtags and their analysis;
  • Instagram Downloader: download of photos, videos, stories and IGTV (separately and in bulk);
  • Profile Analyzer: precise analytics of any Instagram account;
  • Instagram Search: convenient search for IG accounts by names, bios, phone numbers, and emails.

What services and tools will benefit your Instagram most?

Though it is a huge service, as you see, we would like to lay emphasis on Instagram Direct Messages and Hashtag Generator as they are the most beneficial ones.

Direct Module will be helpful for business:

Ingramer account dashboard review

  • Web Direct Messenger. Ingramer offers a convenient Instagram Chat which you can use from any gadget and OS (including PC and Mac). You can connect as many accounts as you wish and communicate within one working window.
  • Labels, Notes, and Details. You can save important information (phone, email, address, city, state, zip code) about users in the Details section and leave important notes. Plus, you can label chats to sort them by categories you need.
  • Fast Replies. The amazing feature which any e-store or IG brand should use is quick replies. You can save as many ready-to-use messages and send them with one click just entering the shortcut.
  • Auto-Messaging. This useful feature is for those who want to establish contact with followers and increase audience engagement. You can send automated messages to all new followers, all existing followers, or to a custom list. Thus, all your greetings and special offers can be automated.

Hashtag Generator is your only ‘legal’ way of fast promotion:

instagram hashtag bot

  • Generating hashtags by photo, URL, and keywords. It is both convenient to do from PC and from phone and saves time on searching for relevant hashtags for posts, especially if you are a frequent poster.

Hashtags analysis. You can click on any tag and get its analytics: #difficulty, popularity, posts activity, related, similar, and commonly posted together hashtags and recent posts and most popular posts with the tag.

Instagram hashtag difficulty tool

The final recommendations

In general, Ingramer deserves to be called growth service. But before making a final decision, try Demo version of IG Chat, make 1-3 hashtag inquiries (it’s free) — make sure you understand how to use them.

By the way, Ingramer runs an interesting blog where specialists share their tips on promotion (with hashtags in particular) and all services and tools usage, that will help you! Hope my Ingramer review helps you; please share your suggestion here.

The Best Ways to Cleaning Your Smartphone

We know that you come to our website looking for all the latest news, reviews, and opinions iPhones, Android phones, iOS, and Android software. That’s what we specialize in, and that’s what we’re proud to bring to you every day of the year. You might even have a fierce preference between the two competing types of phones. Everyone knows that iPhone users think they’re superior to Android users and vice versa, and most of the time, that debate makes for entertaining arguments on the internet!

Right now, though, there’s a single issue that unites users of both types of phones, and it’s the same issue that most of the world is facing at the moment – the coronavirus. You should know all the basic ways of staying clear of the virus by now – wash your hands thoroughly before and after eating, meeting people, touching anything in public, or doing just about anything else. Don’t touch your face. Advise your elderly or vulnerable relatives and friends to stay indoors as much as possible, and think twice about going to large public gatherings. That’s all common sense – but far too few of us are thinking about our phones.

cleaning smartphone easily

You probably won’t like to think about this, but the chances are that the surface of your phone is dirtier than your toilet seat. Think of all the things it gets exposed to during an average day, carried around in your pocket, and put down on dirty tables. Think about how many times you touch it with your fingers. This is probably especially worrying if you use your phone to play online sports game. Even when you’re on a good winning streak in a game like Enchanted prince, you’re still tense, and that means you’re likely to sweat. That sweat is full of bacteria and germs. You might pick up a big online win, but you might also unfortunately pick up something unpleasant from your phone in the process. That’s why it’s vital you keep it as clean as possible.

The good news here is that no matter what type of smartphone you have, they can all be cleaned the same way – and the only thing you need to exercise is good judgment and a little soap and water in most cases. Here’s how.

Keep Away From Alcohol

This isn’t drinking advice – it’s about staying away from any wet wipes that contain alcohol. Many cleaning wipes that you might use on your kitchen worktops – or even on your hands – contain rubbing alcohol. It’s great for cleaning, but it’s not so great for your phone. It can damage the display, and it can erode the hydrophobic coating of your device. As if that weren’t enough, it can also permanently disable the functionality of your ports, and we all know the pain of owning a phone with a headphone jack that no longer works.

Historically, mobile phone manufacturers have been wary of giving approval to use disinfectant wipes of any type of their phones, but in recent years Apple has said you’re fine to use Clorox Wipes. As the composition of handsets is so similar across the spectrum, that means you’re also fine to use Clorox Wipes (or something very similar) on whatever phone you own.

Stay Away From Paper Towels

This is a short, simple point. Paper towels are far too abrasive to be used to wipe your phone down. You’ll scratch the screen, and you might even scratch the cover. Even if they don’t scratch your phone, they’re infuriatingly prone to tearing or breaking up when they’re being rubbed on a screen’s surface, and those tiny pieces can go everywhere. They might clog up your ports, or they might get stuck to your screen and prove impossible to get rid of.

Power Your Phone Down

We shouldn’t need to say this at all, but you never know who might be reading. In case you were tempted to try to clean your phone while it’s switched on, don’t. Turn it off and leave it for thirty seconds before you even consider trying to wash it. Even if the waterproof seals are still intact, it’s a live electronic device, and you don’t want to take even the slightest chance of introducing that device to water while it’s up and running. Stay safe.

Stay Damp, Not Wet

There’s a fine point between washing your phone and giving it a bath. Washing is fine. Baths are not. Your cloth should be damp, but it should never be wet. After you’ve applied water and soap or whatever cleaning solution you’ve decided to use to your cloth, wring it out and make sure it’s not dripping at all. If it’s dripping, those droplets can go anywhere – and by ‘anywhere’ we mean ‘inside your phone.’ That’s a one-way ticket to disabling a microphone or getting the inner workings of your phone wet. At that point, you better hope that you have valid phone insurance.

Scotch Tape Works Wonders

A gentle rub with a damp cloth and some gentle soap works wonders for your phone and its cover, but what about those annoying bits of lint, dust, and other tiny particles that get nestled into the corners of your phone, or trapped between the screen and the casing? They’re as likely to be carrying bacteria as anything else, and they’re hard to get out. That’s where Scotch tape becomes your friend. Put tape down across every groove and crease in your phone, and then slowly and gently pull it back off after it’s had a few seconds to stick to everything. All the unwanted debris should come right out with it. You could even carefully roll up a piece of tape and poke it into your ports to extract anything that may have become trapped in there. It’s like having a brand new phone again! If your ports are too small for this, gently poke around in them with a toothpick to see if you can ease the debris loose that way. Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to use a vacuum cleaner.

Nothing is one hundred percent effective, and nothing will be until a reliable treatment for the coronavirus is found. In the meantime, take every precaution you can – and that includes making the device you use more than anything else is cleaned every day!

Top iOS Apps Available in 2020 (Most-Have)

Granted, not every app is created equal. While some apps are worth every cent shelled out on them, others are not worth even a second look.

But, the challenge for many iPhone users is, there are truly several world class apps on the market – how are you going choose? How do you know you are paying for the top-of-the-class app?

top most used ios applications

It is precisely because of this question we set out to compile a list of the top iOS apps for 2020 so you don’t have to go through the hassle yourself.

Ready to check out our top iOS apps?

Spectra Camera

Awarded the iPhone App of the Year for 2019, this AI photography app uses machine learning tech to snap simulated long-exposure photos on your iPhone.

For photography bluffs, this app is a most have, though not free. With the app you can snap and create stunning photos. You see, before Spectra Camera came out, photographers can simulate the long-exposure effect only if they are using a DSLR or mirrorless camera.

Using iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro? No worries, Spectra Camera also supports the ultrawide camera for your model.


Last year, TikTok took the social media scene by storm. Though, TikTok was released since 2016, but the social video app became very popular. By November 2019, it has already surpassed the 1.6 billion download mark worldwide on both App Store and Google Play store.

TikTok allows users to watch people lip-syncing or dancing to songs or to create a video of yourself doing same. Interestingly, the app is only behind Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp as the most downloaded non-gaming app surpassing the main Facebook app and Instagram.

According to some reports, the app was downloaded more than 600 million times in 2019 alone.

Facebook Messenger

While Facebook has taken a hit in recent times, its texting and chatting app Facebook Messenger appears to be going strong with iPhone users and it is not hard to see why.

iPhone’s native messaging app, iMessage is limited on so many levels which makes the FB Messenger appealing. For one, the Facebook Messenger is cross-platform which means you can chat with any user regardless of the type of device they are using.

Plus, there are other cool features that makes the app worth using. For instance, you can audio call or video chat another user, use fun AR masks and stickers or even send money to someone all from the same app. And by the way, you can do all these and more for free.

Unibet App

Designed for the sports loving fans who also like to wager on their favorite players and teams. This sports app from Unibet one of the most popular online sports speculation operators, is developed for the savvy gamer.

Whether you are on the go with no access to a TV to watch your team play or you simply want to quickly place a bet, the app provides you all of that and more.

Users can stream over 40,000 live sporting events a year from the app, enjoy fantastic, mouthwatering odds, and choose from a wide range of in-Play sports-markets.


Duolingo is hands down the most popular-language learning app in the world. According to the developers, the app has been downloaded more than 300 million times making it a clear favorite among language-learning users the world over.

The app makes language learning fun. Users earn points when they answer questions correctly and are moved to the next level after completing a task. Users also get instant feedback on their progress while lessons are personalized to suit each person’s learning style.

Best iOS Programs to Improve Your Business

Apple’s mobile platform is vast, and a part of it can compose your best tools for streamlining your business. From note-taking to email and productivity, there are iOS apps to increase your workplace efficiency by miles.

As the experts from LightspeedHQ, a tech provider company, say – technology can help you tackle all parts of your workflow, from managing inventory to customer relations, and everything in between.

Deciding which of the hundreds of business apps to use can be a headache. Going for too many does the opposite of your desired effect by complicating the workflow. The choice is up to you and the type of business you run. Today, however, we’ll give some useful examples for general business management.

Organization – HotSchedules

Managing shifts and schedules between managers and employees can be a challenge, especially if you have a large team.

Here, our preferred application is HotSchedules. It allows managers to set shifts and leaves the freedom of swapping them to the employees.

For managers, the app provides significant time saving – all they need to do is publish a shift pattern. Workers seeking more hours can claim extra shifts, and those looking to reduce hours can do so.

For employees, it stands as a valuable source for managing work-life balance. The app offers both flexibility and insight into their working habits. Of course, as people use it, the process can get messy. Still, monitoring the events from a single interface and accepting and denying changes is much easier than doing so in real life.

best ios business applications

Project Management – Wirke

Starting a new project is another common area of struggle for managers. Wirke is our favorite project management app because it becomes much more intuitive and easier to start new tasks using this program.

Wirke is a stand-alone, multi-functional service. It includes planning and team collaboration, as well as communication with managers and team leads. You don’t need any add ons – create an account, manage workflow, and share reports using the app.

Wirke is packed with useful features and tools to ease your role in project management.

You’ll get messages through the inbox, access to all data related to the project, share functions, time tracking, access to dashboards, and performance stats that can be shared with others.

Accounting – Freshbooks

Many pieces of software designed specifically for accounting cost a lot of money, but with Freshbook, accounting is easier and a less expensive option.

This full-featured accounting app integrates with the cloud, allowing you to record and track expenses and profits of your business. To get it, all you need is a Freshbooks subscription.

The interface is intuitive and straightforward, operating across various iOS devices. It enables you to set up billing schedules for recurring payments.

Freshbook also features an invoice-to-payment functionality, helping you handle charging and paying with ease. You can settle accounts with a variety of payment methods in multiple currencies.

Finally, the app is excellent for managing taxation. The app provides features that filter your records and generate tax reports and summaries.

These features are, but the tip of the iceberg – Freshbooks also features many advanced functions for full accounting management through a single interface.

Remote Management – Salesforce

There are many situations where you can’t be there and see the new project unravel before your eyes. Maybe you have to travel abroad, or don’t like looking over your employees’ shoulders while they perform their duties.

Salesforce is good for managers on the go, allowing you to stay productive outside the office. The service includes various data tools, a communication platform, a journal organization, and features covering the business process.

You get to access all these from all your iOS devices. All you need to do is enable contextual notifications to stay up to speed. Then use the Chatter tool to instruct your employees about further courses of action.

Moreover, your employees can notify you on the go. You get to enter conference calls, update business opportunities, and even complete sales tasks.

Have your staff download the app and don’t anxiously imagine worst-case scenarios each time you have to leave the office. By using this app, you can be away from work, but you’ll still be reachable in case an issue arises.

The Bottom Line

Why not use mobile apps to improve your business, productivity, and effectiveness? With these programs and many others, you’ll start using your devices to their fullest potential. By integrating new technology into your company, it will lead to a more efficient business and better resource management.

Should You Consider Jailbreaking Your Apple Device?

Millions of mobile device users around the world prefer iPhones. The design is elegant, and the interface is user-friendly. There are also thousands of content available on the App Store to customize your phone. While these iPhone users are mostly content, others are not as happy. One of the things you need to accept if you choose an iPhone are the restrictions. iOS is exclusive only to Apply products preventing third-party developers, programmers, and users from making any desired changes.

What are some of the things you cannot do with an iPhone?

While others do not mind these restrictions, there are some who feel differently about them. For example, you cannot open and browse multiple apps on your phone. This can be frustrating for someone who prefers to multitask on their mobile devices. On the contrary, if you have an Android phone, for instance, you can toggle between different apps such as having your social media accounts open while also enjoying a round of online bingo game on the side.

The iPhone operating system is also closed-source. For developers, it means limiting your opportunity to develop applications that you want to publish across various platforms.

Is jailbreaking the solution?

Of course, despite these restrictions, some people still find a way and that solution is jailbreaking. The process involves making changes to the device’s software to remove the limitations. After doing this, you can start downloading applications elsewhere, including being able to download files directly from an internet browser.

However, you should not confuse jailbreaking an iPhone with unlocking an iPhone. Unlocking simply means removing the network restriction on the phone so that you can use a SIM card from a rival network.

iphone jailbreaking benefits

What are the benefits of jailbreaking your iPhone?

Some people would rather keep the factory settings of their phone to maintain its optimum performance. But for those who are considering the option, here are some of the benefits:

  • You can start downloading apps from other sources; hence increasing your option and allowing you to enjoy them on your phone.
  • You can customize the look of your phone and conveniently download files when you are browsing.
  • You can search for alternative apps to those that are available only on iOS. Often these alternative apps are better.
  • You can do whatever you want with your phone and not worry about these restrictions.

Jailbreaking is easy and for the most part, legal. Typically, it will take some time before you can jailbreak a new model. Also, it is not recommended to tinker with the software of your new phone, especially if you want to keep the warranty. New versions of iOS may be a bit harder to break, but there are plenty of resources online to guide you. Always make sure that you have all your files backed-up before doing anything to your device.

Indeed jailbreaking sounds exciting, but understand that there are still consequences. Apple devices are good enough as it is for most users. But if you are not satisfied, jailbreaking is always an option.

Zenni optical Coupon Codes 2020 + B2G1 Free Discount

Zenni optical free shipping coupon code and 30% discount is available here. Zenni optical is best online place for low price glasses and frames.

You all might have heard that Zenni optical offers one of the best glasses at competitive prices, But today I want to share you how you can even their product at even lower price.

zennioptical discounted glasses

Below are some working ZenniOptical Coupon Codes :-

B2G1 – Buy 2 Get 1 Free when you spend $75 or more. Plus you will get Free Shipping on your entire order.

10% Off – Receive 10% discount on minimum purchase of $100 Gift Card. Check for for gift of options.

VET15 – Veteran’s Day Flash Sale! Get 15% off on order of $50 or more.

SCHOOL10 – Save 10% when you shop Back to School. Please login to your account and use these promo code to get related discount

BUY2GET1 – Buy any two frames and get 3rd for FREE. Simply apply the code at checkout page for availing this offer.

Coupon : MEMORIAL20 – For a limited time only you can save 20% on your purchase of photochromic lenses. Valid for current week only!

From Zennis To Sunnies - Get Free Tint With Your Glasses Purchase of $14.95 or more!* Use promo code

Zenni optical codes and coupons are the one that you can use for your any online purchase to get save huge on prescription glasses and frames. Many time customer enjoy discount on already reduced price items, So you should check our tips given here.

Before going in depth, let me tell you one thing is that Zenni was founded few year back by the team of scientist and professional people to provide the glasses at lowest possible price with unmatched quality.

Shop up front low prices on prescription glasses at Zenni Optical. Frames starting at just $6.95.

How to use Zenni optical Coupons and Promo codes ?

Currently you can use “RED10” or “TENOFF” to enjoy 10% discount on your any online order. Above codes are valid for any order of $100 and more. Good news is that you’ll also get Freebies like case, cover and other goodies for free on your any frame or glasses purchase.

Zenni optical promo and coupons provided here are subjected to expire, So please make sure that you get associated discount before it gone away. I usually try to provide most recent deals here, So you may always see different code that is valid for your next order. You can also enjoy Free Shipping on your any order of $120 and more.

In case of any question or queries you can post your comments here. Also please bookmark this page to get most recent offer before you purchase anything from Zenni.

HotelClub Coupons and Promo Codes 2020

HotelClub is a global online accommodation community for travelers around the globe. Hotel Club makes travelers aware of the available accommodation options in the world. It is operated by an Australian privately registered company. Once you register an account with them, you will be able to access numerous benefits. Some of the benefits will be highlighted here below as a way of encouraging travelers to use this community as a source of getting accommodation around the globe.

Reasons to Use HotelClub

  • Free Taxes

When you decide to use this community to secure your accommodation, you will enjoy tax-free rates. This is a benefit that is unique to only users of this community. Otherwise on a normal booking, you will be subjected to the different taxes that will only work to raise your expenditure.

  • 7% Members Rewards

A member of this community is eligible to rewards of up to 7%. These rewards can be used within the hotels that you will be staying in for whatever pleases you.

  • Exclusive Deals on Hotels

There are exclusive deals that different hotels have worldwide. Members of this community will enjoy exclusive access to these deals. Not only will you get the exclusive deals but also get first priority when there are deals in hotels.

  • Travel Support

You’ll also get travel support whenever you travel. As a global traveler, you will need travel support for you to get familiar with your new environments. HotelClub.com issues travel support to its members.

  • Best Price Assurance

HotelClub is determined to give its members the best prices. Any better pricing online is matched at this community. You should therefore use this community as a way of getting the best prices for your hotel.

Even with the best pricing, there are coupon that can be used to secure better deals at .

Top Working HotelClub Promo Coupon Codes

  • 5% off: You can get 5% discount on selected hotel bookings. The code for that is COMEBACK.
  • 12% Off: You can also get 12% off on selected hotel bookings around the world. Just you need to apply RELAXSG at checkout page.
  • 50% Off Beachside Hotels + 15% Off: You can get up to half off on beachside hotels with additional 15% discount with the help of voucher code TRIP15.
  • Up to 25% Off South Australia Hotels + Extra 14% Off: If you’re planning for a vacation in South Australia, then you should make use of this offer. Make sure to use VINEYARD14 at payment page.
  • Save 10% on USA and UK: For a limited time only you can receive upto 10% discount when you travel to USA or UK. Login to your account and apply ARED10 as offer code to get benefit of that. Valid once per user per account.


HotelClub Promo Codes and Shipping Policy

The above coupons are valid and can be used when seeking accommodation through Hotel Club. The coupons should be used when checking out during hotel booking. As a policy, one booking can only have one promotional code used. You cannot use multiple deal per booking and make sure that your cart value is above minimum purchase requirement after deduction of taxes. It is therefore important to keenly select the coupon codes you will use for your booking.

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